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  1. Hi guys! With 2023 coming to a close I must say it's been a blast playing Ylands again and I'd like to leave a suggestion that could make 2024 a year of further awesomeness! It's fair to say that Ylands is a nautical game, and as such a large percentage of maps are ocean. Whilst there has been great strides to diversify and populate the ocean floor, there is still limited reasons to dive down there for prolonged periods of time. With this in mind, I would like to propose adding the ability to build air-tight structures under the waves! I am aware of the difficulties this would pose regarding water physics but I am confident that with some already existing features, this could be achieved. So how can we possibly build a working airtight colony on the sea floor? Water Physics - Air Tight Spaces The first major issue is how to build and define an airtight space? What we really need to do is find a way to create an area where the 'Lung Capacity', 'swimming', underwater visuals and 'lack of gravity' no longer apply. Once we have the ability to crate a cube or sphere where this effect can be applied, then we can work on what conditions would need to be met in order to spawn this area. This means that there would be no dramatic overhaul of the current water physics and we would be able to create habitable spaces under the water! Structures - Building a Base So how do we build something that's suitable to create our Airtight Space? Can we build an enclosed structure from the conventional blocks already avaliable to us or do we need more purpose-built modular items (eg, corridors, halls etc.). We also need to consider structures with a purpose such as airlocks and windows, how do we account for their operation and what powers them? Suggestion summary So Id like to see is the ability to tackle a truly hard challenge - the conquest of the ocean floor. Battling the naturally harsh environment and even harsher wildlife, creating a self-sufficient base under the waves would be a truly inspiring achievement which would rejuvenate Ylands into the next year. Players who decide to colonise the ocean floor would be able to exploit the seabed for rare minerals and establish unique farms that would be unavailable to surface dwellers. But beware, there are significant dangers presented to living under the sea. Complex bases require a stable power supply (Ylandium/steam/geothermal). Base oxygen supply could also be woven into the experience, making survival an even greater challenge. Lets not forget the local intelligent life also! The Atlantians wont take kindly to Ylanders encroaching into their domain (Lore development, raids) *Screenshot of Anno 2070. A game where you can colonise the ocean floor. I'd be grateful to hear any feedback from both developers and the community to see if this suggestion could 'Hold Water'!
  2. Still here! Still having fun since 2016!
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    Display cases/Weapon racks

    I'd be in support of this. I can vouch for how easy it is to design and code something like that.
  4. Deadeye_Rob

    Suggestion: Editable written object names.

    A good example of this is the way Zoologist Note Scrolls are easily identified.
  5. Hi guys, Simple suggestion but one that would bring substantial improvement to quality of life. When writing a scroll, paper (Hopefully books one day 😉) could we have the ability to change the name of the object in question? This way I can see exactly what the scroll/paper is before i decide to pick it up. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, For those who already own (or are thinking of getting) a Steam Deck, you may run into an issue where your copy of Ylands wont recognise the location of its save files. After doing some tinkering with my device (and obtaining the advice/guidance of others credited) I have written a relatively easy to follow guide on how to apply a simple fix that will ensure you can enjoy Ylands on your Steam Deck. I published the quickfix guide on the steam discussions page here. Steam Deck Comparability: Quick Fix Don't hesitate to contact me with your questions and inquiries and I hope you all continue to enjoy Ylands on one of the most appropriate devices ive played it on!
  7. Hi guys, I haven't played Ylands since last Christmas, sadly my once-loyal gaming laptop finally decided to fry itself after about a decade of loyal service! I still maintain a strong online presence within the community however as I strive, work, graft and plead my way into affording a replacement. As I scan through my old uploads, I found a couple of screenshots that I took years ago which I believe really encompasses the spirit of Ylands. I enjoy travelling, trading and engaging with new people, groups and cultures from around the world. Here's but a couple of inspiring pictures that I hope you'll enjoy. =D *Tribes of the hardy northern isles are a great place for hides, furs and.... snow! *From the cold north to the hot and sandy eastern lands. Trading in exchange for rare spices and potions. *My masterpiece project which was to encompass the spirit of Ylands was this ornate grand chamber which would function as a meeting place, and (if possible) the unoffical social hub of the game (Prior to the Explorers Guild being formed) *Library *Grand hallway *The roof took approximately 20 hours to assemble manually due to the nature of the panel curves and the lack of sophisticated design tools that Ylands has now. *My Addermire Institute project. This architectural marvel was based on the building (of the same name) from the video game dishonored. Once complete, it will be blueprinted into the game as an artificial island and my new home base of operations. It will house a library, crafting facilitates, a treasury, greenhouse and other purpose-built areas.
  8. Deadeye_Rob

