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Found 76 results

  1. Hello folks! I wanted to share with you a smallish ship that I built over the past few days. Building off-grid is significantly more time consuming than building on the grid, but the shapes you can make are basically unrestricted because you can clip blocks into each other and rotate them however you like. While many of you probably already know this, it was something I discovered very recently. Here are some screenshots of the mostly finished ship, which I call the Gallant Galoot. The reason I say it is mostly finished is because I do not yet have the painting tool, so I cannot paint the ship in the way I would like. Other than that, the downsides to building off grid are, like I said earlier, that it takes quite a while to get everything to be rotated and moved just right, and even when you put the time in, you will still end up with lots of creases and lines as you can probably see. The other is that getting things to be symmetrical is almost impossible. I settled for "good enough from a distance" but even so, it took quite a while and I also used blocks on the grid as a sort of level to get curves and angles to line up, then deleted the "grid" blocks once I was satisfied. All in all, this is going to be how I build ships from now on. The last downside is that I dont think you can blueprint builds built off grid, so unless I am mistaken, the only way you'll get to sail on the Gallant Galoot is if I sail her to you. Anyways, I be wishin' you a fair wind on your voyages, Enchiladas!
  2. I have been working on my steam boat in exploration for the last 2 days or so. I have another boat as well that im using currently. So what happened is, I claimed ownership over the steam boat, and then i got disconnected, then when i logged in, the ownership was back to the wooden boat! BUT! now I have 2 wooden boats! With all the items inside! It might be a bug for duplication but i just want my steam ship back pls. Can you help me with my steam ship? i work very hard on that
  3. So I'm having some trouble with building my first ship in exploration. I've alt placed the body of the ship, but I've placed it just above the waters surface. I cant dismantle the ship now, only its parts like the ladders. Is it a lost cause trying to get these resources back or am I missing something?
  4. As the title says, some workstations built on ship would rotate itself upon "feed" and "ignite" actions. Attaching screenshots just in case. How to replicate: Build a ship Install a workstation that has "Feed" and "Ignite" functions, i.e., stove, blacksmith station, kiln, and a few others. Feed or ignite it (either by hand or button) and the workstation will rotate right away. Thank you for your time, have a good day.
  5. senaheho

    Your Iconic Ship

    Well, ships will be the most important thing for the 1.5 updates. And my suggestion is what about custom masts. You can draw your masts and draw a logo for your own clan. Source: http://onepiece-treasurecruise.com/ And also what about a custom flag? Those suggestions were coming when I was building my own ship for the next update. I was searching for inspiration from One Piece, and when I found this image, I got those suggestions. I know the Devs already have a list of better plans for the game, so I'm just sharing these suggestions/ideas with you guys.
  6. marcosalebuena

    Flag Capture Boats

    Hi! I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm in the right place. I came to comment that with a friend we are making a game for the competition, it is a flag capture where the focus is on the boats. It's still in beta phase and we don't have screenshots to show the progress, but we'd like to leave this around to hear feedback
  7. RobinKing

    Repair the big ship?

