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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there! (Seems i'm on a roll with these ideas.. I am 50% sure this was posted/asked/suggested before. if so.. I really do apologize and feel free to ignore it if it was suggested before ) As the.. title suggests, yet again. Lockable free placed items. In a nutshell. I've seen a LOT of amazing compositions / creations on the forum. And they are really good! With this.. whenever you use the 'V' (Free Placement) button/mode. after you place down an item. in the radial menu (Which if I remember is 'E') you'd have an option to Lock and Unlock an object. Locking an object means it can't be picked up by mystake. (I've had this happen SO many times to me when I accidentaly clicked the pick up button and it picked up the wrong thing. After trying for a good while to get it to sit right) But if you DO want to pick it back up. You can access the radial menu again and unlock it. That's basically it! Cheers.