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  1. DanielCoffey

    Dev Diary #65

    Curved walls?
  2. DanielCoffey

    official server (gaming problem)

    Jeunekeum54 - what Ane is asking you is *which* EU server are you trying this on? She will then be able to look at its specific issues.
  3. DanielCoffey

    game chrashing

    Have a look at the Reporting Guidelines on how to submit an informative bug. At the very least BI will want you to attach the log files from the game world concerned.
  4. DanielCoffey

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-11350] game chrashing

    Impatiently bumping your own posts, especially at short intervals, is not likely to obtain a sympathetic response. Give the devs time to deal with the issues on their bug tracker and they will get back to you when they have positive news or further questions when they are ready.
  5. DanielCoffey

    Sneak Peek #54

    I reckon it will be this little chap from the Roadmap page...
  6. DanielCoffey

    Torre de COntrol de Stratis.

    I see in the second picture you are testing the axiom "Pigs might fly..."
  7. DanielCoffey

    Another funny screenshot thread...

    You are going to end up with quite a collection of undead in there soon!
  8. DanielCoffey

    Another funny screenshot thread...

    He's just horsin' around.
  9. You could suggest a Basic Composter made from wood and nails which takes hay/grass/raw food and gives Basic Fertilizer. The Advanced Composter could be made from iron/copper and take all the earlier Basic ingredients plus wood pulp/sticks/cooked food and give Advanced Fertiliser. You could add glass and Ylandium gizmos for the top tier one which would yield vials of the Miracle Gro in return for scarce ingredients.
  10. If you could get that to work, you have the potential of making craftable items with a variable effect. For example a Basic Plant Fertilizer which knocks one day off the growth, Advanced Plant Fertilizer which knocks three off and perhaps Ylandium Miracle Gro which advances the full five.
  11. DanielCoffey

    Massive Art Deco building

    That will be the hard part! I did a Hanging Gardens of Babylon build in Minecraft and that was the major issue.
  12. DanielCoffey

    Forum issues

    Refreshing the screen a couple of times may help too.
  13. I think I can add something to this issue as I have just been affected by it. I am in the situation where I have items to perform crafting in my inventory, the tool is in perfect condition and the recipe indicates x of x items are present but I get the Failed message. I noticed that when I right-clicked to take some planks from a container that they appeared in my inventory but also stayed in the container. The ones I had could not be dropped, dragged back or destroyed. Nor could they be used in the recipe. I could see the x of x resources for the recipe but got the failed message. I have a suspicion that although they appear in my inventory, they are possibly still present in the chest in some way so when I try to use them, the game doesn't think I have them on me. I could add more planks to my inventory by making more and they would stack on top of the 8 I had picked up but I could still not use any despite adding plenty more. As well as those 8 planks I also have two stone railings that I can't use or drop so my inventory is slowly filling up with unusable components. When my account got renamed today (Name Already Taken issue) earlier orphaned items in my inventory got cleared
  14. DanielCoffey

    New Tool : Rake

    I would like to propose a new Tool available in Exploration games - the Iron Rake. In Exploration games we currently have the ability to Flatten terrain with a shovel, Remove terrain with a spade or pick, Add terrain (roughly) by dropping dirt but we have no way to Smooth terrain like we can in a Creative game. It will be a great benefit to folks wanting to repair dirt levels at the edges of buildings, repair damage when mis-clicking on terrain or make smooth path or roadways. Iron Rake : 1x Iron Bar, 1x Pole, Any Hammer in Blacksmithing Station. Effect : Smooth Terrain in small radius. Animation : same as Shovel.
  15. DanielCoffey

    Account linking issue - names

    Thank you Ane - I can confirm that I have been successfully renamed back to my preferred name. I even appeared in the body of my temporary character so I still had all my stuff and would have had control over my PB if I had deployed one. Well done and thanks again..