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  1. When trying to set the velocity of the character, it will properly register the Y value but not the X and Z value. Here's a video with a demonstration
  2. Yes, but it's not really enough...
  3. When I'm scripting, alot of times I end up with MASSIVE scripts that would benefit alot from having visual aids. It would help with documenting if we need to easily and quickly identify how a script works. Having squares, circles, lines and arrows would help immensly. Ex:
  4. That's exactly what I intend to do😂
  5. I decided it would just be easier to force the entity to "teleport" on game update at the player location so it force load into the zone to make them trigger properly.
  6. @Mello1223 I found a solution. I hope you find this as funny as I do
  7. The issue I'm having is, I have about +15 Robot enemies each with 4 zones. Aggro Range Zone Lose Aggro Zone Fire Spin Attack Zone Lightning Ball Zone I don't know if the editor can handle that much processing...
  8. Can you explain more "detecting a series of collisions from vector tiles?"
  9. How can it be solved if it doesn't work? XD
  10. Hi I found a very peculiar bug while trying to create logic for my robots. If you create an animated zone inside a group, and cause the group to move, the zone will stop detecting players properly. I made a video so that you guys could understand it better. Oddly, the zone will SOMETIMES detect the player if the player is actively moving. @Houp
  11. Igor Q.

    Picture generator

    Holy ____. How did I not see this until now???
  12. Igor Q. Patch Changelog

    [YLD-36682] Tweaked: Sails are now transparent when the player is behind them. This is huge. [YLD-37302] Fixed: Exploration 2: Mutated alphas are defeated when they are despawned during the day. I thought alphas were suppose to spawn at night and be defeated only at night?
  13. Igor Q.

    Volcano Yland - Level 1 Preview

    I drew inspiration from Super Mario 64 and Rayman 2!
  14. Igor Q.

    Interactive Terminals v1.0 (Tutorial)

    Very cool, I'm impressed with how you condensed such a detailed UI into a small screen like that. Can you include a hyperlink of the composition, and a screenshot of how to find it within the editor? (For new players)
  15. Currently working on a project called "Volcano Yland". About ~90% done Level 1, and intend to start a 2nd level sometime after. I have not yet decided if I will release all levels together or one by one. The good news is most of the core scripting is done so new levels should be significantly easier to make (except for new enemies which is a unbelievable difficult)