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Found 10 results

  1. Every time i go on a cave and come back later to my ship everything on it is invisible like everything, sails, woodend block, railling, all you see is the wooden ship and that’s it
  2. My friend and I were playing a fairly new multiplayer world when the ladder in our hut seemed to disappear for both of us. I first right clicked it to see if it was still there and it teleported me a few feet down and I began falling through the world. I fell all the way until I hit the ground of a cave and died from fall damage. Then my friend went to investigate and he too fell to his death after right-clicking the ladder. Hope this will be fixed soon. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt BRENDAN_AND_NICK.zip
  3. Sam McDonald

    Menu not showing up

    When I launch the game from steam the startup menu is invisible and does not appear. The sounds are all there and the icon on my taskbar is there, just no menu. I've tried restarting my computer and uninstalling it and then reinstalling it but nothing seems to work. It was working until windows had an update and ever since then it hasn't worked. Please help.
  4. steam-76561198032320729

    Multiplayer Hiccups

    Hey ya guys. I've been hosting a game with my friends and for some reason after about 30 mins into playing over half of my fellow castaways were unable to see what they were building. After another few minutes people start getting booted. I know that the server can handle more than that because I've also hosted Arch Survival which is far more demanding then Ylands is, without issue. I can run the server with just myself and one other person just fine but anything more than that I have issues. I have 3 other people who have joined in but haven't been able to play because of this hiccup. I'm also planning on purchasing this game for a few of my other friends to join in on the fun but I'm hesitant to so because we all want to play together. Thoughts? Solutions? I'd be grateful for any input.
  5. Seraphs Revenge

    Entity Disposal

    Hi guys, I've been playing multiplayer almost non-stop since the game came to steam. One major problem that I've noticed is that if a lot of entities are lying around in the game; tree remnants, stone tools, etc., multiplayer games will start to glitch out a bit. Objects will still be in the game, but they will be invisible to players. This is especially annoying when a foundry can't be found that was placed earlier, or blocks that are being placed are invisible. There are many easy ways to fix this with Unity's C# APIs. A combination of an IDropHandler.OnDrop event, System.Timers (like 60000 milliseconds), and/or Object.Destroy (a timer can be set with DestroyObjectDelayed but I'm not sure about setting a flag with this method) could start a timer when an item is tossed, and can be modified a bit for objects that weren't picked up like bark, dirt, etc. after a player has interacted with an entity.
  6. The game is pretty fun and I've been only playing with my friend. But after a while in game, you encounter a weird bug where everything you gather, build to sometimes interact with it turns invisible. I can still somewhat play but it makes the game a whole less fun. Also sometimes when I try logging back in to see if it will fix itself what ends up happening is I can only see the player heads, the land, and the anchors from the ship.
  7. After placing about 3 wooden panels all items placed afterwards turn invisible and are not rendered in. Trees cut down sometimes turn invisible both the stump and felled tree are not able to be seen. Both issues are resolved after a relog, although it is almost impossible to build a base by only placing three pieces at a time. Log Files Attached: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. I'm trying to play the game with my friend but for my friend it's unplayable because 80% of the time the things he craft would turn invisible! Cutting down trees also turns invisible. Another bug is climbing ladders will teleport him to another ship and dying will teleport him to a different island (he died on an island and not at sea) These are my logs, if you need my friends log I can send that also! Thank you for the awesome game! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. This game is very addicting and fun to play, the only downside are the bugs making this game almost unplayable in multiplayer. Bugs: Items turning invisible when interacting/placing Relog causes the map to erase everything Random lag spike Climbing ship ladder teleports me to another ship Item in inventory turns invisible and not accessible Boat completely stopped working in the middle of sea Suggestions: Items in inventory/chest should be combined automatically Removing dead bodies!!!!!! There are dead bodies laying around my ship/base, preventing me from building Allow more than one key per door for multiplayer (playing as a group if only one player can unlock/lock door sucks) Building blocks should be easier for taking down by the player who placed it (building a base with stone block and messing up is a nightmare if I have to hit the blocks to get rid of it)
  10. I've had several times where it won't show my character holding any items I have selected in the hotbar. It happens several times within one session, each time something seems to fix it temporarily. Haven't figured out what triggers it. Quitting to Main Menu and reentering also makes the items reappear temporarily. Very confused