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  1. Deadeye_Rob

    Steamship MkIII - Dauntless

    That’s genius! Thanks very much mello! I’ll have a tinker with that tonight!
  2. Deadeye_Rob

    Steamship MkIII - Dauntless

    As you said earlier, I toyed with the idea of a fuel indicator in the design. In short, I’d like to have a set of indicators that will change colour in time with the engines own fuel indicator. I’m going to have a crack at it by stacking time delays every 10 seconds. I’ll test the engines fuel levels out to determine when the indications change in relation to the fuel levels. I.E Green = 100-75%, Yellow = 74-25%, and Red = 24-1%.
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    Steamship MkIII - Dauntless

    Thanks for your support mate! If 1.5 allows it, this will be my ship of choice! I think it’s about time that exploring islands was done with a little more comfort! 😛 So I’ve thought of this before, my only confusion is how would I do it? Should it be done with a series of Time Delays or with some kind of Loop? I want to incorporate a mechanism that will halt the trigger when I turn the engines off too. The problem with loops is that I have absolutely no idea how to use them and the trial-and-error route leads to me crashing my game! 😛
  4. Deadeye_Rob

    Steamship MkIII - Dauntless

    Hi guys! You may have noticed a little hidden teaser within my post regarding what I'd like to see in 1.5. I encourage you to have a read if you're as excited as I am with the long overdue attention the Exploration badly needs. Anyway, I have finally completed Mark 3 of my Steamship project, a line of ships that has gone back at least a couple of years! This time I have incorporated the new steel-based ship assets to create something of luxury. I give you the Dauntless Steamship! -Steel, wood & stone in construction. The Dauntless is powered by 4x Small Steam Engines. Her main electronic system is ran by a small NOT-Energy source. I've chosen to improve on the design of the Steamboat MkII -Intrepid, by introducing a far more smoother, sleeker design. The windows are considerably larger and her hull has a less blocky feel. I always prefer to use Steam Engines due to their noise when running as well as their ability to refuel them from a multitude of sources. I've expanded the rear boarding deck for a better view and to make fishing more fun! -The Primary Compartment Fwd View. -The Primary Compartment Aft View. The main space within the Dauntless features a comfortable seating area, a drinks bar and study. -The Bridge Controlling the ship is easy to do, switch controls and steering is here. I've deliberately left space for scripting improvements. I'd eventually like to have a series of dials that display a live feed of the engines fuel levels! Sadly I don't yet know how to do it! And finally here is my personal cabin, Overhanging my bed is a picture of a familiar looking boat that has ran aground. An ironic reminder of not sailing too close to the shore! I'd love to hear your feedback guys! If anyone does know how to write a script that tracks an engines fuel level in real-time without blowing up a server, id like to know! Thanks guys! Rob
  5. Hey guys! I’m not sure if this bug has been reported in the past (some posts have suggested that it may have). Regardless, I’ve noticed this bug for years whilst playing online, particularly within larger servers. In a typical scenario, I’ll be digging, cutting trees, or simply dropping/placing something down out of my inventory. When released, the item does not appear at all. It’s not even detectable from the inventory-vicinity box. Theres a couple of Quick-Fixes I’ve worked out. The first is to log on/off from the server. Previously dropped items will materialise but this will not prevent the bug from persisting. The second is only for when you want to free-place objects. The trick is to have a stack of items. When free placing individual items from the stack, they will all materialise as normal with the exception of the last item. This has caused major headaches with log farming and mining in general. Trees only drop on average 1/16th visible logs and mining requires a full relog to acquire all the ‘invisible’ ores. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have had this issue. After experiencing this bug for so long I come to nickname it ‘The Server Killer’ as it usually signifies the death knell of my interest to persist on that particular world. I experienced it on the P1 Adventure map just this morning.
  6. Deadeye_Rob

    Re-write books?

    Aleš, Adam? Is this something that could be discussed for 1.5 and it’s accompanying updates?
  7. Deadeye_Rob

    Re-write books?

    Cheers for the reply mate! It’s a shame that this hasn’t been so much as glanced over in the past. I brought up the idea of writable books years ago to little enthusiasm. I don’t know if it’s just me but has the character limit on paper/leather notes been reduced too?
  8. Deadeye_Rob

    Re-write books?

