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Found 24 results

  1. Joined Ylands in May 5th, 2023 had lovely music to listen to till the end of June, then it all of a sudden stopped working, not sure if it's a Windows 11 issue? My children joined in playing and they can't hear the music either, and they do not live in our house, so it can't be my connection? I have 7 other friends that have joined, some hear the Music and some don't care to hear it. my game partner can not hear the Music either and he lives in Canada, so eastern side of the North America. I have a gaming PC which is updated regularly and has the latest and greatest so it can't be hardware? I've checked settings, in game I have Audio Master volume at 30, SFX vol at 65, and Music Vol at 77, I have raised them up hoping that was the issue, it sadly was not. Winamp works fine, all other programs that run Music are fine, all games are running as expected, but Ylands? The attack music is very helpful in game, lessens the jumping of the heart beat let's say. I'm not sure what it could be, I've filed reports, Dev reports and brought it up on Discord. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue going on and they fixed it, if they might reach out and let me know what I've not checked as of yet?
  2. Hello! On March 30th I posted something similar on a forum on Steam. However, I think the most suitable place for this is here. I have a collection of doubts and suggestions to expose to devs, and I am aware of the possibility that some have already been clarified previously. But, I consider that as a client and lover of the Ylands game, it is my moral duty to help its growth. Doubts: 1- Could the islands be larger in area? Thus, things like cars and horses would make more sense, as they are suitable for traveling long distances. Yes, this doubt is recurring. 2- Will the worlds have more islands again? (see suggestion A) 3- How is the progress regarding the deconstruction of hardened blocks? Is there a prognosis for a demolition hammer? (see suggestion B) 4- About the camera in first person, can we expect a return to this function? 5- Do the animals in the game multiply? If so, how does this happen, by spawning or mating? (see suggestion C) 6- The game has an important foundation in mineral exploration. Taking this into account, could the different types of ores occur in a more geologically realistic way? (see suggestion D) 7- Water physics will be the next big step in refining the game. My question is, will players be able to dominate the water for their activities? (example planting or creating lakes and diversion of water bodies) 8- Now, with the new physics of planting, it is no longer possible to plant in specific pots for this purpose (both in square pots with soil inside, which are placed in construction mode, and in clay pots "clay flower pot"). In addition to the fact that it is not possible to plan in these places because "there is no dirt", it also causes space conflict. Has this been verified? Are there any repair plans for that? 9- Will old servers, which have been corrupted by the latest updates, be reconfigured? 10- Logging off while on rafts and boats is causing errors on re-login, the player will stop under the ground, sitting and immobile, and the raft-boat will disappear. Is this error known? 11- Why the hell "there is no more copper?!?!". I already had to start the world over twice (building a house, boat, equipment), only to discover that there was no copper, not even on the ice islands. 12- In the character menu, it is possible to see slots for armor, and backpack. Where's the backpack? If backpack does not exist in the game, why is there a slot for such a thing? Do you plan to add this? 13- Why do the blocks of the same material have different colors? (eg a green bamboo wall, for some reason, may have two-color blocks, spoiling it aesthetically) Suggestions: A- The end of the map could lead to other maps loaded when crossing the border B- The ideal would be if, for the creator of the block, there was no time limit for the removal of such block. C- It would be incredible to observe the reproduction of animals as an impacting thing in the maintenance of the island's ecosystem, and in the ratio between birth and mortality of individuals. Currently, the impression I have is that animals do not multiply and are not finely balanced. D- I know that for some this suggestion doesn't make sense, but as a geology student, my colleagues and I, who played the game together, always asked ourselves "how cool would it be if things made more sense, geologically speaking". (the images "geology" and "geology2" are schematics to help understand how this works) E- Npcs need to be reworked to be more "useful" and interactive. Smarter in the future, and may pose a threat to the player. (eg pirates/vikings) F- More animals in general, with an emphasis on domesticated animals, with which we could interact. (eg dogs, cats, cows to express milk and sheeps that can be sheared) G- The return of skins for weapons and tools. H- In Ylands, a VERY cool part, are the character customization options. I would like to suggest a specific customization, but that represents an important historical factor and the culture of various peoples. The suggested customization is the dress of the gaucho. Gauchos are the free people who explored the south of south america. These peoples are represented by several statues in different countries (eg the looper "laçador" statue in Japan, as you can see in the attached image), as well as in characters in games, such as a Kung Lao skin from Mortal Kombat (attached image). Pictures "Gaúcho1", "Gaúcho2", "Gaúcho3" and "Gaúcho4", give ideas for such garments. I- In "Gaúcho4", it is possible to see a man helping himself to a typical gaucho drink, known as "chimarrão". It is made by adding boiling water to the ground leaves of the "Erva-Mate" plant (yerba mate, in English), in a container called "cuia". The "cuia" is made from a seed called "porongo", in which the "neck" (narrow point) is cut. Yerba mate acts as an anti-oxidant, diuretic, mild laxative, stimulant and aphrodisiac. I suggest adding this to the game as a food, as well as tea and coffee. Later, it would be nice to be able to craft beer. J- I have the impression that some items cannot be built, however, when found, they also cannot be collected, such as furniture. I suggest that all objects without major impact on gameplay, can be crafted. For now, these are my doubts and suggestions. With that, I hope to be helping you, devs, with ideas that, without a doubt, would add a lot to the game. Thank you in advance, keep up the good work! Stay safe, we will overcome this together!
