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Found 14 results

  1. for sensors it would be great if we could also set the size of the scanned area.
  2. Like the title said. I really like the improvement we got in update 7.0 but the streams still bug me and I know that a lot of people feel the same way. I think we should remove them completely unless we're holding the linker.
  3. you guys should add solar panels and daylight sensors to the game you could put solar panels on your island to power your lights and other energy things and would work like an engine or a generator daylight sensors would work like switches and you would be able to set it the sensor would kick on at night or at day and then things like lights would light up at night time automatically
  4. Hattrix

    Wired Walls

    A mod for ARK has the energy lines built into walls so once you have power to the building (wall) you can run power seamlessly and invisibly through a structure. Have a any sized log or block become "wired" with a new recipe. splitter recipe + block (or log) = wired block (or log) This recipe would need to be tweaked and revised as to how many resources we'd need to create one depending on the size of the block/log. Maybe you just combine a splitter and a block/log instead ... just a thought. As long as a wired block/log touches another wired block/log the energy flows through. The entire block/log is like 1 big IN and each block is also 2 big OUTs....like a splitter Every block/log has an open outlet if needed (that's the 2nd OUT) if they are connected. If it's a stand-alone block/log it acts as a splitter (effectively hiding the ugly splitter). Attached is my idea for a Wired Log .. the same concept could be applied to blocks or stone or marble, or whatever. Credit for my ugly paint.net image goes to ylands.gamepedia.com for the format and images which I mashed together to create my idea.
  5. I have all the ingredients for the wind turbine but it's not appearing in the crafting menu?
  6. I put a wind turbine on a large ship and was powering a charging station. All was working as it should. I installed a splitter and then an energy stove. If I link the stove, the charging station shuts off. The output of the turbine is 20. The consumption of the charging station is 10, the stove is 1 and the splitter is 1for a total of 12 units of power. It doesn't matter what order I link the stove or charging station. The stove always works. The charging station only works if the stove isn't linked but still works if it is connected via the splitter. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thoroughly enjoying the game! Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Hello. When I want remove "energy beam" from the Energy switch, Node or Street lamp my game freeze and need start again. Destroying the switch or any item connected with that "beam" will help me without freeze. Game version: 0.6.42165 Thank you and I still love this great game output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. Is there a way to change the colour displayed on the display block ? currently it seems to be white when off and green when powered. Energy seems to have a maximum amount of connections too, a large generator has 170+ energy remaining but cant power more than around 10 display blocks (I'm assuming) due to its other connections, a new generator with no other connections can power more blocks with no alterations to their connections apart from the generator they're connected too. I've since confirmed something I mentioned in my list too, if I have 1 generator connected to a set up and has 5 drain, then add another generator it also has 5 drain so using multiple generators through an energy and connector is currently pointless meaning I could build 10 generators and power no more than I could with 1 and that we would need multiple generators and circuits across a build instead of 1 power location. A couple of suggestions in the same area Charge gauge A gauge on screen for any item being used that requires a charge, just a small marker with a needle showing from empty to full so we have some idea whats going on instead of having to check it in the inventory. Energy nodes/splitter etc (images included 1 generator without and node, then each generator through and node) (images showing how regardless of remaining energy in generator it stops flowing. Reason assumed to be the amount of connections) These things are HUGE being able to connect multiples to a normal node would be nice, or its setting up a series of splitters to splitters to splitters to spread out the energy and they take up so much space and get so messy! The small switches also have no indication which way the levers going to move even though it only moves to one side. Either a smaller thing such as a 1x1x1 cube with 1 side a colour and 2 others another colour or show energy in/out rather than the current set up or a junction box of 2x2x2 (or whatever) where inside we can set up power connections and splitters without having them individually across our build. Cold energy If you have ice blocks in the distance and an energy bean near you which you can look through towards the ice, the energy will appear behind the ice blocks. The recharger is enormous Not much about this really, it's just of gigantic proportions which makes it rather annoying, a bit smaller would be nice even if it's just height wise and its still the same floor space. Propeller pack is OP As much as in some ways I love how easy it makes the game, perhaps just add a charge to it, even if its a high figure just so there's a chance it could run out and something so you still have to pay attention when you're using it instead of an airborne untouchable angel of death.
  9. Hey, I was messing about with energy networks earlier and found that it's not possible to create a loop in a network. I was trying to create some sort of clock/pulse generator using a series of not gates to make lights auotomatically flash. Allowing loops in networks would also allow us to create flip-flops/latches (great when creating mazes/puzzle maps - storing user inputs). If allowing loops in networks would be too difficult an alternative would be creating a pulse generator object and a latch object. I think that either of these would hugely improve gameplay. Sensors would also be really useful - proximity and light - to create warning systems for NPCs or other players, and to make it so that streetlights only come on at night. Hopefully it's possible to create some of these. Cheers.
  10. BigBoss87

    Energy power line

    Hi!! I want to make a small suggestion. In relation to energy. Show that power line only when we were with Linker in our hands. It's kind of weird doing lamps and getting those power lines. Thanks
  11. I have a suggestion after playing this game non-stop 26 hours.Let's make 'The Power' comes from the wind turbines more valuable , what i am trying to say is if i build one wind turbine it works wherever i put , even on ship. And yes there is ''Greater distance - Less Power'' but i think that is not enough to make it valuable. Here is my suggestion , turbines ONLY creates power on windy places like top of the hills or mountains etc. in that situation we have to REMOVE the ''power loss on distance''. I'm pretty sure that change will make the game more fun and more challenging , i bought the game first i saw it i have no regrets.Keep up the good work. THİS GAME İS AWESOME AND LET'S MAKE İT EVEN MORE AWESOME!
  12. Hi again, I'm having an issue whereby any energy circuit that I build on a ship, won't save when I take a composition of the ship. The ship itself and all the nodes and switches etc save just fine as a composition, however, I have to re-wire the entire thing every time, meaning I can't hide the circuits away! If I save the wired ship as a save game, scenario or game mode, the energy wiring saves just fine, this is only when trying to copy / paste the ship, or create a composition of it. Also, if I move the ship with the XYZ slider, the energy doesn't move with the circuits and ship, and you can see it not attached to anything just floating where the ship was. Hope that makes sense!
  13. The energy system is great, but today i tried to design a city and the roads full of streetlights seemed a bit odd, with all this nuclear green connections. It would be cool if it's possible to "hide" the connections when we are not changing them. I don't know if there's some way to do that, in that case sorry for the post. Greetings
  14. DerEntinator

    Reloading the Mining Drill

    Is it possible to reload an empty Mining Drill if it says "OUT OF POWER" ?