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Found 289 results

  1. when you die on a ship, the headstones basically stop it and you have no way of moving. in this game is about exploration and trial and error. but if you are doing this on a ship you are fucked. the headstones weigh the ship down so much it wont move. we had a crew of 4 1 survived and somehow one headstone remains on the ship and it will not move.
  2. My friend and I kept glitching off of our ship when it was moving decently fast. It would lag a little bit and then we would fly through the railing on the ship.
  3. SirBiscuit

    RESOLVED Crafting crash

    Game crashes when enough recipes are gathered and you have to search/scroll to find items to craft. Really like the game but this makes it really hard to play the games plz fix as soon as possible:)
  4. On occasion (almost exclusively when near land) a large square portion of the sea will disappear. The area still reacts accordingly but there is no graphical indication of the surrounding area. Best comparison is to minecraft when a chunk does not load. You can tell that an area will have the issue as the water does not flow the same as the surrounding water (for example if there is a storm) and is slightly lower. These spots will remain indefinitely (the two I came across have not corrected even with a reset) and can be moved through freely.
  5. Hi, I hosted a Game and a friend connected but then his internet crashed. His Player stayed on my Server and I can't build on him. I could kill the leftover player but now the player lays dead on the ground. Even after I closed the game and continued the old save. the player is still there. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt savegame.rar
  6. I do not have the best laptop, but the game should work for me. It does not matter which settings I choose, my gameplay remains black. Have taken screenshots of it and also uploaded to my profile. Can someone help me with what is possibly to stop, so that I can play?
  7. handofthesly

    RESOLVED Map tile bug

    My map seems to have glitched out a bit. There's one tile where it has duplicated the original area when the map was first created and pasted over the top of another area further North West. Dropping the map and picking it back up doesn't do anything, neither does restarting the game. Bizzare.
  8. Not sure if some of these are intentional but didn't see any mention of them on quick scan through of forums. when against anything (ground, bush tree) and you rotate the camera so you would be "Technically", looking through the object the view glitches into the ground(or object) and shakes on 80+ FOV burnt out fires show inventory but cant take from it. dying mid bow animation glitches the chars hands to like its holding a full drawn bow on respawn, fixes upon reloading into game constant humming when using a pick
  9. Hi everyone! Everytime I try to play I have this bug; The mousse start spinning right after respawning, I always have a controller pluged in, but never had this bug on previous versions of the game. Tried to plug out the controller, still spinning. Restarted with the controller out, still spinning. So, is not the controler, nor the mousse as everything is fine, just when I spawn, the bug begins, and it's impossible to play. Any help, please? Thanks!
  10. I was trying to join @A3_Melle's server since we have a little co-op kind of thing going but he recently put a password on it to prevent others from joining and this means I can no longer join(I know the password to the server dont worry ). The screenshot should provide enough information. Unfortunately if you click "Back" in this situation (2nd screenshot occurs) you will be forced to quit the game OR spam ESC + LMB and RMB. Second Screenshot:
  11. I filled in an in game feedback form also, On first entering the game, after moving to the steam version, from the non-steam version. The controls AUTO-DETECT had selected 'I believe' my joystick x,y inputs and throttle (Which I did not previously use). So I could not use my mouse to select any many item. I could hear multiple audio queues that the like the curse was passing over a menu item. but couldn't select anything. I managed to use the joystick to select the 'mouse & keyboard' only settings. This allowed me to use the menus and start the actual game world, however my character kept rotating. I realized that the joystick throttle input was still being registered and so I noticed that setting my throttle in the center of it's position stopped the spinning. (Full throttle spun the character the opposite direction) We need the joystick device to be disconnected from 'the 'mouse & keyboard' device option.
  12. Hi team, Well what can I say? What a fantastic game, I purchased Ylands not long after watching the E3 Showcase and have been enjoying it ever since. I load up Ylands on a daily basis and play for many hours. At the moment I streaming Ylands on a daily basis on a popular Streaming service (not sure if I am allowed to say which?) to promote and show off how wonderful Ylands is. I am currently using the explorer mode on the basis I want to discover all recipes and crafting at my own time and speed. I was playing Ylands on a dedicated server to begin with, with a few friends, however they have decided to call it a day for now, until there is a more major solution/fix to the server problems. With finding Ylands a great game to play in a relaxing environment, it does have its moments and frustration points. Perfectly understandable considering it is in Alpha. So anyway on to the gripe at hand lol. The multiplayer game that I am hosting for the forth time (as the other times we have had to delete and start over) has decided to bug out again, I have been meaning to post on numbers of occasions, but I just want to get in and play lol. So at the moment we are not able to access storage baskets and chests. If I decide to log out to the main menu, the storage chest I just tried to access flashes up on the screen before the game closes? We can still create/craft/mine etc, but accessing inventory and chests is impossible . Multi re-logs does not fix the problem and am not sure what else to do? I have been saving extra game saves in different folders on my system, to do roll backs, but I have become a little tired of rolling back after creating so much, so for now, I will hold on playing multiplayer and wait out for a fix or solution. I look forward to hearing from you Team and keep up the good work, Sith
  13. So I was in the middle of the sea, searching for new land, had a map(9) and some food(8) on me, so I wanted to see where I was going so I switched threw the inventory. I passed my tools and weapons, came to the food and the map, left clicked the map and ate it. I later found out that you can eat every item if you timing it right, select any food, switch to any item, wait like 500ms and left click, item gone forever, food still there :c
  14. Hello Dev-Team! A lot of people have fell through the world as I can see and I think it is a very hard bug to correct too! I did indeed fell by placing sands, and by some guru magic found myself trap and fell to my cold death. So It's just to say here that this bug can occurs when placing some block mostly sands and dirt I presume!
  15. Me and my friend were playing when he fell through the world due to something going wrong, so he quit and tried to reconnect. Ever since then he cannot, at all, reconnect. He tries, gets to 1300 ping and "lost connection to host" we started a new world and he can connect with 500 ping, then loads,and goes down to 90. We have no idea what to do. This is not a dedicated server.
  16. Hey guys I have the problem that if the updatet is loaded with the launcher and press play, i get the the "Error data folder not found Datails : There should be 'Ylands_Data' folder next to the executable " Cant start the game at all. We were in the game than restarted it for the update but since than it wasn't working We will try to re-install and see if it helps Thanks for the game anyway so far because its amazing :-)) DPS
  17. The Joker 66

