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  1. Deadeye_Rob

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    Here’s my take: I for one welcome any news regarding the development of Exploration and it’s a pleasure to see Aleš back at the helm. Here’s hoping that it can be steered back on to a more favourable course! With regard to this weeks Dev Announcement my opinion is that of: ”Talk is cheap” I mean no offence by this, only that for as far back as I can remember there has always been reassuring statements of impending exploration updates with little or no substance. The Watery Update was a particular source of frustration for me, but I won’t write another essay on that. I remain cautiously optimistic however that future news will reveal more tangible evidence of content. Ideally I would prefer these updates to be authored by Aleš himself as further reassurance to what we can expect.
  2. Deadeye_Rob

    Consider turning this ship around

    I still enjoy Ylands when I play it (I emphasise the phrase: “When I play it). As I said before, it was an exceptionally hard decision to make that post yesterday. I have followed the dev diaries since the initial Steam release and enjoyed watching the designers reveal what they’ve been working on. Heck! I even have their portraits hanging proudly on display within my personal Sharegame! It’s that loyalty to this game that has compelled me to warn the developers of the impending proverbial ‘iceberg’. The facts, statistics, reddit and even this very fan base is screaming “turn this game back toward sandbox survival!”. The community can already see that the current course will lead to this game fizzling out into ambivalent obscurity and as such, they’re already jumping ship and leaving. I still enjoy replaying the original Ylands trailer: “It was the Mother of all storms”. That was the hook that drew us all in. Sandbox survival maybe a saturated market, but it’s still competitive. Take Hytale for example. It’s minecraft in every way yet it’s touted to be the successor. Why can’t Ylands seize that title? You have the foundations, build on it!
  3. Hi guys, Well, here’s a message I thought I’d not have to write but it’s one that I feel needs to be said on behalf of those original players who are still active. Ylands needs to return to its charming grass roots. When it first debuted on Steam, I was met with a neat Main Menu where the main feature was Explore Mode. Quaint, inviting, but most importantly; simple. Today we have a Menu page that is so confusing, so loud in fact that I may have developed tinnitus just by looking at it! As far as I can recall, Nobody asked for the menu to be changed, yet every few months it gets ‘updated’ in a manner akin to a rubix cube! Bring back the old menu. *Where did this game go? Expanding on this subject, the evolution of the Menu system is a clear evidence that there has been a conscious decision to change the direction/purpose/identity of Ylands. Explore was considered to be the main feature whilst Editor was a charming utility tool. (I for one used the editor to design and execute complex blueprints for my explore maps). Now we have small-scale games created by the community that are either unfinished, unpolished or just downright boring. (There are a few gems out there; in particular Minigolf, but would I play that for more than 10 minutes?) We now have Mobile devices cutting in on the action aswell. Tell me; exactly what is Ylands now? A mobile game? A design tool for Minigames? Or an unfinished survival game? I actually have no idea now which makes the game so hard to support. Playlands was hyped to be Ylands virtual community hub. Today it’s a relative ghost town. I often dip in before my evening dose of Explore just to see if anyone is online. I have only ever played one game on Playlands and the only other player I was with got bored and left. Someone needs to invent a tumbleweed animation. My verdict, either improve Playlands or get rid of it. No one uses it. Game Update news via community forum posts were (and are) very good. I relish reading up on the news every mid-week. Sadly even this is waining on my patience. Every update, every roadmap, users across the community ask the same questions; “What about Explore?”, “Will Explore get anything on the next update”. We’re always politely acknowledged and answered with the same enticing reply; “Soon”. I myself threw my proverbial toys out of the pram with the Water Update. This was Ylands chance to allow us to begin navigating and conquering the largest parts of the map; the sea floor. Instead we were greeted with another Editor feature, the ability to create inland puddles -yay. Explore was once again left under the table, thrown a few scraps in the form of new assets -most of which couldn’t be legitimately crafted anyway. In fact with every update, Explore appears to be eroded, the very ecosystem of a standard Explore map appears to be dying, we no longer have birds in the sky, no sea life of any kind. I acknowledge the game runs smoother than ever and looks great but where is the substance? The map size was enormous, long voyages were such a pleasure and rewarding. Today however I can swim over to the nearest island in a few minutes thus rendering Complex ship construction (Ylands best selling point) totally worthless. If the temperature mechanic gets cut then all is lost! *Not dipping my toes in there today! I’m not going to go into too much depth on Multiplayer Servers. In short, by discontinuing privately run servers in favour of unreliable pay-to-host servers you have effectively ended a flourishing multiplayer community. Most servers today are either locally run, or password protected. Very few are populated and due to the poor quality of service from paid-servers, there’s no point in getting established on an explore game when the server could be down tomorrow. I have nothing but positive things to say about the sharegame feature however. It’s a stroke of pure brilliance and something that I’ve not seen before. Coyns? Most games have a currency system for cosmetics so I’m pretty indifferent on the matter. I am watching the development of the Creation Club with cautious interest however. I won’t be getting involved myself but I will be interested to see how it goes. *Ships: more or less useless as you can now swim to an island within eyesight. So in conclusion, I hope you have not died of totally boredom reading my rendition of War & Peace but I feel that the Ylands I knew no longer exists and as a consequence, my interest has drifted on to more promising survival games (Like Hytale). In order for Ylands to survive, to retain its original fan base AND still be a heavy hitter on Steam, it needs to adress the following: Menu & GUI - Its so cluttered it could be diagnosed as being a hoarder! Game Purpose - What game are you? Fulfil our best hopes or just put it out of our misery so we can move on! Get marketing to actually be more specific on your product. Playlands - Rename it Ghost-Town or just get rid. Game Updates - More bugfixes and performance improvements. Definitely more craftable content in explore mode. Maybe even a dedicated explore update to restore player confidence? Eco System - Save the sharks and vultures! We need bigger maps again and for goodness sake let us do something to colonise the seabed! Multiplayer - Should be treated as the games best bet for consumer longevity. Allow the game to be run offline as well as reestablish locally hosted servers again. Editor - yes it’s great and powerful and you can do some interesting things. But it’s taking too much attention from what should be your main product - Explore. Don’t get tunnel vision and look at what your customer base is saying. This post has taken me some hours to write. I have done so with much thought towards constructive criticism. I (like many) want to see this game succeed but as an ‘overwhelmingly Positive’ Survival Sandbox, as it was originally intended. Dont forget your roots, especially as it was “The mother of all storms” Rob
  4. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #133 - UI Suggestions

