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Found 46 results

  1. Jdtriton

    Igloo Design

    Here is an Igloo design I came up with for the Artic Region of Ylands. I Would love to hear what you all think of the design.
  2. Jdtriton

    My Vendor Market Place

    Just finished building and furnishing the new vendor market.
  3. Jdtriton

    Built a New Base

    Created a new base and this is the progress so far
  4. I built my ship and decided to rebuild it from scratch. Instead of making a new one, since you can only claim one ship at a time. I decided to remove all the decorations and blocks I put on the ship. But there two items I can't get rid of. Not from the Building Station, or Free placement mode or deconstruct with the hammer for that matter. The option to remove the items does not appear. The items in questions are the shaman's mask from the myster yland with the glowing eyes, and a bottle that has some kind of red substance coming out of it. Everything else though I could deconstruct.
  5. Jordan-290eb88b53a0e6d8

    [Suggestion] Blueprint Design Paper

    My idea or suggestion is blueprint paper where you can virtually build/draw up your constructions in 2D, before you commit to building something, then not being able change a certain piece 2 minutes later because it doesn’t fit anymore. For example if you were building a log cabin you could make a side, top and front view on seperate pieces of blueprint paper and use them to build the outline of your construction. Being able to add measurements or a grid on the paper would be very useful too for getting dimensions right. Whats everyone’s opinion or if you have any better ideas please comment. Obviously if the building system gets changed to where you remove your own blocks easier after the time out then it wouldn’t be necessary. Or maybe a ghosted block placing system to test out designs?
  6. empeorgame3(2)

    POSSIBLY New type of Blocks.

    Hi Today after a long period of rest. I have made some point of view specially in game blocks. I saw block that make the game more interesting. Here are some blocks that I want to put in my creations. 1. Door Frame with Door 4x4 or larger. 2. Triangles 4x4 or above 3. Blocks to make specific domes. 4. Dome Blocks or larger dome blocks 5. Window Frame 4x4 or larger. For this the building materials or blocks must be like ark survival evolved structure to make buildings more realistic. I just want to make buildings realistic. Thank you
  7. Do I need to be in explorer mode within the shield generator to be able to save builds? Or can I go into sandbox and save them there as well? If so would I need to put down a shield gen in the sandbox game? If I save to a ship i've built is that saving the ship to that character for my profile to place in any new game I start (having the appropriate materials) or does that just save it for me to summon during that particular game session? Thanks!
  8. COVID RELIEF BUILDING CONTEST What if we came together to build awesome builds & make the world a better place! @RedEagle_P1. said: "I will donate $5 to charity (Coivd relief) for every photo submission of in-progress work up to $100." And more of us are likely to join him!! ?THE GOAL Create a custom build that provides entertainment to explore players, contains some form of a challenge or a small puzzle. Maybe a floating island? A treasure in a tower full of hungry beasts? Mythical sword hidden in a cave temple? That is all up to your own fantasy! To be clear this is a building competition, no script needed. If you have a vision for a code, puzzle function for your build, it's always a +. We can help with that and we highly encourage you to build with future code in mind. !PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COMPETITION IS NOT SPONSORED OR ORGANIZED BY BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE! ?THE PRIZES ?1.st 50 USD ?2.nd 30USD ?3.rd 20USD ?RULES Understand that you are building a ruin for people to visit on a explore server. Each ruin should fit with the biome it's in & have a relevant prize: 1️⃣Choose the biome your ruin will fit in: - Tundra - Polar - Etc. 2️⃣ Choose the prize people will get: -Weapon with special color/effect - Rare building materials -Etc. 3️⃣Download a composition HERE to see the maximum allowed size or place down 14 4x4 marble blocks. ❌Avoid excessive violence, sexual themes, horror, NSFW content. ❌Don't make something massive, keep it simple, fun and not-laggy. Too many blocks cause lag. Weld objects to reduce lag. ❌Cannot use Ylands workshop assets or prior-made content. ? DEADLINE 09.08 - 10 PM CST time zone. Submit by using THIS LINK. + Don't forget to reply I'm in right under this post!! ?JUDGING We will host an online streaming event, where we will vote the winners together! ? ?CONNECT WITH US We are always happy to answer your questions below this post or on our DISCORD, where building tutorials and advices are also shared!!! ?LEGAL Anything you submit in the competition via the official link in order to win the prize will require a copyright transfer as we will be putting it all in one big server for everyone to enjoy
  9. Toweringrex

    structure repair option.

