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Found 15 results

  1. spiritchaser28

    New workshop layout.

    I can't seem to find things in workshop now. Mainly compositions. Might I suggest tags such as ship, car, house, building, furniture ...etc? Or an option to browse all creations? If I type any of those tags I come up with an empty search. Thanks.
  2. AviB2038

    Workshop on mobile?

    I have favourited a number of things on the workshop, but how do I use them in the game? Are you able to use them on mobile, or are they just for pc?
  3. OK let s go for a second Tutorial. It all starts in the Editor. You HAVE to GET this prompt message to be SURE your export was SUCCESSFUL Now you can go to the Workshop. IF your export was SUCESSFUL, you will find your file in \Steam\userdata\38650086\298610\remote\Share\Compositions ATTENTION: YOUR numbers can be DIFFERENT, make SURE to CHECK THEM ALL !!! all that counts is for you to find files with the .ycp extention (in this example: BASICSHIP.ycp) Hope that helps, enjoy and have fun =) Do not hesitate to give a little thanks, like, up if you found this useful.
  4. Hello , I am experiencing some issues with the editor , when i go into it after i subscribed to the workshop there are no compositions , it used to work and now i dont see any of them even if i am subscribed to them on the workshop . Any ideas how to fix this ?
  5. Hey, I don't know why no one reporting this issue yet.. When I click the asset (composition or games) it won't let me go into the asset page which is to look other pictures available for that asset. Here is welp page look like, sorry I'm using phone right now.
  6. I was trying to upload my a simple creation on workshop but I got this error instead. I've tried with both chrome and mozilla got the same error.
  7. All of a sudden Yesterday, i was back on the workshop, trying to subscribe to new levels and some builds, and everytime i'd click subscribe from the list, it and accept the subscription, it wouldn't actually subscribe. So i figured "ok i may have to open the page itself", but when i do that, it just sits on "loading" forever. I wondered if it was my account, so i made a new one, same issue, different browser? same issue, Clear cache? same issue. had my Fiance create an account on her computer, same issue. Not sure if anyone else has posted about this, if so, my apologies, i looked around and couldn't find any other mention.
  8. Greetings all, I've built a treehouse (on one of StoutCrusher's MP servers). He sent me the save file for the map and I was able to extract my treehouse and created a composition from it. I've tested placing it a few times just to make sure it's ready for sharing and the problem I am running into is that it never aligns perfectly to the world grid of the map I am adding it to. It is always a bit off and that means you can't add to it. In one instance, I was able to bring the composition into my editor, remove the tree from the group and snap the remaining blocks and bits to an 'anchor' of sorts. I then moved the tree back into the center of the build and tried creating a new composition in hopes that the next time would snap to the world coords of the map. It didn't. What I'd like to know, do all compositions sit slightly askew from the grid of a new map or is my treehouse a special case? I really want to upload this to the workshop but I want everyone to be able to make it their own by adding bits where they like. Let me know if any of you have the same issue or some ideas on how to get the alignment right. Thanks!
  9. BaKonator751

    How do I download a map?

    Hey I was wandering how I download maps off the workshop. I logged in and I can't find the download button anywhere? I'm confused...
  10. After I share a creation for the Workshop I loose my creation ingame. It disappears from the creation list so I am unable to work further on it. This happened two times to me now. I do not know what I am doing wrong because it does not happen every time. Nonetheless I can definetely say I did not delete anything.
  11. Hmm so here s another little problem here, when i try to click on WORKSHOP on top of the forums here, that s what i get. @Ane, any idea?
  12. jumpingflipflop

    Workshop update problem

    Hello fellow ylanders , I uploaded my first game to the workshop today (Show-jumping). I noticed some bugs after release, so I decided to remove them and update my game in the workshop. Now there is a problem: I packaged the game in the editor and I got a new .ycp file in my "share" folder. After I uploaded my updated game (via "edit" in the workshop-menu), I got the following error on the bottom of the upload-window: "Asset guid should be the same." I tried to create a new package via the editor, but this one doesn´t work either. Any ideas?
  13. DieselDesigns

    Cannot see Workshop Items

    Hi! I've subscribed to a workshop map, but it is not showing up in game. What am I doing wrong? I know I'm doing something wrong. Im signed into Bohemian/Ylands site. When I click on the workshop items it opens up the page and it says "Subscribed" but in game...nothing. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  14. John - NEXFER

    Subscribe to own workshop?

    Hi all, So is there any way to subscribe to your own workshop creations? I would like to be able to run a game mode that I have released to the workshop, however, it does not show up in the client's list of game modes (via Steam), and as I cannot subscribe to my own on the website, is there any way to import them from one Steam client to another? Since the Steam migration, the file system does not look the same! So I'm unsure where the game modes are being saved. I've checked in - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands And in documents\Ylands - but this only seems to show compositions.
  15. FriendZone38


    Hello I have not yet received yland workshop all pictures are white (only when I am logged in) and I can not subscribe to anything thanks for your help! (car I have had no support answer...)