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Found 13 results

  1. 2020 Update: Dedicated servers have been DISCONTINUED. However, you still have options. Share games, buyable Nitrado/BI servers and locally-hosted multiplayer. You can only buy servers from Nitrado now. Nitrado sponsors P1 -- that is an affiliate link. Should you start a dedicated server? Simple answer, not yet. Technology: Right now the dedicated server technology is not ready for public use. Servers you rent and servers you set up on your own I going to have major issues that are not related to your hardware. Community: Attracting an active community to your server is really difficult because: Servers right now require a wipe/reset often due to serious lag that comes with use There are only a handful of active players at the moment. When will these factors change? Ylands multiplayer is in early access. However, once the 0.12 patch roles around multiplayer will likely have made big strides forward. How to setup a dedicated server: What do I need to start a dedicated server? 1) Windows PC: Ylands server technology does not run on Linux and therefore you will require a Windows PC. 2) The password to the Ylands Dedicated Server forum. You may request on the Better Ylands Servers Discord (https://discord.gg/zKXdsn) or here: 3) Then download the server startup guide here. For full disclosure, P1, my clan is sponsored by Nitrado. P1 runs all of it's servers on Nitrado and it works great.
  2. I want to cotinue building with my friend on his sharegame, but it's just endless establishing connection. We tried to restart game/steam/PCs and nothing helped.
  3. So I recently got Ylands and started a Exploration game. I set it up as a sharedgame and we started exploring. Soon we realized none of us had the best internet so everyone kept timing out. So we decided to get a dedicated server. I purchased the 3000 coyn server, but I had trouble getting the already existing savegame on to the dedicated server. So would someone be able to tell me how I get a already started game on to the dedicated server.
  4. Get an endless "Establishing Connection" error when I am trying to connect to my dedicated server. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Cpt_RedBeard

    Dedicated Server

    Hello, I Run a Community with around 4,000 members www.5dclan.com We where wondering how to get the Dedicated Server to work ? We downloaded it through the Steam Tool's Section. Any help would be nice, i was told to ask for a password to be able to get the correct files, Thanks in advanced !
  6. Played Ylands today in the morning from 9 to ~9:30 (Berlin). Then there was an update of the server. Since then i dont get the server started- What I tried together with the GPORTAL Support so far: 1. Generated a new token -> server not responding 2. Support moved my server to other cloud -> server not responding 3. Got Save File via FTP, deleted all Files, reinstalled server and startzed fresh without loading up the savegame, generated a new token -> server not responding Any ideas? Wanted to play on my free day....
  7. My friends and I run a dedicated server. We want to generate a new map with .8 features, but I don't know how to get it to do that. I tried removing the save world folder so the game wouldn't have anything to load, thus creating a new seed map, but that didn't work...the server never loaded. Help! Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone. Ylands is big in our community (320+ gamers) and we play the game a lot, this post is going to kind of a review / suggestion post for how I feel / wish the game will improve over the next patches: More stability to allow more players on a server, we are hitting user max on a daily basis. Admin teleportation In-game Server announcements (When we need to restart a server, it's great to be able to warn players) More stability to ships (We keep getting glitched off) Fix to map not saving on Dedicated Servers Deployable water (To allow creating lakes on islands) Allow multiple users to use the barricade. Option to allow moving the barricade or crating of 1-2 additional barricaded to expand land ownership. Claim Island (This could be a feature, where the first one to plant a flag on an island, become the owner and can set some rules / covernants - Anyone approaching the island, will be informed of who owns the island and see the info for the island. This is just some of the idea's and issues I've had while playing the game. I can't wait to see where this game is heading in the future, we are loving it already! Let me know what you guys think of my ideas Best Regards Rawdee
  9. Hey, So I'm fairly new to Ylands, after being recommended to try it by a friend I'm loving it. I have read posts saying that you are obviously working hard on trying to iron out any bugs and general gameplay before concentrating on going back and rewriting the whole dedicated server technology, however I own my own server and would love to test the Public Beta Dedicated Server out and let you know if I run across any problems - if that's possible ? Kind Regards, Glyph
  10. Im playing with friend on dedicted server he started(quake's world) and im expiriencing some problems. -sometimes i get bugged when i grab item from ground. Bugged in way- my avatar repeats grabing move, and its very hard to do anything else, i can walk(while still repeating the grab move) but i cannot use any items or grab anything, stops only after relog. For my friend looking at my avatar it appears like everything is okay. -when i enter crafting, or more commonly exit crafting into inventory, game crashes(this appears is known bug with old ATI radeon graphic cards, my computer is using one(HP pavilion dv6 3300se, ATI mobility radeon 6550)) -sometimes after game crashes its impossible to re-enter the world, game crashes when loading "raising oceans" hits 100% every time, the only way is to load last server world backup and run from that. This and more issues is going to report my friend who maintains the server. keep up great work, and if i missed some information key to resolve them bugs, let me know, I will do what i can to help. Ylands is great promissing game :-) Honza output_log_clean.txt error.log output_log.txt
  11. Oh Yea Mr Krabs

