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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone ! Today I would like to ask you if there will be Ylands on Nintendo Switch soon? my PC is not powerful enough to play the game so I would be very happy to play Ylands in portable mode! Thank you for any answer... !
  2. Eriugam

    A Few Questions..

    Hi all, I have been playing Ylands for a little while and have a few questions about the game, is anyone able to answer the below questions? 1. Do dropped & harvested items despawn? In-game I cut a lot of trees down, items such as the sticks, bark and seeds appear to remain on the ground. I think this is the cause of a slight FPS drop when I walk towards these particular areas. 2. Is there anyway to flatten uneven ground? I want to create a flat, even area for crowing crops (I know you can plant crops on uneven land) 3. Does the game have procedurally generated worlds? The two seperate saves I am currently playing through seem very familiar.. 4. How do I hotkey specific tools such as the axe? 5. Can you die from not keeping your character fed? Any and all assistance is much appreciated, thank you in advance!
  3. Probably something you will hear requested allot is Infinite Terrain Generation, Have you though about this or if not Infinite much larger than the current Sizes available? Mixed Biomes, So having more than one biome in the world? I know currently we do have Tropical and another to which I forget that we are able to get in a single world but will we see the possibility have having possibly all the biomes in a single world? Cave Generation, Will we see the possibility of Caves being in the terrain generation? This actually could open up the ability to have Ore Veins in caves systems giving a large source of Ore's to obtain, Cave dwelling creatures and ores only obtainable at deep depths. Flat World Gen? So flat world without water for creative/map creation stuff.