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  1. anna_svecova

    help i kicked my friend off my island

    Hi there what do you mean by expelled? Did you ban them? Did you make the game a singleplayer again?
  2. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #264 All the nice things

    Ahoy Ylanders! There are many various play styles when it comes to Ylands. Some players like to build, stay in the same place and improve it over time, while others are traveling a lot exploring and fighting. Since the game in some ways favors those who travel and explore a lot, those who don’t do that can be missing out on some things: most importantly, the non-core, aesthetic crafting recipes that you get for exploring various Random Encounters in the world. There are hundreds of such recipes and so, if you – for example – want to create a great modern-looking house you will need to explore a lot to make sure you discover the recipes you want to use. (We’re talking about Adventure mode, since, of course, you have access to everything in the Creative mode). We've been getting feedback from players who don’t necessarily want to do that. And especially for those players in 1.12, we are introducing aesthetic Recipe Bundles. Those are various thematic bundles that you can get in Shop. Here’s what you should know about those: all the recipes that the bundles contain can be found in the world while playing the bundles contain only aesthetic recipes, so to unlock the various parts of the “tech tree” and progress in the game you still need to play and craft various things once you get any bundle, you will always know the recipes contained in it – so even after you’ve reset and restarted your game progress or the game world they're just recipes so you still need to get the resources needed to craft each of the items and may have to use a workstation as well Also, we’re currently designing something we’ve already mentioned in the past – Recipe Trainers, which we would like to introduce to the game later this year, where you will be able to pick which aesthetic recipes to learn in exchange for Exploration points. That’s all for today, so until the next time – stay classy!
  3. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #263 Swift sprint

    Me too haha
  4. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #263 Swift sprint

    Hello, no it will be just a function all the time
  5. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #263 Swift sprint

    Ahoy Ylanders, You asked we listened. Are you also tired of not being able to run and having to roll over like a boulder every time you want to be faster? We are. We listened to your feedback and decided to implement sprinting. In the next Update, the option to sprint will now be available. Sprint is triggered by the same button as roll. To roll, you will simply need to click SHIFT and to run, you will have to hold SHIFT down. That will trigger a new animation and faster movement. We also added a stamina bar that will be depleted by sprinting. The bar will appear under your character just like the oxygen bar does when you are swimming. The dodge action also went through changes. You will no longer get stunned by using it too often however it won't be possible to spam as much. Now you may ask - how fast will I run? The sprinting is 80% of the speed of wild boar. Yes, we measure speed in wild boars. Do you have a problem with that? 😁 Thanks to our designer Pypse for giving us the details about this feature. Are you excited to run? Let us know what you think. Stay Classy!
  6. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #262 Changing Challenge

    Hello, We are not planning to add much at the moment however we are also balancing weapons and armor
  7. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #262 Changing Challenge

    Ahoy Ylanders, Let's talk about more changes that you will see in the game in the future. Many of you noticed that we are not oblivious to fixes that need to be done in our game. However, they take time. We take each feature that needs tweaks and we try to rework it step by step. So we asked our designer Prokop what changes is he working on: For some time, we hoped that we can make the combat in our game more entertaining and balanced. And we hope we are on a right track. The AI is now much more responsive with larger zones where it can hit you. Players can no longer easily confuse the enemy by running through it when it attacks or just jumping on a bush and attacking from above. Enemies also respond much better to your repositioning and are able to fluently change attack angles. Spamming dodge and jump attacks will no longer be the way to conquer. Although spamming dodge will no longer stun the player, you will not able to dodge as often as before. Also, jump attack damage will be significantly lowered and enemies should be able to attack you even when you jump above them. The formula for counting damage is changing. Previously, it was using simple (INCOMING DAMAGE) - (TOTAL ARMOR RESIST) = (DAMAGE RECEIVED), which was balanced to the era when Ylands used difficulty tiers and no map traveling. Thus combat mathematics had to adapt to the new systems of difficulty scaling by biomes. The new formula is based on percental damage reduction, a system of vulnerabilities and resistances, which you will be able to explore by yourself while fighting enemies all around the biomes. What we expect from this new combat mathematics is a much more balanced and also balanceable (in the future) system, where it makes sense to use every protective gear you can get while still being able to fight across resources tiers and no longer being invincible like in the previous case of Guardian Armor. This brings us to damage types. Those got some love as well as they will be much more important when fighting with special enemies and monsters in caves and REs. You can expect that ghosts could be quite resistant to physical damage and wood-based golems vulnerable to fire. Players will have more access to various damage-type weapons and armor, and utilizing those will be much more difficult than before. That does not mean that you will need to bring five different weapons and three different sets of armor while adventuring, but it means you will be rewarded with much easier combat, when you learn what themed enemies do and how you can prepare for them, like grabbing some fire-based weapons when going to loot some Temperate encounters in the night. This being said, there are also some minor tweaks, renaming, balance changes, and new weapons, armor, and enemies to be expected, which we will keep as a surprise for now. Thank you Prokop for telling us about all the processes that go into reworking combat. We look forward to exploring the changes in the future. And you Ylanders, Stay Classy.
  8. anna_svecova

