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    1.11 Update Blueprints FAQ

    Ahoy Ylanders! With update 1.11 comes an option for you to upload your creations (aka Blueprints) to the Workshop so that other players can purchase them while exploring in the Adventure game mode (Game Blueprints) or when making their own custom games in the Editor (Game Blueprints or Creator Blueprints). We feel that the following FAQ will help you to navigate this new functionality. The questions are sorted so that the ones we feel most of you will ask are at the top. FAQ Q: How do I upload a Blueprint to the Workshop? A: You can select an existing Blueprint in either the game or in the editor and click the UPLOAD button. You may also choose to upload a Blueprint as you are creating it in the Editor. Q: What is the most important thing to take into account when creating a Blueprint for others? A: When making a Game Blueprint, the smaller the better. There's definitely a place for huge and complex structures but bear in mind that the simpler your Blueprint the more accessible it will be to others. With Ylands mobile platform becoming more and more important, designing your creations so that they don't contain hundreds or thousands of unnecessary objects makes a huge difference. Q: Why can't I share my Blueprints with everyone for free if I don't want/need to earn coyns this way? A: There are several reasons for this: We need the Ylands economy wheels to start turning. We've been around for quite a long time already and to keep improving and adding new content to Ylands we need to do this. We have quite a strong creators' community consisting of people who spent hundreds or thousands creating content that has hundreds or thousands of assets they can put up pretty much instantly on the Workshop. And because of how classy our player base is at least some of these creators would have no problem putting in their creations for free. Classy as this may be, the sheer amount of top quality free Blueprints would make it quite difficult for those who want, for example, to sell their Blueprints to get coyns to rent a server. Blueprints (and the Workshop in general) need servers accessible from all around the world. And that's something we need to pay for. Q: All uploaded Blueprints need to have a minimum price - do my friends need to buy the Blueprints I created? A: Absolutely not. This is when the new gifting system comes into play. You can gift any of your friends any Blueprints you make. Q: What if I don't want my friend to pay for a Blueprint I made? A: You can open the Details window of your Workshop Blueprint and gift it to your friend for free! Q: I have uploaded a Blueprint for sale, but I wonder...is it safe? A: Workshop Blueprints are protected from capture by anyone besides the author. Q: Which Blueprints can I use on Mobile? A: For the sake of performance, Blueprints of the HUGE size category are not allowed on mobile devices. Creator Blueprints are not available because there is no Editor in Ylands Mobile. Q: If I contribute to a Blueprint, will I get credited? A: Each Blueprint detail window has a list of users and their contributions measured in a number of objects. Q: Okay, but how do I cooperate in making a Blueprint then? A: You can still share Local Blueprints with the people you trust. Each of you can contribute your part. Once done, choose one of you to upload to the Workshop. Be careful though - files shared this way tend to have a life of their own and are not protected. Q: I want to manage my uploaded Blueprints. Is there an easy way to access them? A: The easiest way is to navigate to the My Uploads tab in the Blueprint Browser screen. Q: I uploaded a Blueprint, but I don't want it to be public anymore. What do I do? A: Open the details screen of that Workshop Blueprint and click the DE-LIST button. You can revert this action at any time with the LIST button. Q: What happens to the delisted Blueprint? A: For you and for anyone who has previously bought it, the Blueprint remains listed in the Blueprint Browser - only the gifting feature is disabled. For anyone else, the Blueprint is not available in the Blueprint Browser. Q: How do I change the details of my Workshop Blueprint? A: You can open the details screen where the editing of the Name, Price, Image reel, and Tag selection is available. Once you are happy with the changes, hit Confirm and Close the window. Q: But what if I want to update the composition of the Blueprint itself? A: You can do that by first editing the source Local Blueprint and then clicking UPLOAD. The game will know that these two are linked and will Update the Workshop Blueprint instead of creating a new one. Q: I want to make my Workshop Blueprint as presentable as possible! How do I make the thumbnail pretty? A: You can edit the image reel with up to 5 images taken using the 3D view. It is up to you how you compose the image using the orbit and the free camera.
