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    Sneak Peek #60

    @Chromedome2 They assured us that the new building system will help us with that leisure, so we should wait and see before panicking, maybe it's great? As for me, I really want to see this new combat system they talked about!
  2. iamSleepl3ss

    Dev Diary #40

    I don't think I could ever be more proud of the values you guys have as devs. It's great! But I was wondering about the pet system? Is it a customizable thing or more of a +1 system? I understand that animal AI is something that will be working on later down the road, but this whole pet system got me curious. Maybe a tiny hint about it in the next Dev Diary? pls
  3. iamSleepl3ss

    Dev Diary #33

    @Ane Oh my god it's an honor! No but seriously, thanks to everyone at the forums (but of course whoever enjoys the game are still super cool ). It wouldn't be the same breath of fresh air if it wasn't for all the curious and creative heads put together. Stay awesome!
  4. iamSleepl3ss

    Continuous multiplayer

    Introduction: First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to the Ylands team for the latest update and the QA video. The Meaningful Music update has made exploring much enjoyable and pure. I've missed the function ever since I first heard it in Jak 2. (The music would go normal, but as soon as you'd pick up your weapon it will become more tactical. Come on, my 12 year old brain was floored when I realized it was happening). The source: During the QA video Filip Vondrášek said that the current solution for the request of more/bigger islands, would be new worlds connected together. This was an idea I was wishing would be implemented when I started playing (around the 0.6 update), since this would create many fun possible encounters in the Ylands world. I mean, I have tons of words and gratitude for this. The idea: There was little information on that part, but I just wanted to tell my suggestion and hear if it's a good idea/impossible/will be implemented/already considered after 1.0. The idea is simply that every sea border is connected to another server when the world is public. The game catches the essence of exploring, crafting, and creativity, but it has hidden potential if it's limited to one world and 8 players. The sea borders would connect to other worlds where other players would possibly be. Think of it like a grid-map, where every space is a server. I mean, it seemed like a good suggestion considering whenever you'd on water, lag wouldn't be that big of a problem since when you're usually safe and nothing too much is happening. The problem: I know this isn't to be expected, but I would just further elaborate on the problems this idea also has, which is mostly food for thought as the solution could be many. The problem with this system is that if we were to place another server right next to the border, what would it take to consideration as other players also would cross borders ? What if you're placed next to a dead public server, will you be forever stranded away from people? What if some random person keeps coming back from their server and keeps griefing you? The bordering server would have to be a world where other players are, or it would just fill your sea borders up with empty servers and it would basically be a way-to-complicated terrain-generator. It checks for servers when the player crosses the sea border, then places one with an average of 1 to maximum allowed players. (lag. yikes) If a world contains a banned player from your server, it will be filtered out of choosing when you're crossing the sea-border. This goes both ways as in, the banned user can't find your server either. When the world is offline/inactive (in correspondence to the 0.9 cloud hosting where all players are offline) you lose all the border-servers, or if you close it down manually(?). The other server's name would be displayed as a discovery on your screen whenever you cross over to another world. This way you could keep track of whenever you enter a new server if your bordering server has changed because it's become empty, and swapped with an active server instead. This could be called the "mirage" effect. Thank you for reading!
  5. iamSleepl3ss

    A LOZ-inspired travel ship

    Heya! Been lurking around for a bit and didn't dare to post anything, but everyone seemed so friendly and this game is so good so I just wanted to show off my ship. It's not impressive or anything, I was just hoping that maybe it will inspire some people to build something cooler since I always get inspired when I visit the Creation tab. It's supposed to have the same "theme" like Beedle's Special Shop Ship, a kind of traveling cultured trader kind of gimmick. https://imgur.com/a/JAOZ0