    Fix Connection Lag In The Sea!

    Hey! Absolutely love this game but me and my friends are having issues with connection lag in the ocean. I have a good connection of, Internet speed test 27.60 15.62 Mbps download Mbps upload Everything is perfectly fine when any of us hosts a game and were on an island, no one experiences any kind of connection lag but when someone steps onto a ship in the ocean, things start to act up. There are several annoying events that occur when one of us is on a ship in the ocean, - Player can no longer see other players, animals and other objects (fix is to re log, but is recurrent) - Ship becomes completely black, no visual on ladders and cannot interact with the ship (fix is to re log, but is recurrent) - Player teleport off ship constantly (Only host can properly move around the ship) These three are the most recurring events that occur when a player is on a ship in the ocean and are really annoying lol! I really enjoy playing this game and recommend it to all my friends but this is a really big issue! We all have powerful gaming computers and good connections but when it comes to being in the water on a ship, everything just breaks . Really hope these issues can be fixed so we can truly experience Ylands and all its glory lol! Cannot wait until you send out the dedicated server tools which may fix these issues!
  12. Hi all, I will update this post with known dedicated server issues, and cross them off once they have been confirmed as fixed. The reason for this is that since the increase in people playing on servers, bugs may come to light and the forum may become messy for someone looking for information about them, searching within a ton of different posts. So, I will update this post when I see your posts about dedicated server related bugs, and when the developers post confirmation of fixes etc. Or just post in this thread with the information, up to you! Importance Key: * Critical + Important - Trivial Current Known Bugs: [*] Dedicated server freezing - The server may seem like it's working, but players are unable to connect after a while (happens faster with more players logged in). Restarting can sometimes fix this, or you may have to create a new save game to host (rarer). [*] Client stuck on "downloading game data" or "recalling buildings" - I think this happens when the server has frozen, as mentioned above. [*] All timers stop working in kilns etc, and therefor no items can be crafted anywhere in the game- making it literally unplayable. The save file is affected even when booted. [+] All online players become frozen for a second or two, whenever someone else logs in to the server. [-] Running over a shark with a large boat, will make the shark stuck on deck of the boat. [-] Having a horse on a large boat, will make your ship flip over when you try and set-sail, as if the horse weighs a lot more than the ship, because... physics. [+] Dedicated servers have some lag (delayed animations, running on the spot, clicking an item and nothing happens for some time delayed, etc), that seems to be isolated to the game, other servers I host have no lag, and there are plenty of system resources spare. [+] Trying to destroy placed blocks results in a "failed" message, though they can be picked up before the two minute timer ends. [+] Server Monitor using more CPU % than the server itself (50% monitor, 25% server). Fixed Known Bugs: [*] Server list overlapping, no scrolling. [*] Boats sinking underwater. [*] Broken crafting menu, missing items. [*] Character unable to act upon respawn.
  13. John - NEXFER

    MP / Server ideas

    Hi all, Some ideas for multiplayer and dedicated servers: Teleport admin commands - Teleport to a player, teleport a player to you, teleport player A to player B etc. Pin codes / lockable storage / doors - Able to secure items away from other players etc. PvE / PvP server modes - Enable / Disable PvP settings. Perhaps enable / disable player vs building as well for a true PvE mode? *This may require a building permissions system as then maybe a player could not destroy their own buildings, or need an admin / annihilator or something. Private messaging - Able to direct message a player perhaps /pm [name] [message] or something?. Party / grouping / guilds / clans - Able to form groups of different types, chat to group only, maybe show other grouped players on your map etc? Website integration - Able to request online players count / names / info / chat from the server monitor app, to integrate this information on a website. Perhaps having the server monitor post this data to a file, or post it to http, or open to incoming requests for data etc? This will allow for future server lists and externalising the server systems to the web. Will add to this thread if I think of more!