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Found 50 results

  1. TheIntelloBox

    RESOLVED Error

    Hi, I have this error : There should be 'Ylands_Data' folder next to the executable The folder Ylands_Data is next to the executable...
  2. Hello everyone ! Today I would like to ask you if there will be Ylands on Nintendo Switch soon? my PC is not powerful enough to play the game so I would be very happy to play Ylands in portable mode! Thank you for any answer... !
  3. I tried to rent a dedicated server and play the game with my friend using the points, but got this error. [ rented server game data corrupted ] After powering off the server, I deleted the server. After this, the same error still occurs. I bought a point to pay for it and buy a dedicated server but it's still not available even after hours. I paid for the server, but ... I can't use it. Help!
  4. 2020 Update: Dedicated servers have been DISCONTINUED. However, you still have options. Share games, buyable Nitrado/BI servers and locally-hosted multiplayer. You can only buy servers from Nitrado now. Nitrado sponsors P1 -- that is an affiliate link. Should you start a dedicated server? Simple answer, not yet. Technology: Right now the dedicated server technology is not ready for public use. Servers you rent and servers you set up on your own I going to have major issues that are not related to your hardware. Community: Attracting an active community to your server is really difficult because: Servers right now require a wipe/reset often due to serious lag that comes with use There are only a handful of active players at the moment. When will these factors change? Ylands multiplayer is in early access. However, once the 0.12 patch roles around multiplayer will likely have made big strides forward. How to setup a dedicated server: What do I need to start a dedicated server? 1) Windows PC: Ylands server technology does not run on Linux and therefore you will require a Windows PC. 2) The password to the Ylands Dedicated Server forum. You may request on the Better Ylands Servers Discord (https://discord.gg/zKXdsn) or here: 3) Then download the server startup guide here. For full disclosure, P1, my clan is sponsored by Nitrado. P1 runs all of it's servers on Nitrado and it works great.
  5. Ummm... I seem to be missing something in my Exploration Map.:. SPOILER ALERT : BE AWARE As myself and my comrade are hammering through our exploration map, we have managed to get to a particular puzzle. As it has been enjoyable to play through... we find ourselves rather... well... frustrated and confused. We. Are. Stuck? We have taken the steps to get where we need to and then... Nothing. It would seem that the Sphere for the Submarine is not there, despite the key being... where it should have been. This has me rather concerned. Was this puzzle removed from game play from exploration after the updates? It seems the older version of the game had more to interact with. There were sharks and birds which I understand will be coming back in future updates? But... what about this puzzle? At this point it seems we can not move forward with it despite all of the hard work we have put into it. If The Dev team could hone in on this, Gggawwwd! Would it be helpful and welcomed! Overall, we love this game to bits. Challenging ourselves daily and running around (and under) the Ylands and Ocean with fervor, but... some attention to The crowd for the Exploration Group would be loved! Though Workshop is lovely, we need some love too ? If ANYONE has had this issue, or any suggestions on this, join in on this discussion! Keep up the awesome work, DEVS! ? Sitting at the bottom of the ocean hopefully, ? Nahni ?
  6. Hello guys! Lets start with that, I have bought the game yesterday. It worked fine on ultra/very high settings. Today I wanted to play Ylands again. So I am launching settings and just out of curiosity turned options down to high to see how it will affect overall performance. I hit start button and to my surprise game is stuck on the window with black screen and (not responding) label next to it. After 10 minutes I have tried to relaunch it with normal settings this time. Sadly it ended up with the same story. So I tried to relaunch it again and this time game settings window won't show up, but the game still proceeds to the "black screen phase". I tried to: - Run game as an administrator. - Run steam as an administrator. - Verify Ylands files. - Completely reinstall it several times. - Reboot my pc. Please guys help me!
  7. KrewNoob


    Could someone explain me this?
  8. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Adding Pics to Objects / Materials

    I think it would be cool to be able to add pictures like logos to building materials or all objects. What do you guys think?
  9. DW's Gaming N Animation

    P1 Geek Ylands Server

    I have been building and trying out the new Server function....well its New to me. Anyway, I've used the coyns in the game to buy a server and I put my buildings in there. If anyone wants to join the server and add to the city, you can find my server called P1 Geek Ylands. I' watch alot of Red Eagles youtube videos so alot of what I've done I got from watching and becoming inspired. I've created mines so ppeople could easily get the resources they need. For example, there is a gold mine, a clay mine, an iron mine, coal mine and others...... Each mine is labeled so you know whats inside. Also each building provides resources and items. For example, the jetpack store has alot of propeller packs in it. The flower shop holds a chest full of seeds and seed packs of every type of plant. There is a clothing store so you can get cloths there or go to the clothing factory and make your own clothes. Cloth is provided there along with cotton, buckwheat and sisgal leaves. There's an armory in case you need weapons and armor, Or a blacksmith shop to get tools. If anyne wants to jon the building, then come and stop by.
  10. MizzShadowCat

    How can i make a custom npc?

