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Found 7 results

  1. When I open editor, I can't find my saved maps in the file-open menu, there's nothing there. My maps are saved on creative. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  2. TheJStrickland

    Map Tings

    Does anybody have any flat world (Like, superflat MC) seeds? Or, in addition, does anybody know how to get a custom world from the edit mode into create mode? I can't seem to figure out a way and it would be pretty ridiculous if it's not actually possible...
  3. Greetings team! First off I'm really glad to see the Blueprints system, amazing addition! Though I'm kind of curious, why is the blueprint camera not allowed in Creative mode? Simple as that, create something in creative, blueprint it and when I go to Explore mode I can simply place the blueprint and get all the materials to build it, like in many other games that handle blueprints this way, there seems to be no harm in allowing this, does it? I would like to know (And I believe many others too) your take on this Screenshot attached of a test little house I made to check the blueprint work.
  4. Hello, So, im recently new to the game(only active playing for a week) and I really really love the game. Like reeaaalllyy. So I rented a small server, and I play with a friend of mine. Now, I misplaced some items(beginners mistake) and the two minutes passed. Now, most of all my ship needs altering, and its not the place the barrier. Is there anyway I can alter the server files to go to creative without taking the server offline? Or should I download the server files, go sp creative in editor (dunno whether it is even possible??) Change what i need, upload the files again and dont have any trouble with personal and player data? Thanks:)
  5. DerEntinator

    Am I finished? [SPOILERS]

    So i have the full Cyclops Armor with a propeller pack, a big ylandium generator with a charger and a mining drill. I have already tried the creative mode so i know that there is a power armor in the game, but is it possible to obtain the armor in exploration mode and are there more things to discover? If you know the answer please just say yes or no and not the way how to get everything.
  6. I had an idea and i thought i should share it with you, so have you thought the possibility of combining Creative mode with the Editor Mode into Multi player ? For example server has editor open and others can either join in the editor or switch roles and go close up in the creative mode.
  7. My 5 year old likes playing Ylands to explore and plonk in lots of trees and animals. He doesn't have the patience to do the full collecting and crafting thing. He loves the pre-made scenarios, such as the Santa factory just added. However when you open these Dev made scenario's they are on 'Explore'/'Survival' mode. Is there a way to grab these builds and turn them into Creative mode, so my son can explore the ready made worlds but add his own (free of grind) stuff in? I tried copying and opening in the editor, but I'm a bit lost as to where the setting would be there.