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  1. It's just like magic!!!😭😭😭 Thank you again!
  2. Hi Nikki, i just try to check which Combination made error at my Scenario, but i failed, i delete every father Combination, but still can't running my game. Then i save all thing as a Combination, and i create a new scenario, put it in, but still error.🤣
  3. @Nikki Severin Hi Nikki, do you knows how to enable this?
  4. I can't running my game, and i don't know how to fix this strange problem😂.Maybe someone can tell me how to enable Full StackTrances?
  5. F.hao

    Strange Qustion

    Hi Mello, i think it's not a code problem, this message not show in Debug bar, the left. Well I'm just edit many many Combination and Welding Entity with many many pixel or some another cube. And i delete some, In fact i don't know which step it's going wrong, when i running it, game just tell me that. But now everything is ok, game is running good. And the reason, i don't think i know.😂 I trying check every Combination by delete(first i save them to Components,that means they not in Edit Scene now)and running again. I almost delete all.Then suddenly game can running. and! the Combination is back to Edit scene! Those be deleted Combination was back! Too weird. Whatever, the game can running now.😅
  6. Hi guys, what's this System Message? Once i running test my game, system show me this. and i 'm back to Editor scene. Never happen before,What could i do to fix this problem?
  7. F.hao

    Welding Lag

    Maybe waiting more time. Or reduce the count of pixel.😂
  8. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    😁😀😀 Consider there is still have many works, i choose this way.🤣🤣🤣, Although the most small Fov value is 30. Well, i think this sniper got a low quality scope.🤪
  9. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    @Igor Q. @Mello1223 @Oliver Hope Hi pals, this is the final(almost) effect, i have to welding the gun and two arms together,as a arm-gun,then i can rotate it. And there will no shaking when move and rotate. But in the same time, i can't simulate the shooting shaking by the gun(when shooting ,the gun will quick move backward and forward),because the gun and arm is bond and i set a Custom Controller on it. Also can't stimulate the reloading action, here you can see, i throw a bullet clip(ugly parabola😆), just try to let player know, this is reloading(Now i'm trying to rotate the arm-gun to make some animation). I made many bugs and i try many time, some times i forget the camera's offset. But, here is still get problem, you can see the video, when i use a sniper, and open the sight, in fact i'm replace a camera, the camera's z-offset is +6, then the view is forward. But, the view has through the entity! I think it's not good, can't be good. So, is there have some way to avoid or solve this camera-through-inside problem?
  10. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    Hi Mello, i know there is some problem we can't speak clear by English. lol, my English is also not good. Well, in fact the direction aim work good. And the problem with camera, yeah, i think it's not easy to solve, so i just change another way to simulate the shooting game. I'll upload a new video to show you by few hours.
  11. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    Hi Igor Q,There is too mess. i can't split this part(Little busy now😭). And the note was written by Chinese words. Whatever, i just give up. i'll never do this again. Never put the camera too close with items that moving/rotating. ---Later i'll upload a video, that's the end ways。。。
  12. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    I‘m insane
  13. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    Not work good. The following items Still can't Synchronize move. God, i think i need find another way......
  14. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    Hey Oliver, thank you. For the shaking items, it's just because the model's arms and weapon keep aiming the point, and the point is follow the head. So you know, because the aim code also can't instant start so the arms rotate animation seem like Not Synchronize. And then in the view, it's looks like shaking... That's all, especially when the camera too close those items. Also about multiplayer, i'm testing it now. -----Oops.. I can't test it on server. Well, i close the entity's collision option, so i think maybe the fps will not so low?🤣
  15. F.hao

    SlowFollow animation

    Hi guys, here i have another problem.When i use the Follow code. i found it's can't quick move with the Target, even i fill a big number to Max speed. You can check it in the video. The model's head is the Target. body, arms, leg, and weapon follows. They can't move quick with head. There is always have a delay time. 【Problem 1】Most times it's okay, but when i bind the camera with the head, and the view it's very close to the head. Then you can see, the delay time is so obvious. 【Problem 2】Yeah, and another problem is those arms, weapon is shaking when i rotate the view.Yes, only those nearly items in the view can made this. Like the video shows, i 'm trying to make a shooting game.Here i have used Custom controls, the head was assigned to Custom controls and i can get the camera's rotate(thanks again to @Mello1223), The another body parts all follow head. like weapon, because i need weapon to do some animation , like reload.So my dear friends, is there have another way to simulate a shooting model and camera view(Any idea, who knows)? And, maybe @Nikki Severin you can check this code? By the way, Merry Christmas to Everyone!