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  1. Eujen

    Dev Diary #37

    This is an amazing Diary, as usual. Now, regarding combat. IF I am not mistaken.. I know it was said in a diary or.. somewhere, at one point. That you'd like to add NPC Factions, as in.. actual humanoid npcs we can fight. So I suppose that would mean Bandits, Pirates, Guards etc. (I still think pirate NPCs on the sea would be amaaaazing) And when those things hit. Yea I would like a neater combat system. You said about not having collision. and some people blocking others. Etc. I would like to.. well. attract your attention to a newly released (out of EA) game. (The game is Conan Exiles). I do like that game now, BECAUSE of the combat. In Early Access, that game had a.. well pretty much the same as Ylands is, Combat wise. But after it launched, it added a Combo System (With each weapon having their own different combos/animations) Left Click - Light Attack Right Click - Heavy Attack Alt - Roll Dodge CTRL - Block (if you had a shield) or Kick. And characters can colide in that. Because that game now features an action style combat, (think good old action fighters), they also added a lock on mechanic. Which you can use or not use. Before I found out about Ylands. I absolutely loved building in that game. Ylands came out.. and well.. It has the BEST building in any game ever. period. BUT.. I now found myself returning to Conan BECAUSE.. of the combat. I now think that game has the best combat system for a.. survival.. rpg? SO Tl;dr. I think SOMETHING like Conan, in terms of combat would work quite well. Dodge, and different combos for weapons. It might take more time in terms of animations. But it would fit quite well with all the different weapons/tools we have. And to add to the collision between players and npcs. I think it won't be that much of a problem. Online players, sure, you can have collision between them. But once a player is offline. Their collision box goes away. So you wouldn't be stuck by offline players. I think that's a pretty good workaround. (Since an action style combat system, with collision between players will add that meaty feel of an actual good combat system) Cheers
  2. Eujen

    Dev Diary #35

    Thank you for an amazing diary As always, awesome job guys! Keep up the good work, looking forward towards the things to come!
  3. Eujen

    Can not plant on ships

    That.. is honestly such a crazy idea it might work.. and it'll look pretty damn cool ("What did you do in Ylands today?" "Oh.. well you know. I built my own island that I can take everywhere I go with me.")
  4. Eujen

    Sneak Peek #48

    Alright.. I'm sorry if my reply to this thread was offensive in any way or anything of the sorts. I didn't want to make it sound that way. By no means did I 'pressure' other people (Or at least that was NOT my intention) to do the job of a tester. (I'm not affiliated with BI in any way so if there's shi* to be thrown at someone, do throw it at me, since I'm not the best at putting an idea across) Yes my CV has nothing to do with this. I was simply saying that issues happen in bigger companies as well. (not pointing any fingers here. Just talking generally > ) And when you post in the bugs section. At least try to make the thread/post somewhat understandable as to what the actual issue is. As I am pretty sure I wrote in my reply above "You don't HAVE to do that. But it's the best thing to do if you want them to actually fix issues that can be pretty serious." Maybe I'm a bit 'triggered' now. It just 'bothers' me slightly that some people (no fingers. again) tend to take the worst out of an Early Access game. Instead of trying to offer 'pointers' as to how some issues happen. Since you will find some threads that just say they have an issue but that's about it. As to why I said what I said above about 'getting videos, logs, detailing in how the issue happens' is for the sole reason that. Someone posts in the bug section, most likely the devs look there for issues. So when you have 5 threads that say "game crash pls fix" and only 1 thread that details how a crash happens.. Then that 1 thread can get lost. In return, maybe getting to the game still having that issue. All in all though. I apologize again if anything. Since I'm just talking generally here. Maybe I just really like this game / dev team for the sole reason that they're active with the community. And they're telling us most if not all of their plans with the game. They said the game will have an in game shop from the start, and their plans with it, and their plans with the game in general, those things alone are more than what 90% of Early Access titles do. As to me saying I'm fine with them adding stuff. Some people complain about EA titles not having content. some complain about game not working etc. And I just wanted to detail as to why I'm fine with them adding stuff. If they have the people to do it.. Why not? Yea the game lags, stutters, crashes (Altho imo I never really experienced most of the issues, but I mostly play Co-Op so yea) Just saying that.. If you have a 3d Artist that doesn't know programming and they just make 3d objects.. does that person not work? It's their job to make 3d assets. So if they can add that in the game without much of a hit to stability.. there's no problem. Anyway.. I know what I wrote above may not be the best way to word it. And some people may find offense in what said. For that, again, I apologize. Not my intention. Cheers
  5. Eujen