    Hi will there be a repair option for houses? i now have a light spot on my wall because i accidently hit it. or is there already an option like this?
  10. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I'm loving the game so far, it's great fun. I have noticed an issue with placing building items and rotation. However I've read about people being able to place objects at a 45 degree angle, and I can see the other keys in the bindings for rotating, but they don't seem to work for me. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a bug?
  11. Hi, I'm talking about building in explore game mode, as it's my favorite Ylands mode. I have to rant a bit about building system in Ylands. Last improvements were great, it's much better, but without FPP it's still pain in the eyes! Also, without FPP, I cannot aim correctly and I'm unable to open chest of anything what is close together. So, please, once again, reconsider return of FPP, at last as console command. However, this is not main theme of my today's rant. This time I want to talk about freeplacing and grid placing. You can easily toggle between grid/free placing with one key when you are using bricks, but you cannot do this with any other object - this is really annoying. This is why: Placing objcects other than usual “bricks” - sticks, stones, plants, fish, planks, just everything is sometimes big pain. It would be great if you could use the same system, one button toggle (as it is with normal brick placing) to swap from freeplacing to grid placing. Why? I hoped many times to make fences made of sticks, footpaths made of bark or stones or sheds made of pure planks and poles. It would be much easier if I could use the same system as I can using bricks, logs etc.: just snap to grid! I know, most of the work I will have to do manually anyway, but most of the work will be completed easily. Why not to treat eveny object just the same? With small exception: bricks, by default, when you select these ar in "snap to grid mode", but all other objects are by default in "free placing mode". Then, with one key I could toggle modes and everyone would be happy... With Regards, ComR
  12. No matter how much I play and get to know the game, it's very hard to decide which item I want to craft from the crafting menu. That's because the only information the crafting menu gives you is what it looks like and how many it crafts. The problem is that it's hard to tell the difference between each item in the crafting menu. I'm sure you can come up with better ideas but here are some ideas that I have: - You could be able to click on each building block (before you craft it) and spin it to see exactly what it looks like - From the crafting menu, it would help if there were an indicator on each block to show if you've got any in your inventory. Maybe it shows the count in your inventory? - It would also be helpful to show the size of each item before you craft it. - From your inventory you should be able to click on a building block and there could be a "Craft More" button so you don't even have to go to the crafting screen
  13. DW's Gaming N Animation


    I just came back from Thanksgiving and Christmas break, with no internet, just regular TV and my mind racing with ideas. I jump into Ylands after 3 or so months I find that the building system is completely different. So I've learned everything from scratch, then I find this............ I had tears come out of my eyes, because I enjoy posting, building, but to actually be heard and have the developers implement something I just wanted to talk about was so heart felt. I never thought that the building system would be improved like this. This is everything i've wanted and more. Thank you, thank you and thank you to the developers. Its a Christmas present I plan on putting to good work! Thanks again developers.
  14. Would it be possible to label the sides of the blocks with a D and an L to indicate dark and light sides in build mode? Certain blocks have these light and dark sides..... after placement these indicators would obviously not be visible. Thank you.
  15. The free placement tool is a great tool to create the details of your buildings, what I like to do is place building materials in semi-organized piles around the structure i'm working on to make it look like a real work place, these objects are not perfectly aligned, they are leaning on things and stacked off line on purpose. I also like to lean work tools against rocks, walls, and general work space as to make it look lived in and immersive. The problem is, when i place things onto floors or sometimes the ground, the item will fall several blocks into the ground. For example; The wooden spear I had was going to lean against a wooden beam so I had to tilt it a little to make it look like it was naturally placed there but it keeps falling into the floor half way. Usually all it takes to place something flush with the floor is for the object to barely overlap, now it just falls through half way. Is there anyway to fix this?
  16. Since update i cant place new straw blocks (the smollest size) near the existent ones (of the same size) on the grid, it always says, that "there isnt enough place". Also in editor I cant place a small straw block between two existent ones on the grid. Is it a bug, or when not, how can I manage it? P.S. Other blocks (stone, wood etc.) seem to work properly...
  17. Please allow build distance to slide through objects and other blocks, as it is now unrealistically difficult to build custom houses or structures imbedded in the ground or doing complex angles.
  18. Did i miss something? I looked all over the UI for it but it's not there anymore, you can no longer move objects on a straight line away or towards you...only up and down, how was this overlooked?
  19. TheJStrickland

