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  1. OK,thanks a lot. I'm waiting for it 😂
  2. Hi Naru, do you have a plan about Custom Controller Lgoic's Use? What's the difference about custom input and Custom Controller?
  3. F.hao

    How make a two-dimensional array

    wellllllllll,after google time, i think i understand.this reference address.thank you.
  4. F.hao

    How make a two-dimensional array

    @NaruTheHuman thank you, i try it and i think i get the point about my confuse. like in the picture.i think this maybe a bug. i don't konw, but just let you know this. Or maybe my code not right?
  5. Hi there, how can i make a two-dimensional array at 1.4 virsion? Like declare a array[3][3],then set the value,array[0,0]=1,array[0,1]=2,array[0,2]=3,array[1,0]=4,array[1,1]=5,array[1,2]=6,and so on.Can someone show me a sample?(i'm in confuse)
  6. F.hao

    Naru's Corner #2 - Building Regenerator

  7. F.hao

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    Really cool.
  8. F.hao

    entity templates

    Use Entity Template save a entity as a template,then you can create a new entity, anytime you want.
  9. @Adam Snellgrove @NaruTheHuman 😃😃😃
  10. When i use remove code to remove player's skill, i found it not work, player still could use the skill. I log all the skill belong player. console says the skill still here. So can you guys know this code is work good? Tomorrow I will send a video here for this problem.
  11. F.hao

    Dev Diary #140 - A Year of Adam

    😏😏😏waiting waiting waiting.
  12. F.hao

    Terrain question

    Only know can generate entity blocks by logic. never got any code-card work for Terrain.
  13. F.hao

    1.3: Watery Water

    Custom Skills. Could i open the skill mode by code? not only press "~"?
  14. F.hao

    Move water

    Okay.Okay. I‘ll find another way. But water is a logic too. 😉