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  1. Hi, After last updates most bioms are empty, especially Tundra, Jungle and Temperate bioms. No MPC suppliers, no encounters, no ruins. Rest of the bioms; desert and arctic work properly, though no MPC suppliers here too. I was playing now for 50 hours or so, so around 100 ylands tested. 75% of these are empty (only animals are there). All The Best, ComR
  2. Suggestions: -Bird's nest - it's too easy to by mistake destroy the nest. Please, consider destroying it not with right click, but through Radial Menu, like Powder Cogs and Sleeping Bags. It would be even better if we could pick it up and place when we want and break, if needed, as any item. -Wool - Pack of 5 is much too less. We need too many boxes only for storing some wool. Why not 20 as all most raw materials? -Clothing - Clothing (not armour) would be easier to storage if we could make stacks of, let's say, 5? 5 t-shirts, 5-hats - all of the same type, of course. -Explore Mode - Multiplayer Islands - It is completely of no use for single player gamer like me. I'd prefer to see only single-player isles. Could you add "delete island" (rebuild as single player?) or make an option on the start of the new game? Big Bugs: -After deleting an Island in most cases it's impossible to land on the rebuilt island.
  3. Big Bugs: -After deleting an Island in most cases it's impossible to land on the rebuilt island. Regards,
  4. Hi, Because trick with two propellers doesn't work anymore, please consider changing flying time longer a bit (2-3 seconds) and cooling time shorter a bit (2-3 seconds). Why? First reason is - now propeller is less worth making than potion, this would be ok, but propeller is mid game if not end game success and it would be nice to make it more useful. Second - propeller is in many cases the only way to get collectibles which are above ground, especially now, when you cannot use first person and you cannot "focus" exactly on item you want to pickup or open. Especially in the caves this is big problem. Third reason - minimum range of flight should be enough to get away from danger - now it's very tricky, too tricky. My second suggestion is to make propeller a bit faster. It is the only way to fast move from island part to island part (you cannot transport cars or animals yet - as far as I know and I do not like cars. I play "renaissance"-steam-punk castaway). Third suggestion is at last pack animal - Goat, Camel or Horse (Deer? Renifer?) with crafted bags. Such animal would walk behind player as tamed animals sometimes do. It should work also when you ride other animal. Please, consider it. Transporting items with only one "backpack" is a big pain. It would be nice to have simple cart too (pushed by player or animals mentioned). Also bigger cart drawn by animal, with sitting place for us would be fantastic. People are asking for it for years now, as well as for separate bigger backpacks. All The Best, ComR
  5. Hello There, I was playing last nights Ylands - around 30 hours in three days - yes. I'm disappointed with many things and I wanted to write: I understand Ylands problem - only artists are working, no coders, not even people to edit XML and JSON (or other table formats). That's why we have many new graphics and scenes, but no gameplay changes or even simple fixes (changing in the table tag, number or name) - fans could help you, but you do not want it. Even I proposed you many times, that I could help. Scenes - "encounters", there is too less of these for my taste, in fact. But it's easy to change - let people create encounters and nice things to see, collect best ones and include these in new game. I'm sure not many people would like to be payed for it, but you could give Ycoins and for people who are using servers - more server time or how it's working. Why not? And now something different - game really can work. I hope to see the new improvements, but, please, allow people to mod the game and everyone would be happy! Even you - if you find good mod you can always incorporate it into Ylands - that how it works in gamer-friendly communities, right? Let us edit data bases (items, seeds, names), let us choose exploring game properties: day length, how many enemies on average island, how big islands or how many (1 big or few smaller ones), how often we have to eat, how big our storage is, how hard game is (should work and?) - just simple things from every survival game around here. Please, think about it. And borrow few coders from Arma for a bit. All The Best, ComR