  2. Ahoy Ylanders, Before the update release, you can test what it is about in the Experimental version. Available to every Steam user, the Experimental branch offers you guys a chance to: test upcoming features & changes test your games & scripts report any bugs & provide early feedback But first, a couple of things to be aware of: How to try the Experimental Build BACK UP YOUR GAME DATA (see below) go your Steam library right-click Ylands select Properties, click the "Betas" tab and enter "ExperimentalIWillBackUpMySaves" as the password (excluding the double quotes) this will unlock the "i_will_back_up_my_saves" branch after selecting the branch and confirming it, Steam will begin downloading the new experimental branch Important information Now is a good time to very strongly urge everyone trying the experimental branch to back up all your game data (saves, scenarios, etc.). You can do that by: browsing to "<steam installation folder>/userdata/<your steam id>" copying the whole "298610" folder. Keep in mind that the experimental environment uses a completely new user database, meaning that the game will require either playing as a guest or creating a new BI account (available through a link in the game) and then creating a new Ylands character. If you leave your saves folder intact, you will be able to load your older saves and scenarios with these caveats: loading older saves will create a new character for you editing scenarios will result in the scenario having more contributors - the user from the live version and the user from the experimental version For these reasons, we very heavily WARN AGAINST using any data created/modified in the experimental branch in the live version. Also keep in mind that since experimental and live environments are completely separate, you won't be able to see your friends playing the live version in the Social tab. With that out of the way...onto the good stuff! Please note: not all features that will be released in the full release are available in the Experimental build. HIGHLIGHTS Crafting overhaul Crafting is a crucial part of our game. We listened to your feedback on our forums so this update brings an overhaul to Crafting. Changes to UX/UI of a key part of the game might be a risky move, but we have done our best to combine your feedback with our design to bring a smooth experience backed by focus tests. New Crafting should be much easier to navigate and for newer players, it is much more user-friendly. As with any major change, it might take some getting used so please send us your feedback along the way! Blueprint market Since last update, you have been creating Blueprints in the Editor and bringing them to the Adventure mode, which is great! What is even better is the fact that this update brings the ability to share them with the world. Either, you can make your friends happy by sending them your creations as a gift, or you can upload your Blueprint to the shop, where others can purchase them with coyns. This is only the beginning of what the shop is capable of and we cannot wait to see it booming with your crafty creations! Gifting system Do you have that special someone in your Ylands life? They deserve to know! And what's a better way to let them know that they have a place in your colorful heart than giving them an in-game gift? Anything in the shop can now be bought for your in-game friends. Show your appreciation for the friends that maybe saved your life fighting a nasty golem, helped you gather resources for your shiny new ship or came to aid when you struggled to decide on the roof color of your new home! Randomized loot Adventure awaits and so does randomized loot! Go out there and explore what types of loot enemies drop or a treasure chest can yield, because you may be surprised by the variety. Now be on your way into the unknown, adventurer! New monsters Assets are not usually something we highlight... but this time we are making an exception. Because these new monsters are just sooooo cool! Also dangerous, so make sure you have the right equipment but more importantly, sooooo cool! We'll just say one thing. Ghost pirates. New visual scripting With all the changes to Adventure, we also had to bring some to the Editor. Visual scripting underwent a major change in this update. Mostly in the user experience sense, where we for instance gave more room for the scripting canvas by reducing the size of the Instruction palette. Canvas itself also underwent improvement, sporting a new grid system which is automatically snapping scripting blocks to the nearest cell, making the script look nice and neat. Also, the main header is now redesigned to be more consistent with the rest of the editor and is now ready for new features planned in future updates. Another player-requested feature: the new Favorites category, where you can store your most used instructions and categories! One more thing that we added is the Custom Toolbox, a tool with which editor-side scripting should cover all those specific issues players can have like selecting objects based on their color, changing position and rotation for every stone axe in the game, and replacing all wooden beams with different wooden beams...you get the idea.
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    Name change

