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  1. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #262 Changing Challenge

    Hi again :) I'm glad to see that combat is finally getting some love as it has always been lack luster. I think it'll be a precarious situation... better combat means players can avoid elemental advantage better elemental advantage means players can avoid better combat make the game hard enough to need both and the player might be unhappy it's too difficult It's also probably worth mentioning what happens to weapons that fill 2 archtypes? Is a Spiked Mace crushing damage, piercing damage, or both? Normal weapons should probably fill multiple archtypes with damage split between them (ex: Mace is Crush/Pierce) making it simpler for general users, and giving niche weapons those exclusive stats (cross is only piercing) needed for higher end islands,bosses,etc. As for combat overhaul, there are 2 power fantasies to give to the player. Let them deal more damage by rewarding timing or hitting critical weak spots (feels rewarding but difficult to master) Let them avoid damage by rewarding manuvering and parry/block abilities (feels intense but extremely punishing) I think Horizon Zero Dawn encapsulates a very rewarding but extreme version of these 2 power fantasies, while a Mario game encapsulates them but at a very minimal extent. The intensity should reflect the frequency of the combat. Is it a generic wolf that you fight frequently? Then small power fantasies are suitable. Is it a big boss you fight only once? Then big power fantasies are suitable. This aspect also applies to elemental advantage. (Unless the entire area is thematic, such as a forest containing only wood monsters) Might I suggest that enemies have tooltips next to their health to easily identify weakness? For example... In this case, you can easily identify if they are resistant or weak to something, aswell as what armor to wear against them. Lastly, at some point most monsters will need more than 1 attack animation/type. While it's easy and engaging when you start the game, they become too predictable and easy (even if their AI got smarter). Most imo should get ATLEAST 2 different animations with different animations, debuffs, area of effects, or etc.
  2. Igor Q.

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    I just tried the new fishing rod, it seems a little weird. The bait doesn't fly out when you throw the line, it just magically appears in the water with the string. Is that intended? Edit: When casting the fish line it will be relative to the players rotation and not camera, is that intentional?
  3. @F.hao Hey 1) Have you checked to make sure collision is on for all objects? 2) Have you checked the distance of the raycast? If your raycast distance is too far it will not work. 3) Raycast inside (or beside an object) might cause it to immediately "hit"? Have you tried using a console text that prints the hit position?
  4. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #230 Exploration is (an) Adventure

    This is my honest opinion, but isn't a huge issue with exploration the lack of clear icons? When opening the main menu, a lot of players wil instinctively want to click on things with clear and defined locations such as "Games" The current menu has giant middle section as just a vague splash art with words on it and doesn't really entice the user to actually try the game. (Not to mention the buttons arent even interactive) As backwards as it seems, I think it would help new user experience if the sandbox, playlands, exploration were made as buttons that were more.....defined. Even the most popular games ranging from Minecraft, Civ 6 or League of Legends understand that button clarity is important. @Nikki Severin
  5. Could you please show me how? I can't seem to find an option to set Event Listener to "Local" or a logic called "Message Transfer Tools"
  6. Hey @anna_svecova I can't set it to multiplayer, it is quite resource intensive and I have scripts which are exclusive to single player.
  7. I already watched this.
  8. Hello No, the game is set to Local Single Player. When I try to host the game I get the following
  9. Hello I cannot seem to transfer players within the game set. Any idea why? I have uploaded all 3 of my map files into the game set. I then try to access them using the game function. Each ID is as following Factory - e3ca2591-2cfb-4737-a71b-7385b3ee4560 Pier - 2a1d88a7-252e-4aef-a932-2b30349e6305 Menu - a0ee833f-3daa-4a49-900a-fcfe4d076ce8 When I click on "new game" I get an error message. What is RequiresDs?
  10. @Houp So to clarify... I store my "Export Script Module" as composition. I can then upload the copy to any maps I need and reference any logics using it. If I need to update the original code, I go to my original game file, and change the logics on that file, and re-export the Script Module to composition?
  11. I've tried working around the solution but there's no possible way because each time I want to upload an updated copy of the composition I have to re-attach too many logics. I'm at a standstill right now.☹️
  12. Hello I found a pretty big issue regarding Global Storage Compositions. If I save a giant group of logics + entities they will not properly overwrite all logics. For example This is the current group of logics I want to overwrite When I paste my composition I get this Which when moved gives me this I now get a second copy of *SOME* of my logics. This is problematic because if my map references one of the original copies, it will not get transfered over to the new copy which means I have to manually check over +500 scripts to make sure they are referencing the right copy.
  13. Hello Could we get a search bar when we are trying to Save Compositions? It will make it significantly easier when we want to overwrite the old file.
  14. Igor Q.

    [NEW]Useful Text Functions