  6. Previously water was fluid and it was possible to make artificial island, just by throwing dirt into water. It was possible to dig sand underwater. It was possible also and above all to make artificial lakes, by digging wholes and then dig ditches to allow water to fill the our lakes. Also, it was possible to make wholes in caverns and flood these full. That was fun. Game is better and better, I admit, but it goes very, very slowly. And, unfortunately some things are rather stupid, bugs rather than improvement - like last changing mutants bounties... For now it makes no point to hunt mutated animals at all. Piece of metal??? Or 3?? And maybe Ylandium dust? This is broken game for now. Hunting makes no sense at all. Strongest Gollem/Monster - You riskinf your live very much, so 3 pieces of broken metal is rather laughing from players. Shards? At last golden shards... I agree that the weakest mutated animal (I don't know what is it) should be relatively easy for starting explorer and the animal should drop random items, which could help gamer at the start randomly: Iron Shard, Copper Shard, Rags, Old Shoe (maybe golems? ), Flint, Resin, Feather, gold shard, glass shards) Also, the same random items would be nice to get during fishing. "No Luck!" is so annoying and so frusrating!!! Please, change it into finding random items!!! - Boots, Old Shoes, Rags anything, but "No Luck!". In this "mini-game" we are doin nothing, but loosing time - at least do not make it frustrating for sake! At least make different bounties, but worth playing, for example: Monster Class | Reward -Strongest monster in the game LVL 4-5 (I don't know which monsters are the strongest now) - Ylandium Crystal, 2-3 Ylandium Dusts (or at least Marble stones, instead boulders) - To be worth fighting if you are poor adventurer. Gollems Strong Ones - Ylandium Crystal Mutated Bear - (this is very stron enemy - 2 dusts was silly) - at least 4 Ylandium Dusts (as norman Bear gives meat and fur) List: Strongest: -3x Ylandium Crystal -2x Ylandium Crystal -1x Ylandium Crystal Very Strong Ones: -1x Cave crystals of different color (depending on mutated animal) + 3xYlandium Dust -1x Cave crystals of different color (depending on mutated animal) + 2xYlandium Dust -1x Cave crystals of different color (depending on mutated animal) + 1xYlandium Dust Strong Ones: -3x Ylandium Dust -2x Ylandium Dust -1x Ylandium Dust Middle Ones: -1x Cave crystals of different color (depending on mutated animal) + 3xMagic Dust -1x Cave crystals of different color (depending on mutated animal) + 2xMagic Dust -1x Cave crystals of different color (depending on mutated animal) + 1xMagic Dust Weakest: -3x Magic Dust -2x Magic Dust -1x Magic Dust Let me play for few days yet, I will list everything nicely. Or Simply: -Crystal Ylandium -Ylandium Dust (1-3) -Magic Dust (1-3) -Gold Shards (1-3) Only this, in my opinion, make sense. Badgers are to strong - at the beginning of the game badgers are more lethal than rhinos. BTW... I't sad that Rhinos are so aggressive. In fact Rhinos are not aggressive animals. Please, change their status to be aggressive if attacked or very close? If you make Ylands rewards to weak, fighting them will be useless and people will just go to sleep. Or... install cheats. Best Regards, ComR
  7. ComR

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    I have list of things to be repaired or asked by many which never were made... I must say - after 2 years of asking we have boxes: seed, soil and at last! Tool Box... But water, birds, "pause" in game, options (for different styles of games, as it is all other "living" games)... Ehh, I played already Ylands for above 1000 hours. That shows much, right?
  8. ComR

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    They never do such things...
  9. ComR

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    I know it could make problems (for example picking up things by mistake), but mostly during the game I'm collecting seeds and logs... "Take All" could be locked for safety and work only if you hold "ALT" (or other defined key) for example. Then "TAKE" would change into active "TAKE ALL". Also, it would be nice if we could select for example log only and click ALT+"Take" and only all logs would be taken. How about this?
