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  1. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #117

    Will this new content be interesting for me? 😶
  2. Igor Q.

    Temp Goodbye

    Hey guys, I'm going to be taking an indefinite break from Ylands and Ylands scripting. I've decided to get myself back into an mmorpg called Albion and will be spending the majority of my time there. Hope you all have an amazing time playing Ylands! Cheers
  3. Igor Q.

    Explore H

  4. Igor Q.

    Help me with a couple of "problems."

    @Thom_Yorke to despawning them
  5. Igor Q.

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    You technically can host private servers. Aslong as you host it (or someone with access to the game) and have world saving mode it will act just like a normal server. Keep in mind you should restart the server every hour or so to make sure it saves everything. On display it now appears that ylands only supports dedicated servers but that's only paper. The main reason for this is to avoid players (especially new ones) to getting bad server experience from 3rd party providers. Keep in mind the amount of money you are "saving" is also a loss income to Ylands (why do you think Minecraft have their own official server)
  6. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #111

    Cool stuff
  7. Igor Q.

    Interview Ynterview #16 - Xeniya

    Hey Xeniya, great job on learning all the hard math to implement nice features in Ylands! What games are you currently playing? (If you aren't, I would suggest Ori the blind forest forest, it has beautiful art)
  8. We need this autosave feature reliably for the game. It should be a top priority...not only for content creators such as myself, but also for server hosting. Having backups atleast once an hour would be ideal (while players are online)
  9. Igor Q.

    I can not load the game into Ylands Workshop

    Use this for reference A new public console command "/changegameid <ID>" with asset id (number of asset in workshop) can be used. (Example: Tutorial has asset id 585: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/585 ) You can change asset id only in editor and only for scenarios. You can change asset id only of your local games (not the one downloaded from the workshop) You can change asset id to the target one only if you are the one who uploaded target asset id. (so noone can change asset id to be same as our games) You should get proper message if you use non existing asset id. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Change_Game_ID
  10. Not sure exactly...it gave me a unity error message but that's it, it didn't give me any specific error message (or I could read it fast enough). I attached the logs
  11. Playground still not working.log_userscript.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. Hey @Adam Snellgrove Remember that request for auto save...? Yeah.... 2 hours of work lost. output_log_clean.txtoutput_log.txtlog_userscript.txt
  13. While procrastinating on adding a new character class in Ice Lord, I've decided to start working a little bit on a new game This sneak peak is the Tree of Life (unfinished)
  14. output_log_clean.txtlog_userscript.txtoutput_log.txt hopefully one of these help.
  15. Igor Q.

    Ylands mobile and bohemia account

    contact bi support directly support@bistudio.com If you still have problems contact @Adam Snellgrove