  3. Hello! I just want to start off saying that I'm a huge survival/sandbox/open world game fanatic. I purchased the game a couple years back and I've just recently picked it back up. I've taken a dive into the editor and I'm currently creating an open world experience and it's very fun! One small characteristic about the game that I dislike is that it's 3rd person only. There are very few games that I enjoy playing that are 3rd person only. To me a 1st person game is much more immersive to my experience. Last night I was testing the world I was creating and realized pressing "C" brought my character to an immobile 1st person mode. I have to say the game had an entirely better feel and was very good looking in first person. I'd imagine developing a first person mode for the game wouldn't be an easy task, but is it possible? The only reason I see it being an issue is the animations that take place during combat and rolling. If the camera snaps out of 1st into 3rd person during these animations I wouldn't be bothered by it. I think the game just like any other can feel like an entirely different experience if there is a 1st person mode implemented. I think this IP has a ton of potential, but it loses that immersion it needs because of the 3rd person perception. Now I'm probably not the only person to bring this up, but if it matters myself and my friends would like to know if this could ever be added. Thank you!
  4. Hello There, I wrote very long list of improvements and suggestions to make Ylands best open world, sandbox game of all times, but because I do not want you to die of boredom, I cut is to pieces. This is piece one: 1) Wold It all should be optional for sinlge player and server admins, I talk about my favorite mode; exploring. -To make it nicer and more funny, in my opinion, you should makde worlds wrapped, around. Ex.: If you move all the way Notrh, you will eventually appear South. Etc. -Worlds are very small now (I guess it's our memory limits and that most of the world is under water and invisible, I understand it). Also, there is mostly no more than 8, not very big islands. If you built base – it already means you saw everything: every island, every place. That's sad. Maybe you could make world afer world, like tiles? If you leave one world, it's saved like regular savegame, but you can move back every moment having with you everything you took with you. So, you could appear in new world completely ready for new adventure. It's really easy to do, in fact everyone can do this right now using editor, but... it's not very exciting to load, edit, reload and so on. In 1.x-ish Yland, there should be an option: “Select universe size/globe size”, for example: -One world (wrapped or not wrapped, because not all people may like it), 2x2, 3x3,9x9, infinite worlds, or specific size XxY worlds (wrapped or not). Also, it would be great if we could cutomise whole our world: -min-max of islands -min-max average island size -bioms we do not want at all (just check the box) -mountains higher or lower (some islands can be with mountans, some without these) -water level (in general or random in every “world” in specific game with more worlds) -resources (trees, plants, grass, sulfur, salpeter, coal, gold etc. - more of them or less of them) -animals (fewer, normal, massive load etc.) And above all: -caves – do you want these or not at all – I hate caves! (It would be nice to have few, small, random caves, as most mountains have these. Additionally, could be made in mods, but It would be fun if we could turn off certain technologies, for exaple: Stone Age ony, Iron Age only, no Ylandium, no steel, no gunpowder. era.. etc. 2) Bioms But, I miss biomes like these: -Swamps (hot, wet, crocodiles, mosquitos, stinky water, problems with moving around without rafts - Louisiana type ) -Jungle, with big old trees and lianas (classic movie jungle) -African plains (almost no plants at all, red soil, rare withered trees and shrubs – but in fact not dead ones – Dogons land type, maybe with elements of Dogon people buildings and masks?) -Real desert biom (super hot at day, no plants, only sometimes cactus, shrubs, sand, sand, sand and dunes of sand, sand stormes, super cold at night, sometimes nice oasis) And maybe: -Steppes, grasslands... flat boring bioms with many animals -Mixed bioms... just for fun, if easy and possible to do (regular biom, but with some plants/animals/terrain structure from over biom). All the best, ComR P.S. As I said, I'm ready to help you full time. I have plenty of time and I have time to think.
  5. Before saying anything, I don't know what the main purpose you guys are following with this game is, so I'm not sure if you wanna pursue simulation or you are creating a sandbox with no realism more focused on the amount of things you can do, but I have noticed you have put some hard work into making the ambient and the feeling of some artistic parts of the game transmit a nice realistic vibe (rain, torments and the awesome sky colorings), if I were you guys, I would go for a bit more simulation with this game (the potential is there and is REALLY BIG). Non of my ideas or comments are meant to offend anyone, they are just described as I have thought them. * After clarifying that point, here we go with some things I think need changes: 1. During long ship travels, alone or with friends, you mainly get nothing to do apart from seeing the beautiful sky (with friends even worse in the sense they have nothing to do at all apart from maybe... looking the map?), the ship doesn't lose its path even if you leave the rudder alone, the wind as it is right now has no effect (or almost no effect over the ship apart from the speed), I would recommend to implement a sailing system where you can have and control different kind of sails and even have to rotate them depending of the wind direction making that to have a real difference on how the ship behave on each situation, then you could make use of your friends as ship crew and give them some kind of utility, if you are alone, well, to handle a big ship alone IS a really hard task, so the idea should be to reflect that in the game, you should be able to pay for some NPC to control parts of the ship and maybe live on your ship in the case you don't have any friends to play with. ***This whole point number 1 would create something that has more logic to me: "The more sails you set in your ship, the faster you go but the harder is to control it properly"*** 2. Doesn't look that placing the sails on the ship's sides has any wrong effect on it, the center of gravity of the ship doesn't vary, that's not cool and doesn't feel logic at all, you should be able to sink a ship totally bad constructed. 3. The water simulation is off, so I will wait to comment on that in detail, but I am expecting something cool from it, something that really affects the way swimming, ships and boats work in the game. 4. Some stamina system is necesary, there is no sense that you can swim faster than a ship the whole time. 5. there is no risk of die during a torment if you are swimming apart from dying frozen being near to a pole. Maybe you should or could drown if you get out of stamina? (point 4) 6. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the game is poor at the moment, feels bugged and not responsive at all in most cases (plus some animals, specially tigers or wolves should have an special evasion movement as well). Maybe add serpents on deep forests when getting plants? (venom risk, etc...), I won't comment on sharks, I am sure you already know what happen with them. 6.1. Ground animals can be EASILY killed if you go to water and even punch them to death, and viceversa, sharks can be EASILY killed if you go to the seashore and punch them from the solid ground. Maybe you have seen more than one of this comments or ALL reviewed before by other users, but I hope they really help to create an awesome game, because it is, and I repeat, the potential is there. Have a great day and I will keep tracking issues when I have time.