  10. Hello, People, Friends, please, read it, or at last see how easy it is to add birds to the game, and please, "UP" the posts... :) 1) Now mutated animals give you only metal scrap - one piece.... Golems - three... WT? 2) Water still doesn't work. 3) Birds are still absent. I have simple tip for devs, maybe they have too much work. Birds = animals, but mostly flying. Yland proposed bird types (all based on existing animals): a) Running, sometimes jumping, from time to time leaving eggs. Few times a year (once a year?) leaving "bird's nest" (just like that - for now you don't have to match n. of nests and birds - people will be happy - guaranteed!). From time to time - when killed leave bird meat, furs and one egg. b) "Normal birds" - I understand that your birds were so heavy that they used to turn up ships. I have three solutions and few ideas: Solutions: -Make bird mass almost nothing - "feather" like. -Make birds not colliding with sails (after all player works the same way). If needed you could turn of colliding with anything (buildings or ships) - it would be better than removing birds. -Tragic solution: birds die on collision, leaving meat, feathers and don't forget the egg. -Make birds fly only above the land. Ideas to help devs make birds alive and running tomorrow: Flightless birds (rookie coder): -Make clone "ostrich" animal. Make it a bit faster and much smaller, add red beard - voilà! You have almost turkey. Make it even smaller and shorten it's throat. Make it leaving eggs and feather from time to time. Voila! and you have almost chicken! Flightless birds (rookie coder, who already made "Flightless Birds" tutorial😞 -Make new animal or clone "ostrich". Use old model of "seagull". Make if much faster, add ability to jump. Set jumps to very high and to last for very long. Optionally bird should be able to turn around during the "jump". Make the new animal always running or jumping, unless it's resting? Sleeping? Voilà! Make it "jumping" and "walking" only on land (if you afraid of collisions). Make it leaving eggs and/or feather and rarely (1/10 eggs? A year?) "bird's nest". Voila! You have almost seagull! All The Best, ComR
  11. ComR

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    Please, add "Take All" icon/option.
  12. Again? New bugs again and no even one old bug fixed? Ok, that's enough. I'm waiting 7 days and then I request refund. Even if without money - just to show my mind status. :[
  13. Hello There, After Exploring update previously set key bindings stopped working. Yes, after few day this was updated, but key binding still doesn't work. Details: 1) All key bindings were reset and it's a pain for me, because I'm lefty and simply - I cannot play any game if arrows, "Ins, Del, End..." keys or, above all Numeric Keyboard cannot be custom set. After last hot fix it's possible to change a few keys more, but it needs tricks to make it work - you have to unbind ALL key bindings and carefully set. After restart - you have to bind every key manually once again. I tried to set .ini file "read only" - but it changed nothing. Please, tell me, where key bindings are saved? 2) Problems - first of all - numeric keyboard is always set to both: "numeric" and "Home, end, PgUp, PGDn and so on" - it cannot be changed - which is big problem for me, because I cannot us keys above arrows and numeric keyboard separately as I used to do. 3) I realised that after unbinding ALL KEYS and setting it as I like (except Numeric Keyboard) allows me to play game again. Problem is - it works only after 2-3 tries of setting keys again and again. 4) Even if I set all keys I like (except numerical keyboard which always doubles "Ins, del, end... mini keyboard") I can play happily until I have to restart game or game crashes - Then I have to bind all keys again... Please, repair it - it's after all the most important setting, especially for lefties. a) Also, Game shows set keyboard only after 2-3 resettings and it's not always true. This is most annoying... Please, tell me where keys are saved and allow me, to make it all manually, so I can save it as "read only". Old problems: 1) The longer you play, the slower game is - and soon game crashes. Probably memory leak? 2) "Do not loose your equipment on death" - does strange things - I have my armour, but I loose whole rest. And there is even more annoying thing beside looking for my corpse - If you die on your ship - most of your items land on the bottom of the sea, some on the ship and many - inside structure... So, to retrieve my stuff, I have to remove "anchor lever" and steering wheel to find small gold pouch. If you die in more complicated