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  1. So when we can play this mini-game bro? bro?
  2. empeorgame3(2)

    Our introductory passage.

    Welcome to YFORT YFGOR GAMING COMMUNITY. Here is our introductory document. YFORT YGOR.rar
  3. I dont understand how you make this buildings consisting million blocks. I can only half of the half part.
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    YFS ylands farm simulator ?

    How do you make these wheels so big? How many pages of script do you implement. Well it is a object you have just put life on it. So you can as the developer. Good Hey Mello you are making ylands the Next-gen Roblox.. Its great thing to put a entity workable.
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    Dev Diary #189 Marking More Maps

    Just a question will the names in the map marker be visible.
  6. Hi everyone! good day to everyone. Today I want to discuss about optimizing editor as a game making engine. Editor will must be a game engine because it has all the things that we can make a whole game or experience connecting games to games. Like roblox studio ylands can optimize it's editor. When the editor will be optimizes as a game engine in which building system will exactly to the editor where we make mini games. Just there will be a change for making bigger games, custom and huge games. Well my topic is for optimizing editor as game engine, as we will make experience we will connect them by moving train, plane etc in which a experience can hold 70 places. Can it be for future updates.? Just to ask
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    Ylands After 2.0

    Welcome Ylanders to my thread! Now in this thread I will talk about the people's demand and the people who give rates at any store. First of all , I want to thanks Ylands Team for making an proper exploration Mode that a simple game can't afford. Honestly, Ylands is not a simple game, once you play ylands you can't you leave that game. Actually I have some remarks about "AFTER 2.0" What will happen. In a small time ylands has become a great game which expertise on exploration. Exploration After 2.0 Space Exploration The ylands exploration has been developed but some of the features are left such as space exploration(Already discussed with Mr. Adam Snellgrove ) But now this feature will be added ylands. So I am just explaining the player's transportation method in space exploration(I know this is hard but will make more precious). Elon Musk announces space exploration so why a game can't, let's say Ylands announces the space exploration. First of all there will be some stages in the development well I thought space exploration development will be finished on 3.0 at every game (Required workforce). The method of exploring between planets will require an space rocket which needs a big launch pad and some research buildings for it. For example we need workstations for space rockets that will be recommended by ylands Team. There will be a new map called Space Map in that map there will be worlds like in exploration. Just you have do it add worlds like in exploration. If a person clicks a world it will have a exploration rocket required for checking so we need camera and the exploration rocket that is necessary. The exploration rocket will go and see the basis of that planet and return to it's default planet. While it will take 20 mins a ylander can work on spacecrafts so he can go. There will be a animation on while you are been transported between planets something like transporting between planets. This is just. Creators will be also be able to make the space exploration as the ylands team will make some tools for them. Now about the stages. 1. Solar System(2.0) will add 6 or less planets beyond or above 7(for this you will required an solar system map. 2. Galaxies(After 2.0) galaxies will have more solar systems. 3. The last map the universe will have 4 galaxies as the team is capable. After that there will be a map showing the specific galaxies and solar system. Now for the creators, this step will also be applied in editor for mini games. Now there will be a template of space exploration given by ylands team with custom map in which creators can make their universe, galaxies and solar system names. Now the last part for exploration is Request for this mode. I highly appreciate the ylands team if they will add this feature. Thank you bye. Note (The Space exploration values more than in game editor space template) Editor In editor the following features are requested: Ylands Editor must not be in the game but we will have to download from the store for free. If we want to make mini games in which we can play like ROBLOX had done but their studio is stressful. Ylands Editor must be a studio which have easy, scripted mechanics made by ylands team and other people for example a content store. Ylands Editor must be optimizes the program for making big mini games because we will be able to make space exploration. The transportation assets like train, fly vehicles, sea vehicles and vehicles will be made by ylands and community members will be called the MODS. Not transportations more things will be implemented on making an mod. Obviously, Ylands have to make a studio for making mods and publishing them as free as Ymods file. Ylands Editor creators who make marvelous mini games will be able to be paid for there features by players and The creator have to give 5% to the ylands team as a credit and it will be mandatory for every real money monetization games. After this ylands will have a famous image in the world of games. And I am closing this part now thank you. Conclusion Now, the conclusion is that ylands will have a space exploration mode with a scripted map and editor have will also have. The introduction of new studio YMod maker and mods. Now I will see off now and I request this thread to be implemented on ylands. We are with ylands. Thank you bye.?
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    Ylands After 2.0

    Ok so now I don't want to start my creations. My dream in Ylands is unfilled now I will work on a game that you don't imagine. ?
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    Dev Diary #188 Pictures Prioritized

    Perfect feature
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    Ylands After 2.0

    Think bro just think ylands will be very famous and we can explore not only ylands but planets. Just think. I forgot to tell I am comparing ylands with Ark, Roblox and Space engineers. Don't want a game that have the ability to do something bigger. I want this feature well not in 2.0. I can wait 10 years or 2 decades for this feature. This feature is precious once implemented ylands will be the greatest game. Creators could imagine their creations and put their creations in to the digital. I am not furious of this feature because they need large time to do it. I hope you understand friend.
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    Ylands After 2.0

    Atleast they can add mods
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    Ylands After 2.0

    Yes they can If they want to expand ylands in various parts, Ylands name is worthier so I want to have this feature. Do downwards but I will request them because imagine a exploration game and an easy easy game engine. Think.
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    Dev Diary #187 Picking it up!

    I should think airplanes and railway system is coming soon.
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    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    Yes I mean this.
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    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    In Exploration new mode the blueprint must be optimized as compositions.
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    Optimizing Editor as a Game making engine

    This is just the start.
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    Blocked on FB page?

    I agree of you spirit
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    Blocked on FB page?

    Or if you think so you can contact directly FB management. You can simply contact on this link Facebook Help Centre. Thank you.
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    Blocked on FB page?

    So It might be a accident done by Ylands Moderstors some of them tried to ban the spammer but accidentally they ban you.
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    Blocked on FB page?

    I think someone controls your account or in facebook there is no technical bug so your account was controlled by someone. I thinks.
  21. Welcome to YFORT YGOR composition community here spread the compositions through our great community of composition. Here we have mentioned our composition and the upcoming compositions 1. Fort celton Design (Used for hermitland government buildings for example Hermitland General Assembly) 2. Hert Mathew's Building coming soon. 3. King Ford's Fort Coming soon 4. Dell's Office Coming soon 5. The YQSA mosque (the first mosque of ylands) 6. Cantonmental Cathrdral coming soon 7. European styled building for example Provincial Parliaments and insitutes. 8. Dsrk's hotel tower coming soon 9. Hermitland National Court & Parliament. (On construction edition released) 10. Mahood's port and oil platform. These are the compositions which will come and are published. Support and Join us.
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    Not of exploration map but the maps that made in custom mini games.
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    Of course in 1.7 map is added