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  1. Mello1223

    Save terrain in the editor

    the only one problem is if you want to create terrain too close to the player
  2. Mello1223

    Save terrain in the editor

    hi fompy. I'm not sure if I understand what doesn't work for you, but you can edit the terrain with the script whenever you enter it into the script. example: at the beginning of the game, or when the player turns on the lever,everytime when you need it... I tried it right now
  3. Mello1223

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    blocks that are not marked as "building" should clearly be used in the blueprint. possibility to use in blueprint boats and rafts. the blueprint pivot should always be in the grid. and it would be great to have the option in the group template editor and the ability to create this group with a script. it would be completely brilliant if we could use at least an animator or a rotator in a blueprint.
  4. I found it. it is possible to simplify it a bit, but only by not creating window for experience .. but you will have to script everything else...
  5. I think,naru have some stream, video(maybe tutorial) about this..
  6. Mello1223

    a few small technical shortcomings

    ide o to ze pred aktualizaciou 1.6 ,ked som stlacil tlacidlo windows,hra sa minimalizovala,tak ako to robia aj ine programi v systeme windovs,ale po aktualizacii 1.6 sa to uz nedeje.. tak som bol zmateny z toho ci je to neumyselna chyba alebo je to tak od teraz zamerne nastavene. s tym ovladacom (vytvorenie premennej) to bola zrejme len moja chyba,pretoze som sa to snazil zopakovat,ale uz sa to nestalo,respektivne to uz fungovalo bez problemou...
  7. 1. after pressing the windows key, the game is not minimized on the sheet. 2. again the problem of scrolling during visual scripting, after a while the scripting window cannot be delayed or zoomed in. 3.twice it happened to me that I could not create a variable in the new controler logic.helped me restart the game, if the problem persists, i will attach output logs here. 1. po stlaceni windows tlacidla sa hra neminimalizuje na listu ak je v rezime celej obrazovky. v rezime okno sa minimalizuje spravne. 2. znovu problem zo skrolovanim pri vizualnom skriptovani.. po chvyli skriptovania nieje mozne oddialit alebo priblizit... 3. v novej logike ovladaca sa nedala vytvorit premenna, pomohol iba restart hry... stalo sa mi to viac krat po sebe.. ak sa problem zopakuje pripojim vam sem aj vystupne protokoli.
  8. I also had a problem with loading cards, but patience helped, after 4 to 5 minutes it loaded and then it worked properly
  9. Mello1223

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    I will give an example of why this could cause problems: if you had the opportunity to "take everything", the game would have to check all the items in the player's circuit, to which it checks the player's inventory whether there is free space or not. we do now in planting a lot of trees next to each other we cut them and so we get a quantity of logs in one place, in that case after pressing the button to collect everything the game would collapse, because at one time it would have to recalculate the quantity of information, from the : amount of wood logs and other things, player inventory, render graphics,etc...and all this in one moment...
  10. Mello1223

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    Understand what it would be like to be able to take everything from players with a weak or intermediate computer. Now the game is demanding on the performance of the computer, and what would happen after adding such an option on public servers???instead of this option you can use some of the autoclicer program, which works very well, and many players, including me, use them in the game
  11. Mello1223

    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    welcome,and of course: something more Nikki
  12. Mello1223

    RESOLVED cant play together with my girlfriend

    she should appear on your boat on another map,with you
  13. Mello1223

    Bug with creator cube/blueprints (weld problems)

    When creating a blueprint, I noticed that when you create a blueprint directly using a cube, then blueprint is a welded entity
  14. Mello1223

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    you realize that Aleš is not here to play or talk with us. the community manager has left.they have a lot of other worries about buying and selling percent for Tencent. why he should respond to this thread, which is not constructive. You'd better let him do his job, and if you have a specific problem with the game, report the problem to the thread for problems, and I'm sure if it's a real problem, someone will respond.