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Found 34 results

  1. I dont get the solution for a Mysterie-Yland I am supposed to find an 4 digit code for a safe via 4 (or more if I missed some) letters which have the numbers in them, but the numbers I got did not work in any combination =( Here are the letters: 4 8 4 9 as there are nine steps on the pier I tried 9448, 4948 and 4498
  2. The following image shows the symbol I mean. My only guess is something underground as on the location there was nothing I could see Hopefully you know what it means...
  3. Ummm... I seem to be missing something in my Exploration Map.:. SPOILER ALERT : BE AWARE As myself and my comrade are hammering through our exploration map, we have managed to get to a particular puzzle. As it has been enjoyable to play through... we find ourselves rather... well... frustrated and confused. We. Are. Stuck? We have taken the steps to get where we need to and then... Nothing. It would seem that the Sphere for the Submarine is not there, despite the key being... where it should have been. This has me rather concerned. Was this puzzle removed from game play from exploration after the updates? It seems the older version of the game had more to interact with. There were sharks and birds which I understand will be coming back in future updates? But... what about this puzzle? At this point it seems we can not move forward with it despite all of the hard work we have put into it. If The Dev team could hone in on this, Gggawwwd! Would it be helpful and welcomed! Overall, we love this game to bits. Challenging ourselves daily and running around (and under) the Ylands and Ocean with fervor, but... some attention to The crowd for the Exploration Group would be loved! Though Workshop is lovely, we need some love too 💖 If ANYONE has had this issue, or any suggestions on this, join in on this discussion! Keep up the awesome work, DEVS! 💕 Sitting at the bottom of the ocean hopefully, 🦄 Nahni 💕
  4. blimmin

    stuck at sea

    Hello, I am stuck at sea with no map, no general idea of where I am and basically I am lost. I cannot seam to find any birds in the skies and I am wondering if it is because of my bad CPU/computers unablility to render long distances. HELP!
  5. Hello guys! Lets start with that, I have bought the game yesterday. It worked fine on ultra/very high settings. Today I wanted to play Ylands again. So I am launching settings and just out of curiosity turned options down to high to see how it will affect overall performance. I hit start button and to my surprise game is stuck on the window with black screen and (not responding) label next to it. After 10 minutes I have tried to relaunch it with normal settings this time. Sadly it ended up with the same story. So I tried to relaunch it again and this time game settings window won't show up, but the game still proceeds to the "black screen phase". I tried to: - Run game as an administrator. - Run steam as an administrator. - Verify Ylands files. - Completely reinstall it several times. - Reboot my pc. Please guys help me!
  6. My friend and I have been playing a new server he hosts for the past 4 days now with no issues, and now when I try to connect I get a connection timeout error and cannot join his game anymore. We have tried to turn the server into a shared game, change all of the settings every other way. I have port forwarded my pc to have a NAT type of open as well as he. Still no resolution. Please help we have gotten so far.
  7. ok so, i've searched up and down, side to side and beyond worlds for this question. Q: how can i tow another car or "wagon" - because i've seen people do it, but without much explaination. i've seen people say "move a block into another block on the other car in the editor" but... this does not work.
  8. Hi! I'm working on a big castle and I'd like to make a working porticullis. I know you an change object position using logic, so it shouldn't be hard to make it slide up and down. The problem is How do I trigger this action with a lever? I understand how to use a trigger zone, but how does the lever work? Thanks in advance for your attention!
  9. I have a map that is in edit mode and i want to take it out of edit mode and if i can make it a scenario can someone please help me?
  10. I played Ylands yesterday and a message popped up that i was gonna receive a e-mail with a steam code of the game, but i havent received one, is it a bug or will it take some time?
  11. First of all, please forgive me about my English skill. I'm not a native. I can't play whith my joystick. Have a problem with the buttons. "Back" it should be B buttons but i have to push A to do that action and when i try to setting it up my RT button went out to be a Start button.
  12. BoomCheeseBurge

    How do you break stone bricks?

