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  1. Hi! today in ylands.\ I have a suggestion that when we have to write in a sign we can only write in normal text not like editing or inserting links, making it bold, italic or whatever. So I introduce proper keyboard in ylands while writing on signs, discriptions or whatever by having making it bold, making it italic or inserting a link. for links in game it will opens you went to another page or game. And for mini game links we can just travel through mini game to mini game by saying yes or no. For example there is a link on a sign of a mini game when we click it so there will be a message You are going to another mini game Yes or no. Simple.
  2. empeorgame3(2)

    Hermitland Project

    Welcome to Hermitland an state of ylands which consists 18 Provinces as mini-games. Hermitland Central Province is Sjerbo. The 18 provinces are converted into 2 states. Electron and YState. Electron have 8 provinces and YState have 9 provinces. The States will be made in Roblox Studio and their provinces. YP1 Sponsored Hermitland as a major project and the first project. We consider Roblox Studio as the efficient platform to make larger maps. So Hermitland State will be made under Roblox. And the other part of Hermitlland will be made on ylands editor in different Mini-games. Mini-games in hermitland are called Provinces oh yes in the new exploration map state 1 and state 2 will be made. Hermitland (Ylands) is in severe development. The Actuall hermitland International in roblox will be planned to be released soon. If the ylands editor will have the mega power to make a Country so Hermitland can be internationally be seen in Ylands. 2 states coming to ylands soon with no lag. Here is the first opening ceremony: Hermitland Of Ylands. Here is the opening ceremony. Now the new mega update is: The Rise Of Kingdom ( 1,3,2m1 Changed the primal system to provincial system. Added the YY, Hermitland-Flint Corporate agency and FTC building. Added Trading system with Central Harbour offices. FTC as the first trading company in hermitland The Provincial Assembly of Sjerbo turned the sjerbo province to Central Province. (Exploration coming soon) Added the Mirkwood City Hellum Town starter. Added the central port sector 1 in central harbour section. Fixed ranges of lags and entity weld them. Fixed the road entrance of Sjerbo central welcome station. Next Update (Revealing of an gem) Formed the Hermitland Trading System company Business sector of 19 offices. 120 SY per office. Added a conference hall for each company. Note that the whole game scenrio is been changed to another game. Hermitland Project have been crossed 200 plus. Congrulations The City in Construction (New Edition) Added a administrative block and a port Added a Port Added a space for constructing a town
  3. empeorgame3(2)

    Office Building

    Hi! This creation is made by me. Ylands Office Building - YouTube Thanks to Yfort Youtube channel to upload it.
  4. empeorgame3(2) Patch - 19 April

    Wow, You are really a great community manager
  5. empeorgame3(2)

    HermitLand YY

    Hi there! Today I want to share my creation that I have made Play Ylands I have worked hard on it and I will update every week. First edition If you have played so visit this topic. Thank you
  6. empeorgame3(2)

    Please fix this on the forums

    So this is the condition that you don't want much posts and one time that has been said must not be said. It is not called spam, it is called eagerly to do something. Mr Spirit stop saying me spammer you must say me eager. I am very eager to do something and I need that things soon, this is the problem that is with me. And Posting useless things but now what i am posting they have a foundation laid in my posts. You know Adam give me the last warning to be not do more spamming so then i stopped but my spamming has hurt you too much very much.
  7. empeorgame3(2)

    Please fix this on the forums

    You also don't like to give me suggestion and i have created this account with the permission of Mr. Adam. He knews also. If you don't calling me spammer i will have to complain you at steam and Microsoft.
  8. Can Bikes and Cycles be added it will be also fun for going in cycles and bikes whether going in cars up and down it can't go up in Mountains but cycles and bikes can go. Please can you add it will be pleasure to you.
  9. empeorgame3(2)

    Islands Creater Tool

    Nice understanding.
  10. empeorgame3(2)

    The HermitLand

    It might be 100 or it can be.
  11. empeorgame3(2)

    Islands Creater Tool

    Let me simply explain it that it spawns islands made by Team. We do not need to make islands, islands will be spawn by the Game Logic Island Spawner. Just like terrain volume but it will have entities, Plants, npcs and sometimes villages(in large islands) These islands must be about 1 to 5 kb. Thank you. I have explained in a short two sentences that you will understand now. Thank you.
  12. empeorgame3(2)

    Islands Creater Tool

    These are template created by Team but if they will allow us to create our own maps
  13. empeorgame3(2)

    Islands Creater Tool

    I am talking about a custom island tool that creates player and team ylands.
  14. empeorgame3(2)

    Islands Creater Tool

    Hello everyone today in this suggestion i want to tell about Island Creator Tool. This is a new type of tool that must be selected for the next Update. Island creator tool will be a tool which can spawn islands in the deep and dark ocean. It will be not messy because the islands will be made by players and Ylands. They will be spawned with animals in it, trees and other resources in it. The island can be as large as a city also. Thank you
  15. empeorgame3(2)

    A new type of editor (Map Editor)

    Hi! devs and Players Today i want to give my own suggestion that would be a benefit to players and creators to make huge mini games with huge islands. There must be a size of each maps like gigantic, giant, colosseum, large and small. In that editor there will be only a change that the camera view must be fixed upper side that we can add water, add islands and put islands stuff in it. When the map is prepared it will be saved in the map editor and can be edit on Editor(Map editor and Editor is different). So that we can make huge projects like a 23 islands world map. It will be every easy for ylands team also that are making huge and difficult islands.