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    Motorised Boats (& Linking Boats to Ships)

    an upgrade from the steam boat. maybe we can have a diesel boat or ylandium boat, bigger, faster and more to build with I have fully exhausted the steam boat build and have grown to wanting more from boat building. The boat building and surviving has always been my favorite part of this game, aside some the terraforming With the maps becoming larger it takes forever to get anywhere with the steam boat on max engines.
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    admire them
  3. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Dev Diary #202 New Beginnings

    Now im a little curious what you used as a foundation for a flying vehicle in explorer. I assumed it was stuck in place until it moved. Thats insane!!!
  4. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    I have a 6 floor ship that is well over a few thousand blocks. game freezes for a few seconds while it loads. I used the max space i could to build this ship on a steam boat. Im hoping for bigger ships and more buildable space
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    Great update, but taking 15 mins to sail to a new island on the fastest ship in a straight line with engines. yah no thanks. is there gonna be a new drill or upgrade for the drill? since we got bigger maps can we get being able to buy gunpowder back? explosives was best method to dig, now that's not viable is there gonna be an electric furnace. smelting 5k iron with 30 furnaces is no fun. automatic furnace you deposit iron ore into the Q menu is just cluttered now with the text I find. maybe make the text visible only when mouse over? a faster ship base would be nice to build on, the steam boat seems to slow for the large maps with the amount of water increased, maybe add some things to do in the water. maybe bring back water mechanics?
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    Island numbers not showing

    yes, only the number will show once you land on the island. or at least get close to it
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    One single Protective barrier. Thats it

    a new way of digging that is better then the drill would be very well appreciated. with the removal of being able to buy gun powder from a certain found vendor, digging with explosives is no longer viable
  8. so had my activated protective barrier on my home island which was two small islands. i wasnt happy with it but was at end game and a bit bord. So i deleted my exploration and start from scratch, only to find out my pockets are empty without the starting broken protective barrier. I assume its to help prevent duplication of them.. But now im afraid to build anything fear of making a common build mistake and have to spend 5 minutes trying to hammer that mistake away each time
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    with the amount of tunnels i have dug out and no new method of digging, that wont happen. plus i dont plan to spend more countless hours building a massive ship that has 6 floors
  10. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Exploration Points?

    even more type of blueprints to buy in the shop. Im always looking for a new blueprint!!
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    Dev Diary #195 Showing off Achievements

    Was gunpowder removed from the npc store
  12. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    UNDER REVIEW Under the world

    doesn't seem to be a big issue but had a forest underground that i clear cut and the Stack apon stack of logs that appeared pushed me through the dirt ceiling. was easy enough to get back into the world without dying.
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    Flexing your boats off

    show me what you got. lets see some of your boat builds. I went with the biggest and fastest i could but might be able to go taller tough. My boat features 4 decks. 4 engines. 5 telsa coils. refinery, recharge station, a fully equipped workshop. and tons of storage, on board garden with kitchen. offensive weapons 2 Tom cannons 10 big betty cannons Edit: I dont know why my steam screen shots are so small
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    POSSIBLY Soo....lets talk about resources

    I was luckly and found my map before the 1.6 so i also have the same NPC merchant. sells resources and even gun powder in bulk. but you can also make venders now apparently. i haven't trying the bird house yet Would like to see some zirconium building blocks. So far i really only build from stone. Trees make such a mess if you stack them for mass harvesting. Digging for stone is much easier with a drill. but do wish there was maybe a better zirconium Drill!!
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    POSSIBLY Soo....lets talk about resources

    I haven't had problems finding copper and coal. but it is harder to find then gold. which is useless to have alot of really. not enough to build with gold I must agree with ore veins. I love the idea of being able to dig. but other then tunneling, and making your own caves to build in. nothing more to digging. a quarry does sound like a fun build or even to naturally make as you discover veins
  16. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Check out this awesome yland I came across

    still yet to find one of the new maps.
  17. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Q&A with Aleš next Tuesday!

    10 seconds for the propeller pack..... dam thats gonna make building a bit harder
  18. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Clarification to saving unique builds/Ships

    careful with wiping progress. you can loose your protective barrier and in the process also saving a blueprint.
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    Where did my boat go?

    if you summoned a raft, you did not save your "Boat" and set it as your home boat. if you do end up finding it outside of the boundaries, make sure to claim it so you can summon the boat that got lost. im sure you can find it using the map and following the revealed fog of war path you made before signing off
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    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-28218] No cave on Yland?

    from what iv seen not all islands have caves
  21. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Next Update?

    wihtout being able to use the demo hammer it makes it very chore tasked when you want to revise or correct mistakes.
  22. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    your home base is not yours!

    Building without that demolition option is such a pain
  23. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    Transporting vehicles in 1.5 explore.

    i had the idea of when the ship was in build mode, to attach a car to it. but i never tried it
  24. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    One single Protective barrier. Thats it

    well im sure they did rework it, rework to only give you one even when you restart from scratch. I tried reinstalling ylands to no avail. still no protective barrier on a restart of exploration. Would try deleting all my yland files. but im afraid to loose all my saved builds. so im just gonna wait till this is fixed to play again
  25. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    cant disable barrier

    ima gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the game does in fact think of you as a new player. only brand new players it seems get the broken protective barrier in their inventory. and since you cant use the placed one, its no longer yours.