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Found 6 results

  1. spiritchaser28

    New workshop layout.

    I can't seem to find things in workshop now. Mainly compositions. Might I suggest tags such as ship, car, house, building, furniture ...etc? Or an option to browse all creations? If I type any of those tags I come up with an empty search. Thanks.
  2. When placing compositions in the editor the game will freeze and crash. I have noticed that the freeze and crash only occurs when placing compositions of larger buildings. The buildings themselves are not massive structures. Roughly 25 blocks wide 50 blocks long and 30-40 blocks high. No furniture just normal doors windows and roofs. As a test I copied the lighthouse that is randomly generated in the games explore modes. When trying to place it as a saved composition the game freezes and crashes too.
  3. So when I try bigger Compositions on my main map, it crashes. When I take 3 big Compositions in a new creative map, it crashes. Only big compositions. Already reported this a couple month ago in a kinda same case, and here we go again Just tested it on my 2nd acc (where I never played the game before) and the limit is like 5-7 before it crashes. DxDiag.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  4. so at first I had the bug with compositions not showing up and waited for days for the fix. Now the game crashes in the loading screen everytime before im even in the editor. great game, thouhgt of it as a cool game, but now Im done. see u in a year
  5. Hello , I am experiencing some issues with the editor , when i go into it after i subscribed to the workshop there are no compositions , it used to work and now i dont see any of them even if i am subscribed to them on the workshop . Any ideas how to fix this ?
  6. Hello there! I have returned with another.. suggestion. That I think would be quite interesting. (I'm honestly curious what everyone thinks about it too since I thought it's pretty nifty. IF it can be done) As the title suggests, Tool Compositions. I'll try to keep it brief as I honestly have no idea how to really explain it. The idea behind it is: You place down a Rifle in the editor just as you would normally. Afterwards you place down a knife. beside the rifle. You would then be able to position the knife under the rifle, then link the knife to the rifle. (So the rifle would be the 'usable' tool, and the knife would be decoration on said rifle) What this would do.. basically create a Rifle with a Bayonet. After you'd link the two objects together, you'd then save it as a composition and place it in a world. Then in the world you can pick up the weapon and voila. This could be done on any sort of item that the player can equip. A hat, shirt, boots, pants. Tools and Weapons. (A hat with a feather on it's side. Or a chest piece with axes on the back so the axes would show upon the character whenever worn) Now the objects linked would have no functionality. They'd be there JUST for decoration. Reasoning behind this? I dunno. Creativity? The reason why I'd say to only be able to do this in the Editor and then move said object in the game is for the sole reason of it not being abused. Since with this system you could technically attach a tree or a log to a sword. And you'd basically be fighting with a tree. So doing it in an actual game can be quite.. griefy. So limiting it to be done only in the editor sounds like a nice idea. :3 Cheers.