    Great feedback, thankyou!
  5. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #133 - UI Suggestions

    I’m gonna throw my hat in again if that’s okay! 😁 1) Animal domestication - The ability to breed animals for farming purposes and greater uses for farmable materials. 2) More Power Systems - We have small engines.... where’s the large variant? The Ylandium recharger is a great idea rarely used. It’s potential is massive. Maybe powered crafting stations that offer greater yields. Power tools? Maybe generators require some periodical maintenance to ensure continuous running. Programmable logic components (See Stationeers game) 3) Better water physics - I hoped this would’ve been solved on the last update. I’d like to see ocean water physics improved upon to allow deep sea construction because who doesn’t want to live under the sea? (Cough! Bioshock Cough!) 4) Enhanced potions - potions and alchemy are great but could use more development. They’re widely unused in normal gameplay but could be expanded. Maybe mixing potions with arrows to create variable ammunition? 5) Age rating effecting ideas - Self explanatory. I’m aware this may affect the customer base of Ylands as a product but here they are. Things like beer brewing, a renewed approach to hunting/skinning animals. 6) Books and Literature - I’ve suggested this a number of times and sadly it’s not been implemented on the side. I’d love to be able to create and write my own books and scrolls. Minecraft got this one a while ago and it’s a very popular feature. It’s good that we can write notes but we want more! I advise you all to check out The Censored Library project on minecraft. It demonstrates the importance and power of the written word! Thats about it! It is war-and-peace but it’s just a few ideas bouncing around in my head. As a strong advocate for Explore mode, I feel at least a couple of these suggestions would mean so much for us Survival Loyalists and would also benefit the editors too! Thanjs Rob
  6. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #133 - UI Suggestions

