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  1. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #225 Ship, boat and giant urchin

    Scrolls!! YES!!! The pen is far mightier than the sword! Get scribbling stories and history books people! We have a library to fill!
  2. Deadeye_Rob

    Why isn't Ylands being played?

    I’m no marketing expert by a long shot. However I’d say that most Steam products follow a similar curve. Early Access games get a lot of interest down to the Steam Algorithm, Product Marketing and a general optimistic public opinion on what the game will be at release. It’s a fair statement to say that Ylands hasn’t had the most favourable transition from Early Access due to the direction of its development. Things have, however improved substantially with further evidence of great things to come. As I said, I’m no marketing Expert but maybe a new refreshing marketing drive might help? The game is visually charming enough to win over a consumer comfortably. The message needs to get out that the Ylands experience is back!
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    Interactive Terminals v1.0 (Tutorial)

    Yes mate! I was going to do it last night but I must admit; I forgot how to upload it! Expect it to drop on the workshop later today! In the meantime, a stand-alone link has been provided in the YWD discord page.
  4. INTERACTIVE TERMINALS v1.0 TUTORIAL TERMINAL: https://create.ylands.com/asset_detail/15836 SERVER: https://create.ylands.com/asset_detail/15840 TERMINAL & NETWORK SERVER - RELEASE VERSION 1.0 INTRODUCTION Thank you for downloading my creation. This project was a labor of love that initially started as a little side-project, but evolved into something bigger once I realized the unbridled potential that fully interactive terminals can possess! I have tried to make my first release version to be as easy to use as possible. For your convenience however, I have also written this brief tutorial for the purpose of demonstrating the full capabilities of the creation you now possess! Each terminal functions as a stand-alone word processor, capable of keeping recorded text files and documents. It has it's own embedded security protocols such as password protection to ensure your documents are safe from prying eyes. When linked to a server however, these terminals can form their own network where instant, secure messaging is possible. Lets start the tutorial with the Terminal! Main Menu On interacting with the terminal you will be taken to the Main Menu screen (assuming that password protection has been disabled). From there you will have the ability to access all features on the system. MAIN MENU SCREEN DOCUMENTS Selecting the Documents tab will open the Word-Processing functions. There are two folders with customizable titles that contain eight entries each. Simply click on an entry to open the file. Each file can be unlocked for editing using the EDIT/SAVE Button. Once saved, the main folder page file entry will be updated. To delete any unwanted files, when on a file, select the PURGE button. The system will ask for a confirmation to perform the purge, after which the file will be deleted and its entry reset. WORD PROCESSOR FUNCTION MESSAGES - CONNECTING TO A NETWORK The terminal is also programmed to communicate with other devices such as a NETWORK SERVER. This is an essential device required to establish secure communication between terminals. THE NETWORK TERMINAL Each Network Server is unique, using its entity ID number as it's primary form of identification. In order to connect to the Server, you must generate a NETWORK KEY. NETWORK KEYS Network Keys a generated from the Network Server, they are unique entities that are imprinted with the Server Networks uplink data. Once you have a Key, simply 'FREE PLACE' the Key in your Terminal's Data Port. FREE-PLACING A NETWORK KEY IN THE GENERAL VICINITY OF THE RED DATA PORT WILL LOCK THE KEY INTO THE TERMINAL The lower portion of the key will glow green if a correct connection has been made. The key will be locked in position until it has been ejected via accessing the terminal. With the key connected, the terminal can now use the Messaging Function. NOTE- EJECTING THE KEY WILL DISABLE SECURE COMMUNICATIONS. To eject the Key, Press the EJECT button on the Main Menu located in the vicinity of the key. Once ejected, the Key will glow red and can be removed at this point. The terminal will also no longer be connected to the network until a key has been refitted. HELP The Help Tab enables users to unlock or reset all Codex entries. It also holds a QR code that will link back to this page for further reference. THE CODEX MANAGER ALLOWS FOR QUICK ENABLING/DISABLING OF ALL ENTRIES SETTINGS The Settings Tab holds options and configurations where users can customize their terminal. Under the SYSTEM INFO button, users have the ability to rename their terminal. The Terminal's unique entity ID is also embedded into it's detail page. Under the USER CONFIG button, you have the ability to reset your User ID and your password. By default the Password protection function is disabled. Simply click on the 'PASSWORD DISABLED/ENABLED' button to toggle this. Once enabled, your terminal will automatically lock once you log out. There is no other way to access your terminal without your password! NETWORK SERVER The Network Server has a very basic interface. It is not capable of password protection and it's only option is for the generation of Network Keys. The Server itself houses all the scripting and logic entities required to host group chat functions. An unlimited number of keys can be generated from the Server although it is advised to control this. Once a key has been created, there is no recall function in place as of yet. CONCLUSION It is my sincere hope that you enjoy using this set. The future for this creation is unlimited and can be implemented and expanded on in a number of ways. Feel free to use this on your servers and maps but I would appreciate some credit or a courtesy call! A very big thank you to the Ylands Discord community, in particular @Mello1223, who has helped me solve countless problems. If you encounter any glitches, rest assured, I will endeavor to rectify them (once I've taken a break from scripting!). I encourage anyone to modify this creation and expand the capabilities of this terminal project themselves affording appropriate credit of course. Once I've taken a sufficent break to concentrate on my real-life career, I'll be back to work on this again! Stay Tuned! Rob
  5. Deadeye_Rob