    Just a quick one guys. Is there a way to edit/delete or rewrite the text contents in books via Editor? Any answers would be appreciated! Thanks! Rob
  9. Deadeye_Rob

    Treasure Vault

    Hi guys, I've always had a fascination with gold, riches and ancient artefacts! Whilst playing online is becoming more and more deserted, the positive side of this is that many of the random encounters remain unexploited! As a result of my adventures and NPC trading, I am now swimming in gold! Like any hoarder however, I need somewhere to stash it all. May I present my Dwarven-themed treasure vault! -The entrance is built into the nearby hillside of my farm. The whole construction was built on Editor, pasted onto an offline Exploration map and captured as an easy-to-use blueprint. The materials required to construct the blueprint are easy to obtain as most of the stone is generated from burrowing into the hillside! Its almost self-sufficient! Sandstone is used for all the little details and nordic carvings. -In homage to the great god Neptune! Bringer of treasure! I was very lucky in my adventures, I have plundered Egyptian Tombs, retrieved ancient Crowns and magical Staffs. I've free-placed golden nuggets over the top of wicker baskets and sacks in order to create the impression of containers overflowing with gold. It really looks great with all the twinkling! -Eastern View With every trade I make, more gold comes in, I've had to melt down a lot of nuggets to produce easy to store ingots. It's all locked safely behind an Iron barred door. That way visitors can gaze in wonder -and lust- at my haul! -Western View With v1.5 around the corner, this opens up the possibility for visitors to my lands. As such there may be a chance that visitors won't all have good intentions! Therefore I wish to expand the concept of underground construction into a modular format. Once published, this will give Ylanders the ability to build their own decorative underground settlement. I have been toying with modular corridors, halls, entrances and vaults. All of which should be easy to build as the requirement to dig underground will produce the majority of the materials needed. Let me know what you think guys! I like to see your feedback! Rob
  10. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #153 - Bows and Grenades

    I think this is a wonderful and welcome improvement! Bows are the primary ranged weapon throughout exploration. It’s great to see them get a little attention. Might I revive some feedback I made years ago and suggest looking into the possibilities of improved Arrows/Bolts? Different types of arrows (Bronze/Iron/Steel etc) would produce a damage type/multiplier. Expanding on that, why not combine the alchemy system into it and allow us to infuse our potions into arrows? I’d love to shoot an arrow laced with ‘Potion of Flight’ at a rival play then watch them float helplessly to the stratosphere! 😛
  11. Deadeye_Rob

    New Workstations

    What a great set of tools and exactly the sort of thing that’s sorely needed. Great work!
  12. I hope so buddy! You’ll see the phrase “Cautiously Optimistic” in a lot of my posts & feedback. My biggest fear is that 1.5 will bring some improvements to Exploration, but at the cost of something we all like (Birds, sharks & animal carcasses and crafting all firearms to name a few. These have all been cut over previous ‘improvements’)
  13. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #151 - Dev Diary #151 - Update 1.5 FAQ

    Great Q&A guys! So I’ve got a couple of painless questions if I may! I am a bit of a blueprint fanatic! I create a complex structure on editor using block placing techniques that would be otherwise impossible if I were to try it legitimately on exploration. I then snap it into my blueprint database to use on multiplayer severs. ”Will I still be able to do this on a 1.5 map?” Finally, I noticed you mentioned that we would select a biome for our starting island. Now I enjoy the challenge of setting up a little home on the harsher polar regions. So my final question is this: ”If I discover a new island or biome that I like, will I be able to establish a permanent home on it?” Im hoping that it’s the case that this will be possible assuming that the island discovered is a fresh procedurally created one that falls under the authority of my own client. I understand that trying to settle on an island within another players map would be reliant on that player being online. Thanks for today’s update guys! I look forward to more information! Rob
  14. Deadeye_Rob

