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  1. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    Do you mean that when you take a picture with the blueprint camera that it also saves it in editor as a composition? This can be done currently by placing the blueprint in a legacy map, then opening the legacy map in editor and selecting the composition and storing it.
  2. spiritchaser28

    Andre the blacksmith trader bug.

    So it appears as though the NPC Andre does not leave at night like the other traders. I don't even get the text that says "it's getting late. I'll be leaving soon" Nor do I get a welcome message. This isn't a gamebreaker, but I noticed that after several days of this it's starting to get really laggy in the area around him. I'm wondering if the lag is somehow caused by something in the NPC script.
  3. So this one is a bit strange but I have noticed at times whether using the crafting table or crafting directly and trying to place something, a few items seem to have a glitch where you have to attempt to craft it a few times before you are allowed to do it. I use this Iron cabinet as an example. I have over 100 iron ingots and a hammer in my inventory, but sometimes it tells me I do not have the items needed. I can exit the crafting menu and go back a few times and it seems to correct itself....it's just a weird glitch
  4. spiritchaser28

    UNDER REVIEW Tier 3 islands with tier 2 monsters.

    It's pretty random actually. I know I'm not the only person who has seen this happen. Sometimes you can explore a tier 3 and the monsters will drop crystals and dust, other times you can explore a tier 3 and they will drop metal pieces. I found one island that had 2 alphas and the monsters dropped either ylandium or the metal....it was a rare case but it happened.. I would say roughly 50 percent of the tier 3 islands I explore though have tier 2 monsters now.
  5. spiritchaser28

    Suggestion: Choose to show energy lines or not

    I'll be on the lookout for when you are online and shoot you a message so you can share the map More than happy to see what you have done so far
  6. spiritchaser28

    Cannot use radial unstuck

    What the heck @Yo HasLEGO??? What happens to your ship if you do that? It becomes unclaimed?
  7. spiritchaser28

    Cannot freeplace energy linker

    I dunno. I guess we can wait for the answer. Not a big gamebreaker
  8. spiritchaser28

    Suggestion: Choose to show energy lines or not

    Hey @SandyT. I have gotten quite good at using energy nodes to keep lines hidden. I generally hide most the lines underground or in walls. If you need some help hiding some of the lines, send me a share and I will come check out how you got your power set up. Not quite sure why they don't have this option yet. Maybe it's because it defeats the purpose of crafting energy nodes at all? (aside from using them to extend the range) Not sure really. I remember playing with a guy that had a ton of energy lines everywhere I could see because he wasn't using the nodes. I could see them all but he had it disabled so he didn't realize how crazy it was to look at LOL
  9. spiritchaser28

    Cannot freeplace energy linker

    I noticed tonight I could not freeplace the energy linker anymore. I tried using the building table and just pressing q when I held it and the option is no longer there. Not sure if this is an oversight. I sometimes use them in my builds.
  10. spiritchaser28

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    Well that's a new glitch. Not seen it before. @Nikki Severin maybe you can get to the bottom of this on Monday when you get back to work? This seems like a lot more attention is gonna be required than usual. @Fompster can you open the game in previously played games? Or have you tried to open it in editor by clicking open with the menu on left when you create a new game in editor?
  11. spiritchaser28

    Brick block missing secondary color

    It shows it has 2 colors in editor, but even if you change the second color the color will not change.
  12. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    It sounds as though you are trying to capture welded blocks or groups. If you unweld and ungroup those in editor, most should be captured unless they are not craftable (Plastic, Cheese, and Chocolate blocks as an example) There's a list on wiki of all the blocks than can currently be captured. https://ylands.fandom.com/wiki/Blocks_Allowed_in_Blueprints
  13. spiritchaser28

