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  1. Deadeye_Rob

    Huge Landmass discovered.

    That would be great to have a ‘continental’ jungle island so I can build the ultimate plantation home.
  2. Deadeye_Rob

    Huge Landmass discovered.

    Hi guys! I was playing some more exploration in search of various artefacts (Golden Crown and Winter Outfit to be exact). I stumbled upon a map consisting of one HUGE island! I mean this thing could’ve been a continent! I’ll post a screenshot of the map when I get online next. Kudos to the Developers for this kind of Topography! I’d love to see this occur more frequently. The island was so big, I actually wanted to build a car to explore it! Ive changed my objective from relic hunting to trying to find a Continental Jungle island! Happy trails guys! Let me know if you guys have found the same sort of map topography! Rob
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    The Lands of Evanar

    Looks great mate! The way you’ve presented the character interface makes it look like a totally different game!
  4. Hi guys! I was given a whole day off yesterday and what better way to spend it than start a build project! After spending approximately 6 solid hours building, I present to you the fruits of my addicted labor! Many of you may have played Red Dead Redemption 2. So I decided to build my version of Caliga Hall! Caliga Hall as it appears in RDR2 based off of the real 'Shirley Plantation' in Virginia Here's my rendition on Caliga, I've added a few details here and there. So in the space of one working day I have pretty much completed the external structure. The real time-consuming element is fitting in a comfortable, flowing interior. Currently on Exploration 1.5, my Home island lies unused. I intend to build a nice plantation and develop the land to be used as a functioning home and base of operations for my little clan. I also have plans to build other structures such as stables, barns etc. These will be designed to the same architectural standard as Caliga Hall. I appreciate any feedback and upon completion, I will welcome any visitors! Thanks guys! Rob
  5. Deadeye_Rob

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    I was one of them! 😛 For further evidence that the player base enjoy survival over mini games you need only look at the server lists. The World of Dreams servers always have at least one of their maps fully populated at any time of the day. On a positive note, I cannot overstate the good that 1.5 brought to Ylands. The momentum needs to be maintained however. The goodie packs are a good start and I really look forward to what 1.6 will bring. I also think that whilst this isn’t the best thread title to debate under, I do think this sort of respectable discussion is great for debating the direction of the game in the opinions of its fan base.
  6. Deadeye_Rob

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    I think there’s points to be taken on both sides of the field here. I think you could call me an ‘Indoctrinated Ylander’ but I am by no means blind to the cold facts presented by RedEagles statistics. Valheim is a good example of what Ylands could (and should) have become if only there was more initial confidence to keeping it as a tight, quality sandbox survival game. When I look at Valheim and it’s well deserved success I visualise a race between Valheim and Ylands. The only reason why Valheim has won is because Ylands got left behind tying its proverbial shoes. This leads me to my next point; from my perspective, Ylands was created to function as a Survival Sandbox akin to Minecraft. So at what point and on what information was it decided to shift attention away from the original design in favour of a more niche and ambiguous direction? I still enjoy Ylands and will always continue to play it. But I can’t help but look at Valheim and think “what if?”
  7. Deadeye_Rob


    I can't believe I haven't played this game properly until recently. I really enjoy the community you guys have here. The feeling of intrigue when I discovered the crystal cave was something I haven't felt since I explored my first Dwemer ruin in Skyrim! I've spent a lot of time here building my little home on the far western coast of the spawn island overlooking the crossing to the next landmass. Great job guys! If i only had one criticism it would be that the green-illuminated loot dropping points don't function and that most of the seabed is too shallow for ships. It's not an issue for me however as boats are definitely my thing!
  8. How morbidly brilliant is this game!? I bought Frostpunk a few years ago, and after a long absence of playing it, a ton of DLC has been developed. I recently jumped back in for an hour and found myself impressed by how far it’s come! So what is it all about? Outline Its the 1880s and the globe is enduring an unexplained ice age. The prior to their collapse, the remaining world powers (USA, Europe and the British Empire) construct a series of immense generator towers that will form the basis for a new society in the frozen wastes. As leader of your own colony you have but one objective: The Generator must keep going and the city must survive! Game Mechanics This isn’t just a standard city simulator. Aside from battling to maintain a constant supply of coal to power your generator, you need to manage the survivors who call this place home! If you fail to meet their needs or your policies are deemed too strict, you may have a revolution on your hands. On the other hand, which principles should be sacrificed to assure survival? Fatalities caused by overworking your coal miners may be a regrettable but necessary policy to keep the generator going. Dispatching scouts to explore the new and evolving frost lands expands the lore of Frostpunk. They can bring back valuable relics of the old world as well as establish trade routes with other survivor colonies. I can’t recommend this game enough guys! The constant battle to maintain heat to sustain your colony is an everyday battle. Little decisions can have huge ramifications and the sheer scarcity of resources feels like the survival of your city hangs in the balance constantly! From a Ylands perspective, this reinforces the pleasure I am rewarded with when I set up my little polar outpost. I love the idea of braving to cold wastes in order to carve out a comfortable existence! Let me know what you think! Do you guys already own this game? I’d love to hear your input!
  9. Deadeye_Rob

    Farewell for Adam

    Love it guys! Farewell Adam, it’s been a pleasure!
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #163 - Future of the Barrier

    You most certainly have my attention!
  11. I’ve noticed in my travels that a lot of player-owned maps have (in one form or another) a shop to buy/sell goods. I myself have something similar in order to generate some gold whilst helping out my guests. I would love to see what people buy and sell represented on the title of their map viewable from the world map interface. It would go like this for example: SHADY CAKEREALM LUMBERYARD Hosted by: Flintlock Rob Buys: Logs (Icon of Logs) Sells: Planks, Wooden Pieces (Icon of goods) With a little customisable label like this, it would open up more possibilities as well as encourage more people to open up their worlds to better link the community. let me know what you all think. It’s a little GUI change that may make a substantial improvement!
  12. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #163 - Future of the Barrier

    Great news and an interesting read! I’m curious about setting world rules. Will this mean that I could freeplace a load of items in the knowledge that they won’t be picked up or stolen?
  13. Deadeye_Rob

    Random Encounter- Has anyone figured out this yet?

    Is that actually it!? I’ve definitely overthought this! The reward better be worth it! 😛
  14. I've seen this particular random encounter for a while now. It's known as the Ritual Circle from it's original compilation in editor, but after much investigation and experimentation I still don't know the solution! I've researched every rune for a hint toward what object needs to be placed on each plinth with no success. There is definitely a mechanism here that I'm not seeing however, as if I were to remove the raw meat from it's plinth, then the brazier would extinguish until I replace it. Can anyone help me with some solutions, It's driving me crazy!
  15. Deadeye_Rob

    Kitted out Kayak

    Hi guys! The Kayak is now my new favorite toy! I've spent longer than I should kitting it out with useful and appealing decorations! I've cunningly attached an anchor onto the Kayak to stabilize it whilst I add my bits and pieces as well as to prevent theft!