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  1. Deadeye_Rob

    Eco - Adventure Diary - “It’s totally worth it!”

    Week 1 There’s tons of career paths to choose from; Carpenter, Engineer, farmer just to name a few. I eventually settled with a Miner/Mason combo. I claimed my little scrap of land in a jungle next to a deposit of Shale, which I used to build my frugal home/workshop. It wasn’t long before I had accumulated a lot of surplus stone, which I would shape into construction blocks that I would sell in the nearby big city! The money I’d make would be spent on new tools and better meals which boosted my experience levels. It’s worth noting that in Eco, money should be weighed against a certain material to give it ‘true value’. The server’s main currency, BigCoin was weighted against Gold ingots held within the town treasury. There were other currencies about on the server, but because they weren’t backed by anything, they might as well be Monopoly money! My first week has ended upon my discovery of crafting clay bricks (a high tier material). I’ve crafted enough to begin building a fully functioning industrial factory to mass produce clay bricks to see on a large-scale. Hopefully the player-run government doesn’t notice my success to the point that they levy a tax on my sales (Boo socialism! Boo big Government!)
  2. Hi guys! If you’ve read my previous post about this game, you’ll know that I put caution to the wind, bought and played it! I’m exceptionally impressed! In a nutshell, it’s Minecraft, but with polished mechanics to facilitate working community governments and even a fully fledged currency system! ....oh and a meteor is going to crash into your world in 30 days unless you prevent it! Im going to leave some entries relating to my experiences on a particular server. It’s a real blast!
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    Eco - Survival Sandbox Game. Is it worth a try?

    So, my impatience got the better of me last night. As I was at there flicking through my Steam Library I felt nothing but a giant ‘Meh’. Nothing was scratching the itch I had (not even Ylands! ). So I ended up buying a copy of Eco and gave it a run last night. I must say, I’m quite impressed but I can appreciate that others might not share my opinion. So in a nutshell, Eco is a very drawn out survival game relying on committed players to achieve the goal of preventing the impending asteroid disaster. Due to the fact that every task is time consuming (resource gathering, building etc) you need to build a functioning society with the other players to get things done. There’s mechanics in place to allow for a working economy, trading and even governments! You can tax rent, buy and sell hunting rights. This game satisfies every capitalists dream! So far I have established myself in a local town as a carpenter. I buy wood logs from other players, then craft them into items to sell back. The profit I make goes into buying food for myself as well as to improving my workshop/house In the city. Eventually I’ll take out a loan from the town treasury to establish my own logging company where I will pay players a wage! Eco has a heck of a lot of potential, not just as a survival game, but as a genuinely great economy simulator that’s all player-driven! It’s not for those who expect to build a huge house in a day though! There’s a lot to work through before you even plant a single block down!
  4. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #176 What comes after 1.7

    I agree with the direction that prioritizes Quality Of Life improvements at this stage. There are a large quantity of little issues that when combined, generally erode player patience, which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction. My personal bug-bear is the User Interface, crafting in particular. A good example of this would be when I want to quickly craft Iron Ingots in my Furnace. The two tabs on the Right of the screen always have a tendency to toggle and flip without warning. This is a pain in the backside and requires more unnecessary clicking. I would suggest attempting to simplify the crafting station interface as well as allowing a 'Craft Multiple' feature to save time. I would also suggest using simpler object icons in the UI. My system wastes valuable resources and time rendering a stick in my inventory. It's not world-ending but by cutting out unnecessary 3D object Icons in favor of a standard image you can salvage some processing power for other things.
  5. Deadeye_Rob

    Eco - Survival Sandbox Game. Is it worth a try?

    You're very welcome Sandy! I've not bought it yet so I cant be a credible sources of advice but it's been on my Steam Wishlist for half a decade now and I'm still 'on the fence' as to invest in it or not. I'd personally wait until the next Steam Sale. hopefully a discount is upcomming! If you do buy it, please let me know how you get on and what you think!
  6. Deadeye_Rob

    Eco - Survival Sandbox Game. Is it worth a try?

    Yeah, I’ve had a dabble on Valheim and I get the hype. But it doesn’t have much of a free-placing element that Ylands has. Also I’m a sucker for low poly cartoony games which Eco and Ylands satisfies.
  7. Hi guys! Eco has been sat on my Steam Wishlist since before it’s Early Access release in 2018. It’s high price (£25) has always put me off. My appetite for Survival Sandbox games won’t be satiated however, and I’m always on the lookout for some new platform to stretch my creative and entrepreneurial skills! My question is: Is it worth getting? It seems to have everything I want in a survival sandbox game. A big open world, vast technology progression, a reactive eco-system and a detailed crafting system. The main criticism I’ve heard from reviews is that the game is a total grind when attempting to play solo. What do people think? Is it worth buying? Does anyone have a copy that their willing to testify in favour of? I’d love to hear your input! Rob
  8. I suggested this years ago but I would like to put this idea forward again for the following reason. We now have a tool to harden objects; in effect, making them unpickable. This is a feature that couldn’t have been done without the editor. I would like the ability to rename my storage units and even rename doors, weapons, armour and even boats! This would be a quality of life improvement that would be very welcome! Just hold a pen in your hand and hover over an unwelded object!
  9. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #175 Yland Hopping

    Christ! @zarwil!!! We’re going to need some bigger guns!!
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    FTC sign

    I can vouch for this. When playing on a multiplayer server, the crippling FPS drop is experienced the moment the ships anchor is disengaged. If Zarwil’s theory is correct, then the FPS drop is caused by the server attempting to render my ships position as it floats freely in the water to all server participants. When the Anchor is engaged and the ship is stationary however, the FPS stabilises and the game resumes a smooth operation. It definitely has something to do with the ships physical movements during sailing and free floating. Edit: this might be a good time to tag @Nikki Severin. I think what we’re experiencing through our discussions could be useful to the development team.
  11. Deadeye_Rob

    The Dreadful Wale

    An absolute delight of a ship! It’s one that pushes beyond the limits of conventional ship designs (and Frame rates! ). Thanks for designing my all-time favourite ship Zarwil!
  12. Deadeye_Rob

    FTC sign

    This is true but should not be a factor when construction mode is disabled. Upon leaving construction mode all ship blocks are effectively 'welded' into one object. This means that the individuality of each block is nullified. The unwanted side-effect of this is that weather effects can pass through the physically transparent blocks however. So as far as I can tell, it shouldn't happen. Not too much at least.
  13. Deadeye_Rob

    RESOLVED Server rental suggestion, a longshot and a prayer

    Back around the original early access period, you could download the Ylands Dedicated Server program. It allowed players to run and host their own dedicated servers on their own providers for free. Sadly the program was discontinued in favour of the current exclusive Nitrado server rental plan. The result of which was devastating to the community.
  14. Deadeye_Rob

    POSSIBLY Loading Screen

    I’ve seen other games fill their leading screens with player-submitted screenshots. It would be nice to see some really dramatic pictures inspiring creativity and exploration!
  15. Deadeye_Rob

    RESOLVED Server rental suggestion, a longshot and a prayer

    (Sigh) I saw the title and thought this was going to be a request to bring back locally hosted dedicated servers again. 😛 (Which by the way, id be in total support of!)