    RESOLVED Launcher Failure

    Hello, I registered and install the setup.exe but when I run the launcher there is only a white window and a LOGIN button on the down right corner. When I click on LOGIN nothing happends and a CANCEL button appears and the left down corner. I can't do nothing
  18. agathadaemonn

    RESOLVED Bug List

    1- When i play with my friend, im build a boat and get in, when i get in my friend is automatically sit ground and stuck like that. When i move on the boat, he just follow me when sitting lol. He try to relog but he always stuck like that and cant move. 2- When i try to dig somewhere there is opening holes and i can see the through world, i can see mines etc. 3- Im build a big house with woods, im add furnaces, carpets and lanterns, but when i look to my house my fps going 20-30. 4- Im not sure how this happening but i think when im use a ship, on the FPS my hands, weapons, tools etc. is going invisible and AI's wont strike me, even i hit to them. 5- When i run to some banana trees (or green rainforest trees) im going on top that trees. Questions and suggestions ; Q- There is a backpack in the game? I cant find it, if had It would be nice. S- If u guys change the box stock limits it would be nice, im build a barrel but that had just 9 stock, its too low. S- The dungeons is so deformed and boring, u guys add some ancient temples, castles etc. Well, sorry for my bad English.
  19. Hero0fhellaS

    RESOLVED Camera Bug (Maybe)