    I would like to put forward both a suggestion of feature and of general direction of development. Specifically I would like to see Animal Domestication. There’s a healthy range of creatures to see, but what’s the point of them if all you can do is sit on them or kill them? Bring in the ability to domesticate, breed and farm them for a much better survival experience. My other advice is that development has to direct more attention towards the Exploration Mode. It’s the game’s primary income source and quite frankly it’s losing its appeal because of the limited gameplay possibilities. I was hoping the water update would enable colonisation of the seabed. Instead all we can do is swim around ruins and the odd landmark. It’s a feature, whilst interesting at first, will become boring very quickly. Rest assured, I still have faith that Ylands has potential, but that faith is waining. Please don’t abandon what made the game a survival gem in favour of appeasing the mobile gaming crowd.
  7. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #128 - Underwater Adventures

    Love the update this week guys! Great stuff. Might I suggest some kind of underwater scuba tank recharging station? Oh and another thing that’s been negging me. Will water have their own set of physics? To put it bluntly; will I be able to build an underwater base on the seabed that will maintain a watertight breathable interior? My imagination would truly be tested if this would be possible!
  8. Deadeye_Rob

    The Viceroy Club - Private Membership

    Enormous update! Hi guys! This latest addition to my town is a project that I've been working on right from the start of the year! In fact, I chose to dedicate my time totally to it's completion even at the detriment of the Ylands New Year challenge. I am pleased to say that I feel that the work has been worth it! Presenting the 'Flintlock Trading Company Headquarters!' Whilst there is still a number of nagging little details to correct and complete, the overall construction of this massive building is complete. It features fully layered interiors, and a good, spacious floorplan. It is my intention to use this design as a home-spawn for all my multiplayer exploration maps. *The garden still needs to be planted and I will create a detailed design on the triangular roof panel at the front. -A side profile of the atrium corridor. Note the company monogram on the floor as you enter the building. -Another view from the front entrance. I would like to place a pixalated mural within the arched frame on the wall. The spotlight above would complete the look. -The book-keeping offices. All revenue from our town will be calculated here prior to storage in our vault. -This is inside our Safe Deposit Vault. Citizens can purchase keys to store their most prized possessions in the event of a server refresh. Their items would be carried over to the next map. -This is the second floor hallway. The second floor functions as quarters for the executive, server administration and suchlike. Notice my personal crest inlaid outside my office door! -This is the Council chambers. I always liked a grand meeting room for arranging big projects and ventures. I have used the new stained glass to great effect on the ceiling. -Here's another shot from the other end of the room. I have also used cloth to make some curtains, which worked surprisingly well! Thats all so far folks. There are a few other rooms i haven't shown either because they're not finished or that they're private. I still have some work to do in order to complete this monumental task and i may even release it as a explore-friendly blueprint. You will however, need to dig up an entire map in order to build it! Think of it as a type of end-game monument! On a separate note, I've updated the interior of the Viceroy Club. It also now has curtains and an improved floorspace for patrons! Let me know what i should focus on next! Thanks guys! Rob
  9. Deadeye_Rob

    Game idea - Hateful Eight

    Hey guys! I’m blitzing the forums this week! 😛 So I would like to propose a game idea based around the movie: The Hateful Eight. I won’t bother explaining the film plot in detail. In its most basic narrative, set around the American West; Eight strangers find themselves taking shelter in the same remote cabin lodge. They’re all connected in various ways that don’t get revealed until the end. What I want to create is a minigame where the objective is simple: Stay alive until the storm clears. there is one little issue however; One of the fellow strangers is a murderer! A session of the game will last approximately 10 to 20 Minutes with basic environment needs in effect (hunger, cold etc). At the start of the game, one player is randomly (and secretly) chosen to be the murderer. It will be the murderers role to eliminate the other players using methods that will not raise suspicion against them. As players will need to maintain hunger and temperature levels, the murderer has a wide range of opportunities to exact death ranging from poisoning food and supplies to sabotage of surroundings. Scripts could be written to introduce additional environmental needs such as thirst, sleep and even character-specific objectives (such as medicine dependency. If the character doesn’t take a unique medicine every 2 minutes, they will expire or severely debuff). Victory is achieved when the timer runs down signalling the end of the storm, or if the murderer is exposed and killed. This would be a great game to play with others, especially involving mic chat. I would imagine that this game would work best in first person mode. I can design the level and assets/props. I am close to useless however with scripts. Let me know your thoughts and even if you’d be interested to make this game. Thanks, Rob
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    The Viceroy Club - Private Membership

    Update! Presenting Tabop's little fishery shop! Built next door to the Server Administration office!
  11. Deadeye_Rob