    Sneak Peek #48

    As I said in another thread. I don't see an issue with them adding new stuff to the game. They are a team composed of more than 1 or 2 people. As @Onedown said above. You have different roles for people. 3d Artists, Programmers, Testers, Graphic Designers, Lead Developers etc etc. And each are doing their own job each day. While yes.. I do know that the game isn't running at it's best. They said themselves that Early Access for them is the way to test Multiplayer. And as they said in quite a few threads now, they want and will fix issues with MP. Even if it is not an MP issue, the most we can do IF we want the game to actually be fixed. Is actually help the developers. "I have a crash? Ok. Let me take the logs from the game folder and mak a thread on the forums in the bug section on how that happened" I worked for companies such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, and what most people don't know is that the developers when they attempt to fix a bug.. They can't reproduce it with steps like "My game crashed pls fix" You need to actually help em and say like "Ok so I just started a new game, grabbed resources off the ground, and upon attempting to build a knife, my game crashed to desktop with no errors what so ever" Basically write down your problem as detailed as possible. So that when they attempt to reproduce it. They can see where the problem is and fix it a LOT easier. I can tell you from experience that we had random crashes too where i worked previously on different titles. But upon further inspection they all happened because of a reason. I did that or did the other thing. Anyhow. I might start to sound like a broken record but. The game is still in Early Access, and compared to other titles the devs actually want the game to succeed because they create a game for us AND a platform to build our own games. This is the most Unique idea and game that i have seen in years. So.. what I can say is.. try to be more reasonable with them. Crashes and other issues happen. So attempt to reproduce it yourself and help em find out how that issue happens. Screenshots, videos, logs, dxdiags etc. You don't HAVE to do that. But it's the best thing to do if you want them to actually fix issues that can be pretty serious. In return giving you a better and better experience. Cheers!
  6. Eujen

    Don't get too greedy! (In-game store)

    I usually hate Micro Transactions in games that are not free to play. Hell I hate em even more in Singleplayer games. So I'll get that out of the way. BUT! And there's a but there. When I saw the game had an in game shop. I was a bit skeptical on buying it. I didn't want it to turn into.. Another.. I dunno. H1Z1 or *insert every other generic game that allows you to buy clothing and forgot to develop the game* Although. Having said that. I decided to check the forums. After checking said forums, reading the same thread that Adrie posted above. I can honestly say I quite like the idea of an in game shop in THIS game. See, in my opinion, what most people fail to realize is that the dev team aren't just "2 Guys working on an Indie title". No, they are an actual dev team that care about the players and care about their game. Plus, they have people that work on different things at the same time. So even IF they get more customizations or work on store items. That doesn't mean that they dont work on fixing bugs. Because different people have different roles. You have Art Designers, 3D Artists, Programmers etc etc. Also you can see that they do care about the game as said above, you can see it from the simple fact that.. everyday you can see one or two people from their team replying to comments, interacting with the community. And that says a LOT compared to other Early Access titles. Another thing is. Why I am mostly even more excited about this game. And I'm fine with the store is that. Ylands.. Isn't JUST a game, per say. They want to allow players to build their own games. In their words (Correct me if I'm wrong here) "It's a game but also a platform for people to create their own games". And in time, us, normal players, can actually build/create stuff for the game, that we can then sell ourselves for coyns. And in the future could even (again correct me if I'm wrong) trade those coyns for real currency (Look at Second Life I guess?) So yea.. the shop itself is a way for the team to actually manage to get some extra income for developing what they want to develop. And what they add IN the shop will be purely cosmetic. Again quoting the dev team "Each cosmetic Item we add in the store will have a Free version in the game" In a nutshell. You don't have to buy anything from the store. I am pretty sure we'll have enough mods after we are given the freedom/access to create em, that we may not even need the store. Although I, for one, am definitely gonna support the team in the future by charging coyns and buying stuff from the in game shop... ESPECIALLY since.. on the revolver.. you can see a skin that's not on the store yet.. And that's the Steampunk Revolver.. I can't WAIT to get a full steampunk pack.. x3 <3 Cheers.
  7. Eujen

    What if I don't want to sleep at night?

