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  1. When you drag a crafting recipe from the crafting window to quick slot #0, it can cause fps to drop drastically when using that recipe to place/craft objects. I am not 100% sure what starts the fps drop but the solution is to remove the recipe from your quick slot. Have not tested it yet with the other quick slots. But this bug causes my fps to go from 60+ fps to 12-5fps.
  2. toxycated

    Just some suggestions

    Just a few ideas for possible changes or enhancements/fixes to the current state of the game. Higher quality tools such as iron should yield more resources while harvesting with them. IE: Iron knife harvesting rubber or resin only yields 1 per harvest which is exactly the same as the stone knife. Kind of makes crafting the iron knife pointless for anything other than aesthetics. Allow us to keep harvesting resin/rubber while the mouse button is held down like we can with fishing. Character Crouching. Feels strange not to have this. Having this could definitely help with certain things such as getting a better look under objects or better aiming at objects or even easier placing of things. The aiming in this game really needs some work too often i am aiming directly at an item on the ground but it does not recognize it and instead shows the tool-tip for another object slightly outside where i am currently aiming. The light green or red cross hair that appears when wielding a pickaxe is quite difficult to see and near impossible to see for my friend who is color blind. Not to mention aiming that crosshair is a real pain in the rear as there does not seem to be any real logic to where it aims, just sort of picks a spot in the general area of where you are aiming.. Not having your character locked into place while using a melee attack would be great. Allow us to at least continue to aim while the attack animation happens.. It is quite difficult to hit something if it is moving around at all, especially with the slower weapons like the pole arm which locks your characters aim for about a second meanwhile your target is nowhere near where you aimed anymore by the time the attack animation happens. Fix Arrows/Bolts hitting ground clutter objects like plants and such. Waste so much ammo trying to hit a mob for it to only end up hitting some random plant or grass that happened to be in the way. Same thing with melee weapons while attempting to attack a mob it often hits grass, stones, plants, etc rather than the mob I am trying to attack. Saddle Bags (Storage Container) for horses! Inventory Sort/Stack option. Ability to cancel a crafting operation in a workstation and give back the materials consumed. Ability to pickup workstations to move them. Windowed Borderless mode option for video settings VSYNC Ability to mark/name points of interest on maps. Ability to share explored map data with others / make copies of a map. Hotkey to open up the map while on a mount or controlling a ship/boat/raft Remember the rotation of an object on your toolbar so that everytime you re-select that item you do not have to keep rotating it back to the position it once was in. Having to continually rotate the object back into position each time you re-select it gets old fast and makes building quite frustrating. Fix stacking of items in containers. Hotkey like holding shift or control while looting an object loots all of that same type of object around you in a small radius. Help save the lifespan of our mice and our sanity. Allow changing items on our hotbar while mounted or controlling ships. This may just be a multiplayer bug. Ability to Name and Rename Containers. Fix for not being able to split item stacks while connecting to a hosted game. <3 Thanks for hearing me out. Absolutely loving the game
  3. toxycated

    Sneak Peek #43

    what about giving permissions to your friends to deconstruct/access/etc objects within the barrier? some kind of permission system would be nice, not all of us play solo.
  4. Bug: When you have food selected and the hint says to left click to eat, if you scroll quickly over to another item on your hotbar then left click before the tooltip disappears you will consume the item. The delay takes far too long to switch to the currently active item in your toolbar... I accidentally lost my map this way, #8 was my food, #9 was my map. went from just eating to wanting to read my map and ate my map.. (Edit: This was in multiplayer)
  5. Just started having that same exact issue today. We had no problems playing all day yesterday but when trying to host today and my friend attempts to join he is just met with "Host Unreachable" after loading on his end completes.
  6. I have had the issue many times thus far with items in my inventory being drawn below the inventory window in multiplayer but had no issues with the game not saving until the last play session late last night. We had about a 4-5 hour long play session with a friend then when we quit for the night was stuck on the "SAVING IN PROGRESS" white screen for an hour, eventually I had to use task manager to kill the process..
  7. toxycated

    RESOLVED YLands (Steam) Crash on launch

    After googling the error contained within the files i found the solution that worked. I had to shut down RivaTuner Statistics Server / MSI Afterburner and the game launched just fine.
  8. Just bought the game about a half hour ago and installed it but the game continues to crash on launch only giving me a white screen and a popup saying the game has crashed and to upload the contents of a specific folder to the devs. I had played the trial version a few days ago with no issue whatsoever but the steam release just refuses to work error.log output_log.txt crash.zip DxDiag.txt crash.zip DxDiag.txt error.log output_log.txt crash.zip DxDiag.txt error.log output_log.txt