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  1. Weezle

    Cars usefulness and use.

    I was building a ship that could transport a car (loading ramp on the front of my ship and an enclosure/charging area) but 1.9 ruined that idea. Anything that remotely jostles on your boat and you're neck deep in repairs. 1.9 is rapidly becoming the thing that drives me off.
  2. I'd settle for making them craftable without having to die from sharks just to get the components or the recipe. I can turn off my sound. I can't turn off the sharks.
  3. Weezle

    Sharks have returned to Ylands! Beware!

    The Orca is awesome!!
  4. Well, sort of... I present to you, Shark II. A shark-shaped steam ship. It's mostly harmless. Take one for a spin https://play.ylands.com/asset/14801 Enjoy!
  5. Weezle

    A day building in Ylands

    Man, that is gorgeous!
  6. It was a success! The treehouse works perfectly now and I've got it on the Workshop. Thank you all for the help!
  7. Thank you for the responses and information! As for the added corner blocks, SparkPlug, you were clear. I just wasn't sure that anything added would behave any differently then the components already in the composition. As to the method of my construction of the treehouse, I always build in a 'real world' scenario, not the editor. I laid down the foundation of the spiral staircase (which is naturally aligned to the grid) and then planted a tall rain forest tree seed at the base (in case anyone else wants to try to build their own). The tree is only free placed by way of natural seed planting and not added to the building by way of the creator cube or editor. I don't really know how seeds react to the world grid but it may be the main object throwing the composition off. The biggest reason that I want to bring this particular tree along with the composition is that the organic nature of the tree's orientation, affected how I built the floors and roof around the branches and canopy. If I were to leave it out and then plant a different seed under the staircase, it may not grow to fit the treehouse. Between the two of you, I think the problem may be solved. I will be testing it today. With luck, there'll be a treehouse in the Workshop, finally!
  8. I'll give it a shot but I'm already trying to snap the dock to an 'anchor' in the world (a stack of blocks or panels, usually). None of the items on a world grid seem to affect the incoming parts so I don't know if corner blocks would behave differently than the ones already attached to the main build. Fingers crossed.
  9. Greetings all, I've built a treehouse (on one of StoutCrusher's MP servers). He sent me the save file for the map and I was able to extract my treehouse and created a composition from it. I've tested placing it a few times just to make sure it's ready for sharing and the problem I am running into is that it never aligns perfectly to the world grid of the map I am adding it to. It is always a bit off and that means you can't add to it. In one instance, I was able to bring the composition into my editor, remove the tree from the group and snap the remaining blocks and bits to an 'anchor' of sorts. I then moved the tree back into the center of the build and tried creating a new composition in hopes that the next time would snap to the world coords of the map. It didn't. What I'd like to know, do all compositions sit slightly askew from the grid of a new map or is my treehouse a special case? I really want to upload this to the workshop but I want everyone to be able to make it their own by adding bits where they like. Let me know if any of you have the same issue or some ideas on how to get the alignment right. Thanks!
  10. I really love how the taiga/tundra islands look when they get those craggy shorelines and big bays with smaller "extra" islands. The problem I always seem to come across is that you get these wonderful deep water bays but as you get closer to the open ocean, the seafloor always rises and there are very shallow walls formed around the entirety of the island. With enough engines, you can power your way over them but there's the ever lurking danger of getting stuck. You can try to dig them out but then you have to worry about "breaking" the ocean. I'd love to see a taiga/tundra with clear paths from those gorgeous coastlines to the open ocean someday. I suppose the only other request is to see the same type of topography in the temperate and jungle biomes (I've seen some desert biomes with cliffs and deep bays). As always, thanks for a really fun game!
  11. I had an issue where I had taken damage while wearing fur in an arctic biome and when I tried to heal using bandages, it did nothing except consume the bandage. I explored a bit but my health did not replenish over time. At some point, I decided to head for other islands and swapped my fur for Guardian Armor. As soon as I changed what I was wearing, my health returned. Later, I was wearing full neoprene diving gear and helmet and sharks did a bit of work on me. I tried using a poultice this time and it also didn't work. Just for the sake of experimenting, I changed my clothes. I don't remember if I put on armor or regular clothing but as soon as the new garments were on, my health came back. I didn't know if this was some weird game mechanic that prevents healing when wearing clothing that has 'cold resistance' but I haven't experimented any further.
  12. Weezle

    Chopped trees go "phantom" ....

    I get this about every 20-25 trees on the MP server that I play on. I don't recall if I've had this happen in SP maps.
  13. Weezle

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8858] Multiplayer Bug

    I'm playing on Stout Crusher's server and I, too, have the propeller pack bug. I had done some crafting and made myself the underwater breathing helmet and diving gear and was going back to my ship to log out for the night. I was using the propeller pack to travel to and from the area where I was crafting. I was seated in a chair on my ship when I had my inventory open and I removed the mining helmet and put on my steel armor helmet. For aesthetics, I felt my propeller pack was unnecessary so I tried to drag it to my inventory slots. it wouldn't go. At this point, I remembered Stout Crusher's first mention of this problem and immediately tried using the pack. It fails permanently. I also cannot climb the rope ladders on the side of my ship or control my ship. I can raise and lower the anchor and take the control stance at my helm (switch from sails to engines and back and even perform the steering animations) but the ship will not respond in any way. If I release the controls, I immediately sink through the platform I am standing on and have to jump several times to free myself. I can pilot my old bamboo raft without any issues. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  14. Weezle

    KNOWN ISSUE Joining Server Stuck at 100%

    Nearly every single time I try to play an MP server.