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  1. Mello1223

    (PzKpfw VI) Tiger 1

    another creation from the series of models, this time according to the real scale, but the scale is not adapted to the character in the game. I converted the model using a 3D program, and now I'm creating function model acoording this 3D model ... I hope you will be able to try it this time in the multyplayer version. I will keep you informed of the progress
  2. Mello1223

    Zone will not trigger if inside group.

    interesting solution, but it can have a bug if the player does not move,or no? can add a simple condition and oscillate with the musket ball up and down. just about 0.001. but I haven't tried it, maybe it's not necessary.
  3. Mello1223

    Zone will not trigger if inside group.

    it's funny, but I don't understand the point. detection will also find you a player, you don't have to use an extra entity
  4. Mello1223

    Zone will not trigger if inside group.

    in that case, I would suggest constantly detecting the distance of the player to the robots, and only if the distance will be sufficient, start the detection on the robots. but it would be worth trying to try it without detecting the distance, because if the robot detects only players in each of its zones, then it shouldn't be a problem either. you must be brave, the game manages more than we think, and I say this from my own experience
  5. Mello1223

    Zone will not trigger if inside group.

    simply put, the tile returns an array of entities in the area. they can also be welded entities, but they can't have collisions turned off . and sorry, there is a mistake in the photo: for animated group you need transfer position/rotation (game logic) not get position/rotation. You can, of course, adjust the condition as needed, I took this for illustration only
  6. Mello1223

    Zone will not trigger if inside group.

    zóna deteguje iba entity, ktoré VSTUPUJÚ DO ZÓNY. nerozoznáva entity, do ktorých zóna vstupuje. Neviem, či to dáva zmysel, ale riešim to detekciou radu kolízií z vektorových dlaždíc. Nie je to ideálne riešenie, ale je to pre mňa najjednoduchšie
  7. Mello1223

    Zone will not trigger if inside group.

    Hi. this was solved while Adam was here, I told him several times, I think at that time he also sent me an explanation of why it works like this, but I don't remember it exactly..
  8. Mello1223

    AI Mount

    hello. for point one : TEAM - instead of team logic you can use entity labels and create your own teams at any time during the game two: you can use "skill logic" to use weapons in different situations. you can now invoke the ability with a script or use button and custom control.yes, it requires more work, but you also have the opportunity to rework it more. three: AI : don't forget that more NPCs in the game mean more demands for performance, instead I recommend creating your own enemies, according to your own requirements. it also requires more work, but the result will definitely be worth it.
  9. Mello1223

    Volcano Yland - Level 1 Preview

    beautiful. it reminds me of the style of games I grew up on.. I LOVE IT!!!
  10. Mello1223

    Trouble Understanding Ship Building

    you can't disassemble the ship hull at this time.
  11. Mello1223


    Ahoj. tu je niečo z najnovšej tvorby. auto kopíruje terén a má funkčné odpruženie. môžete si to vyskúšať v minihrách, pod rovnakým názvom ako tu.
  12. Mello1223

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    something like this???
  13. Mello1223

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    if you are interested in putting ylandium in your craft stations,let me know.somewhere in the archives I might still find scripts that I created for some of my creations. the point of these scripts was that if you didn't bring ylandia energy into the device, it didn't work, and there was also a simple script to recalculate the energy supplied. Simply put, the more energy you put into the device, the more productive it was.it will definitely need to be adjusted a bit, but the foundation should still work.
  14. Mello1223

    Strange Qustion

    Hi. you probably creating an array with a negative index somewhere in the scripts. If the game also reports this error to you in the list of errors on the right side of the screen, you should have a box at the bottom to determine the exact error in the script, just click on that box
  15. Mello1223

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

    even now you can build any big blueprint plan even on a weak computer, it just takes a lot more time than a player with a strong pc. but players who do not know about it often give up before they can build this plan, because they do not know whether the plan is still being load or something has gone wrong. therefore, I also think that it would be good to add information to the monitor about the status of loading the plan