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Found 1 result

  1. I really love how the taiga/tundra islands look when they get those craggy shorelines and big bays with smaller "extra" islands. The problem I always seem to come across is that you get these wonderful deep water bays but as you get closer to the open ocean, the seafloor always rises and there are very shallow walls formed around the entirety of the island. With enough engines, you can power your way over them but there's the ever lurking danger of getting stuck. You can try to dig them out but then you have to worry about "breaking" the ocean. I'd love to see a taiga/tundra with clear paths from those gorgeous coastlines to the open ocean someday. I suppose the only other request is to see the same type of topography in the temperate and jungle biomes (I've seen some desert biomes with cliffs and deep bays). As always, thanks for a really fun game!