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    This has been a dream of mine ever since it was possible to visit other island maps.
  6. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #223 What You Ask Is What You Get

    Can we eat whilst sitting down? 100% need that Quality of Life mechanic!
  7. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #221 Rebalancing the Future

    What about underwater enclosures where the internals make the water (and it’s accompanying effects) invisible. As if it wasn’t there but technically is present?
  8. Deadeye_Rob

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    And that’s where we can find a use for Steam/Ylandium power! It all fits together!
  9. Here's another update guys! I'm pleased to announce that my research and experimenting on combining Custom Windows with Custom Entities has born fruit! I am delighted to announce that my terminals at last function more-or-less as expected! Terminals can be password protected and even locked for those without the correct clearance! For those of you who don't want to know what the purpose of Vault 14 is yet. Don't open the spoiler! =D I'm going to conduct more tests on this interactive Terminal Concept. My mind absolutely boggles with the potential these devices may hold and I hope to share with you a fully operational Vault Terminal Network!
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    I got inspired to make this after playing so many little Colony-Sim games. I think there's a lot of satisfaction when creating the perfect little industry with a wide variation of products. It's more engaging as a playing experience because the player can choose a certain Trade -Brewer, Herbalist, Hunter etc- each with their own tech/crafting tree and then spend hours perfecting the most efficient lay out. The products produced from each Trade could be sold and applied to other Trades. A carpenter for example, would have access to better tools courtesy of a Smith. With better tools, the Carpenter has the ability to craft more specialist, ornate building materials. And just like that, you have laid the foundations of an economy where players will interact better in pursuit of goods and resources. Furthermore, you introduce a classic addictive desire to play through each trade-based tech tree. Each tree wouldn't take long to lay out and apply, but the result would be well worth it. I appreciate it's a revolutionary direction away from the conventional Ylands experience, but the idea certainly holds water and there's plenty of evidence to suggest that it works.
  11. Deadeye_Rob

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    Hi guys! I'm thinking of working on a small series of Scripted Compositions that could greatly expand on the core survival game aspect. It is my hope to make these Industry sets available for anyone to enhance their own survival/exploration experience. Who knows? Maybe it could be incorporated into Exploration as a permanent feature? (...Cough... @Nikki Severin) For a long time I have wanted to be able to make Beers and other alcoholic beverages; now I can! I've only spent a day wo rking on it but so far I have a basic functioning template to build on. *Here's my Fermentation Vat and Wine Barrel! Currently I have two working devices, the Fermentation Vat and the Wine Barrel. Players will select what type of product they wish to ferment (Bearberries, Raspberries or Blackberries). Once 20 of such berries is placed in the Vat, the process begins immediately with a very charming animation sequence. The process lasts for 72 in-game hours and will allow the player to draw a unique 'Wine Cask' upon completion. *The colour of the wine is determined by the type of berry used. With a fresh cask of wine in hand, the player can either store it in a Wine Barrel, or consume the entire Cask. Consuming the entire cask will eventually lead to dire consequences however. The benefits of storing Wine in a Wine Barrel will allow the player to draw up to 4 helpings per batch. The barrel colour scheme will change to match it's contents and it will also show how many helpings remain inside until empty. The Future This was an idea that I literally spent the morning toying with. I would like to build a robust brewing system that will incorporate a multitude of beverages. I would like each drink to have its own effects and drawbacks. Whilst not dramatically game-changing, it certainly adds another mechanic to an already expansive game! Let me know what you think guys, I'd love to hear your opinions. Rob
  12. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

    I’m exactly the same. I design my builds in Editor, blueprint them, and build them in Exploration.
  13. Deadeye_Rob

    Book crafting

    I’ve suggested this a few times over the years in addition for players to write their own books in a similar manner to Minecraft. I take pride in owning a stocked library in Exploration. I would like to see some more book content however. 😛
  14. I found it and gave it a whirl, sadly though it only uses files in MIDI format which is not adequate for my needs. But I live in hope! With every new feature/object, there's always the possibility for more sfx to be added to the game's library! I'm starting work on the residential sector of the Vault, this will definitely suck a lot of my time up! The sector will house up to 10 resident quarters in a two-tier format (The screenshot shows the top tier under construction). I hope to personalize each one differently.
  15. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

    At last!!