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  1. Igor Q.

    League of Legends 10 Year Bday

    Anyone else excited for the changes coming up in that game? Aside from bringing 4 more games they are even adding an animated series!🤩
  2. Igor Q.

    Check, add, remove objects from player inventory.

    oops, sorry about that! XD Atleast it *almost* worked on the first try
  3. Igor Q.

    Check, add, remove objects from player inventory.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves for being so lazy as not to provide a half decent answer with a real explanation. @RedEagle_P1. @Oliver Hope@Deadeye_Rob Click on the image to make it bigger to see it! Here, we made an instruction using a global storage. (Global Storage is useful because it can be used anywhere, anytime) The instruction "Player Has Item?" has 3 variables, the player, the item type, and the quantity. First it checks for each slot in the players inventory. It then checks if we have the correct item type AND If the amount is correct. If TRUE -> pay the amount we need to get the thing. Ex: Player Buys Spear If (Player) has 3 Old Coins If its true, the player will then pay 3 Old Coins and after a Spear will spawn in the players inventory.
  4. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #99

    Awesome this will help alot! I can finally start attempting a Mario Party imitation game hehe
  5. Igor Q.

    Music Albums worth listening to

    Time I figured I would necro this thread! Yosi Horikawa - Vapor Ambient/Organic with a couple of great beats here and there. The best song would probably "Letter"
  6. Igor Q.

    Interview Ynterview #7 - Tomáš

    I've had many and it's hard to choose! I remember I one time got a burger fwhich had Spicey bacon with guacamole in it and it was amaaazing.
  7. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #98

    If you read my sentence very carefully, it says "...player builds more than 2 critical structures such as a bed and forge, automatically a home icon should be placed on the map. (However it can be deleted if the player wishes). " This has absolutely nothing to do with the spawn point.
  8. Igor Q.

    Interview Ynterview #7 - Tomáš

    Q1 Whats the best (or most consistently good burger) you have eaten? Q2 Whats the best side dish for a hamburger? (Remember there is more than 1 way to make french fries!)
  9. Igor Q.

    We released a new game!

    Official map names are on the signs infront of each build. @RedEagle_P1.
  10. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #98

    This is really great news. Happy to see changes for exploration mode. I would like to give my 2 cents and say that it would be ideal to have some kind of cue for players to know when they are ready to move onto the next map. Ex: Island % explored. I think limiting player technology based on "recipe knowledge" is an excellent way to do this. Ex: after beating/exploring the first island the player must "conquer" other islands in order to get new recipes to build things. Obviously a player cannot rush the last tier island because they will not have the late game recipes unlocked and instead use their "wood armor" to beat low tier islands to unlock "iron armor" and so on etc. In other news I hope maps will be customizable in editor. I think by default anytime a player builds more than 2 critical structures such as a bed and forge, automatically a home icon should be placed on the map. (However it can be deleted if the player wishes).
  11. Igor Q.

    Contest Mobile Game Creation Drive

    I think the point of coyns is to unlock other people's content and get skins and stuff. RN there is limited skins but once release day comes I think cosmetics will go into full force
  12. Igor Q.

    Contest Building Contest #1 - Winners

    Am I allowed to update my model before sending it?
  13. Igor Q.

    Discord Channel

    I completely forgot this existed XD
  14. Igor Q.

    Contest Building Contest #1

  15. Igor Q.

    Active item of Player

    Hi It would be really great and make life easier if 1) We can assign and lock the active items onto a player (Or give them a 1-slot item bar) 2) If using the "get active item of player" and the player does not have an active item to return None (Entity) instead of giving us an error. 3) Disable players from using "i" to see their inventory when their hud is disabled. Thanks!