    Remove stereotypes of Native Americans

    Just curious, but which elements of the Native American set do you find stereotypical? As for hostility I'd put forward the case that pretty much all NPC's with the exception of merchants are to be considered hostile. This includes a very diverse selection of cultures and denominations. There are Spanish Conquistadors, Indo-European hunters, Ancient Romans, Nordic tribesmen and even the odd loon who wears a cactus for a helmet! I would not say that the Native American culture have been deliberately assigned as a hostile encounter based on any stereotype. If that were so, then we should consider removing all NPCs, which wouldn't help the gameplay at all! The point I'm trying to get at I suppose is that Ylands encourages players of all races, creeds, religions to build a boat, get out there and meet each other. Considering that this is probably the first time a point such as this has been put forward, I would argue that its relevance within the playerbase either doesn't enter their minds or isn't worthy of positive action to review. I do appreciate your comment, but to bring about sweeping changes to a very well established game based on perceived cultural appropriation/stereotyping could lay a very dangerous precedent that would invite too many strongly held beliefs which would damage the spirit of Ylands.
  9. One of the best aspects of Ylands has always been engaging with the multiplayer community. I love visiting player-built ports to trade and re-supply. If I could criticise anything however, it would be the limited (to no) choice regarding operation of a server. I would love to see a return to player-hosted servers instead of forced to rent.
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #262 Changing Challenge

    If a rebalance in combat is on the table, could you look into the prospect of shields and other forms of offensive/defensive equipment we could toy around with?
  11. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #245 Fun Energy Wanted!

    Here’s a few from my list: ENERGY GENERATION Whilst it’s very convenient to have a recharger on a ship, it does offer an endless, illogical supply of energy for engines. I think that energy generation should follow in line with basic physics in that I must be obtained from a fuel, or renewable source. Thus introducing a whole new market for energy generation. Maybe solar, oil, wind etc. STORAGE We have Power packs, which are a great portable start. I would like to see this improved with large, static batteries that could increase the operational lifespan of a ships engine. RECHARGER The recharger should no longer charge with an ‘area of effect’ and should have dedicated receptacles for power packs to be plugged in. Probably a controversial suggestion but one that favours logic. ENERGY-POWERED CRAFTING Each major workbench should have a powered equivalent, which would offer benefits. A furnace for example, would be more efficient in its operation, producing more ingots per Ore. Some stations could be automated, such as a Hydroponics station, where so long as it’s powered, would automatically plant and harvest a small collection of crops each week. MISC DEVICES Daylight detectors, motion detectors would be a great start. Also, current heaters and Tesla coils don’t show their area of effect when placing. I would like to see this implemented in a similar manner as the oxygen generator is.
  12. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #241 That One Recipe You're Missing

    This sounds like an outstanding idea. I’ve got a ton of accumulated exploration points that are pretty much worthless once unlocking islands. By using them to purchase recipies would introduce a ‘progression loop’ which would keep players interested. I am opposed to the earlier suggestion to monetise Exploration points however as it would set a dangerous example. Good job guys!
  13. Deadeye_Rob

    Retain energy connections in game blueprints

    I didn’t know about this. Thanks @zarwil, you’ve saved me against a potentially expensive mistake!
  14. Deadeye_Rob

    Community Corner #1

    what I immediately see…
  15. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #236 Sassy Streams and Cute Community

    I haven’t had the time to jump into Ylands properly this week but I’m looking forward to checking out Secret Streamerworld! Have you guys considered hosting a permanent Community Island on Adventure mode? Something that works in a similar fashion to Playlands but could be accessed by sailing there would be absolutely Fantastic! 🤞🏻😀