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  1. But that's a bit weird isn't it? Shouldn't you be able toload the chunk of where the raycast is happening and just "deload" the chunk after? (Similar to how in multiplier you can have multiple chunks loaded) In most cases my ray cast isn't exceeding 100 units.
  2. Igor Q.

    2 Handy Features for Exploration Mode

    That's the intended mechanic. To be able to turn on/off an ability to auto pick up objects nearby.
  3. Igor Q.

    Pets attack my friends

    As a friendly suggestion I would like to propose a rework to the "team system" and instead use an "alliance system" that works similary to labels. You can create as many "Alliance Labels" as you want. Whenever an object is added to an Alliance Label any objects that share the same "Alliance Label" override any functionalities to be aggressive or deal damage to each other. In the case of taming an animal, the animal will share the same "Alliance Labels" as its owner. (This means 2 players that share the same alliance cannot have aggressive pets to each other) What's best about this system is you could have Team A be friendly to Team B Team B be friendly to Team C Team A be hostile towards team C.
  4. If it helps, I had all my video qualities on max and set my FOV to around 50. With a resolution scale of 1.
  5. Igor Q.

    Throw objects to camera aimed direction

    As it is now, there is no way to do this.. (I think) However It's something I have requested countless times The ability to find the source point and vector of a camera from a player. @Adam Snellgrove
  6. Igor Q.

    2 Handy Features for Exploration Mode

    It's intended use would be to mass pick up objects laying on the floor around the world, not to be used indoors
  7. Igor Q.

    New Weapons

    This is kinda related to that but we need to make cannons more viable, right now there are no enemy pirate ships to fights or dragons that make cannons worth using.
  8. Igor Q.

    My experience so far.....

    This might sound crazy, but is there anyway to develop a way to "reroll" the seed of a island server and start it anew? For example, let's say you have a "home island" where everyone can relax together and multiple instance games that are connected to it. But let's say the other instanced games/islands are buggy, is there a way to reroll the server info such as have a new island and wipe all old information? It could be a great way to "debug" server issues.
  9. Igor Q.

    2 Handy Features for Exploration Mode

    Tbh I wouldn't mind auto picking up everything. Worst case scenario I just throw stacks of grass on the floor, but atleast I won't get arthritis 5 years sooner! 😂
  10. Igor Q.

    I can't get Game ID

    When I try click on the "Get ID" button, it doesn't save the text GUID into the clipboard. When I try to do it multiple times I get this Help? Anyway around this?
  11. When I try raycasting to the ground from a distance greater than ~200 units from the player, the terrain doesn't "exist" and does not allow me to me to find the hit position. This is quite inconvenient since I would like to spawn random area's of interest that the player can encounter in a randomly generated world. (However to do so I need to place them on ground, and not water)
  12. Igor Q.

    My experience so far.....

    Hey @kimbuck I'm making a small mod that there is a small chance when killing a monster/mutant/animal, that a map will be dropped that will lead the player to a hidden treasure chest. Does that sound something fun for you? If you have any fun idea's of things you'd want in the game let me know. Maybe, a way to hire monsters to fight for you or something? 🤔
  13. Hello I would like to suggest 2 Quality of Life additions, that would help casual players (especially those that are playing on mobile phones) 1) Auto Pick Up Nearby Objects. I think it would be nice to be able to right-click and hold to auto-pick up all objects around you while you walk (assuming you have the inventory space) This would be useful when you want to pick up lots of grass, stone, logs, etc. Ex: 2) A slot for breaking objects. Right now it's not very intuitive to break objects by having to click on the eye icon just to do it. It would be much easier to just have a slot on the left side where you can click drag items from the inventory to destroy them.
  14. Hello i'm right now trying to play a particle that is only visible to 1 player. My idea is to be able to highlight or point to things for a player without it invading other players visual screen. Ex: In this case, the only person who can see the green selection circle would be 1 player. Apart from this, I would like the ability to set Entity Welds into a "ghost" mode, which implies both no collision AND the ability to modify their colors/transparency. Ex: Thanks for your time