  6. you guys should add solar panels and daylight sensors to the game you could put solar panels on your island to power your lights and other energy things and would work like an engine or a generator daylight sensors would work like switches and you would be able to set it the sensor would kick on at night or at day and then things like lights would light up at night time automatically
  7. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    In this thread state an item you would like to see in the game. Please provide as close a picture to what you are imagining if possible. I would like to see: Teddy Bear ________________________________ More Containers Specifically of interest one for holding stones, rocks, marble etc. See medieval wheelbarrels.
  8. steam-76561198039005437

    Make stepstones craftable

    A minor suggestion: The game has 3 variants of step-stones, all of whom can't be crafted in exploration mode: They look great though, and come in really handy when building outside. A simple crafting recipe, e.g. making them from stone chunks with a hammer and chisel, and the possibility to switch between the 3 variants, like possible with other items, would be awesome
  9. gandjay

    Energy Ideas

    I think that a night light would be cool to have in the game. You could make one, except it won't be automatic. All you would need is a daylight sensor, so thats one idea. leave other energy releated ideas below! Btw I know this should be under suggestions, but there is no general suggestions page.
  10. Hello everyone. Ylands is big in our community (320+ gamers) and we play the game a lot, this post is going to kind of a review / suggestion post for how I feel / wish the game will improve over the next patches: More stability to allow more players on a server, we are hitting user max on a daily basis. Admin teleportation In-game Server announcements (When we need to restart a server, it's great to be able to warn players) More stability to ships (We keep getting glitched off) Fix to map not saving on Dedicated Servers Deployable water (To allow creating lakes on islands) Allow multiple users to use the barricade. Option to allow moving the barricade or crating of 1-2 additional barricaded to expand land ownership. Claim Island (This could be a feature, where the first one to plant a flag on an island, become the owner and can set some rules / covernants - Anyone approaching the island, will be informed of who owns the island and see the info for the island. This is just some of the idea's and issues I've had while playing the game. I can't wait to see where this game is heading in the future, we are loving it already! Let me know what you guys think of my ideas Best Regards Rawdee
  11. These are the suggestions that collected 10+ Votes, they were in the trending area of Suggestions for a while, but have been replaced by new ones, still, let s not forget them, they all deserve love =)
  12. It would be nice if we could have a single Thread to reference for suggestions so I figured I'd try and make one. It's my hope that the other folks with suggestion lists post in this thread and we can edit our posts here as we think of more things to add. If we can maintain this simple to read format as well I think it would be easier for the Developers to read through and increase the chances of our ideas actually being seen but it's going to require us to proactively up-vote one another so the suggestion lists make up the first page of this post. Suggestions A two minute recovery timer for the seeds after we've planted them Mushrooms should break down into Spores that you can plant like Seeds (Require water and wood pulp for authenticity) When opening containers, have the interface default to 'Inventory' rather than remember the last open menu. Various compass recipes (Wooden needle on Leaf in bowl of water, Iron needle and glass/iron housing). Dirt has a chance of providing x1 Sand every so often upon dismantling/destruction. A Run/Walk Toggle Opaque diamond texture in windows needs to be more transparent. On sub inventory containers (Seeds bag, Jars etc.) - 'Open' should be "Right click", and 'Pick up' should be "Hold E" or give users more remapping options. Chisel tool to be used for quicker destruction of Clay blocks, perhaps require hammer and have Hammer and Chisel animation when being used (Destroying brick walls doesn't take very long IRL after all). Minor Issues and Bugs The collision boxes need adjustment, currently we require high ceilings and wide doors otherwise the collision meshes of objects interfere with the characters movement. The Wake-up menu is intermittently buggy sometimes preventing players from waking up on demand. The Furnace does not emit light. Turning off the hud prevents the switching between of hotkey menu items. The "G" movement mode seems hyper sensitive for users of a high DPI mouse, perhaps have it take control of the mouse, bypassing users sensitivity settings when enabled. The Auto detection when placing objects gets confused after detecting too many different building plains, requiring the re-selection of the piece to restart the auto detect process (perhaps an intermittent memory purge for that system would mitigate this issue). Desired Blocks or Systems when the Devs can get around to it) More remapping options More Corner blocks for Walls and Roofs More medium sized containers A Randomized variety of Stone and Stone Chunk models
  13. Jack Daniels-89bfd34d5db2a56c

    Larger Inventory and more.

    Hello! I bought the game back in December and have been playing it. Really what I'd wish for and i think other people too is Larger Backpack to craft or obtain. It's just not enough what game gives to you or like additional row of tools to equip. Also game is missing story/missions, it could give a lot to game. Booze or grog would be nice to add and if you drink one of those you would get drunk. Oh and one thing more, could you make ships hull empty that players could build in them. Thanks!
  14. Captn Crunch

    Ship Ideas

    I liked to suggest some ship ideas, 1- Paddle wheels to make River type boats. 2- Birch Bark Canoes 3- A low profile hull close to the water line. 4- A Submarine for exploring that you could dive out of bottom at depths and then return. Sure some of these have been suggested but thought I'd throw them out there. Really love the game and look forward to the full release.