    Can i repair the big ship? Alot of cracks in it and how do i breake the steering wheel?
  8. Before saying anything, I don't know what the main purpose you guys are following with this game is, so I'm not sure if you wanna pursue simulation or you are creating a sandbox with no realism more focused on the amount of things you can do, but I have noticed you have put some hard work into making the ambient and the feeling of some artistic parts of the game transmit a nice realistic vibe (rain, torments and the awesome sky colorings), if I were you guys, I would go for a bit more simulation with this game (the potential is there and is REALLY BIG). Non of my ideas or comments are meant to offend anyone, they are just described as I have thought them. * After clarifying that point, here we go with some things I think need changes: 1. During long ship travels, alone or with friends, you mainly get nothing to do apart from seeing the beautiful sky (with friends even worse in the sense they have nothing to do at all apart from maybe... looking the map?), the ship doesn't lose its path even if you leave the rudder alone, the wind as it is right now has no effect (or almost no effect over the ship apart from the speed), I would recommend to implement a sailing system where you can have and control different kind of sails and even have to rotate them depending of the wind direction making that to have a real difference on how the ship behave on each situation, then you could make use of your friends as ship crew and give them some kind of utility, if you are alone, well, to handle a big ship alone IS a really hard task, so the idea should be to reflect that in the game, you should be able to pay for some NPC to control parts of the ship and maybe live on your ship in the case you don't have any friends to play with. ***This whole point number 1 would create something that has more logic to me: "The more sails you set in your ship, the faster you go but the harder is to control it properly"*** 2. Doesn't look that placing the sails on the ship's sides has any wrong effect on it, the center of gravity of the ship doesn't vary, that's not cool and doesn't feel logic at all, you should be able to sink a ship totally bad constructed. 3. The water simulation is off, so I will wait to comment on that in detail, but I am expecting something cool from it, something that really affects the way swimming, ships and boats work in the game. 4. Some stamina system is necesary, there is no sense that you can swim faster than a ship the whole time. 5. there is no risk of die during a torment if you are swimming apart from dying frozen being near to a pole. Maybe you should or could drown if you get out of stamina? (point 4) 6. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the game is poor at the moment, feels bugged and not responsive at all in most cases (plus some animals, specially tigers or wolves should have an special evasion movement as well). Maybe add serpents on deep forests when getting plants? (venom risk, etc...), I won't comment on sharks, I am sure you already know what happen with them. 6.1. Ground animals can be EASILY killed if you go to water and even punch them to death, and viceversa, sharks can be EASILY killed if you go to the seashore and punch them from the solid ground. Maybe you have seen more than one of this comments or ALL reviewed before by other users, but I hope they really help to create an awesome game, because it is, and I repeat, the potential is there. Have a great day and I will keep tracking issues when I have time.
  9. Last night my ship became stuck on sand. I started to dig underneath to free the ship (worked), I accidentally hit the ship ladder which it fell to the ground. I accidentally clicked the right mouse button while looking at the ladder which then caused me to climb down into Earth and kept falling until i frozen to death.
  10. Hi, I was creating my ship placing block and suddenly im stuck at the mass sail. So output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txtwhat i did was press /unstuck 0. Then the game load back, then my ship went missing. Cant see the ship.
  11. Indian Chief


    Hi Dev's just a quick question and 1 bug report. My ship hull has disappeared twice and makes me relog. And, have the desk wooden blocks ( I can't remember the updated name you gave them) been removed or renamed again? Wanted to use them. Cheers
  12. BUG 1 (PHOTO's)(LOG's) I have been building a ship but every time I exit to menu and get back to my world the ship has moved little. I dont know if it may has to deal with the size of the ship but it seems like a bug to me. And yes the ancher is down. BUG 2 (VIDEO: there is also a relatable bug with the me dying from a small fall. 1. I am on the top of the ship, and i just docked the ship in the right place 2. I jump down to pull the ancher switch 3. the deck of the ship is flooded with water, I take more damage than normaly (sometimes i die, in this case) I was filming the whole project, so i added the url to the video where it happend. Thanks for your time. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. I repeat the warp of the place because my coordinates go wrong when I board a ship. It's the same on any public server. This is not a lag. I would be happy if you fix it. I can not go on adventure by ship.
  14. TheJStrickland

    [SUGGESTION] Bigger Boats?

