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  1. F.hao

    Confuse Lerp Instruction

    But still, i think this rotation Lerp is not ok ,at [0,0,0]->[0,90,90]->t. I think the Xaxis value should always be 0. ------For the whole afternoon, i think this is not a easy problem for now.😅
  2. F.hao

    Confuse Lerp Instruction

    Oh my god, my mistake, i messed up Vector Lerp and Rotation Lerp🤣
  3. Hi guys, i got some test to understand this code. Then here is the answer: And i think those answer is not right. Base the equation:OT=OA+dt*(OB-OA) ; I learn it from here :https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Vector3.Lerp.html So, for example, I count [0,0,0]to[0,90,90],and then t=0.5. I think the answer should be [0,45,45]; But like the picture before, the editor give me [19.471,45.000,45.000];and I really can't understand this. So what's wrong with code, or maybe it's other problems?
  4. Oh,Yes, for now i think raycast is work good. I think i make a misunderstanding. The point is: if the Begin position in another Object's body, then the raycast will ignore Object-self and keep going forward (before our test, i just thought it will hit Object-self). and @Igor Q. Everything is clear now. By the way ,i found this problem because i'm trying make a function to let my AI-bot move in the ground, and there is some Entity to block road. The origin idea is just found a position by raycast, and AI can go to the position. But then i found if my AI walk into the Entity, caused by some rotate event, like if AI near the wall,and suddenly rotate, then it will enter the wall, and once they already be in the wall, the raycast will not use. It will never help me found a right position to go. And yes, i know this is not a Complete function, So at last, i choose bfs to find a road.😆
  5. Hi Igor.Q Sorry for so late to reply. I test again and here is my .yland. The answer is same, if you can check it. RAYCASTSHOT.zip
  6. Like this, if the Raycast Line start mushroom's postion, to the direction(0,0,1), then there is nothing can be hit. So does this is a bug? Or maybe i want know why?
  7. link here link there, maybe it's a bug.
  8. F.hao

    Event Listener. Game Update vs. Timer

    If i remember right, the Fix Update Event will keep running when game start, and can't stop. Sometimes it's not good. By the way, we can use Time delay command in the function callback, to simulate Time trigger.
  9. It's just like magic!!!😭😭😭 Thank you again!
  10. Hi Nikki, i just try to check which Combination made error at my Scenario, but i failed, i delete every father Combination, but still can't running my game. Then i save all thing as a Combination, and i create a new scenario, put it in, but still error.🤣
  11. @Nikki Severin Hi Nikki, do you knows how to enable this?
  12. I can't running my game, and i don't know how to fix this strange problem😂.Maybe someone can tell me how to enable Full StackTrances?
  13. F.hao

    Strange Qustion

    Hi Mello, i think it's not a code problem, this message not show in Debug bar, the left. Well I'm just edit many many Combination and Welding Entity with many many pixel or some another cube. And i delete some, In fact i don't know which step it's going wrong, when i running it, game just tell me that. But now everything is ok, game is running good. And the reason, i don't think i know.😂 I trying check every Combination by delete(first i save them to Components,that means they not in Edit Scene now)and running again. I almost delete all.Then suddenly game can running. and! the Combination is back to Edit scene! Those be deleted Combination was back! Too weird. Whatever, the game can running now.😅
  14. Hi guys, what's this System Message? Once i running test my game, system show me this. and i 'm back to Editor scene. Never happen before,What could i do to fix this problem?
  15. F.hao

    Welding Lag

    Maybe waiting more time. Or reduce the count of pixel.😂