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  1. Aaron Sebenius

    [SUGGESTION] Lockable Free-Placed Items

    I also suggested this a little while back, and I totally agree! I found something out though: This is already a mechanic. If you make a grass sleeping pad, you place it on the ground and then it has the option to either pick it up or unroll it. You unroll it by pressing [E] and opening the radial menu. Once it's opened, you can't pick it back up until you once again open the radial menu and roll it up. While it's unrolled, you can't pick it up and have the option to sleep on it. So basically our suggestion for this is that this mechanic is expanded to basically be a standard function of the V-placement mode, where things placed in this can be locked in place so they can't accidentally be picked up after placement.
  2. Aaron Sebenius

    RESOLVED Remove the energy streams completely.

    I totally agree with this.
  3. See, now you're thinking with progression. That would be a great way to have a high-tier expensive item, but that's something that really builds on top of the idea of the flower pot. The pot would be available at low levels, and could hold like 3-5-10 seeds, but with a combine harvester you could harvest thousands of plants. Something like that would be great if we also could get crafting stations that could process that sort of crazy load of plants (which I would argue would be another great higher-tier object)
  4. I've noticed that when free placing decoration items near storage containers, I often accidentally pick them up when my aiming doesn't quite hit the container properly and I end up picking up my carpet or lantern or decoration or whatever. It would be super useful to be able to place something with E instead of left-click, and this wouldn't harden or anything, but then the item would have to be picked up with E rather than right clicking. Feels like it would be a relatively small change, but it would make life easier when building decorations and stuff in somewhere we're trying to live at the same time.
  5. Aaron Sebenius


    Sure, but in the wonderful land of PC gaming, a lot of computers will probably be able to support that sort of rendering, especially after Ylands gets into some more optimization stuff. I'd love the general render distance to be ~10-20% higher, with the ability to use a telescope to extend that by ~50%. This would also make multi-crew shipbuilding more fun, since you could have someone in the crow's nest looking for land. Even with a bit of performance degradation, it would be totally worth it.
  6. Aaron Sebenius

    Set Respawn Point On Bed

    On one hand, I can see the arguments against this from a multiplayer/pvp perspective, but there are a few things to consider: 1. With only a single respawn point on an island, this could easily be walled/locked by dickish pvp players, thus ruining the respawn mechanic entirely. 2.The current implementation doesn't really make it any more difficult. If I'm exploring a cave and I die, all my stuff drops on the ground in the cave and I spawn at the respawn point on the island. If I have a boat or a base on the island, I simply have to run to it to craft/grab a backup set of gear to get back to my corpse. All this really does is add a bit of tedium, since I'd otherwise just be spawning at my boat/base. 3. With multiplayer modes able to be created in the editor, this could easily be a setting that is settable based on the mode you're wanting to play. 4. In Exploration mode, especially multiplayer, having a way to spawn at your base vs on the island you're on could be really valuable, and since there is a respawn point at most islands (except the ice islands from what I've seen), you're likely not going to be too far from your stuff in any event.
  7. So I'm still just getting started with the game, and I've noticed how tedious it is to replant and harvest flax and similar plants. This got me thinking: what if the flower pots, instead of just being a cosmetic placement item, were a container where you could place seeds to grow these sorts of plants. It could have 1-3 slots and just choose a random seed to grow each time there is a spot available to grow the plant, with spaces for growing planted spread out across the planter based on its size. I know you can just plant a ton of things on top of each other but that looks terrible. It would be cool to be able to pop a stack of seeds into a planter and harvest them occasionally. It would also be possible to expand it so there are different planter sizes with different amounts of slots for seeds that can hold different types of seeds, things like that.