part of your ship or building - you have to destroy most of the building/ship or leave it and make new lost items. This is very annoying. And it's connected to problem 3: 3) If you die, your corpse is partially under your grave stone. Problem is - to retrieve items from below grave stone you have to destroy the stone or structure below... or both. It's a horror if you die in your home you were building for days... 4) THERE IS NO PAUSE - Even if I play solo only, there is no way to stop game for a while - to open "real" doors, drink a tea or eat something. You would think that "ESC" will stop the game - nope. So, the only way is to hide or climb something safe and... eat to be full. Problem is - you cannot eat enough. So, You have to leave the game, but if you do this - all your key bindings are lost again. 5) Please! Once for all note, that there are people who play the game solo only, so "Pause" isn't so big problem - you are just lazy! 6) NPC's selling things - You have only 5 slots for trade - it could be okey, but NPC's usually have no "free space" in their inventory and this is big problem - I cannot sell him enough items to get what I want, or, if I want spent whole day to buy gold from NPC and then buy anything from him for cash - I need many weeks... And I have to buy all items from NPC, or most of it, to be able to sell him stuff I have... Please, just make no limit of NPC inventory or make it bigger. In many cases NPC's have no room in their inventory and you can pay only with gold - It's ok, but annoying. You have to sell your work to NPC for weeks, one or two items a day, to make money to buy item for gold... 6b) NPCs after few transactions, steal from you and loose their equipment with simple error: "Transaction Failed!". Please, just make seller inventory much bigger or limitless - that would make NPC's working again. And please, make at least 6 trading slots not 5! Many items in NPC's shops are worth more than 400 gold, but most of trade items are around 70 gold per slot - 350. This is annoying, because you have not only make items for sale, but above all, you have to trade day by day bit by bit to gain enough gold to buy what you need. 6C) Please, add more free NPC's inventory slots - or make it limitless - so people would sell many, but cheap items without waiting for weeks, just to sell many cheap items to NPC! 6D) Please, make more trade slots than 5. Why only 5? Imagine pain of selling if you can make only clothing or collecting anything for the start! Especially if NPC cannot buy many cheap items from you, because NPCs have only 2, 3 or even only one free slot to buy anything from you - please, make NPC's inventory limitless, or at last 20-30 empty slots. There is no good reason to be able to sell only 3-4 slots of any items you have to sell. This is only forcing people to sleep by the NPC for weeks, only to sell many cheap items to gain enough gold to buy one or two items needed. Worthless high tier crafting: I was happy to see new metal - Zirconium (why not just Titanium?). I hoped that if I have all work stations and end game metal, I could make best rifle in the game and best pistol or best armour. a) Yes, you can make best armour with Zirconium. b) You can make gun and revolver, but... I was much disappointed when I realised that all my workbenches are useless, because found guns are much better that everything I could make. This is breaking the game. I love so many different weapons and tools, but allow me to "sell you" this idea: -Making end game tools and weapons should be possible to make (with rare resources). -Make steampunk (this is nice Idea, I love it, but it's useless - it's much weak) pistols. My proposition is: -Black powder simple musket and pistol - you could find - but, you should be able to make it: -Pistol: flint lock, wooden plank. Can be made in blacksmith. -Musket: flint lock, iron bar, two wooden planks. (can be made at blacksmith) -Smokeless Ammunition: 1x gun powder, 1x Cotton, 1x paper sheet, 1x Iron (we have no lead, pity, but we can use Iron) -Steampunk paper made ammunition: -Smokeless gun powder : 1x Gun Powder plus 1xCotton (maybe 2-3 Cottons) = Smokeless Gun Powder. - Ammo: 1xSmokeless Gun Powder + 1 Copper + 1 Iron (we have no lead) = 10 ammo. -Small Iron Barrel = 2 iron bars (at Blacksmith) -Long Iron Barrel = 4 iron bars (at Blacksmith) -Weapons possible to make at blacksmith: Simple, crude pistol: -Small Iron barrel, plank. Simple, Crude, Sixshooter (six barrels shooting at once): -3 small Iron Barrels, 2 planks (4 shooter). Simple, Crude musketon: -2xSmall Iron Barrels, 2xplanks (1 shot gun). Simple, Crude musket: -4xSmall