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  1. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    look up building plans and use that
  2. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    along side with the legacy mode gone, I am also giving this a moment of silence.
  3. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Update 1.9: OCEAN ODYSSEYS

    have you looked up in the sky?
  4. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Ylandium component not working in exploration

    if you don't have the recipe showing up, you may be missing an ingredient. have you gotten all the fish guts?
  5. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Exploration Steam Ship

    iv had a boat with well over a few tens of thousand pieces, its only takes a few seconds to load in. but once its loaded never had performance issues
  6. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Cant find Anemone goo

    im not as lucky searching in the temprate after artic. still yet to find any of this rare item, cleaned out a few forests and swam from many sharks
  7. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Exploration Steam Ship

    thats a pretty sweet build. mine looks like a brick compared to that.. i have done alot of free placing on ships before and havent noticed any issues. just a bit of lag when the ship loads in, but thats only a quick pause
  8. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Cant find Anemone goo

    Flippers,, Zirconium flippers 😮 well ima have to go get me some, dont even have the recipe yet
  9. its a good thing the points are easy to obtain if you go to new islands often. once spent, they are gone. the reset game is a good refresher but getting all the recipes back is a task in on its own
  10. if you have a propeller pack you can retrieve from the volcano, I also died there and got my stuff back. otherwise youll have to reset to get that cogwheel
  11. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Cars usefulness and use.

    Yes the ships are like glass. as annoying as transporting a car is currently. its a one map, one island type of vehicle, unless you build tunnels to other islands to drive in. but thats a full time job with the island distances and limited digging options. iv builts trucks that haul tons of stone or a recharge truck so i can keep drilling. but that was before my reset on 1.9 you can make a truck bed and just drop the item on it. no need to make storage. The large car frame can fit a recharger on it and a small yland generator. the explosives keg makes a nice perfect round tunnel large enough to drive in. and even big enough to add a road the same with the dynamite bundle which is slightly cheaper last i checked
  12. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Cant find Anemone goo

    i have yet to find this goo myself, but i also never went looking for it. not even sure what its for to busy trying to find components that i never can find
  13. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Old Ylands Talk

    I use to use this strategy as well. would have to make an underground garden to be able to survive after hiding your entrance with some snow. i would sometimes go off from the polar islands out of render and make a small island with a tunnel cause you couldn't unsummon your boat to hide it. every so often you would find someone who came up and froze and their boat crashed into the island.
  14. to much to just resummon ship orientated the right direction?
  15. cant find the crash log under temp folder moving to new map, after the load everything spawned like this unsummoned and summoned ship and it fixed the issue