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Found 23 results

  1. dusif-5e39d8c08487b215

    More boat content + other stuff

    Linking boat hulls could give some creative freedom Basic boat hull parts for unique builds and freedom in sizes Hollow ship hulls - we need to be able to have a base inside our ships protected from the cold/heat while crafting A tow line/boat holder having a small boat to go to shore with would be kinda nice Scalable Mammoth size boat build much bigger than the large ship with possibility to have animal pens and stuff on Why can we only own a single ship? Fighting animals - i have the most adorable little pet terrorbird, but it would be alot more fun if i could order it to fight with me... Or at least have it attack whatever attacks me, so it doesnt just walk in front of me while i mine Factory options - it could be freaking awesome if it was made possible to automate some sort of mining/farming with conveyor belts and machines to produce different stuff to sell to trade npc's Planes - need i say more than aircraft carrier?
  2. Hello folks! I wanted to share with you a smallish ship that I built over the past few days. Building off-grid is significantly more time consuming than building on the grid, but the shapes you can make are basically unrestricted because you can clip blocks into each other and rotate them however you like. While many of you probably already know this, it was something I discovered very recently. Here are some screenshots of the mostly finished ship, which I call the Gallant Galoot. The reason I say it is mostly finished is because I do not yet have the painting tool, so I cannot paint the ship in the way I would like. Other than that, the downsides to building off grid are, like I said earlier, that it takes quite a while to get everything to be rotated and moved just right, and even when you put the time in, you will still end up with lots of creases and lines as you can probably see. The other is that getting things to be symmetrical is almost impossible. I settled for "good enough from a distance" but even so, it took quite a while and I also used blocks on the grid as a sort of level to get curves and angles to line up, then deleted the "grid" blocks once I was satisfied. All in all, this is going to be how I build ships from now on. The last downside is that I dont think you can blueprint builds built off grid, so unless I am mistaken, the only way you'll get to sail on the Gallant Galoot is if I sail her to you. Anyways, I be wishin' you a fair wind on your voyages, Enchiladas!
  3. marcosalebuena

    Flag Capture Boats

    Hi! I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm in the right place. I came to comment that with a friend we are making a game for the competition, it is a flag capture where the focus is on the boats. It's still in beta phase and we don't have screenshots to show the progress, but we'd like to leave this around to hear feedback
  4. I used to be able to put a basket, torch or Lantern, on a raft or small boat. Now I can't put any place a bowl on a raft, even in free place mode. This has happened on every server I joined, would like to know if others have this problem too.
  5. Before saying anything, I don't know what the main purpose you guys are following with this game is, so I'm not sure if you wanna pursue simulation or you are creating a sandbox with no realism more focused on the amount of things you can do, but I have noticed you have put some hard work into making the ambient and the feeling of some artistic parts of the game transmit a nice realistic vibe (rain, torments and the awesome sky colorings), if I were you guys, I would go for a bit more simulation with this game (the potential is there and is REALLY BIG). Non of my ideas or comments are meant to offend anyone, they are just described as I have thought them. * After clarifying that point, here we go with some things I think need changes: 1. During long ship travels, alone or with friends, you mainly get nothing to do apart from seeing the beautiful sky (with friends even worse in the sense they have nothing to do at all apart from maybe... looking the map?), the ship doesn't lose its path even if you leave the rudder alone, the wind as it is right now has no effect (or almost no effect over the ship apart from the speed), I would recommend to implement a sailing system where you can have and control different kind of sails and even have to rotate them depending of the wind direction making that to have a real difference on how the ship behave on each situation, then you could make use of your friends as ship crew and give them some kind of utility, if you are alone, well, to handle a big ship alone IS a really hard task, so the idea should be to reflect that in the game, you should be able to pay for some NPC to control parts of the ship and maybe live on your ship in the case you don't have any friends to play with. ***This whole point number 1 would create something that has more logic to me: "The more sails you set in your ship, the faster you go but the harder is to control it properly"*** 2. Doesn't look that placing the sails on the ship's sides has any wrong effect on it, the center of gravity of the ship doesn't vary, that's not cool and doesn't feel logic at all, you should be able to sink a ship totally bad constructed. 3. The water simulation is off, so I will wait to comment on that in detail, but I am expecting something cool from it, something that really affects the way swimming, ships and boats work in the game. 4. Some stamina system is necesary, there is no sense that you can swim faster than a ship the whole time. 5. there is no risk of die during a torment if you are swimming apart from dying frozen being near to a pole. Maybe you should or could drown if you get out of stamina? (point 4) 6. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the game is poor at the moment, feels bugged and not responsive at all in most cases (plus some animals, specially tigers or wolves should have an special evasion movement as well). Maybe add serpents on deep forests when getting plants? (venom risk, etc...), I won't comment on sharks, I am sure you already know what happen with them. 6.1. Ground animals can be EASILY killed if you go to water and even punch them to death, and viceversa, sharks can be EASILY killed if you go to the seashore and punch them from the solid ground. Maybe you have seen more than one of this comments or ALL reviewed before by other users, but I hope they really help to create an awesome game, because it is, and I repeat, the potential is there. Have a great day and I will keep tracking issues when I have time.
  6. So I think this is maybe a bug, I have built some sort of a house with wood blocks on top of a large ship. Has you can see the ceiling is complete but it still rains inside. I have tested with a log ceiling and that doesn´t happen. Why wood blocks let the rain pass?
  7. DanielCoffey

