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Found 5 results

  1. Maracuja P1

    Flora regenerator tool

    Had an idea to help manually reseeding an area that has been deforested by players, Would it be possible to make a power tool that randomly generates speed/plants trees so you can regrow an area that a player has neglected?. At the moment i spend a few hours manually planting seeds or plants/trees to make an area look more inviting/reseeding an area that a player has nor replanted so the next person can get some materials. If it is possible it could be like the paint tool so you can specify what seeds/plants etc and the radius area you want to plant. From a bio list maybe?
  2. So I'm still just getting started with the game, and I've noticed how tedious it is to replant and harvest flax and similar plants. This got me thinking: what if the flower pots, instead of just being a cosmetic placement item, were a container where you could place seeds to grow these sorts of plants. It could have 1-3 slots and just choose a random seed to grow each time there is a spot available to grow the plant, with spaces for growing planted spread out across the planter based on its size. I know you can just plant a ton of things on top of each other but that looks terrible. It would be cool to be able to pop a stack of seeds into a planter and harvest them occasionally. It would also be possible to expand it so there are different planter sizes with different amounts of slots for seeds that can hold different types of seeds, things like that.
  3. Hi, This is my list for last Ylands version animals/plants bugs: Animals: 1) Sharks are usually spawned in the air and then fall "if they see you", however - moslt they go off shore, clinb mountais (withour visible reason and.. eventually leanr to fly. I know, it's evolution, but you should know. 2) Some animals ar not responding at all for reasons unknown to me yet, except they were all me in the mountains. Leopards and boars do not move at all, do not react - everything is sound when you hit them. They just stand there. 3) Some animals are spawning in deep water: seaguls, boars, even bears. It seems to be impossible for them to move from the water, so they are standing there or spinning around like seaguls do. 4) I'm not sure if it was repaired in last versions, but bears didn't care about water and you could find them sleeping under water. They are big, so, when standing they can breath ( I guess) in shallow water, but they also lovet to go asleep there, so, sometimes water is a trap.. and sharks ore less problem than bears... and bears are less seen in the mountains than sharks! 5) Some animals are spinning around during the fight or without visible reason - wolfes are sometimes spinning around during attack, but bunnies can be see in mass in mointains spinning around ridges. Thay cannot jump so high.., so they just stan there are... spinning around. Sometimes dozen of them or so. Plants: 1) Some of the trees, these with two branches usually - birches or palm trees - sometimes are "invisible" for tools after being cut. They are there, can be seen, they react to removed ground and so on, but you cannot cut them or saw them. 2) Some withered plants are "invisible" and cannot be collected - as I suppose they are mostly withered potatoes, but, I'm not sure. 3) If you split your seed in seed box in two and one of these you "equipe" you can plant forever. Counter is still the same and even if it's working and stops at zero you still can plant. I'm guessing that when the first bunch is zero then engine is looking for other seeds of the same kind, but it's not checking if number os seeds is 0? 4) Bamboo shoots are not counted as seeds (and cannot be stored in seed box) - I'm not sure, maybe it was the idea, but I think it shoulb be counted as seeds, just the same as coconuts are. 5) You cannot use corn after breaking for making flour (we all know we can!) and we cannot roast corn as well. I'm not sure if it was made on purpose, but corn, as a one on the most universal plants on Earth should be used for both these things? 6) Hay Stack crafting require hay instead of grass. I guess that was the reason on making Hay Stack idea (as far as I know this is the way of making hay from grass anyway) - making hay from grass. I have thousands of grass and I cannot use it... Making hay roofs is horribly expensive and time consuming. I think it's a bug, so I report it. 7) Some random trees are not falling down after being cut off. However you can chop them to pieces. 8) Some trees are falling straight to the Earth immediatelly! I have to find them again and write down their names... John, Paul, James... (but, seriously, these are all ot the same kind, with leafes, medium climate biom - not cornifers of any kind, not oaks, not birches). 9) Some trees - seems to be random trees - leave invisible trunks. These are still there, you can chop these down, but you cannot see these. Well, I think that's it for now... All The Best! Thank you for the wonderful game! Bartosz
  4. Serina Danae Brown

    New plants

    Just wanted to start a topic on farming and plants we hope to see in the future of this game. While trying it out i notices that you have an Oriental theme in creative mode (not really sure where to find these items in survival yet) but, i fell in love with these items and was hoping to see rice as an available farming/food item in the future! if anyone else has any other really cool ideas, plz leave a comment! thank you!
  5. Hi Ylanders! I have a question about finding raw materials, iron, cotton, flux, Ylandium etc. Have you managed to find (at least a small quantity) of all the different types of raw materials in each Explore map you have played? I know I am missing at least one type of ore and have found no Ylandium, I think I have visited every Yland (6 total) in my Expore map but have yet to explore every cave system... I shall keep looking but do wonder how others are getting on? Do we know if every material is available to find in each Explore map? Happy exploring!