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  1. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #323 6 Player's creations in Ylands

    So....since we now have a trader in the arctic....can we expect to see more there? Innuit trader? Come on Pypse...let's pull the trigger on this haha
  2. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #318 You suggest, we listen

    I think I was the only person that hammered on about the lunchbox constantly....but yay! You finally got worn down! I guess I'm a pest. And look how happy people are now!
  3. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #268 New Weather On the Edge

    I'm really loving this idea. Bring on the random
  4. spiritchaser28

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Uh....you do realize you are commenting on a post that's almost 3 years old? Just wondering why. If you go back to the original post it's almost 5 years. P1 is irrelevant now.
  5. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #260 The Sound of Ylands

    Wish they would add the old soundtrack back along with the new. It's all great music but I do love the old soundtrack better
  6. spiritchaser28

    Yland mobile and PC

    @Nikki Severin Take a look at this post please
  7. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #229 Magnificent Mythical Beasts

    Woot! Been wanting a mythical ostrich
  8. spiritchaser28

    Constant Game Freezing/Crashes

    It may help the devs if they know your computer specs as well.
  9. That was a steam issue. It should be resolved now
  10. spiritchaser28 Patch Changelog

    Will do next time I get in game
  11. spiritchaser28 Patch Changelog

    Nope. Still fully blocking my view
  12. spiritchaser28 Patch Changelog

    Uh Sails have never been transparent for me.
  13. spiritchaser28

    Diving Suggestions

    I believe most these ideas are being addressed in the next update
  14. spiritchaser28

    DLC not in the steam store anymore

    I know for a fact if some of your friends do not own the exploration DLC they won't be able to join you in exploration. They will be limited to the tutorial Yland in Exploration until they purchase the DLC. That being said, if they all own the DLC the best way to invite them is in game when you have the map fully loaded. Press esc, then click invite friends. If some of them are having trouble connecting it may be because you are hosting and your computer can only handle so many people, or because someone trying to connect to your sharegame has a slow computer or connection (The devs recommend 8gb RAM but I personally recommend 16 to 32 gb ram for multiplayer). If you make the game a sharegame you can have a friend with a more powerful computer host. That seems to work best. The other option is renting a server. When you rent a server nobody is actually hosting except Bohemia. Keep in mind if you only want to play with your friends and don't want some random strangers to join it's best to have your game password protected. That can only be done with a sharegame or rented server. If it's done via sharegame, whoever is on the map first is the host and when they leave it boots everybody out until someone else with the password decides to host.....If it's a dedicated server nobody will get booted out when someone leaves.
  15. spiritchaser28

    Shapes Tool - Pixel Cube

    Well yeah you understand collisions and how welds work because you've been playing a while. New players however might get turned off if their computer crashes when they try to make something with 4 million pixel cubes. I know I crashed several times when I first started messing with the game and with editor, but I'm patient like you are. Lots of players don't have patience so I'm guessing that's why the pixel cubes aren't included in the basic shapes. @Mello1223 has made some crazy things out of thousands of fence posts and other smaller entities, but he also has experience and patience. I've witnessed him walk away from his computer for several hours while he waits for something to load in editor, and he has a mid range computer. I personally have a low end laptop that initially only had 4 gb ram...it ran some of the games fine but crashed a lot until I upgraded the RAM to 16 gb.....and even now some things can lag a bit if I make something with too many collisions. Welding helps but it's not useful for blueprint builds which is what I mostly make.