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  1. Which support do I contact? i tried the bohemian website but couldnt find the info
  2. Hi (not sure if this is the best place to post because I couldn't find it anywhere else) I originally set my Ylands in game name to "GoF----Yourself" but since it was inappropriate I changed it to "GoFunYourself" later on. However when I made my forum account I set the name to Igor Q (and started posting alot). However at this point it's confusing because people now know me by 2 different names. Could I get another chance to change my Ylands in-game name to Igor Q. ? Thanks
  3. I never reported it. I just got used to the game editor crashing frequently.
  4. Player score sorting logic

    This was immensely helpful. I'm glad I didn't destroy my brain trying to figure out how to code this!
  5. What if there was a last set values check? Like, the last number, color, string etc gets saved on temp. memory and when you try to fill in the next slot it gives you a click option to autofill with last set settings?
  6. Imo seems like a bit unnecessary optimization vs. other problems...
  7. Zone Trigger Collision

    (This is the equation using an offset formula, using a Radius of 1) Set Radius Variable = 1 Set Z = Random num 0 to 1 Set Y = Random num 0 to square root (1-Z^2) Set X = Random num 0 to square root [1 - Z^2 - Y^2 ] Random Point (x,y,z) with Radius 1 Note: To make this equation always give a point along the surface and not just inside set the last equation Set X = square root [1 - Z^2 - Y^2 ] without using *Random Num*
  8. Zone Trigger Collision

    I could write the code myself to get a random point inside a zone, but this feature wouldn't be available to most people who aren't good at math...especially for spheres...
  9. Annoying bug, but I reckon it's not a huge deal compared to my editor (and probably everyone elses) crashing every 10min.
  10. Do you mean similarly to when you have to assign a variable to a value type at game start to prevent bugs?
  11. Weekly sneaky WiP #4

    New weapon woop woop!
  12. Zone Trigger Collision

    I'd like to be able to modify the size and position of zone triggers within the script editor. Ex: Set zone trigger to position of player. Spawn an entity at a random point within the zone. If X condition, make the zone size Y. This kind of trigger requires setting the position of the zone trigger, the size, and possibly obtaining a random coordinate/point from within the zone.
  13. From everything the devs have teased us on the Ylands Editor, I feel more excited about this upcoming patch than even the initial launch!
  14. How did you find out about the Ylands editor?

    I played Ylands for a bit but as soon as I got bored with having all my buildings on my ship (so OP ) I tried the editor and realized how awesome this might be....it brings the nostalgia of WC3 golden days
  15. I would love something like this. Sometimes I would have 2 spawn triggers or 2 time triggers that I would like to combine however I can't unless I write the entire code of one, onto the other.