    Hello, well my question is just the title really. How can i make a custom npc and place it into my exsplore world? Any ideas guys?
  11. The islands (or are they ylands?) seem excessively close to one another, in some cases so close you can see one island's shore from another. For those of us who'd like travel to be a more meaningful part of the game, could we please get a world generation configurable option to increase the distance between islands? Personally, I'd multiply it by ten if the game could handle it.
  12. Before saying anything, I don't know what the main purpose you guys are following with this game is, so I'm not sure if you wanna pursue simulation or you are creating a sandbox with no realism more focused on the amount of things you can do, but I have noticed you have put some hard work into making the ambient and the feeling of some artistic parts of the game transmit a nice realistic vibe (rain, torments and the awesome sky colorings), if I were you guys, I would go for a bit more simulation with this game (the potential is there and is REALLY BIG). Non of my ideas or comments are meant to offend anyone, they are just described as I have thought them. * After clarifying that point, here we go with some things I think need changes: 1. During long ship travels, alone or with friends, you mainly get nothing to do apart from seeing the beautiful sky (with friends even worse in the sense they have nothing to do at all apart from maybe... looking the map?), the ship doesn't lose its path even if you leave the rudder alone, the wind as it is right now has no effect (or almost no effect over the ship apart from the speed), I would recommend to implement a sailing system where you can have and control different kind of sails and even have to rotate them depending of the wind direction making that to have a real difference on how the ship behave on each situation, then you could make use of your friends as ship crew and give them some kind of utility, if you are alone, well, to handle a big ship alone IS a really hard task, so the idea should be to reflect that in the game, you should be able to pay for some NPC to control parts of the ship and maybe live on your ship in the case you don't have any friends to play with. ***This whole point number 1 would create something that has more logic to me: "The more sails you set in your ship, the faster you go but the harder is to control it properly"*** 2. Doesn't look that placing the sails on the ship's sides has any wrong effect on it, the center of gravity of the ship doesn't vary, that's not cool and doesn't feel logic at all, you should be able to sink a ship totally bad constructed. 3. The water simulation is off, so I will wait to comment on that in detail, but I am expecting something cool from it, something that really affects the way swimming, ships and boats work in the game. 4. Some stamina system is necesary, there is no sense that you can swim faster than a ship the whole time. 5. there is no risk of die during a torment if you are swimming apart from dying frozen being near to a pole. Maybe you should or could drown if you get out of stamina? (point 4) 6. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the game is poor at the moment, feels bugged and not responsive at all in most cases (plus some animals, specially tigers or wolves should have an special evasion movement as well). Maybe add serpents on deep forests when getting plants? (venom risk, etc...), I won't comment on sharks, I am sure you already know what happen with them. 6.1. Ground animals can be EASILY killed if you go to water and even punch them to death, and viceversa, sharks can be EASILY killed if you go to the seashore and punch them from the solid ground. Maybe you have seen more than one of this comments or ALL reviewed before by other users, but I hope they really help to create an awesome game, because it is, and I repeat, the potential is there. Have a great day and I will keep tracking issues when I have time.
  13. Found that with the seed container in inventory, can make a supply of infinite seeds by splitting the stack and equipping one to hotbar. I found that if you equip one stack, the game will use the equipped stack up but still register as having more of those seeds because of the other stack.
  14. Hello YLanders, it's me Smoothey I'm a youtuber that has around 50 subs on youtube, I upload all YLands on my channel but i tend to play solo as I have no friends that play this game ( ooof ) Anyways, I'm looking for some people to record with, I don't have a lot of requirements, but there's a few. Must have a GOOD MIC - I want you to have a good mic not for you and me, but for your viewers as it's proven that more often than not that people will stick to your videos as long as you have a good mic. Must be MATURE, but FUNNY at the same time - I'm 15 myself, and I can be immature sometimes, but I don't want a 12 year old saying something offensive but at the same time I don't want a Dad playing with me and telling me what to do. Close timezone - I love my brits and all that, but how am I gonna play with you if you play when I sleep and vice versa? Must have Discord That's pretty much it, just comment down below your discord username and four digits and I'll happily add you OR you can join my discord server, and then PM me! That's pretty much it, Chow now Smoothey's out!
  15. ---Crow---

    Better mining?

