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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone ! Today I would like to ask you if there will be Ylands on Nintendo Switch soon? my PC is not powerful enough to play the game so I would be very happy to play Ylands in portable mode! Thank you for any answer... !
  2. 2020 Update: Dedicated servers have been DISCONTINUED. However, you still have options. Share games, buyable Nitrado/BI servers and locally-hosted multiplayer. You can only buy servers from Nitrado now. Nitrado sponsors P1 -- that is an affiliate link. Should you start a dedicated server? Simple answer, not yet. Technology: Right now the dedicated server technology is not ready for public use. Servers you rent and servers you set up on your own I going to have major issues that are not related to your hardware. Community: Attracting an active community to your server is really difficult because: Servers right now require a wipe/reset often due to serious lag that comes with use There are only a handful of active players at the moment. When will these factors change? Ylands multiplayer is in early access. However, once the 0.12 patch roles around multiplayer will likely have made big strides forward. How to setup a dedicated server: What do I need to start a dedicated server? 1) Windows PC: Ylands server technology does not run on Linux and therefore you will require a Windows PC. 2) The password to the Ylands Dedicated Server forum. You may request on the Better Ylands Servers Discord (https://discord.gg/zKXdsn) or here: 3) Then download the server startup guide here. For full disclosure, P1, my clan is sponsored by Nitrado. P1 runs all of it's servers on Nitrado and it works great.
  3. AviB2038

    Workshop on mobile?

    I have favourited a number of things on the workshop, but how do I use them in the game? Are you able to use them on mobile, or are they just for pc?
  4. Ezzy Rox

    Friends to play with

    Hi everyone, I've been playing Ylands for 145 hours for months now and have explored the random generated maps and built most things and now I would like to try playing online with other people. Is there anyone who would like to invite a mature player to be a part of their community? I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks heaps, Ezzy.
  5. If you are looking for an active gaming community where respect, teamwork and a friendly atmosphere rule the day, check out =P1=. We have 2-3 servers up and a bustling community of 150 Ylandians, all of which joined in about a week! We value: Respect Friendship Maturity We dislike: Salty Unfriendly Vulgarity We have a passion to help new people, integrate them into the game and get them connected. You are welcome to join our community here: https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA