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  1. Hi guys! I’ve been thinking! We have small-scale boats and rafts that lose their value early on when progressing through the game. I think we can do better here. Considering that ship designs are getting more detailed as people grow more experienced, some ships cannot effectively get close to an island shore without a suitable dockside built. I’d like the ability to slave a boat/raft to a ship. Allowing me to make landfall from my main ship without running it aground. Furthermore, I’d like to see some more diverse boat designs. Perhaps some incorporating an engine of sorts? Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Deadeye_Rob

    Diving Suits

    Just saw this and I absolutely love it! As said in previous comments, the suit could provide unlimited oxygen at the cost of movement speed, and having a limited range away from the parent boat (of which a hose is connected to). The suit could weigh players down, allowing them to walk on the sea bed. Great idea!
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    Cars usefulness and use.

    Car summoning seems like the next logical step for development and I’ll be pleased to see it implemented!
  4. Deadeye_Rob

    Bear Traps gone?

    @Nikki Severin can you have a look into this? Thanks!
  5. Deadeye_Rob

    Bear Traps gone?

    Hi guys! I love using bear traps but I’ve noticed in the previous update, they have since become unobtainable and the ones that I do have are invisible when placed. Can we re-introduce bear traps please? They’re exceptionally useful for keeping unwanted guests out as well as for luring prey.
  6. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    You’re bang on! Dropping the anchor fixes the ship’s position. Therefore there is little to no lag because the system treats the ship like a static object. Framerate drops and lag are caused the moment the ship becomes dynamic upon raising the anchor as the system struggles to track and relay the movement of every block on that ship to all participating clients. This even applies to the ship ‘bobbing’ on the water in an idle state. Dropping anchor is the only remedy to fix the ships location.
  7. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    @spiritchaser28, nobody wins sadly. My favourite ship is practically unplayable for myself and the others using the server. I wouldn’t say it’s a massive ship but the block count is quite high.
  8. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    The biggest issue that I’d like this update to address is the fact that ship designs are becoming more detailed, and more vibrant in their design. Sadly the multiplayer aspect is not up to the current standards that players are building. My ships work fine in local/single player maps, but the moment I said into an online are however, the framerate plunges to unplayable levels.
  9. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    You know what I’d like to see regarding the depths? I want something lovecraftian. There’s nothing more intriguing than some kind of unfathomable mystery under the waves.
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    The capacity to cope with large, detailed ships? P.S, I see what you did there with the thread title! ?
  11. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #202 New Beginnings

    Adding on to @WijkagentAdrie’s post, there are some terrific ship builders within the Ylands community who have made some incredible designs that are so unique that they don’t resemble any template whatsoever. A major drawback that we discovered however was that complex designs are unplayable on multiplayer maps and create a crippling drop in framerate. Could this be looked into with more urgency? Great progress so far however! I’m enjoying the new improvements thus far!
  12. Hi guys, Shortly after experiencing depsawning/deletion of my mobile ship/base -See bellow-, I decided to settle on the starter island to rebuild a home there. I decided to take my ship and attempt to leave in order to gather more supplies and I experienced the following... Claimed Ship leaves map border. I select a new location -I have attempted to create a new map as well as visit a pre-exisiting one-. Loading screen appears -Saving Island occurs and progress bar moves- Upon 25 Percent of the progress, Saving island text disappears and an infinite loading loop occurs. At this point I have no option but to alt-f4 the game. I reboot it, and reopen exploration. My ship remains on the border of the starter island map. As a consequence I am unable to leave the starter island and am now trapped. I have attempted to use different ships to leave but with no success. Any thoughts? I have enclosed a copy of the files for further study. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  13. Deadeye_Rob

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    I did not sadly. But I have noticed something. The event took place on a map from a previous version. I’ve noticed that the boarders have moved and some of the mainland now exists outside the map. That tells me that as my ship has entered the map, it has spawned on land. Due to collisions, it’s glitched under the map and began to fall/despawn.
  14. Deadeye_Rob

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    At this stage then, I might as well totally reset my character and wipe all my stuff. I've already lost my ship.