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  1. Hempel's Sheireen

    I'm hungry!

    hahaha okey thank you! I only ate banans bc its easy to get them I will try meat now
  2. Hempel's Sheireen

    I'm hungry!

    ps: I slept and now I ate 25 bananas. show me ONE human on earth that can eat 25 bananas!!
  3. Hempel's Sheireen


    I need cotton to get away from my island and harvest everything from the plant on my island. I need the plants to regrow so I slept I guess 7 times but nothing happend. I stay now on one place for 20 minutes and wait for them to regrow. Kinda eliminates the fun right now about the game. Dont get that wrong, I love the game. But it would be nice if like in minecraft when you sleep the time in the game passes by like you would stand afk and wait. Thanks! ps: I eat 3 bananas while writing that.
  4. Hempel's Sheireen

    I'm hungry!

    I think its not thaat realistic, that I eat 5 bananas and 5 minutes later 5 more because my char is so d**n hungry. I get it that when she works she get more hungrier but when I stay on one place for 5 minutes and get "IM HUNGRY" and the next five minutes the same.. its annoying. So I would really appreciate if you turn the hunger down. A lot lot more down. btw, I eat ~10+ Banans by writing that. ps: I really love that game
  5. Hempel's Sheireen

    Make The World Round Again [Suggestion]

    I love that idea!