    Map Tings

    Does anybody have any flat world (Like, superflat MC) seeds? Or, in addition, does anybody know how to get a custom world from the edit mode into create mode? I can't seem to figure out a way and it would be pretty ridiculous if it's not actually possible...
  20. Darkwhip TheLasher

    Architect mode

    I was thinking that some sort of False-creative mode could be useful to make building plans, so we make the building we want using holographic-like blocks which aren't physically present and only visible during that mode and possibly save this plan on a client-side library for later use or even share it. What I like about this is, we actually "build" the desired building but as if it was in the character's mind and later on once we have the resources to actually build it physically we just place the appropriate blocks in the holographic blocks and they disappear. What do you think ?
  21. RedEagle_P1.

    Good Builders Needed

    Hi all! We are looking for decorators and builders for something special. What we are using may or may not be used in an official ad (not by Bohemia but something else). If you can help, post: Your age: Screenshots of your best builds: How long do you have each week? Note, there is no pay and Discord/a mic are required.
  22. Greetings all, I've built a treehouse (on one of StoutCrusher's MP servers). He sent me the save file for the map and I was able to extract my treehouse and created a composition from it. I've tested placing it a few times just to make sure it's ready for sharing and the problem I am running into is that it never aligns perfectly to the world grid of the map I am adding it to. It is always a bit off and that means you can't add to it. In one instance, I was able to bring the composition into my editor, remove the tree from the group and snap the remaining blocks and bits to an 'anchor' of sorts. I then moved the tree back into the center of the build and tried creating a new composition in hopes that the next time would snap to the world coords of the map. It didn't. What I'd like to know, do all compositions sit slightly askew from the grid of a new map or is my treehouse a special case? I really want to upload this to the workshop but I want everyone to be able to make it their own by adding bits where they like. Let me know if any of you have the same issue or some ideas on how to get the alignment right. Thanks!
  23. Hello there! (Seems i'm on a roll with these ideas.. I am 50% sure this was posted/asked/suggested before. if so.. I really do apologize and feel free to ignore it if it was suggested before ) As the.. title suggests, yet again. Lockable free placed items. In a nutshell. I've seen a LOT of amazing compositions / creations on the forum. And they are really good! With this.. whenever you use the 'V' (Free Placement) button/mode. after you place down an item. in the radial menu (Which if I remember is 'E') you'd have an option to Lock and Unlock an object. Locking an object means it can't be picked up by mystake. (I've had this happen SO many times to me when I accidentaly clicked the pick up button and it picked up the wrong thing. After trying for a good while to get it to sit right) But if you DO want to pick it back up. You can access the radial menu again and unlock it. That's basically it! Cheers.
  24. CHYPE

    How to craft ...

    Hi guys, I would like to ask if there is a way how to currently craft: 1) flags like on the enclosed picture 2) an armchair 3) iron shackles
  25. Sargecasm1

    Suggestions when building

    Hello! First of all, Thank You for this lovely game. Me and my friends are enjoying it a lot and still have so much to do. At heart I'm a builder and was gladly surprised on how much you can do in this game. Though I would still like to give you guys some suggestions that would make things easier in the long run when building; * First, this is about the things you put out with free build mode (can't remember what it's called.) You can get it back by right clicking - which is good to some extent. When i did my first cottage i put things around my anvil like a broken sword found earlier, some leather etc. Did some pillars next to it with small stone blocks. However, when I want to go into the craftstation I have several times accidently picked up something i put there. You might say "Be more careful where you put that mouse pointer" And to that I say of course, but the more you decorate stuff the harder it will be to try to avoid it. My suggestion for this is that when you exit build mode, you will not be able to pick it up again. If you want to remove things then just go back to "Build mode" again. This would make everything so much easier!! * When designing a house or a boat/ship it can get hard to see depending on how many wooden beams you're using to see if it actually fits or not behind it or around a corner. My suggestion for this is that you can freeze the block/item in place so you can walk around it and see if you're satisfied with the placement or not. Would solve so many things! * And lastly, when you build a house or ship and want to add that extra detail, it can be quite hard since that wooden beam only has one size. Same with that stone block. My suggestion would be that you can resize certain things, for instance a default stone block, a wooden beam etc. Imagine making it Thicker, longer or more thin. Reducing its size to almost nothing. The possibilites will be endless! Thank you for all the hard work you do with this game. You've done a wonderful job and I can't wait for more Content. //Sargecasm