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  1. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Coming Soon.....

    Coming Soon..... LOL
  2. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    @RedEagle_P1. I totally missed the competition but I know P1 won it. You guys got @Fompster , @Igor Q., and all the other great builders.
  3. DW's Gaming N Animation

    [Completed] KnockOut

    This show looks like Wipe Out.
  4. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    Thank you But I love your Helix Bank, I want my underground warehouse to look like the inside of the bank. The vault room is the best.
  5. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    Now that we can milk goats I started to make a dairy or Milk shop, but I ended up making an ice cream store.
  6. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    You started all this with your video on riding all the animals and just when I thought I did everything in the game and I was out, you pulled me back in.
  7. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    Its cool, the things that have been added to the game have been wonderful. The new doors, and I especially love the animal pen. Milking and shearing are cool. I had to build a bakery and I started baking, the kitchen stove is EPIC! I love the counter-tops and everything. I got to rebuild my fast food joint with that.
  8. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    I also buit a chicken coop. i hope they add chickens to ylands.
  9. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Fun Farming

    I love that more farming has been added, I love it that you can milk goats and shearing sheep.
  10. DW's Gaming N Animation

    What are Yellow Sea Shells for?

    I just realized that I have yellow shells and you cant make any pigments, in fact there are no recipes that I can see or am I missing something? Is there something I can craft with them?
  11. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Wood and seed sink into the ground

    When you chop down a banana tree the wood and seeds sink into the ground. Bana-Small-faster-animated-gif.gif
  12. DW's Gaming N Animation

    We can build and create works of art, But what about more control with Animals.

    YES! Making custom animals and control custom behaviors wonderful!
  13. I have been enjoying going into servers and walling up my buildings and creating banners on my walls and I can put up what ever you can think of. The combination of painting being able to use various blocks allows you to build anything. You can create any building I hope that you can also control animals like horses you can get horses into a stable and also do the same with sheep. We can build what ever we want but will also be able to control animals without the editor and creator cube. We can be friend horses and ride them, we can also get them to go into stables why not be able to do this with sheep and boar. I also love that Camels were added, will we be able to ride them? And also love that the tiger and honey badger were added, what about chickens and ducks, they can go with the horse and boars as barn animals. Like Pokemon I think it would also be cool if we can breed animals, raise them up. More controls would be cool.
  14. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Are Dyes back in the game? And paining kit?

    Are dyes back in the game? And paining kit?
  15. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Nest - Closet

    I've decided to create closets around nests so after 30-40 min you can get feathers or eggs. I wish there was a way to harvest feathers, its really all I need to make alot of arrows.