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  1. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #70

    Niceee. I honestly cant wait since some of my games require patch 0.12! I would like to suggest a Demon costume. Horns, wings, etc. And if possible while they have a propeller pack, instead it shows the wings flapping
  2. Hi I'm currently developing a game that is horror/detective 😉 However when the light settings are too low the game gives the player a passive light aura. (This is ruining my game 😟) Can we please have the ability to disable it?
  3. Igor Q.

    Cthulunatic Manor

    It looks wonderful. I wish I could build a house as nice as that
  4. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #69

    Excellent dev diary 😍 I would like to suggest if we could have a voting contest on future costumes?
  5. Igor Q.

    equation for player jump

  6. Igor Q.

    How high can a player jump

    Jesus Every spoiler we get for patch 0.12 gets me more and more excited
  7. Igor Q.

    equation for player jump

    Assuming its a standard motion equation... You can use this equation to solve the initial velocity and other such things...
  8. Igor Q.

    equation for player jump

    The player does jump like a parabola. iirc from my experiments the characters Y velocity is -1 per 0.1 seconds. So most likely -10m/s^2 (Kudos to them if its actually -9.81m/s^2)
  9. Igor Q.

    Weekly sneaky WiP #9

    Definitly the art department... only people with crazy good art skills could pull that off
  10. Igor Q.

    Dev Diary #68

    Question: What music do you guys listen to while at work? Question: Will we get more blueprint support in the future? (It would make sense if all compositions could be used...)
  11. Igor Q.

    Roman Colosseum

    Very impressive, hope you make an awesome game out of it!
  12. Igor Q.

    Storing player data across play sessions

    1 solution to that is creating a 36 digit code thst can be saved/loaded. Although the following example is for the game warcraft3, the essence is the same... http://world-editor-tutorials.thehelper.net/cat_usersubmit.php?view=37153
  13. Igor Q.

    Storing player data across play sessions

    I believe if you start a game session, end it and then continue playing it in a new game session all old information will still be stored. Things like player items, variables, entity storages etc should be saved too. Thr only issue with this is you have to continuously use the same game file.
  14. Igor Q.

    Iron Armour/weapons colouring

    I agree, it would be nice to color all item slots for objects
  15. Not sure if this is a bug but I figured I should mention it. Scenario 1: Step 1) Equip NPC with an item such as a teacup. Step 2) Using the editor, force the NPC to do an emote such as waving their hands in the air Results: The player has unequiped the teacup in their hand after finishing the emote. Scenario 2: Step 1: Force the NPC to do an emote such as waving their hands in the air. Step 2: Equip the NPC with an item such as a teacup. Results: The NPC does not "equip" the teacup in their hands. Conclusion: Forcing an NPC to do an emote makes them unable to equip items in their hands.