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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to bring my cars on the ship for easy and fun exploreation. They have to be teleported with the ship.
  2. Seph Kerr 813

    Cars usefulness and use.

    Cars are cool but have vary little use in game at this time. There are two things that could change this and shouldn't be to difficult to implement. 1) Make it so players could claim one car, and summon/desummon it just like a ship. 2) Make a small percentage of maps be one missive island so cars are useful.
  3. ok so, i've searched up and down, side to side and beyond worlds for this question. Q: how can i tow another car or "wagon" - because i've seen people do it, but without much explaination. i've seen people say "move a block into another block on the other car in the editor" but... this does not work.
  4. MY CAR DESAPEAR WITH THE LAND ... WHEN I TRY TO PUT THEM THE OTHER PARTS LIKE THE MOTOR ETC... MOVE RADOMSLY AND CAN PUT UPSIDE DOWN IT SELF and get bug with the land and this swallow it .... and the car desapear
  5. sslazz.mcfisto

    Flying vehicles

    Hi. Currently cars are pretty useless in explore mode. Perhaps we can add a steampunk style helicopter or hover component to cars so that they can be used to island hop, or at least hop on / off ships? That way there'd be a reason to use them in Explore mode.
  6. Playing as a client on my friend's server, I built a car last night and today it's gone, no trace.
  7. handofthesly

    4WD Short Wheel Base Car

    I'm having a lot of fun messing with the new cars in Ylands but there is one feature that I think would work great - Four-Wheel Drive! The existing cars work fine on level surfaces such as the race track, however, they struggle on uneven, steep terrain both up and down. I would LOVE to have the option to build a 4WD short wheel base chassis with higher ground clearance, big mud tread tyres and a 4 wheel drive Low gear that you could change down into with the press of a button. The low gear would mean you could crawl at a slower pace and maneuver over obstacles safely and the shorter wheel base, higher ground clearance and bigger, grippier tyres would help to get over rocks, stumps, fallen logs and steeper terrain! Basically a shortened version of the Large Chassis or a lifted version of the Small Chassis. This would make the car more practical in Exploration mode so we can explore the Yland and have a blast off-roading and rock crawling! I think a tow bar and a winch would be great to help get you out of tricky situations too, and a snorkel so the engine can breath in deeper water and ponds without cutting out. I'm thinking something along the lines of this: