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    0.9: Comfortable Cooperation (08/06/2018)

    I can't even launch the server now, after .9 Within a CMD prompt and within the ylands directory, I would normally enter ylands.cmd, then the headless monitor box would appear where I'd enter tail to see more goodies, but that box never pops up and the game never launches. I can't enter the dedicate forums because one of my friends got the server info and set it up and taught me how he did it so we'd have 2 of us to admin it but he doesn't remember what the password was. Help! ********************UPDATE******************* In our ylands.cmd is ... start "" "c:\ylands\ylandsds.exe" -logfile "c:\ylands\worlds\TSQ\log.txt" -nographics -batchmode Instead of running ylands.cmd, I just ran YlandsDs.exe from c:\ylands\ and the server started, I found it, and entered the game. QUESTION ... What is now broken in the .cmd that I need to fix, or is that launch string even needed? Thanks!
  2. Baz .. it worked perfectly! Thanks!
  3. My friends and I run a dedicated server. We want to generate a new map with .8 features, but I don't know how to get it to do that. I tried removing the save world folder so the game wouldn't have anything to load, thus creating a new seed map, but that didn't work...the server never loaded. Help! Thanks!
  4. If you live in northwest NJ, having snow is no big deal LOL!
  5. Ok, so it's not just me. It's not a game breaker, just little annoyance. I'm sure the devs will address it.
  6. I made a large workshop with some really neat skylights to see the sky ect. I made the skylights out of glass panes/windows .. the one with 4 squares (2x2 with the seams showing) When it rains, the rain comes through the glass, but it doesn't come through the rest of the ceiling which was the large decorated stone panel squares.
  7. Hattrix

    Wired Walls

    Perfect idea ... love it!
  8. Hattrix

    Wired Walls

    While I appreciate the realism of that idea, we're wearing a propeller backpack and flying around ... not very realistic. The main reason I respectfully disagree is I wouldn't want to limit the creativity of players who want to use logs to build their houses, towns, mega-structures ect to then NOT be able to use the energy discreetly in a wired wall.
  9. Hattrix


    Yes, please cancel the crafting process and give back 100% of the materials before the 1 minute timer runs out .... especially if the furnace/forge/stove ect has no fuel.
  10. Hattrix

    Wired Walls

    A mod for ARK has the energy lines built into walls so once you have power to the building (wall) you can run power seamlessly and invisibly through a structure. Have a any sized log or block become "wired" with a new recipe. splitter recipe + block (or log) = wired block (or log) This recipe would need to be tweaked and revised as to how many resources we'd need to create one depending on the size of the block/log. Maybe you just combine a splitter and a block/log instead ... just a thought. As long as a wired block/log touches another wired block/log the energy flows through. The entire block/log is like 1 big IN and each block is also 2 big OUTs....like a splitter Every block/log has an open outlet if needed (that's the 2nd OUT) if they are connected. If it's a stand-alone block/log it acts as a splitter (effectively hiding the ugly splitter). Attached is my idea for a Wired Log .. the same concept could be applied to blocks or stone or marble, or whatever. Credit for my ugly paint.net image goes to ylands.gamepedia.com for the format and images which I mashed together to create my idea.
  11. No apologies needed. Thank you for the helpful conversation. Other than building a big house, I think I've hit the current "end game" as it stands now. I don't know what else to research or discover. Maybe we'll reset the server to a new seed.......
  12. Wow, that's definitely going to help in the future. What IS the charcoal potion recipe?
  13. Too often I'm working at night with the light of my helmet on and POOF!!!!! It goes off because it's "morning" although its pitch dark. Please let me manually turn the helmet light on and off. Another place that we HAVE to be able to manually turn it on is in a cave or hole. It gets dark but the light doesn't come on until you're much further down. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the clarification! I have a small ship with 4 steam engines and 4 large masts. The steam engines only require 6 coal to fill them up, but when our world runs out of coal, we're gonna have to use wood chips I guess ... a lot of them.