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  1. As in title, please, check resources needed in building. All The Best, Bart
  2. And yes, there is many encounters shown on the map (especially Tundra and Temperate bioms) which doesn't exist.
  3. True, points are... pointless, but still it's a bug. Yes, collecting it is pointless, but still annoying, when I find hundreds of these and receive nothing. Maybe one day the points will give us something. Second point are bottles and books, Q, you say? I'm lefthanded, so my keyboard is customised, what 'q' is doing? Free placing mode? How I could pick something up in free placing mode? Anyway - I will try. Thank you.
  4. I forgotten to do it this time, I'm sorry. I will do it next time. ;) All The Best,
  5. List of problems. I will be adding new problems as I play. All The Best, ComR -No exploring points: -Ruined wooden houses -Ruined Grocery Store (Brick with green roof)) -4 Heads -Dragon statue -Rotated cubes sculpture -Rear end of the crashed plane -Propeller of the crashed plane (sometimes ylandium power cell [filled] is unreachable) -Hemingway Armchair (Bottle unreachable) -Metal table with 4 metal chairs and food -All demolished wooden houses and ruined blackmith house (the one with second store) -Watch Tower with Crossbow -Help site with mr.Winston -Alchemist bag with flying potion -Fireplace with bandit hat and lantern -Bottles unreachable: -Bandit benches & Abandoned fireplaces -Modern house: -Books unreachable, cannot be taken -"Egyptian giant": -Bullets unreachable -Cemetery: -Revolver falls into earth
  6. Yes, my game is back after unsummoning and summoning ship. Nothing happened, one day my ship just disappeared...
  7. Yes, fortunatelly I was able to unsummon and summon ship back. Thank you!
  8. Hi, My longest game just dissappeared. Map shows my mother-ship in the middle of big Yland, but there is no my ship anywhere. Thank you for very stressfull game. Regards, ComR
  9. Hello, Thank you for your response and tips. Bottles are unreachable in old encounters like armchair of mr. Hemingway or bandit bench, as I remember. It's important for me, ecause I have also hundreds of bottles - I'm collecting these. I can turn of weather effect, but not weather. I guess it's a bug - I'm sleeping for days and rain doesn't stop. Visibility is almost zero. Thank You, ComR
  10. Hello, Exploration game is broken and frustrating again: -Wood building is impossible, because crafting blocks need wood pieces, not logs (!). -Animals cannot be bind to animal pens anymore. -Animals cannot be enclosed in fences - they just dissappear and appear at random (?). -Items below the ground (random findings) fall into map (Coffins with revolvers etc.). -Bottles in many cases cannot be picked up. Game is annoying as hell. Have you ever played your own game? Most problems are simply impossible to miss. Play it a bit, try this and that. 2nd anniversary.... and still game is broken. And pretty please, remove bad weather effects - there is too much rainy, cloudy days. It's impossible to see for days. Sleeping doesn't help. This is not funny anymore, this is frustrating and annoying. Regards,
  11. Hi, After last updates most bioms are empty, especially Tundra, Jungle and Temperate bioms. No MPC suppliers, no encounters, no ruins. Rest of the bioms; desert and arctic work properly, though no MPC suppliers here too. I was playing now for 50 hours or so, so around 100 ylands tested. 75% of these are empty (only animals are there). All The Best, ComR
  12. Suggestions: -Bird's nest - it's too easy to by mistake destroy the nest. Please, consider destroying it not with right click, but through Radial Menu, like Powder Cogs and Sleeping Bags. It would be even better if we could pick it up and place when we want and break, if needed, as any item. -Wool - Pack of 5 is much too less. We need too many boxes only for storing some wool. Why not 20 as all most raw materials? -Clothing - Clothing (not armour) would be easier to storage if we could make stacks of, let's say, 5? 5 t-shirts, 5-hats - all of the same type, of course. -Explore Mode - Multiplayer Islands - It is completely of no use for single player gamer like me. I'd prefer to see only single-player isles. Could you add "delete island" (rebuild as single player?) or make an option on the start of the new game? Big Bugs: -After deleting an Island in most cases it's impossible to land on the rebuilt island.
  13. Big Bugs: -After deleting an Island in most cases it's impossible to land on the rebuilt island. Regards,
  14. Hi, Because trick with two propellers doesn't work anymore, please consider changing flying time longer a bit (2-3 seconds) and cooling time shorter a bit (2-3 seconds). Why? First reason is - now propeller is less worth making than potion, this would be ok, but propeller is mid game if not end game success and it would be nice to make it more useful. Second - propeller is in many cases the only way to get collectibles which are above ground, especially now, when you cannot use first person and you cannot "focus" exactly on item you want to pickup or open. Especially in the caves this is big problem. Third reason - minimum range of flight should be enough to get away from danger - now it's very tricky, too tricky. My second suggestion is to make propeller a bit faster. It is the only way to fast move from island part to island part (you cannot transport cars or animals yet - as far as I know and I do not like cars. I play "renaissance"-steam-punk castaway). Third suggestion is at last pack animal - Goat, Camel or Horse (Deer? Renifer?) with crafted bags. Such animal would walk behind player as tamed animals sometimes do. It should work also when you ride other animal. Please, consider it. Transporting items with only one "backpack" is a big pain. It would be nice to have simple cart too (pushed by player or animals mentioned). Also bigger cart drawn by animal, with sitting place for us would be fantastic. People are asking for it for years now, as well as for separate bigger backpacks. All The Best, ComR