  15. Items in bold are in my opinion, the most critical issues. GENERAL BUGS When destroying a ship, the sails, ladders, anchor switch, and helm control should also destroy. (Currently they float in the air where the ship once was) Sometimes items in inventory will vanish but still occupy the space. So users will see a warning message about there not being enough space, even though there is at least one empty slot. When dropping a miners hat on the ground it will sometimes sink showing just a tiny bit of the upper portion of the hat that is too small to interact with. When placed on blocks, it will pass through the blocks to rest on the terrain below it. EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MULTIPLAYER It takes too long for the server to register that a user has logged off, thus they can be killed long after they have logged off, even behind a BP. Locks for helms are useless outside of a PB, this means any ship can be stolen easily; it only takes a few wacks with a stone hammer against a locked helm to destroy it, then a new helm can be added and the user can run off with the ship. Griefers like to point them away from the island, open the sails, then jump off and swim back to the island letting the ship sail away. Lag gets worse as the server gets older, so any new server has a limited life span, often very short. Unless the server owner spends a lot of time removing trash from the ground that has been left all over the island. Dead bodies from murdered and starving offline players does not help either, esp since they cannot be removed in-game. Junk items should auto despawn after x number of minutes, this includes wood chunks, bark, sticks, unplanted seeds, sap, broken grass, etc... Basically, anything that can be easily regenerated. Limited items such as stones, iron, and clay should not despawn. The size of the save file also seems to contribute to lag, or the size of the file is an indicator of things happening in-game that contribute to lag. Dead bodies cannot be removed if the player never logs in again. So anyone killed within a PB gets to remain a perm structure for the plot owner to stare at. Even the admin remove tool will not get rid of them. Dead bodies are also blamed for excess lag. In short, a corpse should disappear within minutes. Followup: We now know that player data is tied to a player body. So if you delete a corpse using the editor, you delete all player data and when that player returns, s/he has to restart. We need an option to remove a corpse without removing player data AND a choice to remove both the corpse and the data. We need to be able to see the latency to servers when browsing the list of servers. By default, the servers should be ordered according to latency. Currently the default is by game name I think. Ordering the list of servers by the number of players does not seem to work. It's possible that it is ordering by the total number of players that have ever joined the server rather than the current number of players logged in. BUG: In MP, items placed using free-placement-mode on the ship sometimes instantly vanish rather than being placed. BUG: Hitting a bird with a ship results in all kinds of madness, somehow a tiny bird is able to create chaos on a ship. BUG: Maps reset with a relog. This is a non-issue atm because map data gets saved for each user in the game save file and a lot of map data in that file can drastically effect the performance of a DS. Ideally, the issue of map data storage should be addressed before stabilizing the map in MP game. BUG: Ships can sometimes be turned on their side by jumping down on them from a fair distance. This seems related to the seagull bug - essentially, if something hits the ship hard enough, it can be pushed into a position that renders it useless. I don't know if this is an editor issue or a DS issue. If I create a trigger in the editor to display a message, it works fine in single player. But when I pull that map into a DS, that message will no longer appear. Other triggers will work, for example: spawn entity. THE EDITOR Key mapping in the editor should be 100% independent from keymapping in the game. With my custom key mapping I use my mouse buttons for movement but this interferes with the editor so I have to constantly change key mapping when going back and forth between the editor and testing the map in-game. There is an editor section of the keymap, but it alone should be used when in the editor, instead it *and* the other controls are used. In the editor, add the ability to include the broken protection barrier to a player inventory. (This is very important for creating custom MP players) BUG: In the editor, there is an option to edit the HP of items placed in the world. However this does not seem to function in-game. No matter what value I enter for HP, the default HP is registered in-game. You can test this on the lantern which can be broken with just a few bare hands hits, even if you give it 15000 HP which is the same HP as a ship, it will still break right away. I would love to see a trigger option for "remove entity". MY WISH LIST An option to exit a game without saving progress (this can help alot if a bug is encountered during a play session). Custom key mapping should be 100% reflected in the displayed tool tips. So if the tool tip normally showed left click but custom key mapping is left-shift, then the tool tip would correct to show left-shift too. Edit: This seems to work as expected for keys, but it does not work when customizing the mouse. Pots don't work as expected. I should be able to plant a seed *in* the pot. Currently, planted seeds touch a pot but are not *connected* to it mechanically. You can see this if you try to plant a seed on a pot that is on a boat, the boat and the pot will move, but the planted seed will remain there floating. I Would like to see an option to "pin" tool bar items in the top row of my inventory so that my tool bar items are not scattered around my inventory. Please add borderless window option (forever requested, in any game ever made). I'd like to see an option to disable the incredibly annoying screen flashing when freezing. Edit: This has been addressed by the devs, looks like they are planning for a fix I would like to see the water level even out to a default level when editing the stuff below the surface. Any removal of dirt or sand changes the water level locally. If I swim out 30 feet from shore, drop a couple of dirt, then dig the same dirt, there is now a large perimeter around that spot in which you can see that the water level is lower than the rest. In most cases there are multiple layers of water. This makes it difficult to build oceanic bases unless those base builders are okay with things looking odd or make it a point to never remove dirt or sand from the ocean. But in most sandbox games, players want their areas to look nice and the option to dig anywhere. I would like to see two additional support forums on the community site, one for servers and one for editors. Editors can work together to help troubleshoot editor issues and ask/answer questions. The server section can be used for the owners of servers to promote and discuss their public and private servers. The workshop site should allow for textual content by the author when posting a scenario and commenting by scenario subscribers. Some scenarios might need a guide but there is no room for text beyond a tiny 250 character description. Feedback would be nice too, especially for improving the scenario. Rating the scenario is nice but it doesn't offer insight on how to improve it and for this subscribers should be able to comment. I wish we had the option to map our keyboard for emotes. The radial is nice for controllers, but I should be able to map a key to my keyboard too for a one-press function. It takes way too long to pull up the radial and select an emote. Some new commands for DS admins: /setborder to set a limit on how far players and objects like ships can pass - can help with performance issues. /removeall <item> to quickly remove every type of a discarded (not placed) items, like debri from mining and tree chopping. /removeallhere <item> same as the former but removes all of an item currently loaded within a preset distance from admin. FIXED: OPC Starvation. (OPC = offline player character) Issue with players hiding behind fluid names to grief servers. This was fixed by adding the ability to ban a user by Bohemia ID. Ladder teleports users to other random locations. Within a BP, accidentally using a hammer on a container will cause all items in the container to vanish. Items in the container should return to player inventory or drop to the ground. I'm repealing this suggestion because it's the only way to get rid of stuff en-masse. For example, if you have a stack of 1000 sand in your inventory, have fun clicking 1000 times to destroy it, or place it in a basket protected by an orb and then hit it with a hammer. Forced new character when old character is still alive and well. WISH: I wish the helm and anchor switch could be *centered* on ships. - I'm repealing this because this is already possible by going into first person to use absolute positioning. Limited resources are fine for single player, but in MP, anyone that has not joined a new server early on, will not get clay or cloth unless at the mercy of other players. This is not "fixed" but I removed it from the list because I'm convinced that the Explore map was not designed for MP and this issue can be resolved with a custom world made with the editor. Boats cannot be protected with a lock. Finally fixed! Yay! The Protective Barrier (PB) does not prevent editing the land, thus any base can be griefed. A nice looking base that took hours or days to create, can be ruined in a matter of minutes. If the base is on water, or on a shore, the water can also be glitched by simply digging in the water. Fixed in 0.7. In the editor, add an option next to the "pickable" option for "can't be destroyed". This means lanterns can be protected too (An issue with glass items in 0.63). Added in 0.7.
