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  1. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #166 - Editor and Exploration

    Right but what I meant was they do have assets or attributes. They have pictures of them in editor, along with their color, amount of damage they can take, etc..the only different asset is the seeds. Iris, Lily, Rafflesia, Tropical plants, cave plants all give grass unless you whack them for the seeds....Cave plants don't give seeds and some of the tropical plants only give grass seed.
  2. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #166 - Editor and Exploration

    I think the only different asset they would need is the seeds
  3. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #166 - Editor and Exploration

    Yes! And Cave Plants and various rainforest plants!! I love decorating with them.
  4. spiritchaser28

    Day off Challenge- Caliga Hall

    Looks great Rob! Can't wait to see inside when it's done.
  5. spiritchaser28

    Dev Diary #166 - Editor and Exploration

    All sounds good. Hope the next dev diary gives us some more hints as to things that are being worked on. I still want the toolbox to hold screwdrivers and chisels, and transporting animals and vehicles for instance. Little things that have been addressed in the past as something that is being worked on. I know you all have a ton of bigger and better things in store for us, just wondering about the little things that aren't mentioned. I realize making huge changes that sometimes those little things get forgotten about or people working on the big projects don't have the time to work on yet. I have every confidence in the direction that exploration is going. Keep up the great work!
  6. Odd. Last time I used one it worked fine, but it was before the last hotfix
  7. spiritchaser28

    Medieval Engineers

    It's a shame the developers abandoned this game to concentrate only on Space Engineers, which is also a fantastic game but now the only updates you will occasionally see in medieval engineers are from the modding community.
  8. The only time this encounter is random is when it isn't on the map, which is very rare. I swear I see this at least 2 to 4 times on every map in exploration. Sometimes all on the same island. My suggestion is to get rid of it or at the very least make it not annoy people so much because it keeps turning up like a nosy ex partner. I think it's absolutely useless personally. You can see what damage your weapon can do which you can also see by looking at the weapon in inventory. I certainly don't need 4 test dummies per map to tell me. Can't even destroy the encounter for wood or cloth, sheesh. IT"S EVERYWHERE.
  9. spiritchaser28

    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    It would probably be better here in Indiana, USA if the idiots in my state would wear masks instead of wearing chin warmers.
  10. spiritchaser28

    New Exploration FAQ

    I think they are working on being able to transport cars and animals on ships or some sort of summoning them like the ships can be summoned. Personally I'd like to see a ferry ramp attachment for ships, but however they decide to do it I'll be happy. I'd love to take my car elsewhere and my goats and sheep.
  11. spiritchaser28

    Experimental survival world loading problem

    I have another forum post here about the same issue. Only happens when I try to leave the game or go to another map in experimental explore. Freezes, becomes unresponsive and I end up either closing the game with task manager or windows prompts me to let me know the game has become unresponsive and I can close it from there. It's an annoying bug.
  12. Well I was hoping after the last hotfix this issue would have been addressed, but it's still happening. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. spiritchaser28

    Sleeping On The Raft ?.

    Maybe he's got wifi off the coast of Florida?
  14. I am all for more encounters! Hope they include some of the items that cannot be found yet in the game.
  15. spiritchaser28

    My Last (official) Post

    Over the last year @Adam Snellgrove, you and I have had plenty of private conversations. Many were about bugs and or feedback suggestions of which you have always been quite helpful, but we've had a few other conversations that were a bit more personal. Those brief conversations were fun and got us to a point where we knew a little more about ourselves as people instead of just game players. I will miss those conversations the most I think. Have fun on your new adventures!