    I've been trying to make a nice house in the mountains to make it cool but I accidently place my precious stone bricks on the wrong spot. So I decided to break it using my hammer but it didn't work. I tried other tools but it still couldn't break the stone brick. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use?
  13. so I won today from a friend the ylands game, I went to play and I came across a pink image, I went in the settings and mechi in the video tab, I put everything in the lowest and everything was like this! then put everything on ultra and it continued like this. If you can not help me, I want a refund. I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator.
  14. Serina Danae Brown


    Just wondering where to find oriental stuff.. I've been playing this since it released on steam and I love it so much! I found out right away that there are oriental items! I've already made oriental chests plenty of times. But I don't know how to make anything else oriental. On top of that, I'm not sure if any oriental structures spawn... I've never found anything anywhere! Are there oriental structures you can stumble across? Will my oriental dreams ever come true? Hmmmm...
  15. The crafting crash is still not fixed in the new update. If anyone has some info, please let the devs know.
  16. this bug is annoying because you cant access the items that are in the bugged slot. the items marked with a red circle are in the slots with the red X's so i cant put anything else in that slot and i cant access the item in that slot. When will this be fixed? i dont really know when it happens, i think it happens with the torch when i make a burning torch when i have the normal torch in my hand. I think this is when it happens, dont quote me.
  17. TeodorLB

    My lovely sister

    My sister turned off the power, so i lost about 2 hours of progress. Is there any way to recover it?
  18. WhyLands

    New Player!

    Hey guys! I'm a new player of Ylands, and i don't know how to play. I'm what you would like to call a newb; However i did get this game 7 days after its release, so we'll see how this game goes and if i like it or not. It looked very appealing to me and i'm hoping i enjoy it.
  19. Lupowop

    Moving Big Ticket Items

    Hi all I'm brand new and in love with Ylands so far... so i'm building (alot) and found a nice place to set up shop near my original spawn. As I'm sure everyone has done... I plopped everything down on a flat'ish piece of land near the beach... Then I started gathering, building, unlocking, terraforming, etc... I'm now at the point where I have a masterplan for my base... I would like to move the kilns, furnaces, stoves, storage, etc around... what are my options?? I have tried to search for this topic but could not find an answer. Is there a way to pick up a big ticket item like a blacksmith forge and move it or do i just have to build a new one... If the latter is the case... How do I go about destroying one that I build previously? thanks in advance for any help/suggestions
  20. Hey, I just bought the game yesterday, and I used the creative mode option for my world! I already am obsessed with the game, and I really love the entire aspect!! I am an interior designer at heart, and am going to go to college for interior design and things around interior design, and when I build my house, I just realized that it is really bland! There weren't that many modern amenities, or things that looked like it would fit in with my house! Although this problem was sort of a big one, I still enjoy the game so much, and really am glad that I bought it. Another thing about the game that I would LOVE to see implemented is PreFabs! Like blueprints in which you can create, and then place it wherever you desire, and then gather the resources to create it! It's like a layout plan, and a really helpful tool for those who can't build houses that look good, and stuff like that. Thanks for giving me your time. -Matt
  21. Serina Danae Brown

    Floating heads!

    I've had to create three different maps now because after a while I get to a point where I have everything I need to start building a more advanced base, and all of a sudden I can't see anything! Just my floating head! The ground# and the ocean! My structures are gone! I can't see items! I can't see foliage! I can't see the ship I'm standing on! Nothing! I've been pretty alright with it hapoening, knowing how new the game is... But this is the third time I've gotten pretty far and lost everything. I haven't deleted these map seeds because I'm hoping one day this problem will be fixed and I can go back to those games... But I'm just not ready to start over again....PLZ HELP!
  22. Ashton Tryhuba

    lighting now working

    when I launch the game in the background ever thing is dark when I am in the game you cannot see anything in the night in the morning it is a tiny bit lighter but I cannot make out anything in the game there is also green flashing at my face sometimes
  23. So I have been playing Ylands since about 2 days ago and I love the game very much! I have not had many problems or bugs at all until today. I was crafting something (I dont remember what) and the game wasnt registering that i had hit the craft button multiple times and then when i would try to equip things in my inventory it wouldnt work. 2 minutes later the items i was trying to craft showed up in my inventory and the items i tried to equip were all of a sudden equipped. I then thought it was fix but as i tried to mine, the ground wouldnt budge and no dirt or iron ore for example would appear. I would have to wait like 5 minutes for anything to happen. It makes the game impossible to play and I am really sad about it because i was really enjoying this game. Oddly enough, when I go to my kiln while this stuff is happening and i pull up the kilns crafting page, it will temporarily fix it for about 20-30 seconds and ill be able to mine for that long but then it will go right back to not registering my hits on the ground. Please help!
  24. PurpleFlosh

    Multiplayer Help

    So me and my friend were playing Yesterday, we are on a boat and when i logged on to continue our adventure abit alone i saw him still standing on the boat... i was just wondering, will my friends charecter take damage even tho he is not online????