    Cannot use radial unstuck

    @Nikki Severin You can add this to the list of Blueprint fixes and suggestions thanks Unless summoning and unsummoning vehicles is coming sooner than expected . Grins. Hope you had an awesome Thursday!
  14. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    Wow okay! Sit back and relax because I got a long list. Making compositions is pretty good as @jchob mentioned above, with the exception of an occasional color bug or blocks that get turned during updates. These things usually get fixed in the hotfixes so I got no worries there. Then let's talk about blueprints.... First and foremost I would like to be able to capture blueprints directly in editor instead of having to import it into a legacy map and use the camera. The camera is awesome if you build something in the world and feel like keeping the build as a future blueprint, but I think it should not be the only way to save blueprints. Second let's talk about blueprint placement. With every update there always seems to be something that makes them more difficult to place in the world. Ships and vehicles being at the forefront of that issue. We used to be able to place a ship in the water, then pick a spot on land somewhere closeby that looked like a convenient spot to place the table....now it's a different story. It sometimes takes me several times trying to place a ship in the water before it actually accepts a very tiny area that the game deems acceptable. This sometimes feels like I am performing delicate surgery. If I barely move my mouse the red box will appear around the blueprint and I can't place it until I find that tiny area again. Placing the table is also very time consuming but has gotten a little better, but mainly I think you should be able to place the table anywhere you wish (except within the actual blueprint) even if it is a mile away from the blueprint....that's my opinion. With 1.7 it became even more difficult to place vehicle blueprints because the car chassis seems to now have a mind of it's own about placing it. Sometimes the chassis is completely flipped upside down compared to the rest of the blueprint and of course it won't let you place it anywhere on the ground so now I have to reload the blueprint several times until the chassis is in an acceptable location. Third, as jchob also mentioned above, it is now more difficult to use blueprints in a manner that would be best described as "modular" building. Say you have a bridge and have 3 or 4 separate blueprint pieces for that bridge, short pieces, turns, ramps, etc. It is very difficult now to line these up because it doesn't work the way it used to work. We used to be able to freeplace and make very tight fitting builds with those sorts of blueprints, but now it just seems as though it operates in increments of 5 degree angles and the grid. You all improved this a bit with 1.7 bringing back the ability to rotate the builds using F,G, and H keys but it still needs a little work. Perhaps we can choose one block in the blueprint as a "snapping block" and pick another block outside the blueprint as the block that it snaps to? Just a suggestion that may make placing them easier. Fourth on the list is the amount of blueprints we are allowed to have. It currently says the cap is 50 ,although I've counted and it's just a few more than 50 before the game tells me I have reached the limit of number of blueprints allowed. I have a folder with about 800 or more blueprints. Most I cannot use in the game unless I decide to copy and paste one of those files into the game folder and remove another. This all seems counterintuitive compared to the amount of compositions we are allowed to have which seems limitless. Fifth on my list is cosmetic. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if we could save the particle effects we add in editor to a blueprint. These are just visual effects, but I think if they were allowed like glow colors are allowed you would see some absolutely incredible blueprints being created. Maybe the cost of these effects could be magic dust or ylandium dust or both. and maybe you can limit the amount of effects used so the amount of animations does not bog the game down. Did I mention that I would love this? I really would love this. I really really REALLY would love this LOL Finally number 6 on this list. There are currently several craftable items in the world that we are not allowed to have in blueprints. Most of the smaller things I understand and of course the items that cannot be crafted like plastic blocks I also understand (but I would love to see that in the future). The 3 big items I would love to see allowed in blueprints are more of the storage containers like chests, and drawers.....some energy items like Ylandium generators buttons, levers and spotlights, and some of the furniture items like tables, beds and chairs. Other items should be steel rods, wood poles, Spikes, lanterns and lantern chandeliers etc. That's actually a long list of items and I realize it may take some time to incorporate them all but those are the 3 big ones on my wishlist. @Nikki Severin You said above " We know they're not, well, the best they can be. We hear you. But we want to do something about it!   This is the best thing I have heard all year. I have been a good boy Santa. LOL.
  15. This one clay brick block is missing it's secondary color, even though it shows it has 2 colors. the blocks below are 4x4 and should have the same secondary color as the blocks on the top of the picture. The blocks I am standing on should have the grey outline I painted but do not.