    1.11 Update Blueprints FAQ

    Hi thank you for the details, I will ask
  9. anna_svecova

    1.11 Update Blueprints FAQ

    Hello, Our QA just tried it and it works fine for them, what seems to be the problem exactly?
  10. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #261 The places you go

    Ahoy, fellow Ylanders! Do you remember how we mentioned that we're experimenting with making sailing more fun and interesting? You do? Well, today we're not going to talk about that! Don't worry though, we will get to that soon enough (as well as to other stuff like improved AI and much more). Today, however, instead of talking about getting somewhere, we'll talk about the place your ships take you. The actual ylands. Even though we made some improvements to ylands in the past - be it their size or their shapes - there's still too little difference between them. Also, some areas look just way too ... ugly. And unrealistic. We feel that exploring shouldn't be only about finding cool random encounters but also interesting terrain features. Bays, lakes. Shallow water. Jagged rocks begging for a bridge to be built over. And much more... And so one of the things we're working on for the upcoming update 1.12 is the improved terrain generator. We're pretty sure that this will make the exploration much more fun and we can't wait for you to provide us with pictures from your travels. Until the next week - stay classy, Ylanders!
  11. anna_svecova

    a bug with a hand drill

    Hello, We are sorry we know about this issue. After the Update the iron will be gone from tutorial
  12. Ahoy Ylanders! As we have moved from the designing phase to fully implementing 1.12 features, we will - as always - start sharing with you information about various new or improved features that you will be able to find in the next update. Today we would like to mention two specific changes we made based on your feedback. The first one we already mentioned in the last Live Stream (which was a lot of fun as usual ). We know that sailing can get a bit tedious at times, so for 1.12 we're making some exciting adjustments that should make it more fun. The first one is - fishing on moving boats! Got a few moments to spare before you reach your destination? Take out your fishing rod and spend some quality time getting the pretty fish (and other stuff). The second thing is more subtle but many will love it. For quite a long time some of you have complained about the camera not moving smoothly - which was especially obvious with higher fps. Well, we made some changes to the camera system and we're pretty sure you will notice the difference. There's a ton of other cool stuff planned for 1.12 so stay tuned ... and classy!
  13. anna_svecova

    Blueprint Marketplace Rules

    Blueprint shop rules Appropriate name of the Blueprint clear name that represents what the Blueprint is (numbers can also be a name if the context of the Blueprint allows it) all the names have to be in English Purposeful use Blueprints that are not allowed are those that misuse the lack of knowledge of new players (such as propeller pack blueprint, where you need to insert a built propeller pack to build it.) No low effort Blueprints For example two blocks, creator cube, .... Breaking the rules After breaking these rules if you do not continue in such behavior you may stay in the shop If you continually break the rule you will receive Blueprint shop ban
  14. anna_svecova