    Adding outriggers to the Boat?

    I have been struggling to build a small trimaran using the Boat and I wondered if there is a trick to doing this or if the game has been changed so that only Ships can be built on? I have been looking at posts such as Adrie's Shipyard and also the Survival game where Whane the Whip has created his Mark III Catamaran but despite them saying that they used the Exploration game and didn't rely all the time on the Editor, I cannot replicate this now in 0.8. When I try to attach bamboo beams (or the medieval window) to the side of the boat, I either get the red outline saying the block has to be attached to something solid or a placeable outline that then gives the "not enough space" message. Any clues?
  8. TheJStrickland

    [SUGGESTION] Bigger Boats?

    I feel like we need a much much larger ship, at least for multiplayer. Here's why; The large ship we already have is great, don't get me wrong. It's a decent size for everything you need, but this is only decent enough for one person. Playing with 2/3 of my friends, ships can get very crowded relatively quick, especially if we're packing up to explore a new island and need our crafting items. On multiple occasions we would accidently push each other overboard or fall off due to lack of room. Not only this, but once more players are on an island, resources are used up much quicker, therefore the option of building a boat for a crew of 1/2 is a much harder feat. The small ship size also really silences the huge amount of creativity I know many people are capable off. So many creations I see with massive ships are hugely put off by a tiny little unrealistic hull sitting at the bottom, as the is no other choice to build these things To defeat issues like this, I think a great idea would be a much larger ship, perhaps twice the length of the current max size, and triple the width? I know I saw a lot of suggestions for a built in hull space, which I think is a great idea. This would mean a lot of ship builds would be less messy and cluttered, especially with the current ship+building on ship small bugs. Watching Youtube videos on the game will show you quickly just how popular the boat/ship function in the game is, and in all honesty everybody's childhood pirate loving side comes out when building said ship. I feel like a much bigger sized ship would really, really expand on this and make the game even greater!
  9. Goodday, Today me and a friend experienced this weird bug, and i didn't find a post about it.. so i'll try to explain it the best i can with my poor Englandish We are playing in a private online multiplayer world. We have Person A, and person B to make it a bit easier. Person A is the host of the server.. Person A has built two boats.. for both person A and B to explore more Ylands. After Exploring a Yland, person A and B return to their boats. Person B sees a blacked out boat, and is not able to control it.. Person A sees both boats perfectly fine and can control both of them. When person A controls the 'blacked out' boat, person B will see just the boat sailing along, without a person in it. Person B will see person A at the last place before he entered the boat. Person B will permanently see person A in that position, even if person A leaves the boat. (only re-joining will solve this) Both persons can still hit eachother, only person B doesn't see he hit someone. I hope this is somewhat clear, if not.. just ask me, and i'll try to explain it a little better. Kind regard,
  10. wouldn't it be super useful when you need to land in a new island? preventing the big one tho stuck on the low water areas
  11. devs please make it a top prio to get cars on boats hahahaha
  12. I have this glitch where all the sails,blocks, items, helm and v placed items that were placed on The Hull of my ship disappear, which leads to me being stuck in the middle of the ocean. I’ve exited the world and reloaded it and it takes a few tries until the blocks load back onto the hull, I have tried going out of view range and coming back to see if it was just a visual load in glitch but it still didn’t work. This is a great game and I really want it to be the best it can be.
  13. Lupowop

    Useful Rope

    So ropes... right now they are used in crafting and as decorations... that's it... Ropes would be great to be used to tie things to other things... such as: Tie the small boat or raft to your ship and drag it along on your trip Tie a rope around a tamed horse and pull him along with you as you explore the island on foot (I know you can call a horse but this would be more realistic) Tie up a horse near your base so he doesn't run off before you can build him a pen Use rope for repelling... (grappling hook) when caving without the propeller pack or flying potions Lazoo... why not... you could wrangle things and people... great for PvP Fuses for Gunpowder barrels... make a long fuse... light it and boom Roping a cave as marker.... when caving you tie the end of a rope to the entrance and follow it back to get out I'm sure there are a lot more uses but that's a start...
  14. paukku

    Hang boat from ship?