    The Viceroy Club - Private Membership

    Of course you can! These screenshots have been taken from our Exploration Sharegame. I design the buildings in editor and then blueprint them in order to construct them in our map. We have a great little community with whom we have encouraged to band together and create a small town. The Viceroy Club is used as the Hub of our town community, but we also have a number of player-run industries including a Grocery/Fish shop, a Gunsmith, and a community Bank for expanded personal storage. I myself run the ‘Server Administration Office’ in town where the player base can raise issues or suggestions. we hope to expand as time (and hardware) allows! As you can imagine, we’re very resource dependant both in the map and in processing power! Ill post more screenshots as we progress!
  12. Deadeye_Rob

    New game Idea: -Towny

    Hi guys! Im a big Minecraft fan (still am!), and one of the most appealing multiplayer game modes I’ve played is a plug-in called Towny. For those of you who’ve never heard of Towny; let me clue you in. Towny is a Plug-in to Minecraft Servers that introduces a working economy and encourages players to band together in settlements, towns and eventually cities. A new player would be granted a small amount of money and released into the world. It is then up to the player to find a town and buy a plot of land, thus becoming a citizen of that town. This is where the real work begins! Owning a plot grants the owner protection from griefers and thieves. In return however, the plot owner has to pay taxes (set by the town owner/mayor) every 24hrs. Taxes are automatically transferred into the town treasury which can be used to expand town boarders. Every 24hrs the server taxes the town directly from its treasury. As a claim owner, failure to pay taxes will result in immediate loss of control of your claim. In effect, the town repossesses your property. Failure to pay taxes as a whole town will result in the immediate collapse and disbandment of all town holdings and properties. In effect, your town descends in to anarchy as all safeguards from griefing is removed! In order to build a functioning working town, citizens need to be entrepreneurial in their approach in order to generate money to pay maintain their upkeep. Town mayors need to balance their tax rates to keep their towns paid for without bankrupting its citizens! As you can tell, it’s a rather complex system but in effect, it’s a very simple plugin. My personal experience of Towny was great! I enjoyed running an ‘Ingot Bank’ where I would exchange Iron, Gold and Diamond with changing exchange rates including a small fee. My little business was very successful, I was rich enough to buy more plots in my town, with plans to open branches in other towns. I had a blast! So my final point after rambling is this: Could Ylands replicate this type of plugin? Could a script be written to encourage players to band together in towns to create a working economy? It’s exciting stuff and I would love to see an explore map hosting two island towns connected by a robust trading economy via the sea! Its a long read so thanks for showing an interest! I’d love to hear your ideas and maybe your pledge to try to make this dream of mine a reality! Thanks Rob
  13. "You Sir! .... Yes You!" Do you feel the need to kickback and relax after an afternoons' worth of shooting? Have you bagged enough animal trophies to decorate the Berlin wall and now want to brag about it like a top chap? Then THE VICEROY CLUB is for you! "Private Membership only!" Located on the affluent part of the harbor quay, the Viceroy Club offers a private membership experience! Mix with fellow mustached explorers! Share your tales of adventure and your experiences of looking down on people! Compare your wealth, then laugh at the fellow who has the least! "Complementary beard cream with every Scotch or Whisky!" ....And once you're ready to head back out to terrorize some rabbits, why not pop next door to Frankson's Gunsmithing Shop where Viceroy Members are entitled to 10% off explosive rounds and grenades! "Showcasing the latest Dueling Pistols from Flintlock Industries!" "Franksons Gunsmith caters for all your hunting/maiming needs!" "And remember friends, If you're looking to rub shoulders with fellow sneering hunters! Look no further than The Viceroy Club!" *Sneering, sniggering, looking down on poor people and shooting defenseless animals in no way reflects the feelings/views of myself! But those bloody Rhinos deserve a shotgun to the face!
  14. Deadeye_Rob

    Watery Water: Your thoughts/Ideas?

    I would like to see some proper water-physics. I would like to create a structure that is watertight and will be able to maintain a habitable space providing the structure doesn’t take any damage! Id also like to see the inclusion of rivers and the ability to artificially create them.
  15. Deadeye_Rob

    Suggestions for Playlands hub

    I saw a Facebook post a while ago revealing that someone had created a working arcade machine. If the processing demand isn’t too high, maybe a few games of Snake would be a good way of passing the time!