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    Ship Questions and Help Request

    Okay, I have been trying my darndest to get this to work. I've figured out a couple of the things, but I'm wondering if anyone who has already done this kind of thing has/knows of any kind of tutorial to help out?
  2. Sphinx85937

    Ship Questions and Help Request

    So its best to build in the editor then, not with a creator cube? At least in this type of circumstance.
  3. Sphinx85937

    Big Bertha

    How did you manage to get past the ship bounds building limit? I'm trying to make something akin to an ocean liner or steam yacht but cant seem to quite understand how this building mechanic works.
  4. Sphinx85937

    Ship Questions and Help Request

    Okay, so I see what you are saying with the vehicle bounds, but how is it possible to get something so much bigger than the hull of the ship if the bounds are as small as they are. (Thinking "Big Bertha" from the workshop). Do you have to build "up and out" to go past the bounds?
  5. Sphinx85937

    Ship Questions and Help Request

    Thank you! The last thing I would like to know is how much of the extra construction needs to directly touch the hull to be "connected" so that the whole thing will sail?
  6. Hello, I am looking to build a particular type of ship in Ylands. I know you can build over/surround the in-game hulls to make your ship bigger, or look completely different. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to accomplish the bow and stern shapes for the picture included below. I would love to make this look like an old-fashioned steam yacht with a "luxury" interior. I'm still a bit new to the game and not quite sure how people manage curves and other more complex building techniques. Any help given is greatly appreciated. If I do somehow manage to pull this off I will gladly share it on the workshop. Thanks in advance!!