  16. It's another list, I tend to feel like single suggestions per post are easier for teams to find again if need be and any additions to a list once it been read once tend to me missed entirely, but if I made them all as single posts I'd be spamming the forum so they're here (I can create a new post for each if that would be easier) From playing I noticed how heavy my game was getting and started trying to fix it and help it run, bringing certain things to my attention that could prevent someones save from getting as bad as mine is, I also stream and that's where most of these came to my attention so I can probably demonstrate each of these issues if needed. There's others such as being able to mark maps and hide energy beams but I've seen them mentioned plenty of times so haven't included those and have tried not to include things like flying vehicle type suggestions which require big additions and are likely planned far in the future. If any suggestions/feedback are already dealt with somehow and I've missed how to then please correct me since I can't imagine there's anyone that can't be surprised by something in this game Suggestiony type - Please pause I know this has been requested a lot, but having to exit to main menu to pause single player is frustrating when bringing up the menu could just pause the game. Volume options ! This is a big one for me, since the weather can be EXTREMELY loud, I try to stream the game and it's like someones turned an un-tuned radio up full blast, being able to lower engine type noises would be nice too, sometimes we want to just chill and hover around the island without the prop pack being so loud or do some digging without surprise volume increase from an echo A vacuum for mass picking up items This comes from trying to repair my islands to help my game, picking up hundreds of stacks of 2x sand is not so fun, an item like a vacuum being eventually craftable would be amazing, like a leaf blower with the backpack looking thing, just to suck everything up then we can take stacks out of it op just set it to destroy so we can clear up our islands a bit and probably improve a fair amount of performance. - Adding to this a water tank upgrade could be built so people looking to add water inland for their pools or something could suck some up from 1 place, then empty the tank where they want it. Terraformer and annihilator in explore Being able to get hold of versions of these would benefit explore, the terraformer could need you to supply it the materials your filling and any it removes you don't get the item, it just takes it away, this would let us repair the damage such as from mining so much better. They would both need energy too, perhaps the annihilator has a low count to balance it out a bit. Superglue No idea what else this item could be honestly, but the ability to lock down free placed items, I've picked up items be accident so many times trying to do something else and it's not an item I want to be able to move anymore than the rest of my furniture, I also wonder if this could help with the load if it would be easier for the game to recall a structure as a big block instead of 200 1x1x1 cubes individually. Window additions (+other blocks) Here I mean a way for windows to connect since they aren't as thick as a usual block and something to connect them over corners, I wanted a glass surrounding but had to settle for ice blocks to fill the corners, unfortunately ice blocks have no sloped half block versions so it's made it more blocky than would have been nice Despawn timer Something which may help instead of adding items up pick up the amount of clutter dropped from digging, just despawn certain (or all, whichever) items after a set period of time if the player never interacts with them. Something to edit walls I can flatten the floor with my shovel, but next to my nice smooth ground is a dangerous looking cliff edge, it would be nice to be able to flatten their sides too Feedback type- item description page should item show condition When I hover over an item in my inventory it tells em the condition, so I click it and the info box opens where I have the option to repair, nowhere here does it tell me the condition though so I have to then go back to the inventory to check if I need to repair again or it's fixed fully. A switch on the flashlight (including helmets with them on) to turn them on or off or have them come on earlier and off later. I tend to find myself stuck in darkness because it's not dark enough to trigger the light on my guardian helmet yet it's too dark too see what's going on whereas a lamp is permanently on, an option on the action wheel when a flashlight item is equipped so we can turn it on and off ourselves would be useful. Sinful Ylanders and their gluttony My Ylander seems to need to eat a couple of weeks worth of meat in a day, even if he's just sleeping all day. The meat itself is massive, what's he doing with it all ? If I feed him other food he seems to need a constant supply of food going down his throat, the hunger seems a bit excessive (some sign of their hunger like a bar would be useful too) Sinful Ylanders and their wrath I assume it's not just my line of Ylanders but they have an obsession with punching everything, I plant some seeds and he punches the last one, I don't need them intimidated, I've never had a rowdy plant issue. This also goes for when placing objects and crafting places. Crafting recipes After deciding to do a slightly large build with blue steel this issue became very apparent, the recipes don't always make sense, every blue steel item needs 5 coal and 5 iron ingots, whether it's a 1x1x1 cube or a 4x4x1 square. The resources used for the little cubes make me emotional. Animals under the map After going into my save in the editor to try and fix my world a bit (11.5GB ram to run it was a bit ot) I found masses of animals a long way under my island, maybe they were spawns or something but deleting them didn't seem to effect my islands population at all so if they're not spawn markers or something then I'm not sure what's happened. Potions recipe page There's the tab when you've found a potion which tells you the ingredients needed and says things like "any grain" but if you try to craft it it won't accept any grain unless you have the same type of grain you had when you found the recipe the first time. A specific warning that you're about to craft a ship somewhere you will regret I know there's a warning, but with no idea how deep it actually needs mistakes can be made such as building in too shallow water and needing to dig the ship out and incase there's someone who hasn't noticed yet... do NOT dig near water your sea levels go extremely weird and without spawning the terraformer you cannot fix it again. When you rag doll water loses all it's power I fell, clipped the edge of my ship, fell of the side and straight to the bottom of the water and took fall damage as if the water wasn't there. It hurt and number 12 nearly died. Seagulls fly too low I've had these hit my ship before so have seen their godly power, today when one went through the front entrance and into my ship it was a terrifying experience and I was to scared to kill it for a while because I didn't want to break anything else. If they just flew higher it wouldn't be an issue how they abuse their powers. Stack consistency Something impossible to judge currently, can I hold 100 of these or are they single units only ? this extends to the crafting pages too, sometimes I expect a stack and get 1 item (damn you blue steel) sometimes I expect a single item and get big stacks (200 ice blocks surprise!!!) Editor I know the editor is known to need addressing but addition of a map, ability to move to player and a way of turning it to day so we can see would all be nice. A way to start game physics would be good too, when repairing the ground under water it makes the water to crazy, if you try adding water in the editor you can make towers out of it as it won't flow (till you go near it in game and it comes crashing down along with your frames) The editor also often lies about saving changes, which is rude. Cave logic I know the idea is not to live in a cave, but I can so I will. They have strange goings on though light will change suddenly a few steps in as light and heat no longer penetrates onto the giant opening of the cave, so within a couple of footsteps I can go from fine in bright sunlight to dark and freezing. Propeller pack when not in use It would be nice to have it either automatically fold the blades away or have an option on the action wheel since equipping it every time will get frustrating but getting stuck on doorways is frustrating too.
