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  1. @spiritchaser28 he wants to replace all of the maps (including the multiplayer ones) with single-player maps. I think if you delete a multiplayer one, you get a blank multiplayer one, no?
  2. ocnoglittle

    UNDER REVIEW Mobs won't fight back

    @Nikki Severin, I think it is most of the time, not just one time where logs would be helpful. It is more an issue of the mob health being too low and their damage to the player being too low as well. This might be something we should vote on to get the overall player opinions before any changes are made, since others think the infested golems are too difficult.
  3. ocnoglittle

    Build Bucket List

    Maybe they fixed it in the patch 😅
  4. I didn't see it often. Maybe 3 times total. I haven't seen it again since I posted this. I will let you know if I see it again and/or find out anything more.
  5. ocnoglittle

    Naru's Corner #10 - Controlling a plane with custom inputs

    I know you were asking Naru, but I think I know the answer. He went over the Custom Controller game logic at the end of the second Q&A. Please ignore Mello giving him a hard time about it being complicated 😅 You can see a bit of the final game he made with it: The main difference is that Custom Controller can be used in multiplayer maps. You can only control one entity at a time with the Custom Controller. Also, there is a secondary input, which is the mouse input.
  6. ocnoglittle

    Build Bucket List

    Actually... besides growing plants, I couldn't find things that wouldn't harden... What did you notice, @bojo2736?
  7. ocnoglittle

    need help with blueprints and circles.

    This is Spyler's "Matchstick Method" for creating circles: You use Ctrl+D to duplicate the block. Then select the matchstick too (ctrl click) and then rotate around the matchstick. You can click V to do any angle and the video shows you how to do 5-degree increments. Instead of a matchstick, you can use any item including a game logic icon, but I recommend using something with the pivot point in the center. For converting a composition to a blueprint, I made a video: And Christal made a video: So you have lots of things to watch, if that is easier
  8. ocnoglittle

    Propeller suggestion

    I personally hope they make it much longer, at least twice as long (30 sec), but a few minutes would also be excellent. This would be fantastic! They are actually already planning this. You can hear about it in the 3rd Q&A with Aleš:
  9. Those are all very good suggestions! For your bug, what do you mean? Is the new map not loading? Or what is happening? Also, they usually want output logs to figure out what is going on. "How to restart whole Exploration? (Reinstalling do not help - what should I delete?)" For this, I think you want the last button in the menu (gear icon):
  10. ocnoglittle

    Transport Animals?

    For the record, I just thought of demo-hammering it so I could take all the parts with me, since the car itself couldn't travel to a new map. You brought up the idea of using a blueprint. 😋
  11. ocnoglittle

    [YLD-29968] Missing roof block

    So I noticed this is in the list twice, instead of the block it is supposed to be: Did the asset get messed up? Hopefully it is an easy fix.
  12. ocnoglittle Patch - 19 April

    Did you mean 19 April? 😋 Thank you for all the bug fixes! We were hoping for a larger change (more than +6 seconds) to the propeller pack with this patch. Is it planned for later? If so, what is the plan?
  13. ocnoglittle

    3rd Q&A with Aleš

    From Yo_has: It would be nice if we could rename local maps while we are in them. How it works now is, you need to sail to a different local map before you can change the name.
  14. ocnoglittle

    Couple of questions i have!

    @Nikki Severin can you ask around about this one? They should be in all biomes. Sorry you are having bad luck 😩
  15. ocnoglittle

    Build Bucket List

    🤔It worked on sticks for me. I haven't tried it on everything yet. I will look into the limitations and write them down somewhere, probably the wiki. Yes! 100% Spirit thought they fixed this... maybe it was just for the stone blocks vs other blocks. If it isn't fixed, we can bug them again. These would all be so amazing!