    Dev Diary #150 - Ships in 1.5 Exploration

    I've made a post referencing the direct I would like to see 1.5 take exploration. the idea of visiting other people and islands is one of limitless possibilities and could rejuvenate interest! I would be grateful for the attention.
  15. Hi guys! I, like many of you are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming improvements that will hopefully revitalize Exploration and, as a consequence pump some much needed interest back into Ylands. The following post is a compendium of both my own expectations as well as some suggestions that I myself would like to see in 1.5 and beyond. The potential of this update is not just a better exploration experience, but it could be one of raw community creativity. Hopefully you'll understand that last sentence as you read through my suggestions and observations. Lets dive in! Make 'all' catalogue assets craftable As the title suggests, Ylands has hundreds of objects, assets and entities available within its catalogue. Many of which are uncraftable or simply unobtainable. I understand that the Conquistador armourset can be obtained from a random encounter but I want to craft it for myself and my fellow adventurers! ....and why must I be limited to just 2 scruffy signs to label my mansion? The catalogue has at least 3 smarter looking signs reserved for editor only. This should be a pretty achievable suggestion that would do so much for expanding Exploration without too much back-breaking work. We have a beautiful set of bronze equipment that most of us haven't even seen yet! And where are my guns!? I want to craft guns that aren't zirconium again! Planned Voyages - Public trading hubs With the newly announced importance of owning a ship, the idea of visiting 'other' islands to trade, conquer or exploit is now a tantalizing prospect and one that I look forward to greatly! One day I would like to sit down with my 'Lieutenants-Cough!-Friends' and plan draw up trade routes with other players. The idea of operating a busy trading port, visited by players from all over the world is a very exciting prospect! This brings me on to my next subject.... -Plan trade routes, buy cheap, sell high! Player/Ylands-Run Community Hubs Lets say that you've ran out of coal on your local island archipelago. Time to plan a trading voyage! You stock your ship up with cloth and other surplus goods from your plantation and set sail! You go to visit the biggest port you know! A place where players across Ylands meet to trade, socialize and sometimes, to live! -Trade your surplus goods for something you need with other players in one of the many larger ports! But what if you wanted to turn your little place into the hub of all trade? This will encourage players to think commercially, produce a resource that others will need and sell it for the best value. Maybe you could advertise it on a global map? Encourage visitors, let them set up a shop/stall in your town. Become a trading baron! For this to work there would need to be considerable changes to the barrier system and anti-grief safegards. The trading system itself is robust enough but to ensure that players don't need to physically run their stalls 24/7 I would suggest the idea of purchasable NPC store clerks to trade on your behalf. I would also suggest bringing back Bohemia-Run exploration servers to host and administrate over a large 'central' port. This would be my solution to the crumbling Playlands hub. Expanding Ylands Culture Ylands is a game that encompasses many people across the world. I can't think of any better way to honour this than to promote it via online exploration. The concept of meeting and trading with other people across the world is an exciting prospect. I would like to see this reflected more in upcoming entities and asset design. I would love to see ship designs from the renaissance-era orient. I also would like to see an expanded amount of beneficial flora/fauna that can only be grown in a certain biome. This would encourage traveling and trade across maps (eg. Tea plantations, grain, Sisal, Whale oil? Animal domestication is on the right track but more mechanics are needed. Breeding animals appears to occur over an undetermined period after I've gathered 2 tamed animals in the same vicinity. I would like to have greater control over animal breeding rates. More domestic animals would be great also (eg, cows & chickens. The iconic culture point to Ylands is of course Ylandium which is my next subject... -Some biomes and islands should host unique entities and crops that cannot be planted anywhere else. This encourages players to set up trade routes or to plunder! Ylandium and energy generation & Industry The resource that can propel a rustic farm into an agricultural powerhouse! I like the current method of farming Ylandium from mutated creatures. It works well and can be continued indefinitely providing no overly brave adventurer goes off and slays the alpha! =( What I would like to see is more applications for energy as a whole. I've seen designs for lumber mills and and windmills. Energy powered objects that would increase a processed resource output quantity or speed would be a great addition to the game. Steam power has also got lots of room for improvement. Coal powered energy systems are actually quite fun to build and manage. I often connect steam engines to buildings and rely on a supply of charcoal to keep my buildings powered. -Flintlock Trading Company Ship- 'Dauntless' - Coal deliveries to ensure no bulb goes dark! My Final Point I may well include more as time progresses so stay tuned for more edits to this post! So far the news on 1.5 looks initially promising. There is much to do and I remain optimistically patient for what is coming. The key to Exploration succeeding is 'Freedom', I mean the freedom to build, destroy and create whatever we can imagine. For this to work I want to create the whole catalogue of entities. I want to build a trade, I want to plunder, I want to craft and I want to Explore! I make regular visits to my friends plantation to buy some Magic Blossoms that I can sell to my other friend so he can make potions to sell to his friends! I want someone to set up a coal selling business in my town to refuel ships as they visit. I want to drink some form of beverage with my friends in a tavern at some distant port! I want to smelt my gold nuggets into coins because that's how most people barter! =P -Bring back my guns! Let me craft guns again!!! Thanks for your time reading this everyone! Please feel free to leave your own comments and suggestions to how you want to see 1.5 turn out. If you agree with me please let me know! It would be nice to have some consensus! Thanks guys and thanks Devs. Rob