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  1. Miguel Preguisa

    Blocked on FB page?

    Controlled by someone? Due to life I have recently logged out of all instances, changed password and set double step identification so I'm pretty sure I'm all alone on my Facebook account.
  2. Miguel Preguisa

    Blocked on FB page?

    Hello, this may be awkward to ask, but is it possible that my account has been blocked on the main Facebook Ylands page? I tried to open the official page on different browsers and the same error pops up. On my alt-account it works fine on the same browsers everytime on the same connection and device. I don't remember being any spammer or any of the sorts, so a technical bug is as likely as block but I would rather ask first because the error message seems suspiciously close to a ban
  3. Miguel Preguisa


    Trying it out now! I'm playing on a really weak WiFi so it may be part of the problem, but my first progress did not properly save and I had to start anew. It was only five minutes on starter yland and I thought I saved the game properly. PS: I guess I can double task now? 😄
  4. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #178 EA Surprise

    Loot boxes finally in Ylands? 😄 No but really, I do like surprises! Can't wait what that feature is all about 😁
  5. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #176 What comes after 1.7

    QoL updates are the ones where I forget to be hyped beforehand but it's definitely those I look back on with the most love ❤️
  6. Miguel Preguisa

    RESOLVED Cannot log in

    It's a steam version so thanks a lot! Seems like an easy fix. Will not be able to confirm though, because yesterday was the last time for me to play for a few days. But I do believe it's going to work! Thanks @spiritchaser28
  7. Miguel Preguisa

    RESOLVED Cannot log in

    I had to play as a guest when I was trying out an experimental branch and now I would like to play on my own account. Which seems not possible anymore. I am now logged as "Guest1234" I think and I found no "Log out" button. However, I suppose the Link button under the Profile tab should be used in that way? When I enter my age (why?), email and password, this comes up I checked both my email (yes, it's the only one I use without a typo) and password. Could log in to Bohemia site with it. It was the same in my password manager. Still didn't work. So I changed it. Again, logged into my account on the Bohemia site but the game still gives me that popup. I can normally log here on the forum to my Workshop page.
  8. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    My computer took about 30 minutes yesterday to launch Chrome, so... 🤔😅 (I smell factory reset incoming 🤫)
  9. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    Most players will be interested in the maps getting bigger, but this is a very promising for me! I said on multiple occasions that I play Minecraft quite a lot. By that I did not mean the Java (PC) Edition but the mobile version. By my estimate I have about 200 hours in the PC version and about 1500 hours on mobile. It's more comfortable for me. Inbetween airplane transits, when I'm sleepy, whenever I don't have my computer with me. Also, I'm very average user of computers but I would say I know my way around Androids 😁 Which means that my phones are no way much behind my computers 😄 I didn't find the right reason for me to keep more than Gb on my phone occupied by Ylands app. If it has Exploration? I'm sure it will be amongst the first apps I would install on a new phone. Even with lesser graphics or limited multiplayer 😛 Looking forward to it!
  10. Miguel Preguisa

    New Community Warlock Nikki

    Hello again! I've been an Ylander for quite some time, since the end of 2015, but I'm lately more active on the forum than in the game itself. It's actually quite grotesque how quarter of my life had Ylands in it. I remember being quite excited about the update Classy Containers, finally giving us more space to store things than just the ground. I was actually so excited that I started rambling about it to the girl I was just outside with. She had no idea what Ylands was before (of course) 😅 Fast forward few years and we are spending the time in pandemic together with me playing Ylands and her nudging me when I hit the coast on my raft 🌴 I was was upset about some changes to the game (f2p, 1.0 being just a number, focus on minigames, unbaked mobile port) and the reason I played in the past was solely Exploration. I look very optimistically into the future though and if the Exploration is going to be fun to be played even in singleplayer (already fun in multiplayer according to forum members) I may join back in the fun 🎣 The thing I enjoy in Ylands (and universally in any game that allows me to, especially Minecraft) is building and constructing, may it be a house, a road that leads to it, or the story of me figuring out where to put it. I like to slowly grow and see what all am I capable of doing. I like the minivictories of digging up a diamond or dino skull (I'm not sure if either of those is in the game still), of seeing the flowers on my farm grow, of finally putting the last piece of roof in its place, of figuring out how to wire the logic circuit to my doors. The thing I enjoy outside of Ylands is drinking tea in tearooms, drinking coffee in bed and playing some nice card and board games with friends or strangers. I also play some tennis and I currently study psychology in Prague 🍵 And my favorite pun? Oh, that's hard... Have three instead!
  11. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    Welcome! I hope the community will treat you right and you will enjoy your time here! 🌅
  12. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #168 Fun with vendors

    Wink, eh? Based on how much you had to hold your tongue on the stream not to say what it is that you work on for the 1.7 and clues that more objectives to complete for Exploration players are coming... I would guess some form of final boss? Perhaps the source of the ylandium mutations all over the ylands? With the new prefabricated Ylands, it could be a great goal to reach and explore the twisted, dark Yland where the biggest danger of all dwells. Maybe locked to be found after you find/craft/solve something on other basic ylands. But I'm just spitballing right now! 😄 But I always like to guess 😁
  13. Miguel Preguisa

    Experimental Build for Update 1.6

    I'm unable to give it a try. I managed to update to the Beta, but now it just gives me FATAL LOGIN ERROR : Cannot connect to destination host. Any way how to solve this?
  14. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    Is everyone here on the forum a parent? 😅 Too old for MC communities and here I feel inappropriately young now!
  15. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    I really enjoyed reading this sincere sounding Dev Diary. I'm glad you're still working on Ylands and are actively making changes to restore Exploration. I never left this forum but I have not played as much recently as I did before. Last few updates were just tested by me for one afternoon or two, but I'm really looking forward to 1.6 and 1.7. I may give it a go with a proper new world. This sounds very interesting! I was one of those concerned about transition to f2p and Explore sidetracked by not being in the main game but in the form of a DLC. But this potential new incorporation of Exploration to the free game with "pay if you enjoy" model is promising! I'm really sorry for the loss of a portion of players but I wish the best luck to you and the game. For brighter days of Ylands ☀