  17. The cursor icon for the pick, shovels, and hammers all need to be slightly outlined or darker so you can see them better. Everything in game that is used as a tool or has a unique mechanic, needs some basic tool tip when highlighted. (there could be an option to turn these off) Perhaps in later production stages you could add in more of a wake animation when the ships cut through the water? A trails through the water of bubbles or churned up water and some sort of waves coming off the bow of the ship as it moves through the water for more immersion. (no pun intended)
  18. Hello, I am looking to build a particular type of ship in Ylands. I know you can build over/surround the in-game hulls to make your ship bigger, or look completely different. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to accomplish the bow and stern shapes for the picture included below. I would love to make this look like an old-fashioned steam yacht with a "luxury" interior. I'm still a bit new to the game and not quite sure how people manage curves and other more complex building techniques. Any help given is greatly appreciated. If I do somehow manage to pull this off I will gladly share it on the workshop. Thanks in advance!!
  19. So... about one month in and here are my $0.02.... Great game so far! Very challenging, and entertaining with a ton of replay value! Inventory management... it's challenging to say the least... doable but has room for improvement... on that note: We desperately need a "tool-belt"... I have so many tools and containers in my inventory that at any time I'm leaving something behind due to inventory management... Tool-belt should hold hammer, axe, shovel, etc... it would help SO MUCH! The "soil box"... it would be awesome to have it be a "Mineral Box" and hold dirt, sand, gravel AAAAND iron, copper, gold, sulfur, etc... that would free up many more valuable slots A "Food Satchel".... to hold cooked and uncooked foods... or perhaps "processed" foods? Again... also clear up some inventory space Making stacks that actually stack automatically... now if I move say a half stack of ore from a container to my inventory... it takes up another inventory slot... I have to manually drag it to complete a stack of something already in my inventory... it should be automatic... as it should "auto-stack" when say I pick a piece of stone off the floor and I have a partial stack of stone in my inventory... chests... I have seen some good guides but it would be nice to have the "size" in the description... I have done some personal testing and I know which one the biggest one is but it would have been nice to perhaps have a "tooltip"? on that note... I love the "flavor" of all they types of chests but it would be nice to have multiple sizes of each "flavor" It would be awesome to have a "sort" button... to declutter your bags... maybe alphabetical? or by item type? say all the tools at the top and so on...? I think that's all for inventory management... again, its totally playable and fun as all heck at the moment but I find myself constantly spending time organizing, moving things, and sometimes leaving things behind... I wanna explore not play inventory management 101 Annoyances that have happened to me and workarounds... Falling through the map... It has happened at least a few times... you die... loose everything and have to start over super sad Lupowop... I have (once and only once) been falling (it takes a few seconds to die) and smashed ENTER and /unstuck 2... phew... moves you to safe ground but you gotta be super fast... Falling through cannot be reproduced... i tried... it's a random glitch in the map but it has happened to me multiple times and I watched it happen to keralis on one of his videos Dying and being teleported to the original spawn... I don't die a lot anymore but today I was on a polar bear island... the bear ate me (those things thump hard!) and I respawned on my original island... (luckily I built my base there so not too huge of a loss)... my ship is still parked on polar island... (built an pure engine powered small ship and I will go back for the big one later on as its FULL of treasure and loots!) Repeating rifle is under-powered... I'm a huge gun nut and in real life my Henry repeater shoots the SAME bullets as my lever action Remington... they are the SAME bullets... so they both shoot at similar feet per second with the same impact... things that suffer are accuracy (due to barrel length and such) but a repeater hits just as hard as a lever actions... it just fires faster... please please either make "different calibers" or make the bullets do the same damage from all the rifles The button at the bottom left of crafting window that "hints" at "important" recipes to be crafted... there is one missing on the electric bench... very important piece to unlock engines... took me forever to figure out why I didn't have engines When placing something on a boat... you almost sink sometimes... for example... naked hull... I want to place a helm on it and almost sank the hull... I had to place something cheap on it like a log... before I could place the helm. This happens at anchor, off anchor, shallow water, deep water... its annoying at best... place something "temporary" and try to place the desired item... it has happened with or without stuff built on the hull... not sure what makes this happen... I think it's been written about before. Wishlist: Ships with HOLLOW hulls!!! right now we are limited in our builds by the "solid" hulls... I think a 1x1x1 edge all around and a hollow hull would allow for some crazy builds! Different hull types both ships are the same... just different sizes... perhaps a "metal" hull something in the yact area?... It would be nice and move the building to a different "flavor"... Don't get me wrong... I have seen some EPIC builds out there... buuut with advancement it would be nice to see metal hulls... maybe a "container" type hull (Big and loong) More "wood" angles... I currently build the most with stone... it has a lot of "angle" options... Wood, sadly, is lacking... More "directional" birds Pets!!! More pets!!! I want a parrot on my shoulder and maybe a pet wolf... it would be super nice Saddlebags... self explanatory... I use the heck out of horses... 1st thing I do on new Ylands... tame a horse... slap bags on it and extra storage while scouting the Yland... Let me tie a rope to my (now saddlebagged) horse... I wanna tether him to a tree while I explore that cave... I know you can "call them" but I wanna tie it up while I go caving... This last one is a "dream"... we can build boats and cars and a propeller pack... why not a helicopter... just like the car... make a "chassis" and a "cockpit" and a "motor" and a "large propeller"... then leave the rest up to us... we will build crazy contraptions... I think that's all I have for now... I am seriously enjoying this game WAY too much... Great job so far!!
