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  1. Miguel Preguisa

    Keralis is playing ylands again!

    Don't worry, we stay with you @bojo2736 I hope he still likes the game and makes another series. He's a cool guy.
  2. Miguel Preguisa

    Keralis is playing ylands again!

    I was just restating that once more. Because same as @Indian Chief I picked up quite ambivalent feelings from Keralis in this video. Yet I still hope he may have do some more of these. I don't really feel like a part of the playerbase they're aiming at with Ylands now and it seems like Keralis may have similar feelings. I'm still sticking around ,maybe he will too.
  3. Miguel Preguisa

    Keralis is playing ylands again!

    It was a sponsored video, you have to keep that in mind. Nonetheless, I hope he may still want to do some more content.
  4. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #109

    Happy Holidays 🎄
  5. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #108

  6. Miguel Preguisa

    Mini Golf Championship Upgraded!

    What are the changes?
  7. Miguel Preguisa

    Missing Skins , guns and armor

    This is the official quation from a Dev Diary. To sum it up, nobody was buying it and it's better to have a craftable variety for everybody
  8. I would like to stress this one out. Alongside the change "all crafting recipes are now shown" I'm kind of losing the drive and goal of the game. To be more precise, it shifted so much it feels like a different game. It used to be about building a base and gradually improving it thanks to new unlocked recipes found thanks to new materials found exploring (pretty Minecraft style). I thought that the new changes will change it just a bit. I thought that we will see a clear objective before us (get to the next island tier) but won't be really pushed about that. Casually building base and when we feel like it, conquering another island, stripping it of its valuables and treasures and returning home. Where we feel like Kings for a bit. And then we casually upgrade the base with new materials. And after some time, we conquer again. And then home. And then conquer. Maybe building one extra base to be closer to some resources (gameplay similar to Subnautica). Mind you, I've generated just two Exploration maps in 0.15.1 but the islands on both of them were pretty far from each other. Definitely not visible from one another. Caves yet to be found (are they only on Tier 2 and 3?). And according to other posts here on the forum, even basic resources are scarce on the islands. Seems like the best course of action is to build no base at all on the first two islands then. You just go forward and pillage with no place to call home. I don't know if I played any game with similar gameplay to that yet, but ambivalent sums up my feeling pretty well about it.
  9. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #106

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bistudio.ylandsgoo This should be it. It would be maybe nice to link it somewhere in the Dev Diary itself
  10. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #106

    Yeah, definitely! 😄 The Playstore showed me every sandbox game other than Ylands when searching the phrase "ylands". Had to find it through Arma in the end. The search mechanisms there are weird.
  11. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #106

    Yay! THE Moment is almost here! I'm being cautiously excited! And according to Google Play, I'm in the first ten of people who ever downloaded the Ylands mobile from the Playstore Number of downloads: 5+ downloads Loged in for the very first time on this version
  12. Miguel Preguisa

    Making account / Connecting accounts

    There are two things to note about the beta: 1) Nobody knows what bugs we may encounter so it's safer to log in as a Guest for now for everybody. Nobody can now access beta with their linked account. 2) Exploration scenario is now, unfortunately, locked for everybody in the beta. It's due to some technical problems that the Y-team couldn't solve in any easy way. We are going to have to wait for the whole release. (just off topic question, is the last sentence I wrote even grammatically correct? I can't point my finger but it seems kinda off, thanks for any clarification )
  13. Miguel Preguisa

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-20763] New Généric bloc

    I hope not, I was mildly disappointed by that not lining up. Also it seems like the hitboxes are very rough on these blocks. Means that even though the curves make visually enough space for the player to fit in, he is unable to walk through.
  14. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #100

    No. It surely won't be an "integral part of Ylands". Most people playing Ylands won't ever play Exploration. DLC is NOT the integral part of any game. I'm more than bit worried that buggy F2P mobile game with the main gameplay being minigames done by amateur players themselves will shine.
  15. Miguel Preguisa

    Contest Building Contest #1

    I think Warren may fit in there 🤔 So... Will we combine it? 😄