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  1. ocnoglittle

    Dev Diary #185 Featuring Creations

    @spiritchaser28 you are in charge of videos of Locust 😋
  2. ocnoglittle

    Code generation entities cannot be used。

    You need to click on open within Editor and then "Games"
  3. ocnoglittle

    Code generation entities cannot be used。

    yes, I explained how to get them out of "play mode" 😅
  4. ocnoglittle

    Multiplayer Whack.

    Christmas wishlist
  5. ocnoglittle

    Code generation entities cannot be used。

    Those look like they will break the game. I tried to do this: And it broke the server 😩 Smaller things can be shared as compositions. See this post for details: Publish the game locally, then play it so it generates the entities, then open that played game in Editor so you can work with the placed entities. ... unless this bug still exists:
  6. ocnoglittle

    Multiplayer Whack.

    I think it is your turn to make a youtube tutorial with a voiceover 😜
  7. ocnoglittle

    KNOWN ISSUE wrong particle effect for candle

    You should put it in Suggestions so it doesn't get lost in this thread. Interesting idea.
  8. ocnoglittle

    Confused over different islands

    Player-made games can also have multiple islands.
  9. ocnoglittle

    KNOWN ISSUE empty random site at compass pin point?

    I thought there was always a pink dot 🤔
  10. ocnoglittle

    KNOWN ISSUE wrong particle effect for candle

    Yeah, they are already working on a fix for this. Nikki mentioned it on the official discord.
  11. ocnoglittle

    RESOLVED Exploration Bug

    A ton of people are able to access it. I am super sorry you are having trouble. It isn't universal.
  12. I know I am being super picky, but I would really prefer if you clicked on a category in the crafting menu that only has one item (because you entered the crafting menu with the "used in" button, etc), it would select that one item automatically. For example, I clicked "used in" for grass rope, and then clicked on the hammer, but it didn't automatically select the only hammer I can make. This is one of the ones, where if it is easy, please change it. If it is hard, I will be more patient with the game.
  13. ocnoglittle

    Energy Heaters: “How effective are they?”

    @Nikki Severin For the 1.8 request list, can we add reworking the heaters so they can actually keep the players warm, instead of only working in a super, super small area (and maybe so they don't cook food to ash 😅)?
  14. ocnoglittle

    Banned on discord channel

    I'll unban you
  15. ocnoglittle

    [YLD-32265] Beastbane encounter

    For some reason, this made me laugh. They are trolling you.