Iron Barrels, 4xplanks (1 shot). Simple, Crude Shotgun: -6 Small Iron Barrels (6 barrel shooter), 4xPlanks Blacksmith simple works: -Iron Pole (iron bar, hammer), can be used as wood pole, but also: Iron bow (rope, 2 Iron Rods), Anchor... -Short Iron tube (Iron Bar, iron bar, hammer) - (iron bar - it's not lost) -Smoothbore pistol -Smoothbore arquebus -Two barrelled smoothbore shotgun. Locksmith: Simple rifled pistol: -1xSmall Iron Barrel, 1xSteel, 1xcogwheel, 1xplank (paper lead balls ammo) (small range) Simple revolver (short barrel): -3xSmall Iron Barrel, 2xSteel, 2xcogwheel, 1xplank (paper lead balls ammo) (small range) Simple, one shot rifled gun (one shot, one reload): -4xSmall Iron Barrel, 3xSteel, 3xcogwheel, 3xplank (2x paper lead balls per shot) (very long range) One shot (5 rounds in magazine), 5 shot rifled gun: -10xSmall Iron Barrel, 6xSteel, 4xcogwheel, 3xplank (Copper ammo) (long range) Revolver rifle gun: -6xSmall Iron Barrel, 6xSteel, 3xcogwheel, 1xplank (Copper ammo) (medium range) Long Range Kentucky Rifle: -10xSmall Iron Barrel, 8xSteel, 3xcogwheel, 3xplank (Paper ammo) (long range)> Long Range Sniper Rifle: -Weapons made in Locksmith: -One shot pistol - 1 iron tube (made in furnance) 1 plank -Repeating Gun - 3 barrels, 2 cogwheels. -One shot gun - 4 barrels, 1 cogwheel. Weapons made with Zirconium, steel and "magic" in furnance and blacksmith. -Fuse - rope and gun powder. Makes ten fuses. (could be use later together with bombs and barrels full of blackpowder. -Simple Arquebus: 2 Iron Barrels (made in blacksmith - or just two iron bars), 2 ropes, 1 gun powder (), 1 flint, 2 planks Endgame tools and weapons should be possible to made in blacksmith and foundry. Zirconium with steel and additions: ylandium, gold and crystals, should be endgame material. If you agree, I will write you my complete ideas - from ideas to complete, Game routines if you want. I just want to know if you would like to read it. I hop to be usefull. All The Best, ComR
  14. Thank you for your kind replies!
  15. Hello There! In short, what's good: At last we can explore more than 5 islands - superb - that is what we were waiting for! Thank you! In sort, what is wrong here: -I'm solo player, I do not like and do not wish to play multiplayer - So, please, let us customise our Exploring Game. Solo world - no Multi-Ylands. -Everything is going in good direction! Ylands Exploring in general problems: -In new Ylands even the best weapons crafted are much worse than items we can find. This is fun, but a bit annoying: I do not need to craft anything - I will be better if I explore more islands. That makes crafting zirconium weapons - useless (these are much worse than items we can find - especially fire weapons) - please, let us craft guns again and make zirconium weapons much stronger than simple steel items.. -NPCs and Sellers still are broken - you cannot buy many things, because "seller have to sell more to buy" - annoying and forces us to buy everything from NPC sellers, before we can buy anything - please, make NPC's inventory bigger... -There is no real enemies - this is ok with me, but I have found a bug: -At first I thought It's enought to find all Ylandium crystals from caves - that was reasonable, but there was no more enemies on the map. -Then I realised that maybe I can take all crystals but the Ylandium to allow mutated animals to appear - I was wrong. -Then I took all crystals and didn't kill any mutant animal - I was wrong again. -The hardest to kill mutant animals should leave you much loot - but it's not the case - mutant bears leave just two ylandium... -I hoped to build big ship, add animal pens... or big cages anf move animals I love to my base - no, it doesn't work. Why? Moving animals is a problem we discussed two years ago?? Maybe it would be nice to make it possible to span enemies (using devs console) and have some fun after we build big base? It would be nice if killed NPC's would leave us at least items they are using - for now we gain nothing for hard work in many cases. Enemies just die and disappear. My proposition is: -Let us choose if we want solo or multiplayer game. -Let us chooser how many enemy NPC's, sellers and animals are there - also - mutants every night. -Let us craft better weapons from Zirconium - found items are or superb or useless. -Please, return us the birds!!! It was so important! Now we can hear these, but cannot hunt them or just be happy to see them. I know the problem was collisions, but you just disabled collisions with all animals - so, you can bring us back birds! Birds are f... important for immersion and for life in Ylands. All The Best, Bart