    Is it possible or will it be possible to hang boat in side of ship like in real ships. It would help landing so sailors wouldn't need to park ship close and get stuck or swim with sharks.
  15. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED ship won't turn

    hi, I just came across a new problem with the ship. I built a large hull with a cabin on top and 4 large sails. I have been using it to visit 5 or 6 islands. All of a sudden it will only go forward and backwards. It will not turn left or right. It shows the steering wheel turning but the ship does not change direction. As a side note, I had a cooking stove in the cabin. it disappeared when the boat stopped turning, don't know if there is a connection. The map is also missing the most recent path I took to the last island before the bug happened. The bug also happened after a save and restart of the game. thx, Alchemist
  16. lunz

    Better Zoom Out

    I would suggest making it possible to zoom out a lot more then we currently can do. Being able to see your whole ship when commanding it would be a whole lot more practical and visualy appealing. . At the moment it isn't possible to see the top of the mast, and your ship never fits the screen. I would also strongly suggest that a further zoom should be applied to the map, as of now you have to drag your mouse several times to find a previous visted yland, losing your orientation in the process. A better scale in my opinion would be if you could at least see the border of neighbouring yland when fully zoomed out in the mapscreen. 30+hrs in this game and as of yet don't regret a single dime I spend on it. Keep up the great work you devs are doing.
  17. So i left the boat control with right mouse click, started to fly and went to main land to chop off some trees. When i tried to scroll through my items i got this message. What can i do?
  18. Ruler0234

    Survival pvp

    There are many people who love survival pvp games where you build your base fortifie it in your way and attack others along the way. Ylands has an amazing potential to become one of those games with its unique teraforming world and open ocean pirate ships for an amazing sea battle experience. Although I can see many issues coming up with pvp like people building deep under ground or competing for recources and some other things but they can be avoided in one way or another. Overall I believe Ylands could give players an amazing pvp expierience and could be the better "Minecraft". Hope you take this I to consideration
  19. Major boat bug, UPLOADED IT TO YOUTUBE : this happens while jumping in a boat in front of a mast, the boat will sink and you will die! Please fix this, ME and my friend lost everything.
  20. Jared Diamond

    RESOLVED Boat bug

    Before I get into it, I just want to mention how great of a game this is and how much potential I see in it. Important note: This error only happens if you are a guest on a server. This bug only occurs when you step on the deck of the boat. I have yet to play single player but I doubt this bug appears there. This error occurs in all platforms. Explore, Creative and in the "More Games" option. What the error is: When you're on a boat, the game-play is uninterrupted. As soon as you get off the boat your character starts bugging out. It's kind of hard to describe but for example the walk animation remains when you enter water. My attempts: I've tried many different ways of getting on the ship. Using the propeller pack to fly onto the ship Jumping from a higher elevation onto the ship but the error persists Tried using the ladder up and down the ship Leaving and joining the game. Suicide Falling from a high elevation to break my legs and go unresponsive Some solution to this 1) die and select "respawn as a new character" since simply dying is not enough for fixing this issue 2) Creating a new account
  21. OpalTeenee

    How to sail a big boat.

    Hello! me and my boyfriend are loving Ylands and we built a big boat with a sail and everything it needs, anchor, wind indicator. BUT we can't get the boat to move or sail, how does this work?
  22. h2stipandav

    Boat turns itself

    Hey! I noticed, that when I'm sailing with little boat, it turns itself to either sunset or sunrise direction. Just wanted to know if this is intentional or is it a bug? Green arrows indicate the direction I wanted to sail. Red arrows indicate the direction I end up sailing, without pressing D (or A) twice every second. EDIT: Found out that waves are causing this. But waves are always coming from North-East. Therefore you can sail directly to North-East and South-West (and NW & SE as noted before) without the boat turning itself. Also since 0.4 some of the seafloor seems not to appear? (I'm quite far from any Ylands on this map, bottom right corner is 0.3)
  23. AlchemistDagger

    UNDER REVIEW boat problems

    I first want to say I love this game. Been playing for about 2 weeks now. I built a large hull and made a large cabin on the back end of it. I placed 4 stone chests on the boat that work fine. I then placed a bed and a couple cabinets. I can't access the bed or cabinets and I can walk right through the bed and cabinets. I also can not destroy them. second bug I found is when building the cabin the ship placement grid is different from the world grid. But when I go to rotate the block and switch axis (holding H and pressing right mouse button), it uses the global grid on the boat which results in angled turning as seen in the 3rd photo.