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  1. Seraphs Revenge

    CANT REPRODUCE [YLD-8103] Disappearing stuff on ship

    Hi Fulltwist, This seems like a problem with garbage collection. This game is written in a language that uses automatic garbage collection. If you move to far away from an object, like to the other side of the island from your ship, and there's no one there to continually render in those entities, the base code (underlying the game [the programming language] not Ylands itself) may delete objects on its own. If the classes and functions aren't written just right sometimes things like this happen in games unfortunately. You can try to just go ahead in the editor and add them back in with the creator cube. It may or may not be the "bamboo" btw, from a programmers perspective it all depends on the engine, language, and code with gaming mishaps like this.
  2. Seraphs Revenge


    Hi guys, can you please switch protocols to udp, as there's tons of issues with tcp in any multiplayer game. I've literally watched myself and others be dos'ed again and again on dedicated via the monitor over the tcp handshake. No multiplayer games use tcp because of issues like these, a few lost packets is no big deal. Also, I posted a few hints about entity disposal in the Unity C# api last month for your benefit, and I never got a response? It's a major issue that results in a crazy amount of lag, if the object super classes have been set up properly it shouldn't be hard to differentiate between free placed/pre-generated objects and dropped (player or newly generated) objects. Which would clear up a lot of the lag from too many entities.
  3. Seraphs Revenge

    People First Gaming - Ylands Discord

    The best and only packed Ylands discord that I've seen. They seem to always have at least a few people on 24/7, and they're always having fun. It's clean, there's no trolling, and all the members go out of their way to help new players!!!!
  4. Hi guys, I've noticed that a lot of maps I've been playing on recently have the ores and monumants the island is supposed to have, but no island itself. I took a few screenshots after crafting a propeller pack. I've tried logging, we've restarted the server, etc. It's a bit off putting because it's mainly the further islands, and a lot of progress has already been made by the group on the starter ones. output_log_clean.txt
  5. Seraphs Revenge

    UDP or TCP

    I was just wondering if you guys use UDP or TCP protocols for multiplayer games? The games get extremely high latency or freezes up all together (for everyone on) when someone tries to connect, especially if they fail to connect. There are already people using this problem as an attempt to DOS the game we're on in order to grief.
  6. Seraphs Revenge

    Entity Disposal

    I've been doing that for a while rock0head132, but thanks for the suggestion. People end up doing it either way, and once I leave the main island there's none there to break items down or store them anyway. Most other games have a bypass for automatic garbage disposal, and Unity has some specifically for their engine as workarounds for languages that have auto. Getting rid of useless entities can greatly improve optimization, among other things.
  7. I took a couple of snapshots of being able to visibly see the square surrounding the desert island that designates where the max size, render distance limit, or something of the island is. It was on a desert biome, I've been to one before and it hasn't shown. This was on multiplayer, but only the host and I were on when it happened (he was afk on the starter island). I haven't tried to move back out to sea yet, as I was about to get off anyway, so I don;t know if it will have any effect on trying to leave. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Seraphs Revenge

    Tut's tomb

    I got stuck on one of the pillars in the pyrimid, and I was constantly jittering. I had to remove the bottom portion of the pillar to finally get free. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Seraphs Revenge

    Entity Disposal

    Hi guys, I've been playing multiplayer almost non-stop since the game came to steam. One major problem that I've noticed is that if a lot of entities are lying around in the game; tree remnants, stone tools, etc., multiplayer games will start to glitch out a bit. Objects will still be in the game, but they will be invisible to players. This is especially annoying when a foundry can't be found that was placed earlier, or blocks that are being placed are invisible. There are many easy ways to fix this with Unity's C# APIs. A combination of an IDropHandler.OnDrop event, System.Timers (like 60000 milliseconds), and/or Object.Destroy (a timer can be set with DestroyObjectDelayed but I'm not sure about setting a flag with this method) could start a timer when an item is tossed, and can be modified a bit for objects that weren't picked up like bark, dirt, etc. after a player has interacted with an entity.
  10. Seraphs Revenge

    Building/Crafting needs serious work

    Hi guys, Hacasaurus mentioned the hammer being used for the repair kit. The major problem I've been seeing with the hammers being consumed, is that it will always consume an iron hammer before a stone one. This is very annoying as I then have to go back to the blacksmithing station to create a new one. A simple flag check added to the repair kit creation script that uses the stone hammers first would be great.
  11. Does anyone have any news on the multiplayer list. Both the people I play with, myself, and many others are having problems with no or few servers popping up. The ones that do usually can't be connected to. No official ones are popping up either. Even my continue list shows all unavailable.
  12. Seraphs Revenge

    Multiplayer list and availability

    Hi, I've looked on Twitter and other Ylands sites, but I haven't seen an announcment about servers being down. Both five others and myself cannot see any games listed in multiplayer and all of our multiplayer games say unavailable. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  13. Seraphs Revenge

    Yland Starting Island

    Hi guys, I've had quite the time trying to not only find islands (sometimes up to or exceeding an hour), but then caves on them and sulfur in those caves. I've started a bunch of different maps, and I've played on a few of the servers. Today I found probably the best starting island to date; it has deep caves with multiple entrances, gold and sulfur veins (first that I've seen of either) almost near the surface, the brick building with cannonballs and flintlocks (as seen in the picture, I believe the gold/copper vein can be seen in the distance), every type of tree imaginable, etc. Is there a way I can find the seed that generated this map, and then share it with the community? I've only had Ylands for a few days so I'm not sure it is even possible to enter in a specific seed.
  14. Hi Guys, I did a little digging under my large ship to try and get it to move (figured the area wasn't deep enough), although it was apparently just bugged as I ended up having to create a new large ship to get off the starter Yland. Anyway, I swam under the hull of the ship with the shovel to try and clear some of the sand. When I came up for air, to my surprise I was stuck inside the hull with only my head sticking out (shown below). Luckily after restarting the game a few time, creating a new game, and then coming back to the old game about an hour later my character finally loaded in standing on the deck. I didn't want to try and recreate it, as it was a pain trying to get out of the hull last time, however quite a few times that I had come up for air from under the hull, and even while just shoveling sand underneath the game spawned me on top of the boat before the time that I got stuck. It could be some of the polygons aren't facing the right way underneath maybe?
  15. Hi No-Half-Measures, I had something similar happen to me, and I figured I should post it here. I planted a ton of bamboo and tall oaks close together for easy chopping. Once I had macheted and sawed about 20-30 bamboo and tall oaks entities, one of the tall oaks fell on top of me. I'm not sure if I may have been standing on a trunk or leaves, as my view was blocked by the falling tree, but it hit me and pushed me straight through the map. I landed up falling for about 30 seconds or so until I froze to death. I'm not sure if tree entities pushing avatars through maps is common, but I figured I'd mention it. I haven't checked to see if my items are on the ground yet, or if they're under the map yet.