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  1. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    My town

    Ye' Old Town looks amazing! I love the little tented shops/traders, light tower, the slips for boats, and all of the other little details you've added! Will you be giving tours, because I'd like to buy a ticket!!!😁
  2. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Propeller Rental Shop / Repair

    WOW! So detailed and functional. I love the night shots.
  3. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Rosebud Apothecary

    Definitely, I'll give you a tour!
  4. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Rosebud Apothecary

    🌹Rosebud Apothecary🌹 I'm still working on this, but at the Rosebud Apothecary you'll find all crafting ingredients for potions, self care, alchemy tables, clothing and much more. With Ross Bobb out front selling his paintings and ingredients. Right side of the store. You can buy alchemy outfits here! The wall behind the register, I know there isn't a register, lol. The left side of the store. I need to add more stuff to this corner. Attached to the store is a small two floor apartment, pictures of the inside coming soon!
  5. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Wizard's Tower

    What an amazing whimsical wizard tower! The guardian crystal monster would make a great lab assistant.
  6. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Fun Farming

    Wow, I really love your creations. It's very inspiring!😍
  7. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Ticket Booth / Tourist Trap

    Wow! Your ticket booth looks amazing. I can't wait to start shopping.😍
  8. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    Helix Bank

    My first attempt at a neighborhood bank. Helix bank, they can sort out all your financial needs!
  9. Scrambles Von Dealheim

    New water tool capabilities

    Hello Ylanders, I enjoy playing this game and expanding my creativity with Sandbox and Editor. The 1.3 update Watery Water is great and introduced the water tool. I have tried using the water tool but I'm not able to get it to work. I know water can only be added in Editor, away from the ocean. I dig a hole, fill using the water tool. Yet the water keeps disappearing when I load the game back up. Can anyone help, thank you in advance. If this issue has been brought up before my apologizes I didn't see it.