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  1. anna_svecova

    Keybinding conflict bug

    Thank you for letting us know, we will discuss a possible fix
  2. anna_svecova

    Suggestion: Editable written object names.

    Thank you, noting this idea down!
  3. anna_svecova

    Проблема з входом

    Привет, проблема в том, что у вас нет игровой видеокарты, у вас только что встроенная видеокарта: Вы можете попробовать изменить выделенное пространство для графики в BIOS, следуя этой статье: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000020962/graphics.html Если это поможет, пожалуйста, дайте нам знать.
  4. anna_svecova

    Проблема з входом

    Hello unfortunately your game is running on an integrated graphics card and it does not meet the minimal requirements. Здравствуйте, к сожалению, ваша игра работает на встроенной видеокарте и не соответствует минимальным требованиям.
  5. Hello, have you regenerated the yland after we fixed it? Any yland before the fix won't work. If so and it still does not work - Add me in Ylands - AnnaYlands and I will help.
  6. anna_svecova

    Music does not Play in Adventure

    Thank you!!
  7. anna_svecova

    Recipe - Wicker basket and More

    Hello there, we are sorry about the issue. We know about it and are tryig to fix it.
  8. anna_svecova

    Horse Tutorial Mission Bug

    Hello, there is a notification that Tutorial is not meant for multiplayer. Unfortunately you will have to either not finish it and sail on or restart your progress.
  9. anna_svecova

    Game won't load/launch

    Hello we are looking into it! Is the issue still present?
  10. anna_svecova

    Adventure mode glow dye

    Hello there is no glow effect in Adventure.
  11. anna_svecova

    Music does not Play in Adventure

    Hello, we are trying to fix it.
  12. anna_svecova

    Share game problem

    Hello, Nikki is the Brand Manager now. I am taking care of the Community. What is the problem?
  13. anna_svecova

    2.1 Sunken Sands - Changelog

    So happy to hear that! Thank you all!
  14. anna_svecova

    Ore find troubles

    Ahoy, all ores are now in caves