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  1. F.hao


    Hi IEuphe ,Unzip it, put it into the file of your yland installed.the last file place is :\rail_user_data\2001099\17293822637842182107\cloud_storage\files\Compositions Put the ycomp into the compositions file. and check it at yourself Component label in the game. Click it and put it in your scene.
  2. F.hao


    😆 Hahahaha, But from this way to control the rotate is very smooth, i can use it at the pet function. Because player can only get one Pet.😄
  3. F.hao


    Hi Oliver, how can i spawn a separate rotation animator? I try it, but the rotation animator can't be choose by logic template(I can spawn a reference point by this way). Did i misunderstand your means?
  4. F.hao


    Oh my god, you guys so cool! @Oliver Hope @Mello1223 Hey, Mello, i get your ycomp and ran it. It's cool, rotate good. It's cost my little to understand how the loop work. It seem like you figure the last rotate angle for wings, then let them rotate to there, then keep do it. I think it's a good way to made this, and in this loop, maybe i can add some code to let the demon ball up and down when it follow me at the same time . And hi Oliver @Oliver Hope, i ran your ycomp too. And i think i know the way you made it. By setting a point to the rotate animation , at the same time move the point with player.Yes this way made the rotate so smooth. But like you say, if i need more demon balls, i must prepare it before i use it. --------So i think i'm to rush too post my problem with less explain, in fact for now, i'm trying to make a rogue-like game. First here will have 1-4 player at world, most 4.at least 1. Then , there must have many monster like demon ball. Of course, not every type got left arm and right arm. But for a demon ball. maybe there will appear 8 numbers(if there have 4 player, number is 4*8=32).That means i need spawns many entity(I do it at game start. and i don't destroy just hide them). you know, i must consider the game performance, like Fps. So Oliver, i think i can assign many reference point to every monster in the unique rotate animation. But the total number of monster maybe 600. It will cost so many hand work🤣, and not easy to manger. And Mello. seems the way your provide is good for this monster. I just need write few type animation for monster, and just call the function, and i hope the Fps not so low when there are many monsters. Or maybe there got other suitable ways to mange many monster follow&rotate? Whatever, thanks you both very much😃.
  5. F.hao


    Hello guys, how are you all, hope you'll have a good mood. And, this time i have a new problem. It's really funny and made me insane. Have a look the video, here i have a demon ball, it contains three entity, the body(ball),the left wing, and right wing. I hope it can follow me and aim me. And, in the same time, the double wings can fly(i set rotate animation to them). For now, you guys can see it in the video, the wings is flying ,but when the ball aim me, it's direction is changing, and the double wings still keep the original direction. Well, that's not what i want. And i don't how to make the double wings keep fly and aim me to. Well, just fly like a normal creature who has wings.😂 I upload my ycomp file, hope it can help some. Can someone help me find a way to made it? TESTDAMENBALL.zip
  6. F.hao

    Can't see any words, letters

    Uninstall and install it again. Hope this well work on you pc. I know someone was fix this by the way.
  7. F.hao

    [YLD-33850] About Trigger Zone

    Well,thank you Igor. So it is.
  8. Hi there, Here i found a strange things about visibility of Trigger Zone. Here i put two trigger zone, one is black ,it's small. and i put it in the Big Red one. All of them's alpha is 255. The problem is when i change my view(just move mouse), and the black was disappear, but keep going to move mouse, the black appear again. So, dose this is a bug or it's just like this? I think the black one should never be watched, right?
  9. F.hao

    About Slerp rotation

    You are Amazing! @Mello1223 ! This simple tile, It's so cool!🤩🤩It's work very good! Thank you!
  10. F.hao

    About Slerp rotation

    Oh, thank you Mello. So this tile is returns a Interpolation between two rotation. Yeah, still don't know the behind principle🤣. For now. i can control camera rotate on X axis by mouse,with second Vertical input. But when i try the same way to control rotate on Y axis, with second horizontal, it's just can't work. the rotation angle on Y axis never change over 5 degree even hard move my mouse, and i don't why. Whatever. does next Monday is tomorrow? Thank you again.
  11. F.hao

    About Slerp rotation

    Hi guys, i'm trying set Controller camera, trying aim somewhere by mouse(by the second Horizontal input, but it's not work well), i've been learned from Naru,but i think i don't know this code: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands:Tile_-_YVector3_-_Slerp_Rotation Can someone tell me anything about this code? I really don't understand how this code work ways. But i can feel,this is some difficulty things😂. Well, just trying to figure it.
  12. According to my view. some item is good when use High Graphic setting within a long distance camera view, but when i choose low Graphic mode. in the same camera view, it's changed like yours. I think it's a engine rendering problem. For different item, it's get different change distance. especially in welding entity.
  13. Maybe you can check your script, is there have some empty holes? Even you never call this function.
  14. God!Thank you guys!Let me check it!