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Found 10 results

  1. Cooked Food Bug - On two separate occasions I was killed and all the (raw) food in my inventory was dropped onto my grave marker. When returning to my grave, my food had turned into it's cooked counterparts. Ocean Bug - On one game world I started a part of the ocean along the island was not loading, upon further investigation I walked into the part of the water that wasn't loading and there was in fact still water there. However the water inside the non-loaded part of the map was on a lower elevation compared to the rest of the ocean. Only the water was invisible, I could still see the sand and coral below. Terrain Bug - Parts of the terrain from time to time tend to disappear. This happens on a very small scale usually, normally a tiny triangular shape of the ground's mesh hasn't loaded and it is possible to fall through causing endless falling. This problem has only occurred for me when I start a project of mass terraforming. Animal Bug - Sometimes the animals become stuck. They do not react when I approach nor do they run when I attack them.
  2. So I was in the middle of the sea, searching for new land, had a map(9) and some food(8) on me, so I wanted to see where I was going so I switched threw the inventory. I passed my tools and weapons, came to the food and the map, left clicked the map and ate it. I later found out that you can eat every item if you timing it right, select any food, switch to any item, wait like 500ms and left click, item gone forever, food still there :c
  3. There have been several times now where I have wished I could choose if a particular item could be eaten by a player or not. For example, turning a normally inedible item such as a shoe into an edible shoe. Why? Because it would be funny and it would open up a lot of opportunities for creating hilarious scenarios. It would also be good to turn off the edibility of a normal food item in some scenarios. Especially if it is a quest item and you can't afford the player accidentally eating it and not being able to get another, essentially breaking the scenario and preventing progress. The Indestructible option is a good start but it doesn't prevent you from eating it and destroying it that way.
  4. Kristin Mca

    Food Suggestions

    Hey! I was looking through the foods and I noticed the fruit doesn't really have much of a use other than 1:1 Roasted Fruit. With how much fruit you get from bushes, this seems insane! Suggestions: Fruit Tart (3 any fruit, 1 bread dough: 1 tart) Bowl of Fruit (3:1 Fruit: bowl) Fruit Salad (5:1) Berry Smoothie (3 berries, 1 coconut: 1 drink) Coconut cake, Pineapple upside down cake, banana bread (3 Respective fruit, 1 flour, 1 egg: 1 whole cake -> 8x slices of cake) Corn Bread (corn, flour: 1 bread) Corn on the Cob (1:1) Mashed Potatoes: (1:1) Shepherd's Pie: (1 Mashed Potato, 3 Any Veg, 1 Meat: 1 Whole Pie) Spinach Salad: (1 Spinach Leaves, 1 Carrot, 1 Corn, 1 Mushroom: 1 Salad -> 4x servings of salad) Also, anybody know why Corn isn't one of the options for "any Vegetable" for Veg Stew?
  5. Kristin Mca

    [SUGGESTION] Hunger Bar+

    Seeing some complaints about the food (and having posted about food previously myself) it seems like there should be a hunger bar (like the health hearts, but how hungry you are) that is 0-100%, with 0% meaning you're actively dying of starvation and 100% meaning you cannot eat any more. Then you could completely do away with the "I'm hungry" messages, the little drumstick bars, and people being confused by what the food tiers are actually worth. I'm not gonna lie, definitely copying the idea from Minecraft, but it's a good idea when you have this kind of game mechanic!
  6. ZeTrashMan


    Should simply add popcorn that could be created with corn seeds
  7. Hempel's Sheireen

    I'm hungry!

    I think its not thaat realistic, that I eat 5 bananas and 5 minutes later 5 more because my char is so d**n hungry. I get it that when she works she get more hungrier but when I stay on one place for 5 minutes and get "IM HUNGRY" and the next five minutes the same.. its annoying. So I would really appreciate if you turn the hunger down. A lot lot more down. btw, I eat ~10+ Banans by writing that. ps: I really love that game
  8. On dismantling this alchemist pants, it gives acai berries instead of rags. The shoes gave rags, but im not sure of the other sets. This was found in the map, not crafted.
  9. Bug: When you have food selected and the hint says to left click to eat, if you scroll quickly over to another item on your hotbar then left click before the tooltip disappears you will consume the item. The delay takes far too long to switch to the currently active item in your toolbar... I accidentally lost my map this way, #8 was my food, #9 was my map. went from just eating to wanting to read my map and ate my map.. (Edit: This was in multiplayer)
  10. Serina Danae Brown

    New plants

    Just wanted to start a topic on farming and plants we hope to see in the future of this game. While trying it out i notices that you have an Oriental theme in creative mode (not really sure where to find these items in survival yet) but, i fell in love with these items and was hoping to see rice as an available farming/food item in the future! if anyone else has any other really cool ideas, plz leave a comment! thank you!