  20. Antimidation


    Free placement- When you go into free place mode with "V" not all objects are are set to the grid at a 45 degree manner, a lot of them are rotated on it's axis and you have to do a good deal of flipping and adjusting to get it straight. It's easier to go to a natural placement of your choosing from a snapped object than it is to go from a straight placement from a slightly off object. Keep a standard across the board when it comes to building. I should be able to place a board that comes into the world at a 45 degree angle, that way i can use the hot keys to flip it and maintain a straight line. Horse behavior- Maybe if there was an option to tie a horse to an object and have it sit still? Maybe add in saddles and harnesses? Rigging a horse to a tree or the beam of a building or ship should be a thing. Arrows/Spears- There should be a way of retrieving arrows if you want, and also the ability to throw a spear and also retrieve it, this is of course optional....if you can't find the arrow or you don't care then don't bother, but have the option please. You could put a timer on these so they don't stay in the world or have a cap on how many do. Build Mode- There should be a specific build mode, much like when you press V for free placement you could go into build mode any time without necessarily carrying an object that can be placed on the grid, while in this mode everything is editable and removable so you wouldn't have to worry about hardened materials. Potential weapons/Objects/Animals/Fishing- How about a harpoon Gun and/or the ability to use the spear under water? Fishing Net, Cranes, Scaffolding, Smaller railing for ships, railing at an angle for stair cases. Make the oceans diverse with life, as big as whales, as small as sardines and shrimp. Maybe fishing could be an interesting sub game? Keep track of fish you catch, what species they are, how much they weighed? Physically show fish in the ocean, in schools, at different levels and as varied and diverse as you can. Ships- It would be great if you could make ships hollow and give them cargo holds that we can either build ourselves or allow us to get below decks and set up rooms and customize as much as possible. Cannon ports, port holes, round windows, statues to decorate the bow of the ship, etc. Allow us to paint the ships and other things if we want?
  21. I listed them in order of prioritization and importance. 1. Hints / Tutorials / Tips. (Not to many, as finding things out on your own is half the fun.) -How to find Ylands. So someone doesn't sail in open ocean for hours wondering if they are unlucky or just sailing into nothingness. -Key crafting Items tab needs to be pointed out. 2.Crafting Menu. Adding a tab for most recently gained recipes would be extremely helpful. 3.More Clay deposits. 4. Ships. Add a Cargo hold to the large ship. Add a life raft or boat that you can craft and place on the ship. So you can sail to shore. 5. Add a rope that you can climb up or down. 6. Abandoned towns with loot and such. 7. Boss monsters in caves. I haven't fully explored a cave yet, so not sure if there is any, but if not there should be. 8. NPCs
  22. Hello There! I really love your game, especially because it's not LEGO Worlds shallow game... The most important thing in you game was possibility to use everything and fantastic calm, relaxing atmosphere with a twist. In games like this one (well, I can think of three titles almost fitting: Do Not Starve, Rimworld and LEGO Worlds - I will not comment on these, but in short - it's not competition for you) people like different things: collecting, crafting, building, challenge, multiplayer and so on... For me - the more content, the more items, the more even silly things to do - the better. My favorite play was to collect skulls, skeletons and bones (I hoped that one day you could collect complete skeletons and make museum od dungeons with these) and craft more things with bones, which is historically very good thing to do! Imagine grails made of skulls, tools like needles (yes, I know we have many possibilities, but still it's funny), arrow heads, crude knifes, javelins - hunting javelins and fishing javelins, bone armour (very common in times of Troya - for example), heavy bone clubs, bone axes (well rather chisels to sculpt in wood - still in use in primitive tribes), art - sculptures and, of course, jevelry - also wicked ones. We have clothing/armour made of crabs and bark, but not any bone ones? Imagine helmets made of skulls (we have one bear helmet) .Please! think about it! Please, give us back skeletong of animals lying around (and make these possible to take it to your inventory and possible to "break" into skulls and bones). There were also dead animals - they should be collectible too (take a look at Do Not Starve - you could catch live animals and dead ones too). Yes, it was a bit sad if you had to kill bird or bear or wolf, but it's less sad without death animation or deadbody and skeletons lying around? Hunting and esp. gutting was sad experience, but it made me sad and guilty - and IT WAS A GOOD THING. It made me trying not to kill any animal - and esp. now, when you made animals less agressive and possible to scare them away - it would be great. This is very good and very nice, important idea that you have made animals less aggressive, now I don't have to kill them all. I can run away or scare them off. This is more realistic and more "polite"? Game is calm and relaxing and let it be this way. If in the future people would prefer more challenging survival mode let us choos - relaxing, exploring and survival modes - just by setting limits of food and animal aggression... I hope you are planning to add more animals - fish of different kinds (fishing is a very nice addition, but it would be nice to see sometimes swimming fish too) not only sharks (btw. - they just dissappear killed, only few parts of meat left?? They are big and fighting these is a challenge, let it be useful - let them leave something more - skeleton, meat, big fish... skin??). I miss ducks or chickens and I guess you cannot domestic or catch animals for herding just for now? It would be great to make wolfes friendly by feeding them, even if they bite you. Leave something for them few times and then they could act more friendly, like horses? It would be great to have wolfe friend with his name who would help you fighting or hunting... I'm waiting for a possibility to collect bunnies, goats and pigs to domestic these animals... Another things I miss are very important, but in short: 1) Please, implement "pause" at last. This is a must! 2) Proper save saves in singleplayer - sometimes game crashes or horrible bug is making respawn constant trap, sometimes you loose everything. Please, let us save game in few files. I can do it manually, but it's annoying! Last time I built giant tallship with everything I had on board to find new home... and... because of game glitch I fell off the ship! My home and everything I had just sailed away! And... after I drowned I respawned on closest island, but it was impossible to find the ship... so: 3) Let the ship stop if noone is onboard! Now it's impossible to swim fast enought to catch ship or boat if you fell off - let's say - eating or reading map! Just stop the vehicle... 