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  1. Igor Q.

    Help make a script pls )

    General guideline: Create an object a player can interact with. When the player interacts with this object, enable a time trigger with a delay of 0.2 seconds. (Make sure to set repeat to -1 ) Inside your time trigger script set it to on trigger change the color of your object and after a delay of 0.1 seconds change the color of your object again. This script will cause your light to flicker between 2 colors at a 0.1 second interval.
  2. Igor Q.

    Equiping to hotbar

    Not really for capture the flag but for just about anything. In some cases you dont want a player to accidentally unequip an active item because that is not the intended purpose. Ex: I dont want people to unequip an axe used to kill a boss, I dont want players to unequip a tool they are supposed to use or I don't want players to unquip their weapon they are suppose to use for pvp. In short, I want to force players at all times to have an active item equiped.
  3. Igor Q.

    Equiping to hotbar

    @Houp To add to this, can you give us the ability to "Lock" the active item of the player?
  4. Igor Q.

    DEV ANSWER Instruction Loop Limit

    Kk, will do.
  5. Igor Q.

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    I could do this....but I need the AI patch to go happen 😜
  6. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #77

    Great news, I hope with the /w function it will give us a auto-fill function so we dont have to type out complicated usernames. Additionally in many games there is also a /r for reply whisper command so you can quickly reply to someone who messages you. I hope this is implemented. Out of curiosity how is the implementation of mini bosses in ylands and such? I would like to work a little bit with you guys on that Could you also consider adding something similiar to minecraft where the last bed you slept on is your respawn point? Its annoying in PVE if you accidentally die and have to travel from an empty island to back home without a ship... Lastly, any news on controlled movement for objects over time?
  7. Igor Q.

    Music Albums worth listening to

    For anyone who likes chiptune stuff this might interest you
  8. Igor Q.

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    Would be nice, in the last dev diary they mentioned they would implement the beginning of AI in patch 0.13. If this is the case, I could definitly see domestication being implemented soon
  9. Hi, as part of my game creation involving mages, I have multiple instructions which loop, calculating the movement of a spells such as a fireball and checking any nearby collision targets. However when I try to host this in multiplayer the code "breaks", and the section of the code that runs collision detection completely turns off. I would like to know if there is a calculation limit for instructions in terms of complexity or speed when hosting multiplayer games. Thanks for your time -Igor
  10. If you start a game with a dialogue box, sometimes (but most frequently in multiplayer) the dialogue box will not open properly and you will need to close and re-open the dialogue box for it to display correctly. This issue I believe is caused by the game files loading slower than the dialogue box prompt. If I set a long enough initial delay (5 seconds) this bug does not occur.
  11. Igor Q.


    Hi, in order to delete your saved configuration, first go to Steam\userdata\<your_steam_id>\298610\local\ and delete Ylands.ini. Next, open registry editor (WIN + R -> regedit), navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bohemia Interactive and delete key Ylands. That will reset your game to the default configuration.
  12. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #76

    With AI path finding, will this mean we can finally give "teams" or "labels" to entities so they can either be hostile or friendly to other entities?
  13. Igor Q.


    Try reinstalling steam. If possible delete your registry info for steam/ylands.
  14. Igor Q.

    Just wanted to say thanks to Ylands devs!

    Damn thats nice.
  15. Igor Q.

    Ylands Mages - IN PROGRESS

    Everyone likes nature the most its probably because they get plants that shoot stuff for them... Oddly enough I find Lightning Mage the most interesting because the playstyle is very...different. Now that I have created 2 DPS oriented and 2 Tank oriented mages...I will now begin working on 2 supports... But I will also now try to focus on building the arena of where the battles will take place. Upcoming Mage = Water Possible attack ideas (not finalized) Jump attack - A giant whirlpool that sucks people Light attack - boomerang-type attack that damages/heals (simiar to LoL Lux W) Charge - Granting self and allies bonus Mana Regen Heavy Attack - A giant slow wave that damages/slows targets Roll - TBD