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  1. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Clarification to saving unique builds/Ships

    careful with wiping progress. you can loose your protective barrier and in the process also saving a blueprint.
  2. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Where did my boat go?

    if you summoned a raft, you did not save your "Boat" and set it as your home boat. if you do end up finding it outside of the boundaries, make sure to claim it so you can summon the boat that got lost. im sure you can find it using the map and following the revealed fog of war path you made before signing off
  3. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-28218] No cave on Yland?

    from what iv seen not all islands have caves
  4. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Next Update?

    wihtout being able to use the demo hammer it makes it very chore tasked when you want to revise or correct mistakes.
  5. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    your home base is not yours!

    Building without that demolition option is such a pain
  6. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Transporting vehicles in 1.5 explore.

    i had the idea of when the ship was in build mode, to attach a car to it. but i never tried it
  7. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    One single Protective barrier. Thats it

    well im sure they did rework it, rework to only give you one even when you restart from scratch. I tried reinstalling ylands to no avail. still no protective barrier on a restart of exploration. Would try deleting all my yland files. but im afraid to loose all my saved builds. so im just gonna wait till this is fixed to play again
  8. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    cant disable barrier

    ima gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the game does in fact think of you as a new player. only brand new players it seems get the broken protective barrier in their inventory. and since you cant use the placed one, its no longer yours.
  9. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    You devs have renewed my faith!

    with the water physics removed, i surely miss being able to make an island in the ocean, then tunnel to it from an island. or even make a cave under the ocean, then slowly flood it and make underground lakes to build with. It did have its few problems with grievers but that's with any game really. i look forward to having water physics if it ever comes back
  10. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Experimentla Build for Update 1.5.

    under settings in the front page threes an option to delete exploration files and start scratch, but beware. you wont start with a broken protective barrier.
  11. so had my activated protective barrier on my home island which was two small islands. i wasnt happy with it but was at end game and a bit bord. So i deleted my exploration and start from scratch, only to find out my pockets are empty without the starting broken protective barrier. I assume its to help prevent duplication of them.. But now im afraid to build anything fear of making a common build mistake and have to spend 5 minutes trying to hammer that mistake away each time
  12. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Not enough space

    It managed to work everywhere else expect in the few bad spots. Even when i did the continuous build it just straight up avoided the bad spots and broke the straight lines Luckly i bypassed it when I learned of the Freeplacement mode
  13. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Not enough space

    This tip just saved my build! Thanks
  14. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Not enough space

    I have also run into this exact problem. have a hard time getting to where it shows the "not enough space" my ghosted placements just straight up avoids the bad area. IV even tried to remove more blocks to make it "fit" but then i just make the bad areas bigger. ITs also on my unfinished boat that's still at the dock
  15. this i found only happened when you get glitched items filling a slot but not there. Just make sure you dont fully fill your inventory and try to pick something up, with or without any glitched items and this wont happen.