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  1. Hi I have 2 suggestions, which I think would be simple and fantastic aids to players. 1) For Ylands Barrier, let it be a toggle checkbox for both directions. Toggle - Let Players go Inside Toggle - Let Players go outside 2) Let there be a function in Ylands to have players "Locked" into chairs. This would be incredibly useful for racing games, using spaceships, and just "locking" players into a specific spot. Bonus Points if you can make NPC's sit down on chairs aswell.
  2. Igor Q.

    [NEW]Useful Text Functions

    Bump: Would be really useful to have these functions built into the editor.
  3. Igor Q.

    Enable shared access to a game set

    We also need an easier way to test out gameset data. As in, switch between 2 maps and see if things transfer over properly.
  4. Igor Q.

    Ropes vs bezier curve

    That actually makes a lot of sense considering the frame work for the logic regarding animation paths is already done. 3 Points, and simply adjusting the weight so that it hangs at the desired path.
  5. Igor Q.

    How do you get a position in front of the player?

    @Jimin Park Keep in mind something. (This is particularly useful to animations) Set/Get Position will always be relative to the world coordinates. Transform Position will always be relative to the local object/entity.
  6. Igor Q.

    Basic Shape Tools - Input Size Manually

    Oh, thank you. I never saw that until now. *facepalm
  7. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #137 - Future Editor Improvements

    Great to hear we will finally have the option to disable controls and do more with the new features. Does this mean we will finally get the "get aim" of the player camera yet? It's incredibly useful for custom entity controls.
  8. Most likely because the in game variables used from the events tab are different.
  9. Where is the logic that states the animal is tamed? Is there more code to this to show us? I believe you might have mistakenly misinterpreted how target/trigger entity work.
  10. Hi Would it be possible to have an option to input the sizes of the basic shape tools? Right now it's difficult to for example, make a cube instead of a rectangle using the basic shape tools, especially for large sizes. This feature would also be handy if I need to make equilateral shapes, such as stacking 2 pyramids of equal sizes on each other to make an octahedron.
  11. I have lots of idea's I'm working on, one of them being a fully self generated Tile Map.
  12. Could we have a 2nd option for "For each item in array" but instead of labeling the "item" as a single variable, instead as an array? For example "For each array in Array_B..." @Rudy.cz
  13. But that's a bit weird isn't it? Shouldn't you be able toload the chunk of where the raycast is happening and just "deload" the chunk after? (Similar to how in multiplier you can have multiple chunks loaded) In most cases my ray cast isn't exceeding 100 units.
  14. Igor Q.

    2 Handy Features for Exploration Mode

    That's the intended mechanic. To be able to turn on/off an ability to auto pick up objects nearby.
  15. Igor Q.

    Pets attack my friends

    As a friendly suggestion I would like to propose a rework to the "team system" and instead use an "alliance system" that works similary to labels. You can create as many "Alliance Labels" as you want. Whenever an object is added to an Alliance Label any objects that share the same "Alliance Label" override any functionalities to be aggressive or deal damage to each other. In the case of taming an animal, the animal will share the same "Alliance Labels" as its owner. (This means 2 players that share the same alliance cannot have aggressive pets to each other) What's best about this system is you could have Team A be friendly to Team B Team B be friendly to Team C Team A be hostile towards team C.