    Back in the day, I used to play minecraft, this is primarily the reason for me purchasing ylands as I wanted another sandbox survival game to spend hours enjoying. I was thinking, currently the mining in ylands is ok, but I want that underground dusty feel as you mine for your precious iron or copper deep in a series of poly tunnels digging through stone and dirt trying to snag some rare earth metals (you can implement later for machines ect) as you scramble to get some source of light
  16. If you want to join a Ylands community server then click here.
  17. In Semi-Official Ylands Building Contest! #1 teams competed to build the best 1930's vehicle. Now we have to choose which are the best and which will win the prizes! #1 Topolino Friendly, reliable and sometimes upside down this little car zips past the competition! #2 Car A Heavy to drive but good looking, the Car A let's you ride in style! #3 SSK Everyone loves the look of this one. Sometimes, being as long as it is, going over small hills can be hard. #4 Truck Great looking, hard to refuel (engine in floor). #5 Mark IV tank Stunning, well armored, somewhat impractical. #6 Auto-Fire Tank This tank is hard to get into but it's logics allow you to operate the turret while your drive. There is also a somewhat-functional co-op mode where others can operate the turret while you drive!
  18. Survivant/survivantes, bonjour, Je vous présente aujourd'hui notre discord Ylands qui est et resteras actif basé sur le jeu Ylands. Nous essayons de ramener le plus de joueurs possible afin de créer la plus grande communauté française. Dans ce cadre, je vous invite à nous rejoindre pour tenter d'un jour passer Discord officiel FR pour Ylands. On compte sur vous pour être le plus nombreux possible ainsi que de venir s'entraidait concernant le jeu pour les joueurs les moins expérimenté d'entre nous. Je vous dispose le lien vers notre Discord juste ici > https://discord.gg/wSUZZrH N'hésitez pas à venir nombreux et aussi à inviter vos amis, j'espère vous revoir là bas et en jeu. La modération Ylands France.
  19. Ylands has encountered an error and must close. A crash report named "Crash_2018-04-20_190046" has been generated. These files can be sent to Bohemia Interactive for analysis. + I cant send the crash file. error.log
  20. RedEagle_P1.

    Good Builders Needed

    Hi all! We are looking for decorators and builders for something special. What we are using may or may not be used in an official ad (not by Bohemia but something else). If you can help, post: Your age: Screenshots of your best builds: How long do you have each week? Note, there is no pay and Discord/a mic are required.
  21. Just stumbled across this while googling Ylands. https://apkgk.com/com.yter.ylands It appears to be an Android app based off Ylands. I don't have an Android phone so can't tell if this is legit or not but I thought it looks unusual.
  22. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    In this thread state an item you would like to see in the game. Please provide as close a picture to what you are imagining if possible. I would like to see: Teddy Bear ________________________________ More Containers Specifically of interest one for holding stones, rocks, marble etc. See medieval wheelbarrels.
  23. The new Ylands NPC update has a lot of people confused. If you are confused, please ask your question here! How do I find NPCs? Where do I find NPCs? How do I trade with NPCs? What do I trade with NPCs? How do I add NPCs to my map/world? How can I test out NPCs without finding them? 1-2: You find NPCs at a certain time of day in special locations such as this bazaar. Look for a bazaar like this one and be there at 10 AM to trade. 3. To trade with NPCs just walk up to them and right click. You will notice your items have a value to the vendor (gold number under each). Drop your items into the trading window and drag items from his menu into the trading window. WARNING! If you trade unequally priced items, you will LOOSE the difference. 4. They like gold. 5. Don't add them to explore maps, they will corrupt it. To add one, go to the Ylands workshop, download the comp & place it in your world. https://ylands.net/asset/231 6. Download this map: https://ylands.net/asset/3 and play it If you want to enjoy NPCs on a fun, active server, come chill: https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA
  24. Ylands Dedicated Server Update: Ylands Dedicated servers are MUCH better than they used to be. Here is what you need to know! Pros: - You can host them without running the game - They are much more stable than before Cons: - No linux support yet - Still confusing to setup - Active servers must wipe to reset progress - Requires 12 GB ram Need help setting up? We love to help people: https://discord.gg/NPzzRF9 Ylands is a small community right now but the 0.7 update is coming soon with more than 100 bug fixes so stay tuned for that! For full disclosure, my clan is now sponsored by Nitrado: After buying a motherboard to host locally, I went with Nitrado for $8 a month and found it a much better solution for me. How do I get the server tech? Ask here: Data updated: Feb 13th, 2018