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  1. spiritchaser28

    AI Mount

    Also regarding point 2, in the next update we will be able to hold certain items in our hands on the mounts. I know torches, compass, and being able to eat while mounted are planned, so maybe using weapons will be coming soon as well.....with the weapons however it may take a bit longer to program because each weapon will require it's own specific animations. I once heard Ales say they won't release any improvement to the game until they are completely satisfied with how that improvement looks. It's one reason first person camera was nerfed in the early stages of development. That doesn't mean they still aren't working on making it possible, but they are sort of perfectionists when it comes down to small details with appearance of the overall game experience. So my suggestion is just have patience and we will see what happens in later updates.
  2. spiritchaser28

    Why isn't Ylands being played?

    They hired a new marketing director a few months ago and I believe even this part of the game is now being addressed in a lot of ways. As with anything Ylands however, patience is always required for good things to happen. I said it years ago, Ylands is definitely not a game for impatient people LOL. All I can say now is the years waiting for improvements to the actual exploration aspect of the game have finally come to fruition and it has been well worth the wait.
  3. spiritchaser28

    Why isn't Ylands being played?

    If you are looking for more players to play with I suggest going to their discord. It can be quite active with players sometimes
  4. spiritchaser28

    Volcano Yland - Level 1 Preview

    Looks awesome!
  5. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #224 Exploration & Creators: The Ultimate Combo

    Yeah it's sort of difficult now to connect hidden nodes and such in the walls without the freecamera. Does the building table allow the connection option ? I used it a few times to connect hidden nodes and energy sources. Some changes were good, and I agree we shouldn't be able to use freecamera to look into the dirt.....but I think the distance could use some work . I used to take plenty of screenshots of cities using free camera from an aerial perspective......now I can't even do it without building a tower or some hover platforms. I'm cool with the free camera not seeing through walls or underground, but for people that love to take aerial screenshots the distance could use a bit of work. Now it feels like you have a selfie stick and cannot get any further away than that.
  6. Another one that lost a color is the pipe block with the vent. Used to have 3 colors now only has 2
  7. spiritchaser28

    Toolbox UI

    Loving this idea!
  8. spiritchaser28

    Steel versus bamboo....ship hull integrity suggestion

    I agree there should be a cap depending on the resources. There's a speed cap with the engines and sails so it only makes sense. Ships aren't invincible but it would be a nice feature to add a certain amount of hit points. Again this may be too complex to program for the moment and I am certainly happy with all the other work the dev team is doing and don't want to distract them from all the quality of life updates they have been giving us.
  9. spiritchaser28

    Steel versus bamboo....ship hull integrity suggestion

    Good point but remember people would have to gather resources for their ship....It's sort of unfair that a steel catamaran with 5 thousand steel blocks has the same hit points as a catamaran with one bamboo block
  10. I do love the new ship damage system, however after playing around with it for a bit I noticed something. There are a few players that I play with that decided before the ship damage system was in place they would make ships out of steel (in order to take more damage when the ship damage system finally was in place)....their efforts seem to be for nothing now since the damage is only applied to the hull. So my suggestion is (and I think this may be a bit complicated).....is there a way to add to the amount of damage a ship's hull integrity can take? For instance, bamboo would add just a slight amount to the hull integrity while steel could feasibly add more to the amount of damage the hull can take? Right now it seems it makes no difference if you have a ship made from bamboo versus a ship made of steel because the damage is only applied to the hull.....but if a system were in place that calculated how many various blocks added to the hull integrity depending on the block types I think it would be a bit more balanced......As of now a catamaran with only a few bamboo blocks can take the same amount of damage as an armored catamaran made completely of steel before it sinks. Again this is a complicated suggestion, and I am sure it is possible....but I wonder if it would take too much effort from the Dev Team. I don't want to take away any time from all the other fantastic work they are doing....but maybe this idea could be kicked down the road for a later update? While we are on the subject of ship repair....are there any plans for building repair and armor and weapon repair (and even cars....think catfish oil changes ) in the future? I realize this requires a ton of programming but I do believe people have been requesting those types of systems for a while. I think it would enrich the players game experience when they have to do a bit of maintenance occasionally. I know once a year I'm up on the roof of my house in real life doing minor repairs. It's a little tedious at times but it keeps my property value high so the effort is worth the results.
  11. spiritchaser28

    Can YLands allow me to do these three things?

    With the new ship repair system in place, I have a feeling they may integrate an armor and weapon repair system soon. Personally I like the idea, but some may try to rebel against it. ( probably the same folks that were upset about the propeller pack and breathing mask nerf) I also think it would be cool if they integrated a building repair system. Several games have some sort of system in place for these things (Valheim is a great example)....not sure how much those systems would task Unity engines though.....
  12. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #223 What You Ask Is What You Get

    Totally been wanting this too! It would be nice to sit around a table or a campfire with friends without having to get up every time to eat something. It would also feel like more of a social game. Just a little animation tweak and it can be done
  13. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #223 What You Ask Is What You Get

    It's not the full picture. Notice it gets cut off at 9 instead of 0
  14. spiritchaser28

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    I've died a couple times coming back up for air at less than a half tank. So I'm not certain either....I just know I check my depth meter before I decide to dive now. It's it's ludicrously deep I don't take the chance.
  15. spiritchaser28

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    They do have an energy overhaul update planned after 1.10. This system would make complete sense.