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  1. ocnoglittle

    Exploration Feedback

    These are great suggestions! For the trader bundles, jrock discovered that there is actually a button for seeing what is inside 😅 You have a point that it is still hard for newbies to see.
  2. ocnoglittle

    keyboard configuration not holding

    Unfortunately, a lot of people are also having this issue. I was able to get them to stick by pressing the reset button a couple of times and then setting the keys to what I want. For the record, even after doing this, I have to remind it sometimes that they are changed, but going into the keybinding settings (where it looks like they are all correct) and setting one of them again to get it to remember all of them. Hopefully 1.5.1 fixes this 🤞
  3. ocnoglittle

    Suggestion and bug

    You can zip the file and post it here / through messages here or you can send the file over Discord (Adam 'Uthred' Snellgrove#3718) or email (adam.snellgrove@bistudio.com)
  4. ocnoglittle

    Inventory Control

    I love all of your ideas except the shells. I use them for decoration, so I would cry if it automatically turned into pigment. There is a seashell jar already, so it is only 1 extra slot used.
  5. ...except the trees like that tend to cause a lot of lag 😆
  6. ocnoglittle

    Can't place blocks on large ship.

    I apologize for not reading the error message closely. I was focused on the block being placed. It could be that it isn't recognizing it is in construction mode. Maybe try turning it off and on again. 🤔
  7. ocnoglittle

    Can't place blocks on large ship.

    Unfortunately this seems to be happening to a lot of people. See: and for workarounds and tips, until they are able to fix this bug.
  8. ocnoglittle

    Sailing/Finding islands

    I was thinking a bit about how to add the feeling of "discovery" to the new system. An easy way to incorporate the feeling of *Exploration* into the new system would be to decrease the chance of finding an island. Right now, each map has 2-4 islands. But what if it was 0-4? Where only half of the maps would have anything at all? It would make the maps that have islands (and all the resources there) more precious and sharing them would be worth it. Searching for a new island would actually be difficult instead of just sailing to the edge and clicking on a question mark. Maybe only have this for single-player maps, and all multiplayer maps are guaranteed to have 3-4 islands? If everyone hates this idea, then nevermind 😆. I know Adam mentioned adding events that can happen while you are sailing (being attacked by pirates, running into someone to trade with, I think I requested something about turtles... etc) so that might already address it.
  9. ocnoglittle

    New Exploration FAQ

    Do you own the DLC? If so, you should be able to go to his sharegame by going to the edge of the map of your starter island or any other island (as long as you remember the region and name of the map 😅) Otherwise, you need to purchase the DLC to play without him 😅
  10. ocnoglittle


    Exploration (Experimental) seems to have 2-4 islands per map. When you go to the edge of the map, you can sail to another one with 2-4 islands. Therefore it is kinda infinite but the game only has to load a few at a time, which is easier on the servers. In case you were asking about something else: Sandox only has one island. Legacy exploration has 6-7 islands, and player-made maps can have any number of islands, it depends.
  11. ocnoglittle

    How to export encounter token changes?

    Either I am super super confused (which happens 😅) or you posted in the wrong forum.
  12. ocnoglittle

    Dev Diary #159 - Ylands Creators Competition Winners

    Feel free to ask any questions about scripting here or on Discord. There are lots of people (including me) that love to help. Also, maybe you could watch Naru's Corners to get some new ideas. We also ask Naru lots of questions during his Twitch streams
  13. ocnoglittle

    Multi Player in Explorer

    It will allow 10 people at a time. If your multiplayer map shows up in their region map, than anyone (not just 10 people) can visit. Some might steal things. I don't think anyone can steal a claimed boat, but the other boats and items on the map could be taken or destroyed. The best way to protect the map is to add a password and only give the password to people you trust not to steal things.
  14. ocnoglittle

    Finding Pivot Point for creating curved wall

    I generally just guess where the pivot should be and then move it later if it isn't working right 😅 Rather than using the pivot point of the group (great idea of using groups and the y rotation value btw), I tend to use a game logic (or matchstick) to set my pivot point. That way, I have a visual of where it is and can move it super easily. (When you Ctrl+click to select the pivot point object last, and then rotate, it will rotate all the selected objects around that point.) Spyler has a video showing this and also moving the block/pivot point when it isn't in the right spot: I don't see your reverse curve as jagged (although if you want a smoother curve, you can try shorter blocks). If you want it to be wider so the blocks don't overlap, you can start with 2 groups, rotate one group 180 degrees, move it to where you want it, and then mathematically average the two positions to find where your pivot point should be.
  15. ocnoglittle

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    This seems to be very similar to renting a server for Exploration (Experimental). First, within Exploration (Experimental) find an island you want to make into a sharegame. Remember the name and the biome type. Exit to the main menu and click on "Servers" to open your server and sharegame lists: Then click on "my sharegames", an empty slot, and then "add game or yland." Pick the island you want to make into a sharegame and then you will get this confirmation: Within Exploration (Experimental), you can travel to the edge of the map, and then go to the correct biome for your sharegame. Click on any purple question mark. Once it loads, you can press Esc to change any multiplayer settings.