4) There is many bugs with herb containers and seed containers. Drag and drop doesn't work properly and if I pland seeds from seeds container, game shows I still have the same amount of seeds in my "hud inventory", but count's properly, but if I drag and drop seeds from seed container to many different slots - game freaks out and I can plant FOREVER! :)))) It's nice, but.. it's cheating. 5) You can sometimes store seed or herb containers in other herb containers, so It's possible to have 20 herbs containers and 12 seed containers in every of these... I stopped experimenting, because I was affraid of savegame crash if I pack all my staff in one chest - it was possible day ago. 6) Some trees (damn, I don't remember which ones, but these were not pines, akacias, oaks or palms (colorful ones - middle size trees) - after sawing they are not falling, thay are falling down to the earth and dissappear! I don't remember the name, because I couldn't chop these for seeds... And last thing - please, make water buckets in the future. I'd love to make some swimming pools or lakes (I have an idea how to move water up, but I'm not sure if it could work - I'll try it). I'm sorry for very long letter and mixing bugs with requests... I just didn't want to post too many... posts. All the best! Bartosz Radziszewski
  23. hey, i did play around a little with the buildingblocks and such. in exploration. i'm not sure yet how muh i like the solidify mechanic. it certainly adds to the challange the game poses to me, on the other hand it doesnt encourage experimentation that much. one example was with ship building: wanting a ship that looks "right" or even cool, but also was more or less efficient. i tried different spots for the two different masts, different orientations and such. everytime i had to hurry for a look from the distance, a short try how it moves and then dismantle what didnt fit my tastes. for this the 3 minutes are a bit tight. building on land was a very different experience: its a bit hard to guess how big a buildingblock is atm. there are some indicators with the required resources, but maybe there could be another hint, a size letter like the log and massive log has one? so i started to build with those small single block thingies. really like the "autorepeater" if building in the same directon. but then i missplaced a block and had to remove it (for the floorplates to fit). this was a horrible thing. i bashed it with a stoneaxe, then a iron axe, then the p-axe. something that show at least IF you damage the block would be cool. the final step was a bundle of dynamite.. i used those before, on dirt/rock mainly. so i thought that the stonebricks should go away too. well... i expected that most of the stonebricks and floorplates would be destroyed, but only the single block i wanted removed actualy was (which finaly proofed, that one of the axes did damage it). i also expected some collateral damage too, but was then a bit surprised, that the stoneblocks between dynamite and dirtground didnt block damage much (or at all?). surely a funny end to a bit of a frustrating remove-action. from other sandboxers, i'm used to be able to move around my craftingtables. mainly to put them into a house after its built or something similar. i was a bit grumpy about that first, but most craftingstations are cheap to build, so that fine for me now. only exception is the blacksmithing station, those 10 leather make the difference. (okay it was one out of ten islands which had very few animals, most of which were panthers, whose pelts a bugged). so: - i would like to have the solidify timer to be a bit longer, especialy for ship related stuff. - i would like to see if i damage a block and idealy how badly damaged it allready is. - some sort of indicator on how big a buildingblock is would be nice (floorplates are ok). i know i can try them out and explore, but yeah.. - also, that might be a topic which could lead to a new potion. a potion that can make solid items soft again. i'd really, really like that and it would probably fix most of my "not so nice" points above. - and the last thing is building time.. i admit that this is mostly because i'm a lazy dude, but it would be more exciting to see a project take shape faster. i'm a big fan of building elements that i can stick together, not for fences or similar stuff, but for walls and such. maybe there could be drawingstation, where we can make blueprints for bigger elements (like a wall or roof) and place it in one go. (stonehearth has something like this e.g.)
  24. As I've said before, absolutely loving this game. I do want to mention at least 3 bugs; The horse bucking (which is hilarious) sort of gives a lasting epileptic seizure ^^ Kinda funny but distracting lol. Another bug is when you use the sleeping mat, sometimes your character decides that it's not time to wake up yet and will go instantly back to sleep. I absolutely love the way the mats work though! Last bug (off the top of my head) is that things put into the hotbar (tools etc) seem to get bumped by objects you pick up; most notably if you're holding something. And lastly not sure if this is a bug; but rocks on top of the ground are difficult to target with the pick; only seem to be able to remove them with an axe. One question I have; can blocks/buildings be dismantled (where you can reuse the blocks or have some sort of supply return)? Couple suggestions; a checkbox in the crafting menu where you can display all recipes (the ones unlocked so far) or the ones you have materials in your bag to craft with. Another suggestion is larger storage items; you can end up filling 2-3 barrels with just wood byproducts (lol just an example). Lastly; an autosort of the inventory would be nice. Loving this game, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!