    I don't play Multiplayer yet, personally. I'll just take that out of the way. Honestly how I see things.. Is simple.. Do whatever you want. It's a game. If you join a public server like 'Public Game 01' Do whatever. BUT If you join like 'Building/Creative Server 01' Then yea probably means people will sleep at night since building at night is shitty. I said I don't play MP yet in Ylands. But I've played a LOT of minecraft MP. Survival/creative/whatever. And I basically followed what I said above. I rarely sleep at night in games like these just because I love the atmosphere. So it mostly just depended on what server I played. As goes for Discord stuff. Yea honestly. I'm one of the people that use discord just because friends: 'OMG JOIN DISCORD! WE DON'T USE ANYTHING ELSE!'. so I gotta use it to chat with them. I ONLY use discord for chat. That's it. I already have Skype, I already have Steam. I don't need YET another client to check every second. So joining channels with crapload of stuff or rules or things to do.. Yeaaa no. So as goes for servers demanding you to join their discord to move. That's absolute bull. I have discord yes. I use it. But I don't want to join your server just so I can play on a god damn server. Specially seeing that the game has like 8 slots per server. In a game with a LOT of slots per server. say 60+ then yea it would make sense. (Take minecraft for example) But in Ylands I find it kind of pathetic. if you want to have a 'private' game. Then just make it private and invite people. Post on the forums or reddit or steam discussions that you have a private server and dun. Anyhow. I honestly agree with both what Syx said and what OP said. Depending on the server. If there are any 'rules' or if it's a 'server for builders' and they have a sign at the spawn that says 'please sleep at night' then yea. You might be offending them. BUT If you join a random public server with no rules or.. no 'information' or whatever after you joined. Do whatever you want. As goes for people using up all the resources.. yea. I'm not gonna go into that. Since as said. Never played mp so Just wanted to give my 2 cents since the 'join discord to play' thing is happening in other games too and it's slightly ticking me off.
  8. Eujen

    Sneak Peek #48

    Oho! This is another really good sneak peek! I am soooo excited. Especially for the new heads and hairstyles.. I do have one small question.. you said.. hair now supports physics.. does it mean.. there's a chance.. for clothing... to support that as well? (Say like.. Maybe capes if we'll ever have those added in? Or like long trenchcoats?) Anyhow! Cheers lads. Keep up the good work. <3
  9. Aye that's mostly the reason why I had this idea. Since I know this is doable in the editor. But I wanted to have this option in normal play. Especially when playing on a multiplayer server and I can't edit the map. (Although I don't play MP yet. But yea) Also regarding the ownership. I was actually thinking that Locked (non pickable) items that were set in this fashion. Should be 'accessed' by anyone. So if you place down an axe on a tree and you lock it. So to say, another player can come and unlock it so he can then pick it up. I actually would add to this that. This function should be available to everyone. So everyone can lock and unlock items placed in Free Placement mode by anyone. Why? For the simple reason of exploiting it. As of right now, we need to craft a padlock to place on our doors so others don't enter right? Even in the protective field. So if I'd just place a block in free placement mode and then lock it.. Then yea. Nobody could enter said house. So yea. To limit the ammount of exploits that can be done with this. If I place an axe in free placement on the ground and lock it (In my barrier or outside), Baz (as an example) can then simply walk up to it, interact with it and pick it up. In my barrier or outside of it) Since I believe free placed items can be picked up by anyone in a MP scenario right? So yea. Quick Edit: Sorry for the typos and repetitions in this post.. It's late. And I'm too tired to fix it. Bear with it for now :<
  10. Hello there! (Seems i'm on a roll with these ideas.. I am 50% sure this was posted/asked/suggested before. if so.. I really do apologize and feel free to ignore it if it was suggested before ) As the.. title suggests, yet again. Lockable free placed items. In a nutshell. I've seen a LOT of amazing compositions / creations on the forum. And they are really good! With this.. whenever you use the 'V' (Free Placement) button/mode. after you place down an item. in the radial menu (Which if I remember is 'E') you'd have an option to Lock and Unlock an object. Locking an object means it can't be picked up by mystake. (I've had this happen SO many times to me when I accidentaly clicked the pick up button and it picked up the wrong thing. After trying for a good while to get it to sit right) But if you DO want to pick it back up. You can access the radial menu again and unlock it. That's basically it! Cheers.
  11. Hello there! I have returned with another.. suggestion. That I think would be quite interesting. (I'm honestly curious what everyone thinks about it too since I thought it's pretty nifty. IF it can be done) As the title suggests, Tool Compositions. I'll try to keep it brief as I honestly have no idea how to really explain it. The idea behind it is: You place down a Rifle in the editor just as you would normally. Afterwards you place down a knife. beside the rifle. You would then be able to position the knife under the rifle, then link the knife to the rifle. (So the rifle would be the 'usable' tool, and the knife would be decoration on said rifle) What this would do.. basically create a Rifle with a Bayonet. After you'd link the two objects together, you'd then save it as a composition and place it in a world. Then in the world you can pick up the weapon and voila. This could be done on any sort of item that the player can equip. A hat, shirt, boots, pants. Tools and Weapons. (A hat with a feather on it's side. Or a chest piece with axes on the back so the axes would show upon the character whenever worn) Now the objects linked would have no functionality. They'd be there JUST for decoration. Reasoning behind this? I dunno. Creativity? The reason why I'd say to only be able to do this in the Editor and then move said object in the game is for the sole reason of it not being abused. Since with this system you could technically attach a tree or a log to a sword. And you'd basically be fighting with a tree. So doing it in an actual game can be quite.. griefy. So limiting it to be done only in the editor sounds like a nice idea. :3 Cheers.
  12. Eujen

