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  1. knightwar

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    i m very impatience to see the next update of this game and compositions of your creations.
  2. knightwar

    Dev Diary #151 - Dev Diary #151 - Update 1.5 FAQ

    thank you.
  3. knightwar

    Toxic gossip

    i m very disappointed from redeagle and mello,because the problem was the he didnt credit none and stole from anyone,and mellon can take help also and he wanted to create the best creations that can people of outside came and watch the talent of a genious ylander.He studied about ylands and how to make that creations that ylands cant do it.Learn from him.If theres a big prize there is for mello.Everyone had skills ,he had skills to create,to create.
  4. knightwar


    THis is about all mechanism.Hes expert in visual scripting.If he had time he can teach the players.
  5. knightwar

    Toxic gossip

    congrulations.Mr Mello you have proofed yourselfs a experienced person.
  6. knightwar

    Toxic gossip

    and now tell me why rubbed the name who said to you.Thats mean you were talking to yourself.A theif can do anything to unreveal the truth and if you are right so show us .How did you do.If you are not theif dont hesitated to say.These are less proof.
  7. knightwar

    Toxic gossip

    Mr Mello how can be possible that you have make these logics.
  8. knightwar


    this building is for bigger cities like it can be anything you wish check the screenshots.
  9. knightwar

    Dev Diary #151 - Dev Diary #151 - Update 1.5 FAQ

    hello i have a question that if anyone had dlc he can only join and make .And if he not he cant join in exploration servers,Am i right.
  10. knightwar

    [Completed] FEAST

    i ate all the feast you cooked well.
  11. knightwar

    The Great building(YLANDS)

    i m working on another building also
  12. knightwar

    Dev Diary #151 - Dev Diary #151 - Update 1.5 FAQ

    if there will be new form so the exploring system will more faster.Okay your idea is great.
  13. knightwar

    Dev Diary #151 - Dev Diary #151 - Update 1.5 FAQ

    MR ADAM i wanna know will there be another mode of transportations.And who will have dlc they can only join,and create.
  14. knightwar


    MR mello you must teach players how to move and lift a object.This give you an big advantage.Good luck.May you happy.
  15. knightwar

    The Great building(YLANDS)

    I hade made a great building which can be used for a court,city hall,school,university,fire stations,convential hall and etc.THE elevator was build by Belarus.IF you enjoy this type i enjoy it. YLANDS;THANK YOU