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  1. Food Recipe It would be great if we could make a various kind of dishes using more than one material. That being said the starvation meter needs a upgrade. Farming Would require improvement to fit the food recipe suggestion that've made. With more diversity of seeds like rice, wheat and fruits. And make it more complex with irrigation or temperature requiriments for example, plating a temperate plant in a desert island wouldn't rise. Fishing Mini Game Fishing in this game quite boring process and not useful since fish meat doesn't raise the starvation meter like it should be. Breeding Animals It's really tough to find leather after you kill all the animals on the island. Blueprint of Ships and Cars After trying to blueprint my ship from the old game I was playing with my friends I realised that It isn't possible to craft the hull and masts. Blueprint from cars and ships should be implemented. Survival Smooth Terrain Tool Landscape it's really important but in survival mode we still lacking of a smooth terrain tool after mining or flatting the place things get a lil bit ugly. Health Bar I know it's a Zelda reference but sometimes I feel it doesn't fit the UI. Vending Machine It's a great concept for a multiplayer game but it implies making a currency. I'm not sure about it since I didn't play on any ylands server just with friends. The other sugestion that I have it's asking about the community opinion with some kinda of survey in game. There's a lot of complain about the micro-transactions at steam's review page as far I've played I didn't use the shop for skin and it's not necessary to enjoy the game. I do not have much time to reply or make a more detailed post about my suggestion. I've seen a lot of these suggestion on the forum and tried to upvoted them to get devs attettions. Thanks for reading good exploration for everyone.
  2. Kowai

    Capture blueprints in creative mode

    I was using the creative mode to make some builds for start fresh on the new update. Unfortunately they aren't allowed to be captured on creative. I think being able to blueprint from creative is a must and would help to improve the population on public servers.
  3. Nope, now it's saying I'm not authorised. (edit) Nevermind, my session was expired. Thanks Ane.
  4. I was trying to upload my a simple creation on workshop but I got this error instead. I've tried with both chrome and mozilla got the same error.