    Horses eat magical blossom?

    As far as I know. Animals actually do eat things! I remember seeing boards eat grass, it destroyed the grass 'object' and the dropped item appeared instead. So yea. I think animals actually do eat plants! What they do eat and what animals eat what. That I don't know. But boars eating grass? yep.
  13. Eujen


    I'm sorry. I have to add something to this. It is true, you did not start 2 threads about textures. The issue is, you had comments on the other thread that answered your questions. bbcakes, only said 'I think the graphics are nice' to which you replied. All good and done. You then had other replies that gave you replies to your other topics. bbcakes may have replied with an.. I guess.. mean comment. To which you could have just ignored but instead you decided to reply with 'Impressive toughtalk...why dont wait outside untill the grownups are done talking.' You.. could have.. just ignored it. Anyhow after given some pretty nice screenshots of builds a player made in your thread. you responded with : "To me this is like...imagine a game came out and the main selling point of the game was "this game sucks"....I bet that game would develop a small player base that would honestly say they like the game because it sucks. This is the vibe I get from u guys." You didn't even mention the replies to your other questions. Instead you decided to focus on the texture. Did you say a 'thanks for your info!' about your previous questions being answered? Nope See the issue is. You had your replies. your answers. Your other thread was 'finished' so to say. But you decided to continue on talking about textures. 'That they are too bland and whatever' when you ALREADY had this thread. Could have just said 'Thank you for all of your info!' and then just have this thread for your.. texture issues. And yes.. You did talk about textures and bad graphis in your other thread. which was called 'Just some questions' your normal reader of course would also take that into account and talk about textures. Anyhow I don't want to bang too much on this. You say you're a 'grown up' then act like one. Stop throwing insults, be a nice lad and just keep the thread on point. At the end of the day. We can reply to this thread about 'whatever' we want. It's your thread. So if you don't want it to derail. Act nice and say so.
  14. Eujen

    Player creations suggestion

    Or a painting you can find in game or craft with the users' forum picture in the classic Ylands way :3 SO even if you can't find their creation in that particular world. You can still craft a painting. That's also pretty cool as a 'reward' for the user that made the creation. (besides.. already having it in game But hey)
  15. Eujen

    Player creations suggestion

    Space Engineers did that as far as I remember. people could submit designs and the SE Team would pick the nice ones that would fit. And upon new world generation those creations would show up in game. I am upvoting this for the sole reason of it being an amazing suggestion. I don't know what limitations there are and/or if it CAN be done. Nevertheless.. I like.