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  1. Mello1223

    Suggestion: Underwater Habitation

    this is possible now
  2. Mello1223

    Real scale models

    this building is not quite to scale, but it is created on the basis of a real building. do you know which building it is?
  3. Mello1223

    Animator path questions

    in addition to what oliver mentioned, you can set the creation of an event in the logic of the animators, and this will give you the option of using the event at the end of the animator cycle. then you can only change the logic of the animator that is assigned to the next path on the object that will move along those paths. but of course there are more possibilities... this is probably the easiest way. others require a lot more scripting
  4. Mello1223

    About Mystery Island

  5. Mello1223

    ability to show/hide description of custom tool

    also the possibility to arbitrarily move variables up and down, so that we can put related variables in one column below each other
  6. Mello1223

    Dev Diary #254 Happy Holidays and the New Year!

    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🥂🎄
  7. Mello1223


    warning whole custome tools are broken until the next patch 😥 Again working!!!
  8. Mello1223

    how to create sphere

    a downloaded you tool,and now i test it,but it dont want work for me ... when i press play,nothing happen... btw,this script... jesus....
  9. Mello1223

    how to create sphere

    yes, this works, but it would be great if it could be downloaded directly from the forum
  10. Mello1223

    how to create sphere

    Hi. it looks great, and I will definitely like to look at the script, but the attachment cannot be downloaded. a friend who wanted to download a set of my tools also reported a similar problem to me
  11. Mello1223


    if you have a problem downloading the file from here, please contact me on discord
  12. Mello1223


    I bring you a group of my first nine custom tools. do not forget to extract them from the zip file before placing them in the folder. folder adress : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxx\298610\remote\Tools ( \ xxxx \ is your own number ) the group contains : CUSTOM TOOLS group A (1).zip circle manual 0.1 color randomizer 0.2 elipse 0.1 offset 0.1 path 0.1 picture generator 0.2 random pos/rot 0.1 selector 0.1 set selected entity as nonpickable 0.1 circle manual 0.1 generates entities in a circle with a predetermined radius, entity type, the center of the circle which represents the logic of the reference point, the size of the entity which determines the number of entities in the circle -- 2 * Pi * r / entity size . rotation offset means the rotation shift of the individual generated entities after entering the data, just start play, and the tool will generate a circle according to the parameters color randomizer 0.2 changes the color of marked entities you have two options to choose from. 1. interpolation between two colors (color a - color b) 2. random color from group random color array lenght- it determines how many different colors from the array will be used elipse 0.1 like a circle, it generates an ellipse. in this version there is also an entity count, but you do not have to enter this value, because the number of entities is generated based on the calculation of the approximate perimeter of the ellipse you do not need to enter the position of the second point, just mark it. this point is used for recalculation. offset 0.1 displays the complete distance and the distance of individual vectors from the marked entity to the next entity that you hover over with the mouse. to use, you must first mark the entity, turn on the tool, and then switch to the next entity.. path 0.1 after setting the path logic and other data, it will generate entities along the path. you can also turn on the color change. first set the color you want to use, and then set which color number to change offset is the distance between individual generated entities picture generator 0.2 it's a version of a script I created a long time ago. first is necessary to set up a data set here is tutorial for it: you can set the type of entity and with that you also need to set the size of the entity, so that the entities do not overlap if it is not necessary. pixel per frame means how many entities will be generated in one cycle. this number depends on how powerful your computer is. strong computers = bigger number, weaker computers = smaller number. it affects the total image generation time random pos/rot 0.1 sets a random rotation and position according to the entered data tool ( script ) divides the entered value into two halves, and accordingly moves or rotates the entity randomly forwards or backwards selector 0.1 requires to mark one entity as soon as possible. then after starting the tool will find all the entities on the map either by type or color. you can also use color and type aligned, this will mark entities of the same type and the same color as your first marked entity set selected entity as nonpickable 0.1 this does exactly what it says in the name. will change all marked entities to non-pickable. the entity per frame value is intended for converting a large number of entities at once, for users with weaker PCs. a larger number (5000+) requires a more powerful computer. I will be happy if you leave me a suggestion for other tools. you can also contact me on discord : mello#4849 nick in game : mello1223 youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_62Ul6r80mLbormhR50piA CUSTOM TOOLS group A.zip CUSTOM TOOLS group A (1).zip
  13. Mello1223

    Formula Based Position Editing

    I already explained it to him on discord the problem was that he wrote decimal numbers without a leading zero like : " .1875" but it must be " 0.1875"
  14. Mello1223

    Formula Based Position Editing

    it would be much faster if you visited the official discord, there I can show you through the stream how you can set it up, or I'll watch your stream and find out why you can't write decimal numbers https://discord.gg/ylands