    Hi, done.
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    alchemist achievement not triggering

    Hi, we changed the achievements for you and deployed a fix coming in next update.
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    alchemist achievement not triggering

    Hi, we are looking into this
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    Dev Diary #251 Focused feedback

    Ahoy Ylanders, With the update release coming closer, our work is focusing on polishing all the details and quirks. This week we held an event called a focus test. What is a focus test you ask? "Focus tests help us find out information about our game through the eyes of new players. While working long enough on one project your view of the game can become subjective (you know how everything works, where to find everything, and what to avoid doing). It essentially prevents you from seeing the game the way a first-time player does. We try to follow how people understand the main menu, and user interface, if the player knows where to find everything in the inventory and other screens and if tutorials and hints are helpful enough. We have had a great experience with focus tests in the past in our Ylands team and I find them an important part of game development." - Michaela Bódi, QA Lead We invited some of our friends to come to play the game in our office and give us honest feedback. They have never played the game before. This time we wanted to know what a new player thinks of the tutorial, progression, and overall feel of the game. We had designers and marketing there to collect all the information and after 2 hours of playing we sat down with our testers and they told us what they think of the game. How did it go? Everyone loved the day, our friends had fun exploring a new video game and we got pages and pages of valuable feedback. We already had a first meeting where we discussed our notes. You will see some changes regarding clarity and simplicity in the future, that came from our focused feedback. Huge thank you to everyone involved! Stay Classy!
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    Name change

    Hi, done.
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    NPC AI bug?

    Hi could you please include the map? You can find it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\251719992\298610\remote\Scenarios
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    Name change

    Hi, done.
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    Name change

    Hi, done.
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    can't get any ylandium dust

    Hi, they don't currently drop it but we are working on it.
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    Dev Diary #250 There be ghosts!

    Ahoy Ylanders! Update 1.11 is just a few weeks away so it feels like a good time to remind you of some of the cool things you will get to experience in the Adventure mode when the update comes out. Let's start with some good news and bad news. The dungeons we told you about some time ago look great, and we're very excited about them. Originally, we hoped we would be able to release the dungeons in the upcoming update, but we decided to delay those until 1.12. All the systems needed for it are ready and working. We are generating random dungeons filled with both easy and sophisticated random encounters. It is possible to enter those with your friends (similar to traveling somewhere with ships), fight enemies, and solve encounters leading to the final ones you might call "boss fights". A lot of pieces have already fallen into place with the exception of one - the gameplay is simply not as smooth and fun as we would like it to be. It simply needs more time to tweak. And after far too many hits and misses with other features in the past we rather delay a feature in progress (or even entirely scrap it, if need be) than release something that we are not happy with. So, no dungeons in 1.11. On the other hand, working on dungeons made us give more focus to fixing issues related to combat and pathfinding. The first minor fixes are already present in 1.11, with more coming in 1.12. The rest of the planned features ( and a bit more ) is coming out with 1.11. You can expect a reworked crafting UI that lets you easily find what you're looking for and utilizes some principles and ideas you proposed. On top of that, we are discussing ways how we can open the recipes more gradually in the future and for this to feel more rewarding. We have a brand new loot system in place so that things that mobs drop will be more varied in numbers and objects and specific monsters and hostile characters will drop rare things or parts of armor sets. There are a whole lot of things to look for and look forward to! Many new players have told us that the initial yland wasn't enough to decide whether to buy the Exploration Pack or not, so newly for those without the Pack the whole tropical region is now open and we've also added options to unlock the regions one by one instead of opening them by only getting the Pack (which, however, remains the most efficient way to experience all of the Ylands content as intended). As the night falls, cool ghosts (with some really, really cool stuff they can drop) may appear at various random encounters. Just beware - destroying those can be difficult without the right equipment Ghosts are, however, not the only new inhabitants of the world of Ylands. Scheming pangolins or colorful morays are nothing compared to the epic tamable creature, that can be acquired only by those who have tamed all the other mythical creatures. As usual, you can expect more than just these bigger features plus a ton of fixes and smaller improvements. Hopefully, you'll like that! Stay classy!
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    Broccoli Tree House Building Aids

    Happy to hear that!
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    Name change

    Yes I can, but what is your current username? I didn't find AvalonFort.
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    Name change

    You click on your profile icon and on Bohemia Account