    Community Corner #4

    Ahoy Ylanders, For those who missed the last live stream on Twitch, here are some of the questions our Project Lead Ales answered together with Community Manager Anna. Ales: We talked about your ideas and feedback in a meeting today before the stream. We have gone through the things you want the most and one of them should make it to Update 1.12, which is the possibility to name containers. Energy when? Ales: We have a roadmap which we will show you soon. For this year we have planned 3 updates so far - 1.12, 1.13, 1.14. Energy is planned for 1.14. We decided that when we're going to do it, We're going to do it right. We want to make energy more interesting, fix annoying issues, and add new devices. It might not be good news as to when it comes but the updates before that are already full of good things. Anna: We really do read your feedback. Sometimes you won't see your feedback addressed as a separate issue but that doesn't mean we're not talking about it. For example lot of you suggested that you would like to be able to change the weather in Creative Mode, we would like to try to include that in the Energy Update as some sort of weather-changing station. Of course, we will first have to see if it fits in the update. Who's gonna ask Ales about bicycles and make him roll his eyes? Ales: Yeah... I wouldn't want to be the one to push our team to implement them, or to be around the people who have to implement them Are you still planning to add car claiming? Ales: As you know you can summon ships. We would like to add an option to claim and summon more ships. That goes along with the option to summon cars which we are also currently discussing. What about adding map markers? Anna: Yes we want to do it as soon as possible. It is one of our priorities. Ales: The current plan is to have a look at the by the end of the 1.12 development process. So maybe it could be in 1.13. Planes and flying cars? Ales: We have floating ylands which is something we planned to release a long time ago. We left that one open and we still have the technology. We are able to generate floating ylands. It is linked to many other features like AI that still need more fixes. When we do something big in ylands it will probably be floating ylands and flying machines. However, it is not planned for this year. We have a lot in store for you this year and hopefully, once you see it you will understand. We decided to go down into the sea, dungeons and the next step is up. Will there be smaller letters and signs? Ales: Have you been to our meeting? You are asking us exactly what we discussed today . Today I asked our team about smaller letters, I myself am annoyed by the big letter we have. We are definitely doing this. Will you share the roadmap for 2023? Ales: Yeah maybe in about two weeks after we do some small changes. Haven't you thought about letting us work with terrain on shores and seabed again? Ales: Those who have been playing Ylands for a long time remember that this option used to be there but it was too demanding CPU-wise. We do not have that option in any planned update yet but in the future, we want to add a system that water would fill the gap instantly. It wouldn't look too cool but it would prevent those awful-looking holes around the shore. We need to discuss it further tho if it doesn't break something. Saddlebags? Ales: We have been planning them for a longer time. We considered doing this by having a container slot in the animals. There are some issues tho. First of all, should differently sized animals have different amounts of container slots? But then players could use animals just like containers, summon them and send them away. Should the animals have one shared container? We also discussed it with animators and in the end, we felt we should show some sort of saddlebags, however, that added more work. Possibly this year but no promises. What we are doing right now we are looking into how containers work, and how we could improve those. We are trying to merge some junk objects so they don't take up so much space. When 1.12 comes out you will see a lot of changes and we will see where to go from there. Will there be an option to give server rights to a specific group of people or individuals rather than all your friends or clan? Ales: Yes that was the plan from the beginning. It is even in the design document for the feature. Due to time constraints, it never made it into the game. This is something we can definitely add and ask programmers how difficult would it be to add it as soon as possible. Could we have someplace to share custom tools? Ales: Oh yes. I also want to add it, it's such a huge and amazing feature so we want to give you a place to share it. Maybe in the shop just like Blueprints. NPCs like merchants as decoration in Adventure. Ales: We talked about having a population in Ylands. To be able to fill the cities with NPCs that would live there. We would like to implement that one day. Thank you all who joined and come around next time to ask your questions. Stay Classy!
  15. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #258 Behold, Blueprints!

    Ahoy Ylanders, You have probably noticed that a new exciting section of our in-gam shop has appeared with Update 1.11 - Blueprints! You may remember from this Dev Diary, that the Blueprint shop is a great place to gift, buy and sell your wonderful creations. And since the launch of the feature, we have seen some truly magnificent pieces, which is what today's Dev Diary will be about. Seeing all those incredible ships, buildings, cars, and many more different kinds of Blueprints, we realized that we wanted to show those to everyone which is why we will start regularly highlighting specific Blueprints. Each week, we will handpick a few of your creations and promote them on our social media along with a few details about the specific Blueprint. For now, we are mainly going to promote the creations of the members of our Creators Club (Not a member? Join here.) so that everyone can see their exceptional talents! To make sure you get to see what some of these Blueprints look like in the game, we regularly look at some during our stream. We even have a special map to showcase the Creators Club Blueprints during each stream. You can already take a peak at what that looks like! https://www.twitch.tv What are your favorite Blueprints? Have you uploaded and/or downloaded any yet? If so, let us know which ones! That's it for today and we will talk to you again next week! Stay Classy!