    Seems like the first person camera has collision while 3rd person camera doesnt i dont know if its intended or a bug its not really annoying but it could be a problem if you could pass throught certain gaps in pvp by switching cameras like in the short video i took for example
  20. Heya Guys! First of all, an awesome game! Found it by coincidence and fell in love with it! Well I wanted to generate a massive land to explore, and played around with the editor. Upon entering the game, I found out when moving, rotating ingame and such, all the shadows are "jumpy" "jittery" Tried various graphics settings and such, but it seems nothing seemed to help, so my only apparent conclusion is that it has to be a bug. Bug: Shadows Jitter and jump all across the screen upon movement. Ways to reproduce the bug: Go into the editor, create a terrain with a custom name, custom seed and geographical location. Save the file, enter the Terrain/Yland you have created. I have attached the save / scenario to the post Hopefully its on my end, and not a bug PLEBIE_PLEBWORLD_-_OCTANEN.zip
  21. Hello, today myself and a couple others played around 5-6hrs of multiplayer and I have a handful of bugs for you, Sadly i don't have a log file for all of them as I had to restart my game a couple of times but I'll list them of and attach the current log file. I should note I hosted the session threw the in-game hosting. Bugs: After playing for a while I ended up restarting my game and after loading the world I noticed everything my character had learned was lost the other two guys were fine. Sometimes a player will be unable to pull out items form in a container or work/craftstation whilst others are able to-do so fine. The ship's (We actually only made the large ship but id assume the same issue for the other one too) had an issue were when one of the others took control of it, it pulled me around abit when they moved it even though I wasn't on the ship or near it. There was also an issue with the ship that one of them took control of the ship and it teleported them under the world which when we dug them out they were unable to move and apon him reconnecting his body was there but his view point was at the ship and he was unable to release control of the ship. Horse's when they kicked the other player off they were unable too move but were making the running sounds and particle effects where they were, killing them was the only fix. Gun type Weapons didn't seem to make sounds for the other players only for myself the host. Falling from a height that causes the ragdoll makes the non-hosting players unable to move (killing them fixes them) and if the host ragdoll's the other players only see them stuck ragdolled in one place even though the host is moving afterwards Sometimes an inventory slot will become stuck with a specific item type only able to go in it and can't be moved or switched out with anything else, also the image of the item doesn't display in the slot its in but rather under the first row as if was in the first slot of that non-existing row. Ghost items in the world, sometimes a player will pickup a stack of items and it'll say it failed and then the item becomes a ghost item in the world unable to be interacted with. Non-hosting players can spam shoot the cannons but as few as I can tell it wasn't actually shooting just a bug on their end. Promoting a player to admin doesn't seem to work or atleast they can not use admin commands? we only tried it with the /killme command so maybe that's not considered an admin command but its said permission denied. Animals seem to have a hard time moving/navigating in the caves. Non-host players respawn where they died, only when they create a new character to they repsawn at the world spawn. That's most of the ones that I can remember, on top of that we ended up stopping playing because it seems the world became broken as after I restarted it, the game would just crash. I used the yland copy world feature which make it so I can load the world but my inventory was slow/buggy & the guys I was playing with became unable to connect stuck on loading world at 100% I've attached the current log file & the corrupt world file (hopeful you can fix the world so we can continue playing :D) EXPLORE.zip output_log.txt
  22. So me and my friends were playing some ylands for about 10 hours straight! we occurred alot of bugs! Bugs: Alot of server lag (we all have 100mbs), spawn points is changing, undermap crap, Some people cant render some certain things, not dying of anything except walking, Breaking Animation, boats making other players move with it without standing on it, Dying but still staying alive, Killing the dead player thats still alive breaks the player even more, I would really want to see this getting fixed! because i really enjoy the game! P.S Some sounds are really loud! hope you fix the most of the things! And when players were dead they returned to model pos thingy!
  23. kk been playing since oct 31 /nov 1st also bought a few friends the game casue it rocks and has a lot of potential , we re all experiencing these issues , 1) cant connect to each other in multiplayer - I know this is probably due to ports/avg ect blocking connections 2) chunks clearing when left , after you dig or build anything then hop on a raft to explore then come back the entire area where you have built is cleared to water level ie a big hole perfectly square (assuming that's a chunk like minecraft) 3) dying to falling on a voxel or running up a hill on a weird voxel , a tree falling and you bumping into it . 4) after dying in said area above you have to quit to main menu , which then freezes up before showing the menu ( assuming that's a report or something being sent in to a server ect ) but game just locks up have to cancel out using task manager . 5) anytime you leave a game via exit to menu or exit to desktop it freezes , refer to #4 , with the exception of exiting before 4-5 mins of game play it will go back to title if its a short amount of time . that's all the bugs ive found so far which kind of make the game unplayable , ive spent hours playing only to not be able to save the game when I reload its back a few hours ahead of where I left off ect , we re all 25+ that I bought the game for friends being 21- 25 and myself being over 40 . Iove the way the game is headed and aside from those issues its a great fun game I love the cell shaded graphics and the crafting ect . good job , if we can just fix these issues , thanks FireFrost
  24. I was playing with a friend who was hosting the Indiana Jones map. Occasionally my hot bar would freeze - I would be unable to use the item in my hand, unable to pick up new items, and unable to change any of the items in the bar. My character still walks around and takes damage as usual, but I am unable to do anything. I have not found a pattern to when this is triggered but it happened multiple times. My friend who was hosting did not have these problems. Exiting to the main menu and jumping back into the map resolved the issues, but it would happen again later on.
  25. Character disappeared while playing the game (connected to another player's yland) and camera couldn't be controlled (before I was trying to craft something and I think that it didn't show up in the inventory as it should). Pressing escape button didn't show in-game menu, but when the game's window lost and gains focus again, menu appears and is controllable. Output log attached. output_log.rar