    I feel like we need a much much larger ship, at least for multiplayer. Here's why; The large ship we already have is great, don't get me wrong. It's a decent size for everything you need, but this is only decent enough for one person. Playing with 2/3 of my friends, ships can get very crowded relatively quick, especially if we're packing up to explore a new island and need our crafting items. On multiple occasions we would accidently push each other overboard or fall off due to lack of room. Not only this, but once more players are on an island, resources are used up much quicker, therefore the option of building a boat for a crew of 1/2 is a much harder feat. The small ship size also really silences the huge amount of creativity I know many people are capable off. So many creations I see with massive ships are hugely put off by a tiny little unrealistic hull sitting at the bottom, as the is no other choice to build these things To defeat issues like this, I think a great idea would be a much larger ship, perhaps twice the length of the current max size, and triple the width? I know I saw a lot of suggestions for a built in hull space, which I think is a great idea. This would mean a lot of ship builds would be less messy and cluttered, especially with the current ship+building on ship small bugs. Watching Youtube videos on the game will show you quickly just how popular the boat/ship function in the game is, and in all honesty everybody's childhood pirate loving side comes out when building said ship. I feel like a much bigger sized ship would really, really expand on this and make the game even greater!
  15. I keep encountering this interesting bug after climbing the ladder after swimming up to my ship. The character animations still show as swimming and I can swim around the deck. Jumping usually fixes this. This seems to only happen to me on servers and not single player
  16. Hi, Well, I cannot play Ylands normal way, so I'm testing different possibilities and different "if"... And today I realised one more thing. Game in my case in 99% crashes when I'm crafting furniture on ship, or ship is close to me. I realised that game do not crash if I do not look around just after loading my savegame. Because last time Ylands started to crash constantly after I tried to place new bed on my ship I decided to try rather very silly idea. I must say - I was lucky, because gamehaven't autosave everything and my bed and two small "wooden tables - containers" were not there also. I decided to try what will happen if I hit "place stove" and immediatelly turn around and jump off the ship? So, I placed the stove and jumped off the ship as fast as I could and swim as far as I could not looking back. Game hasn't crash... But for any case, I run so far, so I couldnt see my ship anymore and few "hours" later I slowly returned. Stove was on place and game hasn't crash! So, I decided to build blacksmith... but I was there... Game crashed "as usual". So, I realoaded my world and tried the same trick - I placed blacksmith station and immediatelly jumped into the water... Game hasn't crash once again! Then I did the same trick with furnance - game hasn't crash yet again... So, in my case, after certaing progres, after 30-50 hours of play my game crashes when I'm placing objects on my ship. And bricks do not crash the Game, but all furnitures/stations/mashines/beds - do. Any idea what can it be? With Regards, ComR
  17. Jordan-290eb88b53a0e6d8

    [Ships] Block placement

    I've noticed that when building on ships the waves offset the placement of the block if the mouse is still. To combat this I have to keep the mouse moving while I place anything. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this or if a fix is being developed?
  18. wouldn't it be super useful when you need to land in a new island? preventing the big one tho stuck on the low water areas
  19. How about a craftable buoy that we can place in the water to mark shallow reef in areas we frequent with our ships and boats. I think about this a lot when I am headed back from adventuring and avoiding the same areas.
  20. Maqqea


    I made a trimaran in the editor. When I placed the ship ingame most parts of the ship turned out white. I went back to the buildingspace I made for the editor and recolored it. (I did not take a picture of the ship at that time because I thougt I made something wrong. It was my first try making something in the editor.) Second time I placed the ship ingame, after recoloring it, some parts where still white as seen on the picture below. I recolored the white parts again but this time in the ingame part of the editor and now the colors stay as they are suposed to be. Also one side of the trimarans new parts did not attatch properly. It's the part closest, where I marked each separate item, that did not attatch to the ship. The part on the other side looks thesame and there it works good. I solved it by making a katamaran out of my intended trimaran.
  21. Fight or Flight Gamer

    Travel between Ylands suggestion

    It would be nice to have a fast travel option for returning to home base once we have explored a new Yland. It takes forever to sail back. I don't have engines yet, or making the ship faster (with sails) would also help.
  22. I just load a save game, and I'm IN the ship.I don't know how to explain this bug more, just I cannot do any movements. One picture = 1000 words
  23. When building on a ship or large ship, the basic hull sways with the action of waves. When you are placing elements on the ship to build it out, they also follow this wave movement, not the movement of the ship, and so when they are placed they do not align with each other -- they are slightly off-axis from one another. The more complex the construction on the ship, more and more of these slightly off-axis elements are created, until it becomes very difficult to keep any semblance of axial placement. Trying to place an element can cause massive stuttering as the item tries to align itself with all these slightly off-axis elements which are already in place. Building on the ship becomes a jitter-fest. There are slight gaps and unevenness in decks and in the cabins, and railings are a bit wonky and generally nothing really fits together as it should, simply because of the wave motion interfering with placement. And once you are finished building, moving your character around in the ship creates stuttering motion all the time, because it is reacting to the dozens of slightly off-kilter axes created by all these slightly off-axis build elements. So, all that said, what you definitely need to implement is some way to stop the boat from moving while building is going on, -- it can be as simple as the anchor is lowered when the hull is crafted, and the ship therefore does not move until the anchor is raised. But something needs to be done about this, as it makes the whole ship-building part of the game a nightmare.
  24. Every time i go on a cave and come back later to my ship everything on it is invisible like everything, sails, woodend block, railling, all you see is the wooden ship and that’s it