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    Music does not Play in Adventure

    This was fixed by doing the Keras Mystery Island, I didn't think it would work either but it did, I'm very happy a member of our Discord brought it to my attention again, and my partner in the game said... what do we have to lose by trying it, we did and we're very glad we did, Music is awesome to hear again!
  2. Joined Ylands in May 5th, 2023 had lovely music to listen to till the end of June, then it all of a sudden stopped working, not sure if it's a Windows 11 issue? My children joined in playing and they can't hear the music either, and they do not live in our house, so it can't be my connection? I have 7 other friends that have joined, some hear the Music and some don't care to hear it. my game partner can not hear the Music either and he lives in Canada, so eastern side of the North America. I have a gaming PC which is updated regularly and has the latest and greatest so it can't be hardware? I've checked settings, in game I have Audio Master volume at 30, SFX vol at 65, and Music Vol at 77, I have raised them up hoping that was the issue, it sadly was not. Winamp works fine, all other programs that run Music are fine, all games are running as expected, but Ylands? The attack music is very helpful in game, lessens the jumping of the heart beat let's say. I'm not sure what it could be, I've filed reports, Dev reports and brought it up on Discord. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue going on and they fixed it, if they might reach out and let me know what I've not checked as of yet?
  3. teddiebear

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    Good Morning, Say I'm wondering if it is possible if I could add this to dedicated server, so we could play with our friends, we already pay for this server and I'm wondering if this would work here? Thank you for your time teddiebear