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  1. dusif-5e39d8c08487b215

    Water physics

    Imagine hollowing out an entire mountain and building a base hanging onto the walls of the now huge Cave and making the water flood the floor of the cave, deep enough to sail ships inside... Well... Nope... We need the water to be able to flow to new areas before that can happen... Devs, please make water Physics so the water can flow And huge procedurally generated multiplayer maps... You would be able to rival Minecraft with this game if you did, there is such a huge untapped potential in this game
  2. dusif-5e39d8c08487b215

    More boat content + other stuff

    Linking boat hulls could give some creative freedom Basic boat hull parts for unique builds and freedom in sizes Hollow ship hulls - we need to be able to have a base inside our ships protected from the cold/heat while crafting A tow line/boat holder having a small boat to go to shore with would be kinda nice Scalable Mammoth size boat build much bigger than the large ship with possibility to have animal pens and stuff on Why can we only own a single ship? Fighting animals - i have the most adorable little pet terrorbird, but it would be alot more fun if i could order it to fight with me... Or at least have it attack whatever attacks me, so it doesnt just walk in front of me while i mine Factory options - it could be freaking awesome if it was made possible to automate some sort of mining/farming with conveyor belts and machines to produce different stuff to sell to trade npc's Planes - need i say more than aircraft carrier?