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  1. Mello1223

    Creators Competition Season 2 - WINNERS

    many thanks to the ylands team and congratulations to my colleagues🏆
  2. Mello1223


    for a larger number of entities, I recommend converting the loop to a time trigger. create an invisible object, such as a trigger zone or an impermeable barrier,do not use reference point,because ref point you can't deleted.then set : follow me object,aim to me object,and every timer spin move to demon and Wings get position object, if variable =true rotate Wings get rotation object +30 degree,or if variable= false -30 degree... I Can send you next ycomp,but latter..now in work
  3. Mello1223


    as all scripters know , there are many ways to do this. here is just one of them which seemed to me to be the simplest .. it is not completely ideal, but it will guide you in the direction in which you can further develop the script. if you need help, I'll be happy to do it, but I'd need more information, such as whether it will be used for multiplayer or singleplayer... DEMON FOLOWING.zip
  4. Mello1223

    Dev Diary #202 New Beginnings

    it's a car. I created a "qudrocopter" outside the car's chassis and then I just stuck it to the base of the car and pulled it far up. Of course it's created in the editor, and transferred to the discovery using blueprint. the engines are at the top, so I can move the car under the water. the basic idea was brought by yohas or ocnog, I don't remember. I just changed the design of their idea.but its rly funny and fast!!!
  5. Mello1223

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    if you create a ship in the editor, space is not limited. you can then transfer this ship to the discovery using a blueprint. but, the space outside the building space of the ship outside the editor you will not be able to decorate or otherwise modify in the discovery
  6. and what about people like me who like to build underground bases or underground quarries. underground tunnels from island to island. there are many of us who like to use this space as well.
  7. I confess. your camouflage is better . it took me a day to make sure it was you, but I had a suspicion yesterday. welcome back malik 😁😁😁
  8. sorry for my first reply. I watched it over the phone, without a translator, and I didn't notice what the problem was. it also happens to me sometimes.
  9. Mello1223

    Changing game settings mid-game

    no,you cant change it mid game... set it unchecked,and for other entityes you can script this :
  10. Mello1223

    Changing game settings mid-game

    you can script an event listener to record a kill event, and then spawn any entity
  11. Time delay is one of the basic elements in many other games where players work normally. several players from ylands asked me for a basic script for time delay, for example traffic lights in the city. they were very disappointed when i told them its impossible to take it into the explorer mode.
  12. At the time when I first looked at how many hours I had played, I had been working on this yland for about 70 hours ... and I'm glad that after more than 400 hours I got to the finish line... after many mistakes in the scripts, I wanted to give it up many times ... but it didn't happen ... I endured it. I hope that my island will meet at least the minimum requirements for placement in the world, but if it does not, I pray that the developers will allow us to share with other players about these creations at least through a workshop... I keep my fingers crossed for all the teammates and let the best one win!!! with the envelope of my island I say goodbye to you in this thread, and don't forget: stay classy and something more ylanders 🙋‍♂️
  13. Mello1223

    Share game problem

    do you both own a dlc?