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  1. AlchemistDagger

    show map in editor

    hi, I have been working in the editor and when flying from island to island, I got lost a few time. Being able to pull up a map like in the live game would really help out in the editor. Plus, it would be even better if the map showed all the islands with out the fog of war (i.e. show all unexplored areas). Another idea for the map in the live game is to have it switch to a map of the tunnels when you go underground.
  2. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED Animals stopped reacting

    hi, I had the same problem about killing animals and not able to skin them. This was happening when I first started playing on one of the 'creative' maps. When I started a new 'explorer' map I haven't had this problem. I did find a partial fix for the dead animal. If I used a pick and dug out some of the dirt below the body, it would some times fall and reset the animal. I could also achieve this if I used dirt and built up under the animal body. Basically I would try to move the body up or down to get it to reset so it would show the harvest icon. This would work about half the time. And the ones I left (not able to harvest) would come back alive later in the game, Hope this helps.
  3. AlchemistDagger

    change game names in editor

    hi, I have been making changes to a live game in the editor and each time I exit the editor it saves a copy of my changes. Problem is that it saves a new copy with the same name. Now I have 5 copies of the same game listed when I open it in the editor. But there is no way (that I am aware of) to pick which one of the files with the same name when I open to play live in. There needs to be a 'save as' option in the editor as well as a way to change saved names or delete old games from the editor. Also, a way to pick which file I want to play if there are multiple games with the same name. I also posted this issue in the problems/bugs category, then found the files saved under my documents directory.
  4. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED multiple files with same name from editor

    I found it, its under library-documents-ylands at any rate, maybe this will help out others, plus I will throw this in the suggestions box
  5. hi, I have been playing around in the editor. I opened up a game I have been playing called 'castaway' in the editor. I have been making buildings and saving the file so I can explore the building in the live single player mode. I ran into a problem with the editor, after a few saves of the game I ended up with 5 files with the same name of 'castaway'. Some how the third file, (not the top) has my latest changes. When I switch over to the live game, it opens up (I assume) the top file, I don't know how to change the names of the files, or delete the ones I don't want (from the editor). I in the Ylands directory but could not find the game files. Not sure how to fix this. thx, AlchemistD
  6. AlchemistDagger

    Water and Steam

    I would like to have a bucket to take ocean water and place it on top of a mountain to create a stream going down the mountain. Also, be able to use pumps and piping to run equipment or fountains.
  7. AlchemistDagger

    break sandstone into multiple sand

    hi, I picked up some sandstone and when I broke it in my inventory it only gave me 1 sand. I think it should give me at least 2 if not more sand from each sandstone. thx, AlchemistD
  8. AlchemistDagger

    Thoughts on sailing,while sailing

    need to have a monkey as an alternative to a parrot. I had some bad experiences with parrots.
  9. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED ship won't turn

    hi, I just came across a new problem with the ship. I built a large hull with a cabin on top and 4 large sails. I have been using it to visit 5 or 6 islands. All of a sudden it will only go forward and backwards. It will not turn left or right. It shows the steering wheel turning but the ship does not change direction. As a side note, I had a cooking stove in the cabin. it disappeared when the boat stopped turning, don't know if there is a connection. The map is also missing the most recent path I took to the last island before the bug happened. The bug also happened after a save and restart of the game. thx, Alchemist
  10. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED boat problems

    I first want to say I love this game. Been playing for about 2 weeks now. I built a large hull and made a large cabin on the back end of it. I placed 4 stone chests on the boat that work fine. I then placed a bed and a couple cabinets. I can't access the bed or cabinets and I can walk right through the bed and cabinets. I also can not destroy them. second bug I found is when building the cabin the ship placement grid is different from the world grid. But when I go to rotate the block and switch axis (holding H and pressing right mouse button), it uses the global grid on the boat which results in angled turning as seen in the 3rd photo.
  11. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED crash on startup

    I went back and tried to update my video driver, after rebooting the computer a few times, the game started working. It's ok (for now), thanks.
  12. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED crash on startup

    hope this is where I am suppose to post this. hi, I played the free 1 hour game a few days ago and just purchase the game. When I opened the game, hit the start button, it crashed. It told me to send you these log files: thanks, AlchemistDagger error.log output_log.txt