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  1. Feels too niche tbh. Most players wouldn't need that in standard explorer mode.
  2. Igor Q.

    [YLD-33850] About Trigger Zone

    I've worked a lot with trigger zones, this is a bug. (But I have already accepted it) It has to do with zones being considered transparent but also over-riding each others visibility when superimposed on one another.
  3. Igor Q.

    Pi constant

    You can blame the devs for making the trigonometric functions not calculate in radians
  4. Igor Q.

    Pi constant

    If you *badly* want PI to a high degree of precision, it could be written as OR you can use PIfast (Im too lazy to write it myself) though, writing it in code would be hella difficult! Imo, just copy paste the number and save yourself the headache... 😂
  5. This is pretty quality shit posting ngl.
  6. @Mello1223Which discord channel do they use?
  7. Really impressed, I hope it turns out as good as I'm expecting
  8. Igor Q.

    Rollercoaster Generator

    Yes. If you give me an exact explanation of what you need, I could make something for you.
  9. For anyone wondering, the torches are used as reference points for the nodes. FAQ: Is it compatible by making your own set of points? Yes! Can it be used to ray-trace on terrain to create a Path on an island? Yes! Can you change the track style to a different object? Yes! How long did it take you? 1 Evening Is the rollercoaster adjustable? Yes, you can change the radius, delta radius, height, delta height, # of nodes, etc.
  10. Hello I'm a long-time user and am interested in collaborating with someone to create a game. I have lots of experience creating scripts and environments. Below are some examples of my work. If you are interested in working together, please contact me.
  11. If anyone's got an idea, I'd be happy to collaborate with them
  12. I'm attempting to give players the ability to repair an object in which they perform a "hammer the object" animation. However I'd like to "force" the player to visually hold a hammer while performing the animation (without them physically having to carry one). Is this possible?
  13. Igor Q.

    Requesting a function again.

    It's a bit inconvenient not having these functions fully independent, but I understand why you'd set it up that way. Could we consider making the skills function more intuitive to use? I'm having a lot of difficulty getting Fully Body and Upper Body motions to work the way I expect them to work and often have bugs such as small scroll bar no scroll bar Transition bar (red line) doesn't move when playing the skill Can't seem to find the "dash" animation, that players would do when trying to roll using a heavy weapon. Did it get removed entirely from the game?
  14. Igor Q.

    Fly Vehicles

    I could make AI for pirate ships, however players landing on an enemy ship make this scenario significantly more difficult to code. If you have any alternative solutions for what an enemy ship should do when it's boarded in 1v1 and 1v9 situations then I could implement a solution.
  15. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #188 Pictures Prioritized

    When I created games I usually used screenshots in-game but having the option to create customizable images would be greatly appreciated. I hope that before games get to use it's official thumbnail, the picture is audited to make sure graphically offensive material is filtered away.